hello everyone I would like to take you
for a small tour in my or seen you the art studio
very big but offers me enough space to get the work done, maybe you get ideas for
your own or studio or you just like to take a look inside all in all the space
is 3 by 4 meters very handy so I have everything within reach very quickly in
this studio I’ve been making my paintings for around 20 years the art
studio is located in the same building where I live so very handy I don’t have to
move to work at the window I place the sheet that scattered the light that is
passing through this acts like a large softbox and delivers soft light in my
workspace if you do not do this you will get hard light and it is not pleasant to
work with the walls are painted very neutral that way they do not affect the
colors of my paintings we start the tour at the desk where my computer and printer
are it’s a Samsung all-in-one that runs on Linux OS although the PC has been
around for some years it still performs very well at this table I also make my
sketches that precede paintings here’s my little HP printer
I don’t print that much but sometimes you just need a shipping label and then
this printer comes in very handy I like to keep things organized in this
cupboard I store stuff such as printing paper framing material inkt cartridges
camera gear and so on I think it’s important to keep things out of sight
while I work no distractions while I paint on top of this metal to door
cupboard my finished smaller paintings are drying here are some pictures that I
took during a cosplay event I thought they were too good not to print painting
is a sedentary activity in which the pedometer remains at a low number to
keep fit I do running and when the weather is bad
I have this stepper as an alternative my things such as varnish paint brushes
poppy oil gesso and some of my books are in this cupboard just want to draw your
attention to poppy oil this is the only medium that I use while painting in oil
it is a fantastic product that has almost no fume
for example I never use liquin or turpentine because they are too harmful
to my health among other things there is a mirror on
the cupboard that I use while I’m painting I use a mirror to look at my
painting from a different point of view and see if there are any errors we
arrive at my workstation here you have of course the easel with one of my
paintings I’m working on it is a basic model that I’ve been using since I was
17 years old sometimes I work standing and sometimes sitting I have adapted to
easel with wheels that you can secure that can sometimes be useful and gives
more stability you can see that the painting stands against a black
background I do this so that I have no distraction from the background and can
fully focus on the painting you can choose a black gray or white neutral
background I often use photos as reference material the surface pro
always stands next to me while I’m painting the tablet or PC if you want is
placed on a microphone stand that I have adjusted I use a surface pro instead of
an iPad because I can connect an external hard disk among other things
I can also run full programs on it which is not always possible on iOS this
screen also displays natural colors in RGB mode this is the corner where my dog
always lies in itself painting is a fairly lonely activity so it is nice
that you still have some company with you Ravel’s the french bulldog performs
brilliantly in this position music is very important while painting you create
an atmosphere in which the paintings are made usually film music is played by the
Channel this kind of music also makes my dog incredibly calm
the device that you see here is a Logitech Z 623 due to the active
subwoofer this device gives a warm deep sound
actually these are PC speakers that produce beautiful crisp sound for a low
price Here I am working on the underpainting I use acrylic and remains
fairly rough in this stage of the painting no worries the final result is
going to be just fine this is the finished painting after many hours of work here
ends my tour in my art studio I hope you’ve enjoyed it time to get back to
work and start thinking about a new painting
do you have any tips yourself please leave them in the comments

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