American Gangster (8/11) Movie CLIP – Heroin House Raid (2007) HD

Hey, man! You got some Blue Magic, baby? Fucking junkie! Yo, handle that! I’m sick! Come on!
I got money, man! Come on, man,
you know me, baby! Come on! Come on,
I need that Blue Magic, man. It’s me, Boogaloo, baby. Hey, man, you know I got your
god damn money. Come on, man. – And one, two, three!
– Fucking junkie. Police! Police! – Drop it!
– Get out, get out! – Drop the gun!
– Don’t do it! – Drop the gun, drop it!
– Don’t do it. Scotty! Police! Everybody down! You motherfucker! – Police! Nobody move!
– Look out! Don’t fucking move! I want to see your hands!
All the hands! I want to see your hands!
All the hands! Police! Down! Down! Get down! Stay the fuck down! Hey, man, what’s going on? What the hell… Stay down! Down,
motherfucker! Stay down! Hands! Hands! Out at home, baby.

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