Ask a Husky: Graduation, 2018!

The number of times I teared up during the ceremony was kind of ridiculous and it just… it doesn’t feel real, it feels surreal. I feel relieved. I’m four years down and I still
have two more to go so I feel like I got the hard part of the way hopefully. Feeling definitely awesome you know like, finish my master’s degree spent two years working on it. For me it’s super bittersweet because college is awesome, I loved my experience
at UW, but I’m really excited to see what comes next. Feeling great, you know getting a
master’s degree is: Wow. I’m from India, come back up the world – around the world and
then get degree, it’s the best thing. It feels pretty good, I’m just excited to see what the future holds. I was enjoying my
time at the university more socially than I was academically, so at a certain
point my father said it’s either the airlines or the army. So I left and flew for United for a while and sporadically have come back ever since then – nice
school – anytime I had a new life change for some reason, the UW was always a beacon for me. Well, I never graduated from college, so… I’m feeling great, you know it’s a great I mean accomplishment.
I started four years ago as an international student, and now I’m done, I’m trying to see what I’m going to do next. Whether it be a job or like going out
doing some other thing in the world, like just kind of see what I can do to
make a difference. Right now I got accepted into the largest biotech company in the
world and right now I’m doing some cutting-edge oncology research and
hopefully we’ll find a cure for oncology, er cancer. Hopefully starting a career I love. I’m gonna be here in Seattle for the summer at least. I have a
job through the summer right now I’m going to Thailand for the summer to work in an
anti-sex trafficking organization and afterwards I’m doing an internship in Tacoma. First of all thank god, parents, mom and dad. All my close family, friends. Also my older sister, she’s been a rock for me. Especially my friend Johan, because like at times it got really hard, and I didn’t believe
in myself but he did.

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