Army Dogs vs Terrorists : Top 5 Legendary Indian Army Dogs

the army dogs are no ordinary pets as
their history is full of valiant tales the army dogs are an integral part of
search-and-rescue operations where they have to assist in recovering explosives, sniff out terrorists and their hideouts without them the search operation would
be at a standstill welcome to the channel Ancient Bhaarat through this
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like and share the video if you enjoy it dogs are not only man’s best friend
they have been warriors as well dogs have been used in combat since the
ancient times there is mention of war dogs used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Indians, sluvs and romance in ancient times dogs find mentioned during
the conquest of Latin America Spanish wars in the Caribbean and by the English in the Middle Ages even in the two world wars the war dogs were used extensively during the first world war, Americans used dogs to locate injured soldiers, enemy
combatants, enemy snipers in camouflage detect mines, explosives, booby traps and
were even used as messengers but it was the Russians during the WWII
who used dogs in a more sinister way To stop the German tanks, the Russians would strap explosives to the dogs and send them to the tanks and blew them up the dogs were basically used as suicide bombers nearly 40,000 of these anti-tank
dogs were used by the Red Army but the present day Indian Army uses their dogs in much more humane and effective way during the Siachen avalanche of
February 2016 when 10 soldiers of the 19th Madras regiment were buried under
several feet of ice two Labradors Dot and Misha were pressed into action and they perform their tasks by finding the bodies of the nine deceased soldiers and
one who was still alive during the Indian Ocean tsunami and the
Nepal earthquake they played crucial roles in finding survivors among the
rubble for situations like this the Indian Army mostly uses Labradors and German shepherds because of their natural ability to adapt to any training
schedule and extremely keen sense of smell like the soldiers the dogs too
undergo rigorous military training and only some of them make it through while others are rejected while undergoing training, the dogs are coached in commands that require them to hold their barks in situation of combat in order
not to reveal their position to the enemy they are taught to respond to
military specific hand gestures and even verbal orders by their handlers the Remount Veterinary Corps or the RVC which brings up and train the dogs is
decorated with Shaurya chakra and chief of staff commendation cards the army has around 1,000 trained dogs in its ranks some of the commendable acts of the
bravery of these dogs are the stuff of legends but they have not been
publicized like their human counterparts that’s why this video is dedicated to
the truly unsung heroes the fearless four-legged soldiers of the indian army number 5 Alex the story of Alex a golden Labrador is truly legendary in 1965, this dog from RVC Meerut was put on duty after an attempt on the life of the Bhutanese King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck in Paro alex picked up the would-be
assassins’ sent from a grenade lever and ran miles across a forested hill
eventually catching him hiding in an abandoned temple. In gratitude the King
of Bhutan awarded him 1,000 rupees his own gold ring and a certificate number 4 Manasi on a late evening in August 2015 a four year old army Labrador named
Mansi sensed the movement of some militants across the LOC in Kupwara’s Tangdhar sector and immediately started dragging her
handler Bashir Ahmed War towards the target as soon as Manasi spotted the
intruders she got shot by an enemy bullet something which was enough to
provoke her handler Bashir Ahmed who started firing relentlessly at the
intruders and called for reinforcements Bashir Ahmad wanted to avenge the death
of his canine friend whose care he had been taking since she joined the tracker
unit death could not part them as Bashir Ahmad also soon fell to the enemy
bullets but not before the reinforcements had arrived and an
operation was mounted to kill the infiltrators Bashir Ahmed’s family recalled
that they both were so close that Bashir treated Mansi as his own child the duo had a successful season in 2015 with three kills to their credit they were involved in killing of a terrorist at Kaisuri Ridge in Tangdhar area followed by
the gunning down of two militants in July 21, 2015 Number 3 Rocket on June 9th, 1998, Indian troops had an encounter with foreign militants near Banihal
in Kashmir Rocket was pressed into action immediately after obtaining the scent from a scarf left behind by the militants Rockets soon recovered one
universal machine-gun, three AK47 two AK56 and one sniper rifle, two
9-millimeter pistols, seven radio sets eleven IEDs, 26 hand grenades, 37
electric detonators and over 1,500 rounds of ammunitions this record haul by
rocket is yet to be broken Number 2 Rex this golden Labrador
named Rex was posted to fourteenth army dog unit under Delta Force and was
assigned the areas adjoining the town of Bhaderwa to help groups in training and
tracking militants in 1995 he tracked a militant injured in encounter for over
three kilometers in the thick of militant fire in a chase that lasted for
over four hours he managed to recover one ak-56 rifle and a haversack
containing 92 rounds in 1998 on a patrol in the areas of
Gulgandhar security forces killed two dreaded militants and injured one who
managed to escape Rex picked up the scent and hot on his trail moved with
speed and stealth for over two kilometers across the mountainous
terrain he traced the body of the militant in a hideout where he succumbed
to his injuries he again performed exceptionally well during an avalanche rescue operation and that too without any formal training in this field Rex succeeded in locating the bodies of three militants burried under six feet of snow after which he went on to locate three separate hideouts having an
assortment of arms, munitions, Wireless sets rations and stores and Number 1 The ‘Langar’ dogs they may not be the top breeds or specifically trained by the elite dog squad but the Indian mutts living along the higher reaches of the LOC are increasingly being valued for the service they are providing to our
armed forces they are known as Langar dogs because they live on scraps from the army they are foiling infiltrations bids along the border they have become especially useful near the Siachen Glacier and other ranges in Kashmir a local dog named Pisti living in the southern glacier of the saltoro range was trained to carry mail and critical foodstuff to the forward posts which were cut off by snow during winter then there was this massive Himalayan Mastiff named Kambal the size of a small mountain horse on a post in central glacier Kambal was exceptionally sharp accompanying each and every patrol till the link point and
back there are many more similar examples of local dogs guiding patrols in conditions of whiteout in Siachen glacier and other regions of Jammu and Kashmir soldiers are also being encouraged to adopt these strays at their posts because
they are proving increasingly useful in detecting the movements of Pakistani
infiltrators and providing early warnings their presence also dulls the effect of isolation on the Jawans stationed at the forward posts so friends I hope this video warmed your heart as it did mine when I was
researching this please don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more such videos and also if you know stories of other such heroic four-legged soldiers don’t forget to let me know in the comment section so see you in the next
video Jai Hind Vande Mataram

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