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– [Kayl] Find the ball! Find it! – [Ken] It’s sensory overload. – [Together] Yeah, girl! – We’re gonna do something
really cool with the dogs today, we’re going out to what’s basically an amusement park for dogs. So we’re actually trying some dog jumping out right now with our dogs, and we have an instructor,
Mark, with us here as well, but Funkee seems to have
taken to the dock jumping really, really well so I
think we’re gonna continue. I’ll put a GoPro on her
and you can check it out. (upbeat music) Okay I was just about to send
Hippy Shake into the pool, now, I’m pretty confident
that she’s gonna enjoy this, and she looks hilarious
when she’s soaking wet. But let’s just see how Hippy
does at the dock diving. (upbeat music) So here I’m with Al, and
Al’s the Canine Fun Zone, that’s where we are today
that offers dock diving, but there’s lots more here and actually we rented the ball pit,
we’ll show you in a second, but what else do you do here, Al? – Right now we do dock
jumping as our main thing so people can rent our pool and
go swimming with their dogs, they’re good for therapy
dogs that have trouble, torn ligaments and all that,
you can go up easy up ramps, stairs and ramps for the dogs. We have life jackets for the dogs, tons of toys for them as well. We have a huge off leash area where all dogs can get together
with some agility equipment which is for fun. A bunch of toys for the
dogs to play with as well. We also rent the whole facility out, so people can come and we can
do the barbecues, lunches. We also do fundraising for
other dog organizations about once a month, so
far this year we’ve raised over $6,000 for different
dog organizations. The Bark Foundation, NOLA Lab Rescue, Farley Foundation and Zachary’s Paws. So that’s the ones we’ve done so far. – Yeah, so this might
be a great opportunity for us to do a blue shirt night. Now we often do our blue
shirt nights for McCann Dogs, so that might be something
cool that we try out. – This is where we do our
barn hunts, barn hunt area so we have live rats inside the
tubes, and what that does is the tubes are buried in between the bales and hidden all over the place like games. So we do tunnels we do pyramids, we do a whole wall where we have 10 tubes and then the dogs gotta indicate
where the rats are there. And then we’ll do time trials as well, so it’d be I’d be
competing against your dog and that as well, so it’s a lot of fun. – [Ken] Now do you find
that one dog excels like one breed of dog
excels at the tunneling and the rat hunts? – All dogs are different,
I’ve got six labs myself six different personalities,
six different things that they love doing. Some of the world records for dock jumping is held by a lab. But there are other labs that are jumping three to four feet – [Ken] It’s open to any breed. – It’s open to anyone,
there’s no specific breeds, and that too is all for fun. (upbeat music) – [Woman] It’s underneath
you, buddy, find it! (upbeat music) – So we didn’t get a
chance to talk to you that the night that we went
to the Canine Fun Zone, but we wanted to grab
the camera this morning and talk to you about how
much fun it was last night. I was really amazed at how the dogs did, I think it was a great experience for everybody to be honest. – Yeah, and I think that
we were pretty accurate at guessing the dogs that
would jump off the dock and the dogs that would not, but at least there’s some
training and some practice to be done with some of them
so that they’re more confident. – I think everyone had fun,
like all of our dogs had fun doing one thing or another. – And their coats were so
fluffy and beautiful after which I really liked. – Which is great, it was so
cute to see Hippy swimming through the water now, she wasn’t much of a dock jumper, but her swimming through the
water was pretty adorable. – She’s the cutest dog,
she’s the cutest dog. – And she’s so tiny
when she’s soaking wet. I’m gonna leave a link
in the description below for the Canine Fun Zone if you’re close by you can
check it out and definitely, it’s a blast for any dog, there’s all sorts of
different things they do, it’s like an amusement
park for dogs basically, there’s so much cool stuff for them to do. – Yeah, there’s tons of variety depending on what kind of dog you have or what they like to do or
even if you’re not really sure you can try a bunch of things which is what we ended up doing– – The ball pit was a good example – Yeah the ball pit was so much fun. I was a bit skeptical, I thought
oh my gosh a bunch of balls in the thing that’s for kids. And the dogs were like, they went nuts and they were so tired
after, it was awesome. – It was a great thing
for Deegan for sure, she loves chasing balls so
it was a lot of fun for her. – She does, she does. – If this is your first time with us, make sure you hit that subscribe button, we publish new videos every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help you do something
awesome with your dog. On that note, happy training,
we’ll see you Friday. (upbeat music)

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  1. McCann Dog Training says:

    Could you have guessed who would be happy jumping into the water on their first try? We were pretty sure we knew who would be a jumper, who would be a swimmer, and who wouldn't be too interested in the dock diving at all.

  2. R Parker says:

    That place is amazing! I need to move to Canada 😄

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