Baby Busts a Move to Jonas Brothers’ ‘Sucker’

[Music] just look at her go who watches baby Ella breaks it down to a Jonas Brothers hit in the most adorable way french-fry firmly in hand her mom Jennifer says she’d grabbed her phone to catch her daughter’s awesome dance move I gave her a french fry I was able to get it on video and the rest that’s true the Ohio mom says Ella loves dance while she eats her dad just started just trying to get her to eat every time he gave her a bite she was saving folks just stands like that but these needs work perfectly unfold Cohen but to be right on cue with that thought I can’t believe it to be fair the Jonas Brothers hit sucker is super groove able I’m so cool full of McDonald’s french fries so Ella keep on living your summer dream we’re all dancing right along with you Inside Edition calm

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90 Responses

  1. Coco Taveras says:

    To whomever ever reads this I hope you have a lovely day 🙂

  2. Amber the Wolf says:

    French fry firmly in hand.

  3. Yvonne Burton says:

    Ella have better moves than me

  4. Tay Young says:

    Get it girl 💃🏾

  5. Marybeth Langendorf says:

    What a cutie pie!

  6. Edie Koller says:

    I do not even know the Jonas brothers music..but the baby is so cute!

  7. Yurub Abdullahi says:

    aw so funny and so cute at the same time!!! i cant believe a baby got better dancing moves than me!! woah!! GO BABYYY GURLLL!!!!! 🙂

  8. cranky female says:

    She made me laugh and smile and giggle! How adorable!

  9. Doh Joe Gringo says:

    Sucks we can't see this entire feel good video because of copyright on music.
    Release it in its entirety w no sound. I'm pretty sure we can do the rest.

  10. Hakuna Matata says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, what a cutie

  11. Cubeminx says:

    National news.

  12. Ava H. says:

    what a queen

  13. Blissful 1 says:


  14. Julian Echeverria says:

    This is such a common thing that happens

  15. Ballerina Central says:

    She’s definitely gonna be a dancer when she’s older

  16. amy gonzalez says:

    Look at that beautiful angel😘😘

  17. Emily Clark says:

    The brother to that baby goes to my school

  18. L V says:

    I recognize that dance anywhere. She’s dancing because of the French fry. I know this because this is the same wiggle I do when eating something good.

  19. Goofy Goober says:

    Rain forest burning down

    Inside edition:

    Baby dances

    Inside edition: :0

  20. movers move says:

    Wish she could teach me some of her moves…

  21. Jerri Calvert says:

    Ella is my name

  22. Exotic butters says:

    by far the chubbiest baby i have EVER seen

  23. Always a mermaid says:


  24. pumkin is big idiot says:

    my baby cousin did this wayyy before

  25. Tasha Williams says:

    Aww so cute, keep dancing little one

  26. 100 subs with no video. says:


    Me dancing in the shower:

  27. African Girl says:

    😇😇 aw. lol

  28. Dnieto says:

    So cute I think that's her favorite song

  29. Tinnybird G says:


  30. Read Learn says:

    😘😘😘😊😉 LOVE U cutest baby girl & funny too

  31. Edmond Garcia says:

    No one cares

  32. T. J. says:

    Ahh, so sweet!!!


    This isn’t adorable

  34. freddy and foxy says:

    That’s cute by why is this in the news

  35. Ellehnita says:

    She’s got moves like Jagger!!! Amazing for a little one to move like that!!!!!

  36. lc0806 says:

    Hot mom

  37. J Nunez says:

    Wow really important news

  38. Felix Tse says:

    How is this only at 39 k views ?

  39. Hawaii Sunshine says:

    This made my week. I loved it and so did everyone that I showed at work.

  40. DannyBoi 999 says:

    Future concert dancer👌

  41. Audiwan Kenobi says:

    Best video of the month! Easy!

  42. •Huni Bee• says:

    I mean, that song is amazing tbh🤷‍♀️

  43. BenjaminLee2009 says:

    when you fail at adulting you just turn on sucker and shoulder dance with a french fry in your hand

  44. Ada Padilla says:

    Oh my god this so cute baby+dogs cute😢😍😗😙😘😚

  45. Kiana DIFESA says:

    Omg that's just adorableness at its finest 😍😍💖💖

  46. i h y says:

    she would totally match with my lil bro

  47. African goth girl says:

    She so cute like a little meatloaf ❤❤

  48. Yari Scott says:

    Yasss she got moves

  49. FH4LT_ says:

    👧got moves

  50. thebusiness70 says:

    Plot Twist:

    She was dancing because she was eating French fries……

    ……so would I 🤩😍😂😂😂

  51. jennifer romero says:

    Who ever disliked this has no soul or heart

    Anyway this is so cute 💖☺️

  52. Little Blue says:

    Why tf is this on a news channel? Lol

  53. PrettyandSedity L.A babe says:

    Get it baby 👏🏾😍

  54. Headphonez says:

    This baby is such a mood, dancing in a car, with a french fry in hand.

  55. Melony Smith says:

    She should send to Ellen Show maybe Ella could meet Jonas Brothers! 💕

  56. 1.000 Subscribers with no videos Challenge C: says:

    Omg soooo cute!

  57. Jose David says:

    Me: does break dances
    The baby: dances
    The people: loves how the baby dances
    Me: showoff

  58. Don Owens says:

    Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

  59. Hectic Erectic says:

    She's got that french fry on LOCK!! 😂🤣😭

  60. Mia Wasabi says:


  61. Mia Wasabi says:

    "French-fry firmly in hand." 🤣😍❤

  62. Joe Smith says:

    Thank you Inside edition that is a good parent you should put her in a dance class when she is like 4 years old I guess have a safe one

  63. Robert Miller says:


  64. LadyBug K says:

    That's stinking cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  65. Charla Taylor says:

    She's on point and to cute

  66. GachaFroot Smoothie says:

    Psh, watch my 3 year old cousin dance, I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween..:

    cArDi B


    That’s not even a joke, 😂 I taught her that for school, “WHAT DO YOU DO IF A GIRL PULLS YOUR WEAVE?!”

    “SNATCH IT, PERIODT SIS” -my cousin

  67. M A D D I E says:

    I took dance lessons but she’s still better then me

  68. and I oop- says:

    lmaoo so cute 😂😂😍

  69. faconteh84 says:

    Cute baby

  70. Viva Italia! says:

    OMG! This is the cutest! She's sooo adorable! 😘

  71. Yee Yee says:

    This is really stupid just stop

  72. Jo Jones says:

    ADORABLE- I can’t !!! 😍😍

  73. Cats Reviews says:

    Who would dislike this video lol She is so cute!

  74. Tess Lynn says:

    Super cute

  75. Alex Montoya says:

    Favorite video ever. She is so freaking cute it makes my heart hurt 😩

  76. Abby Melendez says:


  77. V P says:


  78. Carlenna Brattin says:

    Aww so cute

  79. Shantel Goggins says:

    I hope she gets to meet the Jonas Brothers

  80. Al Connolly says:

    I came across this on Instagram saved it and sent it to every one of my followers it's just too cute and too hilarious not to share

  81. Lou says:

    So weird! Today on my Sirius radio they played a live Jonas Brothers concert and my son was in the back yapping along. Mind you he’s not even 8 months old yet…anyways I pulled into my moms house and Lovebug was playing and I sang it to him…he started laughing and humming! Nice to know I passed on my love for these amazing men!

  82. really awesome girl says:

    She is going to be on dance moms

  83. Southern Draw says:

  84. Chenar Ahmad says:

    …..this was a news channel…..

  85. Margaret Rose says:

    Too cute 😊

  86. Pat Casey says:

    It just a demon spirit making those move. You need to pray for that child.

  87. Annointed One says:

    She looks like a cabbage patch doll 😊

  88. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    As a dancer myself i can tell you that i have never seen a baby move her rib cage like that even for some adults it takes time to develop coordination

  89. Canidaez Roblox says:

    Inside Edition: “Who doesn’t love a McDonalds French fry?”

    Also Inside Edition: “Why it’s not good for you to eat more than 6 French fries.”

  90. Bunny Sph says:

    Awww 🥰 😅

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