Baby capuchin compares feet with Millie the poodle

NALA BEGINS with a visual examination
of Millie’s left foot… and proceeds to encourage it to grasp,
hoping to observe it in operation. Nala moves on to a tactile inspection… Before making a direct comparison
with her own hindlimb… Adjusting her perspective to accomodate
simultaneous observation of both limbs. Seeing more similarities than differences, she suspects Millie’s paw is attached to another monkey, hidden under the dog. Determining that Millie’s hindlimb does not lead to a concealed second body… Nala begins to focus on the differences, checking against her hands… Briefly yielding to her hope of finding another monkey… Before returning to comparing against her hands… Then intently against her own feet.

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  1. msfigy says:

    0:35, Nala looks as if she may be trying to nurse Millie. lol

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