Bắt Ve Chó Nhiều Và To Nhưng Vẫn Ổn | TQMT Tập 975

the white dog has lots of ticks, I have lots of flowers at the end of the video Hi everyone and welcome to #tqmt This is my white dog, I watch the ticks before catching them This dog has a better parasitic situation, I checked all the positions A lot of ticks now will work The flies that fly around the white dog don’t like that I will video close for you to see more clearly the videos I make continuously and constantly, mostly I take care and check Dogs are different matters the white dog has fewer ticks so the number of parasitic catches is small Small ticks will not stick to the brush the dog is very white, I will make a beautiful avatar I think people will pay attention if they have a good avatar and the content in the video You see the water jar has lots of ticks The phone is broken, you can see a stretch hot weather the dog gasped I silently concentrate higher You hear the wind through the leaves, listen to relax, feel you will find gentle peace The dog looks so beautiful, I will make it more beautiful If there are ticks, there will be flies, these 2 animals seem to always go together The tick-covered face is uncomfortable for dogs I’ll take care of each ear, I have to catch ticks before I take a bath This dog is looking at the flies This dog is obedient and gentle The face and the ears need to be clean My work is done, I will show you the flowers The flowers are so beautiful, thank you for watching the video and see you again God bless you

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11 Responses

  1. Trúc Quỳnh Miền Tây says:

    Catch ticks to see dog more beautiful.

  2. nawel miss says:

    Hello my friend good job but the tail ?

  3. Erin Wood says:

    Trang ❤️🥰❤️

  4. Christine Fuchs says:

    TRANG is beautiful. Wonderful flowers. hot weather. Good day.

  5. nayouhuma88 says:

    The weather is hot in your country!!!

  6. Angela Vandyken says:

    THEY TICKS ARE COMMING BACK POOR HEAVY 🐕🐕🦋🦋🐾🐾❤️❤️😍😍💕💕😁🦋❤️😍🐾🐾

  7. Trena Phillips says:

    Trang has a precious face. 💕

  8. Mary Brown says:

    I wouldnt want to be in your shoes when your wife finds out that you have touched her plants.🤣🤣x

  9. Margarita Rodriguez says:

    So cute that dog 🥰

  10. starburstppl says:

    Trang is beautiful!! Her ticks were not as bad as last time. Great job!! You have beautiful animals, beautiful flowers, and a beautiful family. Have a great day, and bless you for taking such great care of your pets and family. See you next time.

  11. 成田美穂 says:

    T rang😍😍かわいい❤️

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