Baby dog | Cutest French Bulldog puppy compilations 2019 #27 | Funny Cute Animals

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3 Responses

  1. Johanna Tuchschmid says:

    Jch liebe diese hundis wo bekommt man die

  2. Lorena Viznay says:

    I love French bulldogs

  3. Valerie Deuchars says:

    Our family adopted ah French bulldog after he was dumped in kennels and then he went to ah Foster home he is disabled his back legs are not that strong that's the way he was born but that little Frenchie is loved soooo Sooooo much and wee can't imagine life without him he is soooo loving funny and cheeky he is our boy and the love wee get back from him is amazing after all he has been through he has ah lot of love to give wee love him to the moon and back and to the people who gave him up through no fault of his own you did him and us ah favour 💗💗❤️💜💙

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