Approaching an Apprehensive Dog | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

CESAR MILAN (VOICEOVER): of everything. He has no social skills
with people or anything other than the inside of a cage. Right now, we are
helping his handler, Lauren, get a leash on him. Right there. You’re gonna just relax. [runs against fence] You stay right there, Andre. ANDRE: Yep. Fantastic. He’s going. See that? It’s a sign of surrendering. That’s a good sign. So he doesn’t know
that I don’t– I’m not gonna put the leash on. (CHUCKLING) Right. That’s not what I want. I just have to have
the leash on me so he associates me that way. So here to the post. That’s it. That’s it. See it? So here, I’m rewarding
that he didn’t got up. LAUREN: Take off. CESAR MILAN: That’s right. By backing off before
Bruce tries to run, he learns that I’m not a threat. If I approach him in
stages, I can gain his trust and eventually move
closer and closer. LAUREN: Very nice. Mhm. Longer period of time, right? So not because human
comes towards you, they want to pet you. Not because human comes
to you, they want to– -Leash you.
– –leash you. Yeah. Now you do it. Now your turn. Just a touch. Just go towards him, yeah. And there you go. Mhm. Yeah. And walk back? Walk out. See, look at the ears down. See, he’s realizing
nothing bad is happening. I don’t have to flight. I can be in my corner. Mhm. Right. He can be, like, well, let the
humans keep touching the wall. ANDRE: Yeah. I don’t know why humans touch
the wall, but if, you know– CESAR MILAN (VOICEOVER):
Bruce is getting more comfortable with us, so it
is a good time for Lauren to try and put his leash on. Don’t forget, don’t forget. There you go, nice nice, nice. Wait, wait, and relax. [inhales] [exhales]
There, beautiful, nice. Let’s go this way. Mhm, there you go. All right. [music playing]

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100 Responses

  1. Random Stuff says:

    that dog got a hardon in the middle of shooting.

  2. prettyboigochy 2424 says:

    Thats got horny😂

  3. This Random Socialist says:

    The thing about this dog thaf surprises me is that it doesn't let out its fear through aggression, he's literally just a little scaredy cat X) anyways I'm happy Cesar was able to help like he always does.

  4. Ford AFG says:

    The dog got turned on when saw the girl. 😜😜

  5. temoc says:

    acoso y mas acoso

  6. Culati Asmaraniya says:

    اح اوروبا احسن من الخليج

  7. fedoanuja says:

    I did this to the guy I was dating and now we are in a relationship.

  8. Everlost says:

    Reporting for the red rocket 🚀

  9. JEZTER CH says:

    I saw a lipstick

  10. Katie Cooper says:

    Cesar's gift is beautiful.

  11. S O V I E T says:

    An adhesive dog?

  12. War Mafia says:

    I use the same kind of technique to get closer and pet cats. 😂😂😂

  13. Dom says:

    Why his pp sticking out?

  14. Varun Sankar says:

    “Bruce is afraid of everything”
    Lmao story of my life

  15. Luca Dressler says:

    She likes to complete the sentences for him

  16. Johnmark Vasquez Delarosa says:

    Nice i want to learn how to train the dog

  17. Akshay says:

    Bruce is me

  18. Simon Kaggwa Njala says:

    My dog was aggressive . Now he is well-behaved. I don’t need to use psychological trick or help from Cesar at all, all I need is A long big stick.

  19. haser ramos says:

    this is fraud

  20. oliver t says:

    My German Shepherd died tonight RIP 😭😭😭🙏🙏

  21. kyle blanford says:

    Why tf you got an German shepherd without socializing it at that point that is a dangerous dog if spooked ik I got 3 German shepherds and a Rottweiler

  22. Kausar Parveen says:

    Such a cute german shepard

  23. Alex Falcon Olivera says:

    well that was easy

  24. Elijah DesLauriers says:

    Why does the dog have a red rocket

  25. Camila Marrero says:

    Why am I this dog….

  26. Davide Papapicco says:

    I swear to God Cesar Millan looks like if Kanye West was mexican.

  27. Neb Nayr Yolis says:

    How to leash an angry dog?

  28. Lady Weapon says:

    Red rocket

  29. Believe in Yourself says:

    The owner is scared of her own Senior Dog?

  30. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Bruce is me

  31. LEGENDRYPLAYR10 says:

    oh I wish to be like cesar I got on dog that he s crazy and I canot hel him

  32. Martial Artist says:

    This is a very bad trait for a German Shepherd to have. Hopefully he wasn't abused.

  33. Aqueel Ali says:

    2.07 loooooooooooooooooolllol😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Christiane Montazer says:

    Where was that? Looks like a cold place. Is that where the german Shepherd stays? Is this why he’s so shy?

  35. Brooks Equine says:

    Just love Caesar ! So COOL !

  36. Franz Pogi says:

    What episode is this?

  37. جوج عشران says:

    She is hot

  38. Crazy robot lady says:

    Oh my God where were you when I was pet-sitting Bonbon, the most anxious Cacapoo on Earth? I tried everything I knew how. Approaching sideways without looking or talking to her, offering food even from a distance. She wasn’t having any of me and that leash at all. I finally just prostrated myself- half in genuine prayer half in dispairing hope to get this girl interested in me so we could go potty- and she finally came over to sniff me all over. I talked very quietly to her and she kept chattering and whining even as she circled me. Finally she jumped up on the couch to take a nap after we had been walking laps through the kitchen/dining room. I crawled up next to her, petted her off and on for another fifteen minutes and was finally able to put the leash on. I knew she knew what I was about from the beginning and probably took great joy in playing the game of tag we were playing. Mr. Milan, if you were completely blind, how would you have dealt with an anxious dog like this? Bonbon was never mean or nippy or anything, she just didn’t want anything to do with me. My room mate who is sighted could go to the door, call her over and move her around like a show pony. What was the difference between us? Surely Bonbon didn’t care that much about me not being able to look directly at her, right?

  39. Calichick310 says:

    That dogs glossy lips. Lol. Oh Cesar what would people do without You!? FLIGHT!!

  40. julie payn says:

    Love the confidence Cesar has.

  41. Kakoto Kun says:

    Dogs yikes

  42. gregory hudson says:

    Whis the good doggie????

  43. Lydia W. says:

    Wow, I really saw the improvement.

  44. H Eck says:

    I don't even own a dog

  45. Nick says:

    hatters gonna hate, but cesar do magic with these kinda dogs, dogs that have real issues I mean, does he has any new tv show right now? 2018-2019?

  46. kyle blanford says:

    He's not socialized right with ppl he shows no aggression but shows fear

  47. Luke says:

    1:24 red rocket gone mad

  48. Lo Ho says:

    I'm like Bruce, no social skills whatsoever, I hope César can help me too.

  49. Siddhant Wavre says:


  50. lavender fields says:

    Why are people so afraid of face to face contact with dogs

  51. العقل أمانة says:

    I like it

  52. Drew W says:

    she can put me on a leash

  53. 500 Subs With No Videos? says:


    doggo has a red rocket

  54. Anton Cvetkov says:

    poor dogo

  55. Piper Sorensen says:

    Pressure and release always works on animals.

  56. Sabba Sarishvili says:

    I don't know why so people accuse him of being fake, but his tips and advices litterally saved my life or at least, prevented me from serious injuries.. It's a long story but I got chased by 3 street dogs 2 days ago.. and trust me.. every single thing he says about dogs.. IS PURE TRUTH!

  57. Shawkan Awe says:

    Still not much from Cesar on how to approach.

  58. Patrick Notstar says:

    "he has no social skills with people"

    Im a lot like Bruce

  59. CBT2080 says:

    bla bla bla

  60. Peter Horvath says:

    Give him food, and he will come.

  61. Dynamic Tin says:

    Oh yeah yeah

  62. Abby Foxall says:

    People who take the time to understand animals’ behaviour and helping them to overcome it rather than punishing them for having an unfavourable temperament >

  63. Abhishek Sharma says:


  64. SamDowdall says:

    Side eyeing Chloe

    The dog

  65. Renren Borromeo says:


  66. Bob the builder 420 says:

    1:24 Ehehehehe eheheh

  67. V. Lenin says:

    i just knew about this guy but wow he is overweight now and looks granny …

  68. Erica Bailey says:

    I love those 🐕

  69. MrTcp01 says:

    He’s amazing

  70. Rap Cr says:

    Does anyone know how I can calm or stop my dog barking please

  71. Sameer Khan says:

    Caesar Milan is the God when it comes to being a Dog whisperer

  72. Logan Collins says:

    1:24 what is that red thing

  73. Brenda Veintimilla says:

    Hola cesar. Escribeme .

  74. Lauren Mcgee says:

    America loves Caesar millan

  75. Chris Velez says:

    Marry Me Please "Lauren":)

  76. Mrigesh Sinha says:

    Anybody know anything about lauren?
    Social handles,full name…..?

  77. Ann Granit says:

    He knows dogs .end of story .

  78. João Santos says:

    This always bothers me; Can SOMEONE tell Cesar it's 'flee', not 'flight'?

  79. denveraspen says:

    Magic worker.👌

  80. Joshua Toledo says:

    There is only one Cesar. Thank you for sharing. Buen Camino.

  81. SovanDai says:

    Dog:you break my trust

  82. Ivet Ivet says:

    You're super but the owners🙂

  83. Curt Greco says:

    Poor dog

  84. Antisocial Gamer says:

    Anyone remember when he trained Eric cartman?

  85. Cheri White says:

    Beautiful dog.

  86. PC Gaming says:

    1:23 the dog got a rocket from confusion lol

  87. Mz K says:

    Awsome! I love it when a person and dog can understand eachother. Beautiful, just beautiful! ☺👍👍❤🐕

  88. bombud1 says:

    Cesar is awesome, but im kinda like F natgeowild.

  89. Thunder'sDad says:

    I wonder if this dog made a disappointing movie where he battled another dog named Clark Kent.

  90. Yai Denduangkeow says:

    Thank you for sharing a video 👍

  91. Brooks Equine says:

    Bravo , Cesar !
    I'm sure you could handle a horse equally well !

    I love what you do as it is common sense ! Xoxo !

  92. Dionne Lewis says:

    Bruce is cool❤️😁

  93. Scott Shields says:

    I’m happy for you and your family Cesar ☺️✌️. I saw a show with you and your sons who are also good with animals .
    What a great quality to teach your kids in a world that would indeed be a lonely place without animals . Congrats to you sir

  94. Quiltygal says:

    Poor dog you wonder what on earth happened to make him like that.

  95. Official Maryam says:

    We need longer clips on these videos 😍🙌🏻

  96. Vince Fernandez says:

    Simple C O M M U N I C A T I O N.

  97. Beautiful Animals says:

    Nice video

  98. kyler baumgart says:

    It makes me so sad to see a beautiful german shepard afraid of people

  99. Dhananjay Deshmukh says:

    Can't even call this show fake, I mean somebody has to literally teach that dog.

  100. Shaik Regal says:

    Leave him out for 3 to 6 hour every day then see the change

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