Autumn walk with German Shepherd/Jesienny spacer z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Well Major, nothing special, but still another walk & you very like it In this cloudy, rainy & autumn day It was raining before, now not, luckly We’re going Major You love walks so much Autumn Autumn runny nose, as some people & Major all sniffing 6 P.M. hour Still brightly It’ll be dark after month in this hour What? We’re moving! Major’s marking area Left, right, left, right This is, how Major’s walk looks like Come back Good dog He learned to come back When he’ll tangled leash with something Leaves are falling from the sky Major’s walking & sniffing fences Autumn Do you find soething interesting? Leaves, leaves everywhere You smell some dog We passed two of them There’s third one Thumbs up for wal… Thumbs up for a walking Major Thanks for watching Like, SUBSCRIBE, comment & share We’re going further on walk & we say, see you next time Later

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