Amstaff, Lab, Rottie and Mastino Napoletano wearing Training Choke Collar

This Exclusive Design Choke Collar will help you to achieve all goals in improving your pet’s behavior. It is 1/4 inch wide and can be used both for training and dog shows! It has also a wider version – 1/2 inch. You won’t find more perfect tool to correct your dog’s behavior and to present him on a Dog Show! This collar will not damage your dog’s fur, thanks to its shape and softness of the full grain genuine leather. The item is lightweight and comfy for your canine. Choking effect it provides is much more gentle than metal collars have. Solid brass rings won’t cause allergy and discoloration of your dog’s fur, that is why this collar is suitable for dog shows as well. The rings are securely stitched to the collar. There are special braided decorations at each end of the item. They add special zest to the accessory. Besides, they serve as stoppers and prevent rings from clanking.

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