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Barnaby the two-year-old Terrier mix is
on the fast track to success after mastering all 7 Common Commands in
one day there’s no doubt this overachiever is hungry for higher
learning. When I was assessing Barnaby the first day I noticed that he was a
little more in trick more than obedience mode. He was on his hind legs, he wanted
to jump, he was showing me that he had what it takes to be a trick dog so I
brought him out here today to see what he’s got. Good good good. And the first
thing I started with was the high jump Good nice. Come on Barnaby come on, oh perfect, And within 30 minutes he was already jumping nearly two feet. Stay. Barney come on, come on, good. Perfect, good boy. Then he showed me something that
completely blew my mind I was building an obstacle for another
dog, h jumped on top of it and the very top of it is very narrow so he kind of
balances but he falls off again so everything clicked right here I said I’m
gonna teach his dog balance I held him by the collar for a second and I let him
find his footing I let him get stable. Good, good, there you go. And then I slowly let go of the collar. You ready? I’m not gonna
help you this time. Get up here, good. For a dog like Barnaby who has a tendency to jump
on things knowing how to find his footing could one day be a lifesaver.
Stay there. Good. And by teaching him to balance as
long as possible Brandon is also testing the limits of
Barnaby’s ability to stay focused. Good. By the end he was balancing by himself
and I was able to back up 6 feet it was beautiful. Come here, good boy.

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