Baby Lorises Saved From Brutal Pet Trade

COMM: Two adorable baby slow lorises have been rescued from the illegal and brutal Indonesian
pet trade. COMM: Known as Pasar and Warung, they are only around six to eight weeks old. They’ve
both been separated from their mothers and from their natural rainforest habitat. COMM: Found badly dehydrated, both had their teeth filed down, a cruel way to prevent the
babies from biting, which causes terrible damage to their mouths. Teeth are filed or
cut off by poachers, because slow lorises have a poisonous bite that can be fatal. Packed
into small boxes alongside three other adult lorises, the pair were destined for Jakarta’s
animal market. Slow lorises are critically endangered in Java and one of the main threats
to the population is from the illegal pet trade. Luckily, local police intervened before
they were sold. They transported the babies to a local veterinary center for quarantine
before moving them to an International Animal Rescue center that housed an enclosure that
suits their needs. COMM: Pasar and Warung are now making excellent progress at the shelter. COMM: Pasar has even learnt how to climb — an amazing feat as in the wild, she would
still be holding onto her mother. COMM: The duo are now inseparable, and when they are not clinging to one another, they
can be found playing and exploring. The IAR hopes that in time Pasar and Warung will be
released back into the wild and that their story might help put a stop to the devastating
pet trade.

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16 Responses

  1. Frankie D1234 says:

    First !!!!!!!

  2. Frankie D1234 says:

    So beautiful 😻😻😻😻

  3. Angel Stewart says:

    Java has tons of endangered species, it is heartwarming to see two of them rescued

  4. Catty Tomfoolery says:

    Are you sure that would be wise to release them considering their teeth were filed down? Aren't they a line of defense for these gorgeous creatures?

    BTW, I am very ecstatic that they were rescued along with the 3 adults. No animal deserves that.

  5. Vick Nad says:

    pet trade is disgusting!

  6. ravingPyrotechnician says:

    those poor babies! I'm glad they're in good hands, now.

  7. Energy Squad says:


  8. Frida says:

    And just so you know… this pet trade they're talking about is in their native lands. NOT in Europe or North America. All the exotics there are either born in captivity, or taken there legally as non-threatened species with a legal quota.

  9. Wide says:

    glad to see people saving animal from illegal pet trade

    BTW pasar means market, and warung means somekind like small shop…

  10. Uniquely Different says:

    They cute face makes them look guilty, like they did something wrong how cute :3

  11. Sabīne Mitkus says:

    it looks like they are moving in slow motion

  12. Jungle Joe says:

    The problem in Vietnam is monumental. They are using social media as a platform to sell illegal wildlife, Facebook in particular. I have seen many horrific groups on Facebook that only sell wild animals, and wild animal parts. Please do your part to end this illegal trade and read, sign and share this petition.

  13. ohagi cat says:

    Save the Slowloris!

  14. Shawn Williams says:

    Such cute nice little animals. Thank God these conservations are going full bore in rescuing and saving these amazing little animals.

  15. not kaitlyn says:

    Wow they look so much happier than the pet ones

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