Arthritis in the German Shepherd

hi everybody this is Debbie with total that’s German Shepherd calm and today I want to talk to you about just one aspect of owning a German Shepherd and hopefully nothing you’ll ever have to deal with but in case you do you’ll be a little more update on on what the what is happening so let’s talk a little bit about arthritis in the german shepherd dog now our throat is in the German Shepherd can it affect millions of dogs worth while many German Shepherds will develop some sort of joint disease throughout their life now their symptoms might be mild or even unnoticeable to the owner however at the other extreme it could be so severely debilitating that it affects the dogs quality of life possibly even making them lame but the majority of cases for arthritis however fall somewhere in between so medical management of arthritis and the German Shepherd is indicated for both young and for old dogs now due to the high costs involved with many kinds of surgeries medical management is usually the only option that is realistic for most pet owners so for most German Shepherds a veterinarian and the owner will design a plan to help to control the dogs pain and also the inflammation that are associated with this degenerative joint disease so management of arthritis and the German Shepherd may require combination of any of the following kinds of things such as weight management exercise a warm in a very good sleeping area massage therapy physical therapy helping to make their daily activities list painful giving them anti-inflammatory drugs and possibly even supplements now there are other alternatives on the market as well things such as glucosamine chondroitin adequate injections rimadyl buffered aspirin corticosteroids vitamin C and even surgery a lot of these things may have side effects so anyway you want to discuss all your options with your veterinarian and help decide what is best for you and your German Shepherd if they are diagnosed with arthritis now it’s never easy to see your beloved pet in pain and there’s not a cure for this debilitating disease however there’s a lot of things you can do to help control their pain and help make them more comfortable and perhaps even slow down the progression of the dark symptoms when arthritis is diagnosed each German Shepherd that is diagnosed with arthritis will need to have a program that’s specifically designed for their own needs so what helps one German Shepherd with arthritis may not help another so you want to work with your veterinarian so that you and your dog and your doctor all determine you know what is best for your own German Shepherd you all want to work together to do what is best for your individual dog now earth writers and the German Shepherd and his treatment can easily change over time too so keep this in mind so it’s very important to realize that the program that you’ve decided when your dog is first diagnosed with German Shepherd excuse me with arthritis may need to be changed as your German Shepherd ages or as the symptoms improve or or get worse so anyway the treatment may change so just keep this in mind so if you’d like to learn more about the German Shepherd health information anything that were training the history anything to do with puppies videos whatever please come by our website and check is that we have all sorts of information about nothing but the german shepherd dog and that’s www total that’s German Shepherd calm and I hope this information about arthritis and the German Shepherds been helpful to you y’all have a good day

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