Are Pug Dog Aggressive then German shepherds? 🤔 If your Answer is NO please Watch this video 😍👍

Music Hi friends too much cold today and even foggy As you all know there is an ongoing giveaway on our channel Results will be Declared on 600k Subs You can choose one from two options first one is German Shepherd and the other one is Pug I will share some funny moments of Gsd And Pug Some of My friends are emailing me that we are unable to receive the notifications of your video the Solution is simple just click the bell icon to all notifications once again We are planning to start more Giveaways like this in future

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100 Responses

  1. Arjun Jyoti2 says:

    Sir please give me GSD male puppy because gsd is one of the smarest dog breed in the world his position is 3rd please sir give me

  2. Sudeep hotta says:

    Sir I am a dog lover. But i choose germansepherd for its intelligence and protectiveness

  3. Neeraj verma funny video says:

    Paji i live in Ludhiana i want pug dog because it is very friendly to every person sir plese give me these dog please sir because i love pug dog i respect all dog because they protect us very much sir please give dog 🐶

  4. abhishek pandey says:

    खतरनाक पग🤣🤣🙄🙄

  5. Ankur Kumar says:

    No pug are not aggressive they are toy and good watch dog
    They lovely and good family dog

  6. star house amb says:

  7. star house amb says:

    sir pls tell that which American bully is this standard, classic,small etc pls. 6 months age hai

  8. Krish Chaudhry says:

    In my family we have kept all common breeds like gsd, pom, pug , beagle and Labrador and rott one thing I can say for sure when groomed and trained properly even a rott can be as sweet as a lab , but when not properly socialised , we have around 3 gsd around our area and a couple of rotes , german shepherds are far more sggresive and are attacking than a Rottweiler or a pit bull

  9. i live for free fire says:

    Helo I am avnit and I am a dog lover but have not many money to buy these expensive dog ..
    I want to tell you a special thing about German Shepherd it is very friendly dog which who are saying that this dog is aggressive no it is very friendly dog and one more thing about German Shepherd they are very loyal for there master.
    ||So thanks||

  10. Nikhil Sharma says:

    Germans shephards are good guard dogs
    And pug is a cute small sized dog

  11. Srishti Srishti gupta says:

    Sir pls pls pls mujhe ek pug puppy dedijiye pls sir pls pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. Flamed Florshin Gaming says:

    Sir, u are great
    You r doing an incredible job
    Keep it up.
    Btw, I want a German Shepherd 😃

  13. Madhavi Zadke says:

    Sir you are great dog breeder in india I want German shepherd puppies I am bhola shola first subscriber l am very big pet lover I want German shepherd puppy 🙏🐕🐕🐕

  14. soram suresh says:

    & might be GSD was younger in age so it got scared by PUG
    PUG is family dog

  15. Sunil Jain says:

    Please make video on American bully xxl size of black colour with blue eyes. With very little white marking on chest.

  16. Soibam Richard Singh says:

    I want the dog free

  17. Divyankur Singh says:

    Childhood memori
    Telephone wala dog

  18. KK Rocks says:

    Bhola shola gives a platform to all section of people to adopt their pups according to thier earning power and this makes them unique. Keep up d good work team.

  19. Subhrajeet Sanyal says:

    I need free dog plz give me

  20. retak sorte says:

    Pug are very cute and adorable dog breed. I love pug I was having a pug last year his died due to certain problem. Therefore I wanted to adopt a pug. Presently I am not having a single pet at my home

  21. Jyoti Singh says:

    Bhai muj dedo ye pug

  22. PRITAM KUMAR nayak says:

    Depends on upbringing of dog.

  23. Saurabh Pagar says:

    I would like a pug as a pet.😍😍😍

  24. Shweta Ekka says:

    Great Bhai sahab I want free jarman Shepard puppy in gift of bhola shola family

  25. Happy club By Nishant says:

    No doubt German Shepard has a strong rough look but from inside they are very playful & sweet like our own children, it totally depends on how their owner treats them and same case with pug they are also sweet, intelligent & friendly they feel secured/strong when their owner is with them

  26. Aman Chaudhary says:

    Ye pug kitne years ka hai? Can you please tell me???? Please please

  27. Vishal kalmodiya says:

    Bhai German shepherd dogs are, as their name implies, a breed that originated in Germany. They were developed beginning in the late 1800s by crossing various herding breeds. The breed was subjected to stringent selection and it progressed quickly. In the United Kingdom, the dogs are known as Alsatians because fanciers of the breed there wanted to protect the dog from anti-German sentiments after World War I.

  28. SHUBHAM Rawat says:

    Can you give me a free dog plz

  29. Anshu and Friends says:

    Dogs are loyal than humans.

  30. SHUBHAM Rawat says:

    Plz give me a comment

  31. Bipin Suyal says:

    Sir I want puppy. I am student.i don't have money.

  32. SHUBHAM Rawat says:


  33. Rohit Reddy says:

    Am dog lover 8374530051

  34. Chinu Swain says:

    German shepherd is the dog which is best for both purpose guarding and petting too bt every dog is good if u love dogs and wanna adopt a dog don't hesitate to adopt a stairy dog they are also super cute and super safe for guarding i am just saying don't hesitate with breed all re lovable

  35. free fire game Roadies 2 says:

    Hi sir i need a dog German shephe

  36. Hitesh Hitesh says:

    Sir dogs k fear period pe ek complete video bnao plizz

  37. Karan Karan says:

    I love all dog .but pug very cutee dog


    Bhy marko German Shepherd chaya ha

  39. ALOK KUMAR GIRI says:

    Sir mugha bhi chahiye


    All over India delivery ho sakti ha

  41. Gourav Pandey says:

    Mai to sir comment ker Kai thak gaya . But sir I want a pug ..

  42. Himanshu Dubey says:

    I am optimistic n wish to win one of them 😇😇😇😇

  43. Punit Kumar says:

    German shepherd dog kitne din me puppy dete hai sir

  44. Mandar Jadhav says:

    Both pug and GSD dog is very appreciable.Both dogs are very playful.They only need our love and nothing.

  45. Shravan Kumar says:

    Plzzzz sir can you give a tip to agree my mom to take a pet dog plzzz
    Sir main ek dog lover hun (teenager) per Meri mom mujhe dog buy nahi Kara sakti Mai Mony save karta hun taki Mai apne friend ke dog ko kabhi kabhi feed kar saku plzz sir Mai Uttarakhand dehradun Mai rehta hun plzz
    Sir love you from every dog or animal lover

  46. All About US support says:

    Tq sir i have done this

  47. Ashish Kumar says:

    As far as i know gsd is very smart and intelligent nd loyal dog . This is the reason why gsd used in world war 1 also . Where they amazed every one with their skills.
    Nd german shepherds is very active nd enthusiastic . Always loves curdles nd care .
    Nd pug is toy dog who is also very loyal nd good dog .
    In the last i wanna say we all know dogs are only creature in our planet who loves their owner more than himself.🤗

  48. Lohith G says:

    German shepherd is owner pleasing dog which follow commands with quick instincts . It is one of the intelligent and loyal breeds . I am a genuine German shepherd lover from my childhood . I don't have enough money to afford for a quality puppy . It would be so wonderful to get it one through you .

  49. Sonia Malik says:

    Sir I want a dog

  50. Vishvas Agarwal says:

    Hlo sir ky hme bhi jermn shefrd dog mil skta h

  51. Bishal Patgiri says:


  52. ayush shrivastava says:

    German Shepherd dog ek bahut acha gaurd dog hota hai and they are very loyal to there owner and family members….


    I want pug because . Pugs are very cute and a perfect dog. Pug is a very good

  54. Dr. Roshni Singh says:

    I have gsd and one Desi dog ❤️❤️😊😊

  55. Hemant Chaudhary says:

    मैं जरूर लेता सर ,मेरे घर के पास में 6 देसी बहुत ही कमजोर पप्पी हैं ,जिनको डीवार्मिंग की बहुत जरूरत थी,तो मैं अभी उनकी देखभाल कर रहा हूँ।

  56. mania manish says:


  57. Free fire and Pubg lover says:

    I want a German shepherd puppy from 2 years but don't have money .

  58. Sidakpreet Singh says:

    Paaji ohhh dar nahi reha hai bass ohh aggressive nahi hai ye oho khel reha hai

  59. Dan Linggi says:

    "With great power comes with great responsibility" (German shepherd dog)🐶 and "a playful,loving with full heart"(pug)✌️

  60. Deepu James says:

    Mujhe GSD puppy dey do …

  61. Rajib Mallick says:

    I love German shepherd ♥️♥️🐕♥️♥️ please bhaiya mujhe ek German shepherd female puppy de do

  62. vishal rs raj says:

    Pug is very intelligent and like a real human baby .. very cute

  63. YOUTECH GAMING says:

    The pug is very attractive and playful breed but the gsd is very active in comparison of pug but pug can live and play with small children too and older people too pug had low maintenance according to gsd…..

  64. Parveen Malik says:

    I was planning to buy a pitbull from Bhola shola, but he did a fraud with a innocent boy, and now i will never buy any dog or anything from him, i also suggest who is reading my comment that never trust this cheater. He can cheat with you also. Beware of these kind of peoples

  65. tarun dhamija says:

    Pugs tend to have separation anxiety when their owners left themalone at home because they bond very closely with them.German Shepherds are one of the best breeds for elderly people.

  66. ViraL says:

    German shepherd and alsatian are same breed but have different names, German shepherd is the name given by germans and Alsatian is given by a country named Alsace in Europe. Both the countries used this breed at the time of world war. During the world war britishers named it Alsatian,after the German French border area of Alsace-Lorraine.

  67. Sir ' Oblivious says:

    gareebi ka randi rona kerne wale give away se door rahe. Jab lene ka paisa nhi h toh khilaoge kya 10 se 15 hazar ka kharcha kya uthaoge dog ka. agr itna nhi kharch ker skte toh mat maango dog. verna aur gareebi mei rahoge dog ko bhi suffer kerwaoge.

  68. Rakesh Kumar says:


  69. Anuj Kumar says:

    Garman shepherds

  70. ks rathore says:

    In your app free dog section there is no way to filter or sort ads.. Also no date available

  71. Derick Wilson says:

    Twinkle twinkle little star pug is the superstar😊always pug

  72. Bapi Bhai says:

    Sir sry sir mera instagram nahi hai eesiliya follow nHi karpaya sir bas eetna kehna chahatahuuu kii ees duniya me koi bhi eensan aur janvar koi bura nahi hota usa bura kardia jata haiii every one in this world is special love you sir plzz sir agar acha laga mujhe dijia kue ki sir me aaford nahi karsakta plzz sir replai me koi mix breed bi dena se hoga sir plzz sir

  73. Ajay Kumar says:

    German shepherd

  74. Kapil Dewry says:

    Always in love with GSD sir …. Subscribe since 1 year awesome things to know about dogs… I need a GSD because of gaurding and as a family member… GSD IS LOVE AND YOU SIR …❤️🐕‍🦺

  75. Easy best class online says:


  76. ishanth dm says:

    German Shepherd is best guard dog and aggressive for unknown person and can tolerate cold weather German Shepherd may be gud with known people

  77. Punjabi Vloggers says:

    The German shepherd dog is a herding breed known for its courage, loyalty and guarding instincts. This breed makes an excellent guard dog, police dog, military dog, guide dog for the blind and search and rescue dog. For many families, the German shepherd is also a treasured family pet.

  78. Rjs Roushan says:

    Bhagwan kre ki jld se jld apke 6 lakh nhi balki 1m ho jaye sir

  79. Deeksha Paswan says:

    वफ़ा का किस्सा जब भी कोई मुझे सुनाया,
    ना जाने क्यों हर बार मुझे कुत्ता ही याद आया…….mujhe ni chaiye Apne entertain k liye dog….bs ek sathi ho Jo…Mera hal samjh sake or me uska…👍👧🐕

  80. aneeta patel says:

    Sir ye vedio wala German Shepard konsi coat ka h?

  81. Techno Gamer says:

    The German Shepherd dog is a herding breed know for it's courage , loyalty and guarding instincts. This breed makes an excellent guard dog, police dog, military dog, guide dog for the blind and search and rescue dog. For many families, the German Shepherd is also a treasured family pet.

  82. Siddhant Srivastava says:

    gsd is best because its a gaurd as well as family member too gsd one bark all other dogs are quiet

  83. Vivek Arya says:

    Sir I have not enough money to buy this breeds of dog
    So, sir please expect me to give this breed of dog

  84. kumar jack says:

    Fruad ho tum log kuch Dene wale nhi ho sirf cutiya bana rahe ho

  85. kumar jack says:

    Apne he Admi ko gift doge or dekahoge ki free deya

  86. kumar jack says:

    Logo fasana band karo

  87. ASIF SHAIKH says:

    sir iam trom Mumbai iam watching your all video sir what will the prices of your jermanshepard puppy with transport till mumbai and sir arraeng in little bet chep prices,

  88. mannat shergill says:

    So basically I’ve been around dogs since I was a child and surprisingly, my very first dog was a German Shepherd when I was 3 yrs old. I feel people misinterpret pugs for being gentle than German Shepherds but the truth is that German Shepherds are very protective of their owners and their family not only that but they are natural care givers and playful with children. Whereas pugs get irritated very easily so I feel Pugs are more aggressive than German Shepherds and it’s my experience that German Shepherds are better with children and are caring towards small children whereas Pugs are not as caring and responsible towards children they have a very casual behaviour and German Shepherds have a responsible and possessive behaviour.

  89. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Sir actually they both are loveable dogs..and one thing about you sir u are doing a great thing giving info about dogs it means a lot to me..and God bless you…👍👍 Love you

  90. Bharat Paryani says:

    Pugs are known for being sociable and gentle companion dogs.Pugs love kids. Though small, the Pug is not delicate like some toy breeds, so he is a good breed choice for families with children. In India became a household name became when Hutch used it for advertisement. Even all the adults in the house along with the children became a fan of this breed overnight after the Hutch (Now Vodafone) advertisement aired and from that date this breed has become well known in India at least. EVEN MY FAMILY LOVE THIS BREED SOO MUCH♥️☺️ GLAD TO HAVE THIS BREED AS A FAMILY MEMBER😍

  91. success Time says:

    Hi. Sir. I like dog. I want Garman Shepard dog please give sir

  92. bala vignesh says:

    Bravery comes from lineage not from breed

  93. Aayush Dey says:

    WOw 🥰😍

  94. Hiral Pandya says:

    Pug is the best dog gsd also but pug can easily live in apartment pugs are best dogs

  95. Bablu Thakur says:

    GOOD veere

  96. harsh narayan says:

    Sir I want a German Shepherd puppy because they are very loyal and intelligent breed in the world they are very popular breed they need lot of love from us and they are also Very faithful to us until their death and nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he owned a dog 🙏😍

  97. Rushi Upadhyay says:

    GSD worldwide dog lovers ki list me 2nd number par Hain… ♥️

    Finger crossing for GSD 🤞

  98. Dhruv Raj says:

    Pug is better then german… pug is lit

  99. Rahul joshi says:

    GSD jesa family+guard dog ho hi nhi skta … N vo pug ko apni family member ki trh treat krta h isliye uske sath masti krta h na ki usse darta h… Mera TOGO bhi esa hi h chota h but baccho k aage aggressive nhi hota

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