Ask a Husky: Back to School

It’s kind of weird being away from home. This is the longest I’ve ever been away from
my parents, my family, my dog. It actually feels great to be back. When I went back home for the summer I kind
of forgot what it felt like to be a college student. So it feels good to come back and be independent and make my own routine and stuff. It was definitely bittersweet. I miss them. But it feels cool, it feels really nice. I feel liberated. Coming back sophomore year versus freshman
year is kind of night and day because when you come back sophomore year you really feel
like you have this place that you already belong. Coming back to my sorority is super awesome
and I have a bunch of friends and a good location. So, it definitely feels like coming home. I’m a transfer student. I went from a community college to here. Being here is actually kind of unbelievable. It’s been a journey for me. I took two years off of high school and then
didn’t even consider going to college and now I’m here. Classes so far seem great. I’m really excited. My professors seems super nice and they are
passionate about their topics and I definitely feel like I’ve got TA’s that I would feel
comfortable going into help for. I really enjoy the walking and now I can actually
listen to a couple of songs in between classes instead of just a segment of one. We actually both have an interest in running
and the triathlon club. So, during orientation we actually went for
a run together and I feel like that’s kind of how we got to know one another better. Goal for this year? Other than improve my GPA. It’s kind of funny how the best things that work for me as far as places on campus to study, making new friends since I don’t really know anyone here. Get used to the city and really get involved
on campus because it’s such a big campus and such a big community. There’s so much to do. I just want to feel like I’m getting where
I want to be. Work toward getting into my major, and into my minor and feel like I’m in a solid place. Go dawgs! Go dawgs! Go dawgs! Go dawgs!

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