Baking Thanksgiving Dinner for Homeless Dogs

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  1. Jeamilett Martinez says:

    Where can u adopt those dogs

  2. Jasmin gacha days says:

    I would love to adopt one but i live in england

  3. Sunny Side says:

    I want the really small grey pug but of course my family will say NO. And if I do take him he’ll have a friend. My dog prince.

  4. Little dog Macana says:

    I have a little dog , i create videos of her , have a look

  5. Sienna Blu says:

    When im older i dream of having a dog bakery and helping all the dogs in shelter

  6. Fnafygamer 99 says:

    Rocky has brang a miracle to these pups, witch brang happiness to my heart and many others hearts

  7. KaiGamer NL says:

    I like big moma

  8. Michael Harshbarger says:

    You are so kind I'm an animal lover I thank you so much for your support to the dogs l hope for all the dogs to get a family and hope they get a family to call home????????

  9. Michael Harshbarger says:

    By the way I subscribed

  10. Brianna Pizzaro says:

    I want to be like you some day because i love dogs so much

  11. Alatina Thucklemuggin says:

    i think that gravy was a little watery, but, eh, those kids don't care…..

  12. jax rusel says:

    I adopted a dog who's a mutt and he is a breed called a Jackie.

  13. Jenna Chang says:

    My friends name is Fiona she is in the same class as me too

  14. DonutCovered Kitty says:

    I think it’s cool how you uploaded the day you did because my dog turned 1 on November 16th

  15. Roblox Lover says:

    I want the senior French bulldog?my dad breeds frenchbulldogs but after 4 liters of puppies the mothers are not bred anymore and no we don’t get ride of them they stay with us for the rest of their lives or they would go to a family friend! I hope all these dogs get adopted? Our Instagram for the dogs is

    The insta my dad controls:@gotfrenchiedna
    The insta I control: @iamfrenchiez
    Please go support me✌??

  16. Lia Leung says:

    Watching these dogs eating so much and having a great time tears me up knowing they were abused or abandoned

  17. ambers h8ter says:

    Id happy spend barksgiving with this splendid doggy family ❤❤

  18. Daniella Haynes says:


  19. Dionicia Gonzalez says:

    Rocky l want to adopt the little dog??

  20. Grace Nille says:

    I like equals 1 name for big mama

  21. Dionicia Gonzalez says:

    But I can adopt him

  22. Puppysandkittys77 Puppysandkittys77 says:

    I want big mamma

  23. Puppysandkittys77 Puppysandkittys77 says:

    I want taca

  24. Puppysandkittys77 Puppysandkittys77 says:

    I’m crying

  25. Chen Mongelli says:

    This made me cry you are sooooo extremely kind. The doggies are soo adorable. You are a hero!!!! I wish you and the dogs nothing but the best happy holidays! I’m going to save up to do the same for as many animals I can!!! Thank you for being so wonderfully amazing!!!! Fiona is sooooo cuteeee!

  26. Wolf Spirit says:

    This is amazing. You are a hero to the dogs.

  27. Rakshitha Sai says:

    This is the cutest thing ever

  28. Olive Kirchmeyer says:

    I really want to adopt one but I don’t live close

  29. likee 1 says:

    Hey I have an idea for you in December make Chrismas dog cookies

  30. Haley Douglas says:

    Love how you help dogs you are the best!

  31. Luca Dini says:

    How do I get a job at your bakery

  32. Roblox Play says:

    Your the best person in the world you spend so much money to help that is awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Random Gacha Izzy ハッピー says:

    When it's almost Christmas, can you do a Christmas recipe for homeless dogs?

  34. Ella Giguere says:

    I want to adopt big mama but I am in ME and my mom won't let me get a dog. When I watched this video my heart dropped, it was sooooooo cute

  35. Eileen Vuong says:

    Is it just me or do you see all the drool at 4:03

  36. Merlin's Mama says:

    Watching this I had the biggest smile on my face, it made my heart so happy to see all the dogs being really spoiled and having such a fantastic time. I would adopt them all if I was able to??

  37. dfbfd bdbf says:


  38. Lola Loera says:

    Something that I did not know is there is sign language for dogs Rocky you inspire me too do the same thing that you do I want to be a vet and doctor when I grow up

  39. Ever Coulter says:


  40. Ever Coulter says:

    I wish i could adopt them but my beast at home does not play well with others

  41. Victoria Fairchild says:

    Theis is so sweet so caring it just breaks my heart thean all those pups have no Homs but I can’t aoped I’m to young theis is my moms thing but every like counts every like help feona

  42. Charity Yeager says:

    I will

  43. Charity Yeager says:


  44. Kimberly Cotter says:

    He is OK now! I am so so so happy. He is coming back November 19, 2019

  45. Roselin Guerra says:

    I would love to adopt the second dog

  46. Kiera’s VlogXOXOXO7 says:

    My family doesn’t have allot of money but I wanted to help dogs, but I couldn’t donate money so I donated my time I fed watered and played w/ does for two hours every day last summer

  47. Aiden The Chill Gamer says:



  48. Aka Tony says:

    Big Momma gets named Fiona

  49. Yazmin Rocha says:

    soooooooo cute

  50. Sophia Leaupepe says:

    You're cool ?

  51. Sophia Leaupepe says:

    How's Fiona is she great?

  52. Yafortnite_girl2121 says:

    Im so happy for these dogs they are so cute!

  53. Alivia Miget says:

    I want Tonka sooo bad but I live all the way here in Missouri

  54. 6 D says:

    An animals happiest place is wherever Rocky is! ?????????

  55. Benchley The Bird says:

    I would adopt one but I live a 5 day flight away

  56. Sophia Gilstrap says:

    Rocky thank you for helping dogs you imspire me so much I want to be like you what you do speaks to me so so so much

  57. RukoiConfetti says:

    I love this guy!

  58. Cak3sc0p3 says:

    This is great this needs more support

  59. Alexandra Gallardo says:

    They are eating like dogs

    Actually like what can I expect they are dogs

  60. Maynor Morales says:

    Give thanks to god and to dogs??

  61. Haile Ybarra says:

    I love dogs an I was wondering if I can have Galiaf I do not know how to spell it

  62. Haile Ybarra says:

    I love dogs an I was wondering if I can have Galiaf I do not know how to spell it

  63. Haile Ybarra says:

    I love dogs an I was wondering if I can have galiaf

  64. Luna Moon says:

    MAN I’m late one day 🙁

  65. Mystery Madi says:

    I am in tears to no that that’s probably the first time they been loved

  66. The Spectator45 says:

    This just warms my heart

    If I ever get enough money, I want to do something just like you

  67. Caitlin Richardson says:

    Ok seriously the pit bulls there are gorgeous!

  68. Claudia Adler says:

    amazing job

  69. Belinda Wurlod says:

    Call mig mama pumpkin from last video

  70. Adam says:

    Hold on. It’s not thanksgiving yet

  71. Kenzie Roth says:

    Imagine humans eating like that i just had a hilarious image in my head of my family eating like that on thanksgiving ???

  72. Mailyn Luna says:

    Omg,my name is also fiona

  73. Patty Robin says:

    Don't know you but, pretty sure, I love you. Thank you for yours, and your team's, kindness, respect, generosity, compassion, for these dogs. They so deserve all good things. Love animals lots. Gems of the earth God's gift to mankind. Big hugs & tummy rubs. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  74. Leann Simmons says:

    I love this so much, this video is so sweet and amazing
    Keep up the great work ❤️ from Texas

  75. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    I want to take the little French pitbull

  76. lil Boo James says:

    All the dogs are so cute?

  77. Lisa’s Chi Chi Chan says:

    Rocky you Rock! They are all so adorable! Happy Thanksgiving

  78. Raven Tzu says:

    Think she looks more like a Greta

  79. Ting Mee Kiaw says:

    ,Congrats on Over amillion subscribers. You Deserve it Rocky

  80. Brooke p says:

    Love this !

  81. Jessica Drysdale says:

    If we had more people in this world like rocky and ty our the world would be a better place

  82. harry proctor says:

    do a video of you making a dog house for the homeless dogs

  83. Jaedyn Kaitpa says:

    I love your vids and your helpful to??

  84. Sharkpuppet 08 says:

    There are 56 too many dislikes

  85. jc m says:

    these is hurt worming❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  86. V e x says:

    My dream job is animal care , things like this motivate me more

  87. яєвєlѕ_нαтє says:

    Bless Rocky ❤❤❤❤ thx for your service u bought a dog from my dad's shelter I love u so much u inspire me ik u might not see this but I hope the best for you I rlly love u and I hope u the best in life❤❤❤

  88. XxGacha OpalxX says:

    I have a question guys… Most white fur dogs I see are disabled or have a physical problem, why?

  89. Animal lover says:

    Fiona is moms friends

  90. Gacha Galaxy says:

    My dog has a a sensitive stomach and can only eat chappie or he will have dioreah so we cant do this for him 🙁

  91. Irene The Omega says:

    I fucking cried!!

    Thank you so much!!

  92. Liah Davis says:

    That's a good name bc my dogs name is Fiona

  93. Addison McKnight says:

    I love dogs that is so nice

  94. Fluffy Senpai - Gacha and More says:


  95. Help Get This Earth To 10 Thousand Subscribers says:

    I also love your videos Rocky because you skip the making part so the video is focused and all about the dogs eating and loving the food. I love the dogs and these type of dog people like this love you Rocky and your style with dogs!

  96. Help Get This Earth To 10 Thousand Subscribers says:

    So I’ve never been so much involved with dogs like my mom is lemme tell you she is like literally obsessed with them and so I’m turning into my mom because of Rockys heart warming videos. Every time I watch one of yours videos I smile.

  97. Troy Wilkins says:


  98. Mars Mars says:

    I like big mama so cute

  99. Stuart Wilkinson says:

    You should make lots of meals then go around giving it to homeless dogs (not even in shelters)

  100. Melissa Brown says:

    Happy Barksgiving puppies.

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