Baby Eats Cat Poop ft. FREDDY / Who’s Your Daddy

– Hey guys, Gamer Girl is back, and today we’re back inside
some more who’s your daddy. With my daddy. – [Dad] Freddy, Hi guys. – And if you haven’t yet subscribed to his channel, go do that. His channel will be linked in the description down below. So lets just get started on this. We are gonna do family gathering, ’cause last time I said
we’re gonna do a mix of both. But, we actually just played the original. So today its gonna be
just the family gathering. All right. Join family gathering. – Okay. – You see Oscar? Is your name Jim? – I think, yes, I am Jim. – Okay you’re gonna be on your team. – Or actually, am I Oscar and you’re Jim? – No, I’m Oscar. – Okay. – I tested it after. – Come on, somebody else join. – How many people do we need to start? – I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. I can start whenever I
want ’cause I started. Oh, some people are joining. – Oh, we got four babies. Oh, three babies and two daddies. – Oh someone left the game. – Oh. – Okay lets just start it. All right, two daddies, two babies. Perfect, all right. – Lets go. – Lets do this. – I’m coming for you. Hi baby, oh, you’re a fast baby. – No! – Yes. (laughing) Back to the crib, there you go. Where is the other baby? Where is your sibling? He’s, like, somewhere. (laughing) – No! Dad. – Hi baby. – Hi. – Can you play with this? Okay, and your sibling, where is he? – I’m gonna jump on the couch. Can you put me on the couch? – No, that’s a bad Idea. – No, no. – Bad idea. – Okay, can you just let
me play in the playroom? And you can go get me a snack. I’ll stay right here. – Okay, I’m gonna get you a sibling. Oh, I can not grab them, no, no! It’s broken. – Daddy? – Yes? Hi baby. – When’s the dinner? (farts) – It’s at four o’clock
when mommy comes back home – Ew, you farted! – Yeah, I know, do you like it? – No, I don’t like it Now you farted, oh no where are you? Are you eating something in the kitchen? – Of course not, daddy, I’m a good baby. – Are you sure? Baby. – I’m so good. I would never do that. Hey, dad, dad! – Yes baby, oh you’re turning green. How do I… I need to fix you, come on. – Daddy, where’s the doggy? I wanna play with doggy. – Now which one of you is you? – Eat the glass, eat the glass! Yes! – No! – I smashed the glass
table and ate the glass. – Bad baby. – All right, lets rematch. I wonder who’s with me in the rematch. (laughter) – Okay, I’m here. – Oh yeah, my twin is with me. All right. Where ya at, dad? – Where are you, baby? – No, no, reach the kitchen! Yes, no, no you picked me up. Dad I’m hungry, and I really
want to go to the kitchen. – Okay, don’t worry. We’ll eat breakfast tomorrow. Today is just playing with blocks. – Okay, dad, can I go to this other room right here? Which is right here. I think the doggy’s here and
I want to play with the dog. Yeah, no just the kitty. Lets go play with the kitty. – Just don’t eat the poo, okay? – Okay, I won’t eat the poo. – Are you sure? – Yeah I won’t eat it. – Baby, bad baby. – What? I wanted to play with the kitty, I just… I thought it was ice cream. – No, you’re a bad baby. I have to fix you now, come on. Can I give you pills? – No, No hide me in here. Hide me in the toy box. No, don’t give me pills. Pills are disgusting. Now play with my piano. You should go get my twin, my twin is running away and dying, probably. – Don’t worry about him, I’m
more concerned about you. You’re the bad baby here. – And now I’m gonna get this. Daddy, I want to play downstairs. – Are you sure? – You can watch me. Yeah, you can watch me. – I wanna make sure you’re safe. – Wait which one are you? Are you downstairs already? – Yes. – Okay, couldn’t tell. I wanna go to play on the couch, daddy. No! (gasp) – What happened… The other baby died. Oh no! – Okay rematch, rematch. (mumbling) Did you rematch? – Yes. – Okay, yes. (mumbling) Okay, this is going to be fun. I wonder if I have my twin with me. – Okay, I need to save you both. ‘Cause the other baby is a bad baby, too. So here we go. – Dad, I’m gonna be a good
baby and sit in my crib. – Okay, just play the piano. – Okay. – Don’t go anywhere. – I’m going. – No. – I’m going! – No. – Goodbye, dad. – No, no, no, no. – Goodbye. – Come back, come back. – I never want to see you again, daddy. No, don’t take me to my bedroom. (laughing) – I can not grab you. Which baby are you? – Oh, I’m the one upstairs. – Now what is that thing? – Which thing? – Toy gun? – Oh yeah, I love my toy
gun, can I go get it? – Oh, did you just fart? – Uh, no, I’m just eating poop. – Oh, which one are you? This is not you. No! – I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. I just did that to scare you. Dad? – Yes? – Can you leave the room? – Me? Leave the room? – Yeah, can you leave the room? – No. – Why not? – ‘Cause I don’t want you to be alone. – I need my own privacy time. (laughing) – Okay, here we go. – Just eat some batteries. – Okay baby, okay, I
thought that was you, but… – Yes, yes, I tricked you, I tricked you! I tricked you! I tricked you. – Okay, that wasn’t even funny. – No, it was funny, it was really funny. – No way. – Yes it was, yes it was. Yes It was. – It makes no sense. Okay, we have to play one on one, ’cause I
don’t know which one is you. – Dad? – Yes? – Can you go and get me some chicken soup? – Okay. Do you promise you’re gonna
be here in the bedroom? You’re not gonna go anywhere? – Yeah, I’m not gonna go anywhere. – Okay. – I’m just gonna stare at the door. Goodbye. Dad, I’m going. – Where are you going? – Don’t know. – I’m gonna get you some milk, okay? – Okay. – Oh, there is no milk in the fridge. I’m gonna give you a raw chicken,
lets see how you like it. Oh, mommy is gonna be angry at me. – Yes, she’s gonna. – Oh no. – She’s gonna be super mad. – Okay, the other baby is
already eating garbage. Oh this is bad. – Yeah, guess which one is me? The one… – Is that you? – Which one? – Eating Garbage? In the garbage can? – Nope, I tricked… I tricked you! I’m drowning. Help me daddy, I can’t swim. Help, help me daddy, help
me, help me, help me. Help me daddy. – No. There’s nobody at the pool. – I’m going to the deep end. Yay! There’s a chair in the water. It sat on my arm. Choose again. (laughter) – Lets play one on one. – No, I like this. (laughter) I like to trick you. – This one makes no sense. – And you never know who
I’m, tricking you or not. – Exactly. I’m gonna wait at the online menu, okay? When you’re ready, I’ll join your game. – No, don’t. – I can’t play with two babies. I don’t know which one is you. – Fine. Okay, lets just do family
gathering one more time to see if you like it. All right, play family gathering. Oh, there’s a bunch of people. I hope I’m not, I hope I’m n… I hope I’m, I hope I’m not daddy. Wait did you already play, did you already play family gathering? – Yes. Starting two, one, zero. – All right, I guess it’s three babies. – Yay, I’m a baby, yay. – Oh, you’re a baby? – Yes. – I’m the one jumping out of the crib. Are you the one jumping
out of the crib, too? Hi dad. I’m just gonna leave. – Owie, somebody farted. – Yeah. – Oh no, no. – It’s quite disgusting. Hey, dad, I don’t like that. Someone go get the fork. Goodbye. – Where are we gonna go? I’m a baby, too! I see poo. – Yeah, no I get to eat it all first. – Oh, you so quick. How is your health? – Pretty low. Yeah it’s going down. I’m going to the pool, dad. Oh, hi. – Hi, hi, hi, good idea. Oh yeah. – Lets take a bathe. – Oh, you farted in my face. Oh no. – Sorry, that’s what I get
when I eat just so much poo. Lets get to the deep end. – Oh daddy’s in the pool, oh no. – No, I’m running! I died! Yes, I died! Okay, lets rematch again. (laughter) Yes. Are you… Baby? – I’m starting as a baby I think. I’m a baby, yes. – I’m the one on the piano. – Good. – All right, follow me. – I’m gonna go outside to the kitchen. – All right, I went outside,
I went out the door. Dad. – You’re going to the pool? – Oh no, I’m not going to
the pool, I’m actually going to the kitchen, now. – Okay, I’ll meet you there. I’ll eat some trash on the way. Oh yeah, trash, yummy, yummy. – I’m eating all the
batteries and all the liquid. I’m not saving any for you. ’cause I’m savage. I’m gonna cook myself. – Oh, yummy batteries, oh wow. – I’m in the oven. Check me out. Before I die. (laughter) – how, open the door? – Dad, check me out, I’m in the oven. Before I die, I’m gonna roast dead. – I don’t see you. – I just open… – Open this empty. Oh, somebody farted. – Oven’s empty. – Yes. – No. It’s not empty on my screen. – Well, the only person in the oven is me. – I died. Did you see me die? – It says Oscar died. – Oh yeah, that’s me. All right lets rematch, lets rematch. All right. And next time we can die together. And I’ll share some
batteries with you, okay? – Okay. Yay, I love batteries. – I hit the rematch button. And the other person isn’t hitting it. You know what, lets make our own server. All right. – Quit to menu? – Yeah, and then go back
to family gathering. – Okay. Right now? – Yeah. – Okay. – Oh yeah, you’re in it. Someone else join. Someone else join! It’s Tommy, perfect. – Ah, I’m gonna be a daddy, no. – Sorry, daddy’s daddy. – And all the bad babies. – And that’s that. – Oh, I need help from mommy. – Nah. – Where’s mommy in the game? – Mommy is dead. – I think mommy’s at
work and daddy’s at home. – Dad, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna just.. No dad, don’t pick me up. I don’t want to go to my crib. Okay, goodbye daddy. I’m leaving. Goodbye. – Okay, bye. Now what, is that you? – Yeah. – Do you have a hat or what? Or glasses? – Oh I… – Which one is you? – I’m the one with the
pink squiggly hat thingy. – Interesting. I’m just gonna close the door here. – Okay, cool. – You can both play safe, okay? Play safe. – No, dad, dad I wanna
jump on the couch, please. ‘Cause I think it’s going to be fun. Wait, where’d the couch go? – Not sure, I think I
moved it somewhere else. – Dad? Oh, no, no, no dad. Oh yeah. Oh yeah the poop. All the poop in the world. No, No! – Okay, now you trick me
again, this wasn’t you with that pink hat. Oh, you’re a bad baby. – I want more p… – You’re full of tricks. – I need more poo. No! I just need a little more! Please. – No. Back to your crib, that’s it. And wait for mommy to come back home. – No, don’t give me pills. There were guys running away. – That’s okay, at least
you’re gonna be safe. – But you have two children. You love them both, don’t you? – The other one… – I’m gonna hide myself in the toy box. Oh, he died. – He just burned out, oh well. – Okay, lets rematch. Rematch. No, actually I’m quitting to menu. No! Oh no, I’m playing. – Are you in the game? – I don’t know, my screen kinda broke. I can move my mouse. – I’m in the game. – I’m gonna exit right now. Once this is finished. – Okay, quit to menu. – All the buttons are not here. I think my game kinda like, broke. Guys I’m gonna be right back. Okay guys, I am back, and what
do you want to do right now? – I wan to play the original. Baby versus daddy. One on one. – Nah. Lets play family gathering again. – Again? – Yes. – So I’m gonna be the baby this time? – Okay, no I’m the daddy! – Yay, hooray! – No, I don’t want to be the daddy. – You’re gonna be the daddy, and I’m gonna get electrocuted, yay. – I’m gonna watch you guys. – Okay. – I’ll watch you guys every move. Where’s your brother, son? Which one are you? – Never mind that, don’t worry about it. – Did someone leave the door? Someone opened the door. Is there a baby out of the room? You guys aren’t going anywhere. No, why can’t I pick you guys up? – The game is broken for you. That’s what happened to
me, I couldn’t pick you up. – No you baby, go back. – Yummy batteries, oh wow. – No. Who’s eating batteries? – Bleach, yummy, window
cleaner, oh delicious. Soap, yum. Oh no! What are you doing here? I’m gonna go to the pool
and I’m gonna fart, yay. – Oh wait, this is not you? – And I’m in the pool
dying in two seconds. One, boom. – No! (laughter) – Wait you were in my hand, or something? – No. (mumbles) I don’t know what happened. – Okay, lets play again. Me as daddy. I’m gonna watch the door. Nope, nope. Nope. Who left the room? Hey. Son! Son. – Oh no, you’re carrying me, oh. No! – Stay in this room. – I’m just gonna explore, okay? – What do you mean explore? Son, where are you? – Nevermind, just exploring. – No, son. No, son! – Yes? – Where does that air vent lead to? The garage? – Nevermind. I’m safe, don’t worry about me. – I don’t know about that. Son. – Yes? – Where are you? – No! (laughter) – Okay, I don’t want a rematch. I don’t like being daddy. – The other baby died, that wasn’t me. – Okay. – Original? Play baby versus daddy. – No, no play family gathering. – Okay. I’m clicking family gathering. And I’m gonna be the daddy, no! – I just need one more person to join. And then it would be perfect. – Okay, lets just play one on one. – No. – This way it’ll be easier for me. No, not two babies. – Yes. – That’s too many, no. – And I changed my look. – Uh, I have to keep you in this room. Wait till mommy comes home, okay? – Dad, I don’t want to stay. – Just stay, okay? Don’t worry about it. Mommy will be back home shortly. – I don’t wanna stay in the crib. It’s really boring. – Play with your toys, here. – No, I don’t like the toys! Get me away from them! When my little brother is sleeping. Goodbye, dad. I’m leaving. – Where are you going? Where are you going, baby? – Dad, I’m in the kitchen
eating everything. – Yummy yummy, enjoy it. Okay, how many babies are in this game? – Five. I think. – No, there’s too many of you. I can not handle this. – What this? – Oh my goodness, are you
in the laundry machine? No, bad baby. Ah, one of you is turning
red, I think it’s you. Oh baby, come back. – No, I wanna cook myself. – No, come back with me to the crib, okay? You’re gonna have so much fun there. – Okay, dad can I first
play in the living room? I wanna bounce on the couch. – No. – I wanna bounce on the couch! – No, this is not fun, okay? – It’s very fun. – You just have to go
to sleep, that’s all. Mommy will get home shortly. Where are you baby? – I’m in my crib, can’t you see? – No. – Yeah, I’m in my crib. – I don’t think you’re
telling me the truth. – Dad, help, I can’t
swim, help me, I’m dead. Help, help me, help me,
help me dad, help me. I’m in the pool, help me, help me. – Oh no baby. – You were standing right next to me. – All right, rematch. (clapping) All right. – Okay, this time be a good baby, okay? – Okay. – Don’t try to run away. – Too bad, I’m leaving. – All you have to do to make
me win is just wait for mommy. And you’ll be just fine. Oh, did you fart? – Yeah, I farted. I don’t wanna stay here, I wanna leave. – No, don’t go anywhere. Enjoy this room, okay, it is full of toys. Play with the ball. – I don’t want to stay here. – Just stay in this room, Okay? It will be all fun, I promise. Look, my little brother
is holding something. – I know. – What is he holding? – I have no idea what that
is, and it doesn’t look good. – Now what is he doing? – What are you doing? That’s the question. – Well, I am not doing anything. – Oh no, somebody farted again. No, this game is stinky! – Dad? – Yes? – I’m all black. – Are you catching on fire? – Maybe. – No dad, no actually
my screen is all black, and my mouse isn’t moving. – Okay well I think it’s time to end this. It crashed again. – Yeah, It crashed, again. So guys, this is the
time we end the video. I hope you like it, if you did, smash that like button. And I’ll see you guys next time. Goodbye. – Bye guys.

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