Beagle Who Spent Years In A Lab Cage Finally Gets A Family | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

There was one crate. It was just sitting there
with a dog inside of it. Terrified to come out. And her name was Echo. There you go honey. You’re okay, honey. Echo is just kind of out of it. All of the others are running
around except for Echo. Oh my god, thank god.
I’m going to cry. They’re here. Twenty five dogs were rescued
from the laboratory in China. Thousands of these labs even
exist right here in America. The Beagle Freedom Project rescues
animals used in testing. They’ve never been outdoors.
Never been on grass. Have never felt the
kind touch of a human. There was some product that they
were putting in Echo’s eyes to test it, and she went blind. I heard Beagle Freedom
Project needed fosters, and I went to help and Echo
fell asleep in my arms. I knew it was going to take a lot
of time to help rehabilitate her. Gigi is my dog. She’s feisty and very protective. Gigi started to lunge towards Echo and then stopped dead in her tracks, and recognized that Echo
was not your normal dog. I took her out to try and walk her. I think Echo was confused. I don’t think she’d
ever been walked before. As soon as Echo’s paw hit the grass she would steer in
the opposite direction. I wrapped a towel around her. And when a dog falls asleep on you, you know that you’re doing something right. Is that a tail that’s wagging? That’s a wagging tail. The first time I saw her tail
wag was about two days in. And then every time she heard
my voice, her tail would wag. Hey Echo!
Good girl. The vet removed her eye because
she was in so much pain for so long, and it actually ended up helping her. Come on! You can do it. Echo started to come out of
her shell in such a unique way. And she’s the goofiest dog
in the whole world. Echo. We’ve never heard that before. Good job. Good job. Gigi’s a mama’s girl. And as much as she
loved mentoring Echo, she loves having the bed to herself. And I enjoyed my fostering
experience with Echo. But when I met Jenna and Jay, I
knew that this is the right family. – I saw the photo of Echo,
and I called Jay. He was like, “Oh my god!” – I felt at peace with the fact that this
was the perfect family for Echo. – Yay!
– Good girl! – We knew that she would require
extra love and patience. But we wanted to be
able to provide that. Mia is our sassiest dog. She’s growling right now, because we’re
not paying enough attention to her. And then came —
– Mango. – Mango. She’s just a total mush. And — – Our resident therapist. – Crystal, our cat, is kind of
the queen of the household. Everyone just respects her. Echo is a part of a pack for
the first time in her life. The first time Echo walked on grass
was the day after we adopted her. – Mango and Mia were right beside her. Because they went on the grass,
she wanted to go on the grass. Walking in the grass? – When Echo eats she
scarfs her food down. And we think that’s because she
was not fed well in the lab. (Echo howls) What was that? – We hoped that she would get
to experience the world, and adventure. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. After spending some
time in this new life, Echo has blossomed into
such a goofy personality. Hey! Of all the dogs, Mango
knew that I was expecting. – Come see your baby. Easy on the Frenching. – As time has gone on, their
relationship just keeps evolving. So sweet. Mateo is kind of like her baby. She really, really mothers him. My siblings have paws. – Echo is definitely teaching us
to be more in the moment. Good girl! – There’s always music
happening around the house. And I think it must soothe her. She’s always by our side, and
kind of wants to be a part of it. (Singing) “Sweet surrender,” “Calling my name.” “Take me for a ride.” “Because I don’t want to play
this damn game.” We feel so grateful to
Beagle Freedom Project. Echo is goofy. She’s gentle and loving. The best way to help dogs like Echo is to stop buying products
that are tested on animals. But her past life
doesn’t slow her down, it doesn’t stop her from
experiencing new things. And it doesn’t stop her from loving, from being a part of this family, and just enjoying her life. (Singing) “Oh, here comes Echo.” “Yeah, she’s so sweet.” “Yeah here comes Echo.
So careful on her feet.” “She’s got a strong nose, careful toes.
Yeah, she’s Echo.” “Her name is Echo.” (Laughing) “There she goes.”

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100 Responses

  1. Ange Lord Art says:

    Such a heartbreaking start, to an amazing happy outcome.
    So glad that she’s now free, and happy ❤️

  2. Mi says:

    What a cutie! Glad she's doing well.

  3. JiaYi Lei says:

    This is animal cruelty this needs to stop worldwide. Why hasnt testing products on animals stopped yet tho??? How fucked up this world & humans are. 💔💔💔

  4. Sara Val says:

    lol she scarfs her food because she's a beagle

  5. NULL USERNAME says:

    The dog needs an eyepatch.

  6. Mathias says:

    I wish Earth would ban mankind.

  7. katerina k says:

    it's the first video I see that animals are saved from labs… people do their best to save stray or abused animals but still much has to be done for the ones in the labs… 🙁

  8. TK Haskin says:

    Such a beautiful story. Thank you for being so kind and loving towards precious creatures like Echo.

  9. Lovli1 Won says:

    Bless any and all involved with The Beagle Freedom Project! Thank you The Dodo for renewed faith in humanity & happy tears.🦋🥰

  10. Tiger Topaz says:

    I can’t believe he was mistreated like that. Absolutely disgusting.

  11. Gaurav Thakur says:

    This girl sings so good 😍

  12. Deja Jones says:

    Look up and help The Beagle Freedom Project. Lend a hand where you can or donate.

  13. Frogz toe says:

    I adopted my dog from a abusive home. Now he’s a little brat but I love him lmao

  14. Lisa Gibson says:

    To "The Dodo"! Have I told you lately that " I Love You"! Yes I do! Hugs and kisses to you and your staff always! ♥️

  15. Katia Doeden says:

    Echo rules!

  16. Ultra Instinct Gogeta says:

    I thought they tested on mice not mans best friend! How is that not illegal?
    That should be illegal.
    (Yes i know testing on mice is wrong too)

  17. Jeannie Baker says:

    🐾💚go Vegan💚🐾 Don’t support ANY animal abuse🐾💚

  18. Skylar J says:

    I wanna get adopted by that family

  19. Jon Smyth says:

    I have a message for the 211 thumbs down:
    Good people care about the well being of animals, but the kindest acts of wicked people like you, are a punishment to them. Hell is waiting for you.

  20. 1of5 says:

    heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure….cosmetic testing should be banned immediately…….and there must be better options for medical testing………………

  21. Rudra AK says:

    humanity is gone down soo low, Fking Chinese people treating dogs in such a inhumane condition , monotheistic religions are the down fall of Humanity

  22. Vanessa Cullars says:

    So sweet 💟

  23. Vanessa Cullars says:

    She sings good

  24. Carla Irvine says:

    Thank you💔💔💔

  25. GeneralArmorus says:

    why you never have a vegan message on your videos? whats wrong with you??

  26. lainey lou says:

    Thank God that this sweetheart was rescued. I just hope the others were too. Ugh, this tears my heart up.

  27. NIk neg says:

    ❤ 😘😍❤️😘😍❤️😘😍❤️😘😍❤️😘😍❤️😘😍❤️😘😍❤️It's just impossible not to be in love 😍 with this creatures. What a pity that she had to lose her eye, you are a blessed family, take good cary of never lose your love betwen each other, cause the love its the most wonderful gift that Jesus's Christ left on 🌍 for the humans

  28. Angela Hicks says:


  29. Anego L says:

    Beautiful new life for Echo. Jane Lynch ( Glee ) did a show about dogs and she said beagles are used in labs because of their gentle nature. Some beagles have their vocal chords cut. It's heartbreaking.

  30. Yee Yee says:

    Thank you💛 you will be blessed

  31. Tofu Said says:

    Just fuckign test on humans. There are 7B of us and we are all worthless

  32. Lu plays says:

    I cried in this video I just lost my Begeal and feel so emotional watching this! This is so sweet! 😢😭😔

  33. Project Lullaby says:

    Stuff like this makes me so emotional.

  34. bre 172 says:

    Go vegan and you can save so many more than dogs being tested

  35. meriandia says:

    domesticated animal testing should be banned

  36. udit chaudhary says:

    who are these 214 people who disliked

  37. Jadelene P says:

    Beside this heart warming luckily Happy End Story… what’s up with her voice? She sounds beautiful 😍😍

  38. Anne Lane says:

    Why did removing her eye make it better. You know usa citizens are being covertly assaulted, experimented on by rich people, corporations etc; is not just animals.

  39. Slimme Sjaan says:

    To people with wooden floors: imagine walking on ice every day, it sucks. Those floors are too slippery! Bad for paws and legs! Please help them out with a rug, or a different floor, like I did.
    Thanks 🙂 Love to all around.

  40. CriminalIntent89 says:

    better idea: use the shitty humans that run these test labs and use THEM for testing instead

  41. Dee Dee says:

    Cruelty free products are the way to go !!!!! Vegan 🌱

  42. Kim Zastrow says:

    Bingles didn't get a home….even though he is an old dog like creature she was missing part of her tail and ears…older then you would think she was she spent at least one winter outside…

  43. mi3Xo MysTIVlc says:

    This shows up on my recommended after looking at a profile that relates to this stuff on insta..oh boy my heart

  44. Scarlet says:

    How could you do that to a gorgeous beagle let alone any animal ! Animal testing makes me sad & angry !

  45. Kyle Pagano says:

    How could somebody wake up in the morning and go to work and abuse animals. Sick fucks

  46. Doodle Noodle says:

    The way animals can forgive humans. Amazes me

  47. Angelica Avila says:

    she has such a nice voice ! also echo is so cute

  48. Impeach the orange Clown says:

    im from germany and my former teacher for carpentry had an adopted beagle that came from a german pharmacy lab. i didnt even know that this is allowed here. its a shame that we treat dogs like that. rats would be okay for me but not dogs.

  49. Kaitlyn Pellin says:

    can we talk about echos mom voice tho😍😍

  50. Ava Woods says:

    People think that only makeup or cosmetics products are tested on animals, but medicines, pharmaceuticals, and other such things are testing on animals. In my job search, I’ve come across various private companies, universities, and government agencies that test on all different types of animals from dogs, cats, birds, non-human primates, so many different animals! Unfortunately, cosmetics is just one sector where animal testing takes place.

  51. Abhinay says:

    Some cosmetic brands are ready to stop animal testing, but countries like China make it mandatory for animal testing. It's awful that some of these countries don't care to update laws with time.

  52. Susan Scharf says:

    Where can I find a dog from a lab that needs a home??

  53. Charmed 1O1 says:

    I want to be a zoologist, and I've learned slot because of this YouTube channel which has pushed me to go towards this goal even more

  54. Nonsense Noodle says:

    of course this kind of horrific testing would come from china -.- i have nothing against the Chinese people, but the government and economy is horrific and allows such awful things to be done to animals and the planet. They are the heaviest polluters, the source of the cruelest stories, and just, such a horrific place.

  55. seema menon says:

    Bless you a zillion times. A zillion hugs for being so kind to this little one. Kindness beats everything in the world.

  56. Mark Calicdan says:

    I pray all the dogs in the world to be saved!

  57. Raki Jr says:

    It's always the Chinese

  58. Renee Dupree says:

    I never knew that Beagles were a breed most studies are done on! Animal cruelty, endless suffering needs to stop and be illegal! Ban animal testing!

  59. Malachi Sinatra says:

    Nice voice an warm hearts 💞

  60. rurallife TN says:

    Thank you for sharing your home with beautiful Echo… she's an amazing fur baby as is all your fur babies ❤️

  61. Cardboard Box says:

    There is a special place in Hell for people that work in these labs and for any “scientist” that experiments on animals.

  62. Sohan Wahile says:

    It’s always good to see such amazing humans saving those paws ❤️❤️ you deserve all the love in the world

  63. Sudesh Chouhan says:

    6 years, come-on man, I cannot live 6 hours in a cage. 😢😢

  64. Sudesh Chouhan says:

    Who want to launch Bazooka on the owner of these labs?

  65. Teto Lily says:

    Okay people who comment about testing animals and that it's A wonderful thing have some kind of mental disorder

    The lack of empathy is real and it's surprising to see that there's so many people who are like this

  66. sharon shaw says:

    Best to avoid products tested on animals… The Internet can help with some research but an international database of culprits will go a long way to educating consumers

  67. Bellaa says:

    She’s so sweet! ❤️😍

  68. chucky says:

    the adopted parents are awesome… the scumbags who do this animal testing and cruelty should be prosecuted and sent to jail.. disgusting

  69. Austiiee says:

    Okay who's cutting onions 😭😭😭

  70. Goosfraba says:

    fucking china nuke em trump

  71. Nuclear Atom says:


  72. Moon Bear says:

    I could never foster I would have 1000 dogs

  73. Freya Guffaw says:

    Just seen footage of LPT Mienenbüttel, where a Beagle was bleeding in his cage.. Horrible.

  74. joyce Hamilton says:

    Thank goodness Echo found love in a wonderful family. Beautiful voice BTW !!!

  75. Levi Vanzant says:

    As a beagle owner I don't think any beagle out there eats food slow my beagle would be 50 LBS if we let him!

  76. nia dina says:

    Stop animal testing, expecially for dog. Poor this dog.

  77. Annika R says:

    Das todeslabor von Hamburg. Look it up.

  78. Crunch Roll says:

    if they test important meds do it on rats but don't experience cosmetics on rabbits,Dogs,Monkeys or cats…as a girl i think i can leave without makup…plus no need to create new cosmetics just use those who exist if you need!Like it is cruel to do this!😭

  79. Rebecca Lovely says:

    Humans are so arrogant. Poor innocent creature

  80. Giulia M says:

    I can't believe that there is people who can treat animals in this awful way without regrets 🙁

  81. Brooklyn Gough says:

    My beagle was also a rescue from testing labs and he was just like this 😭 it breaks my heart that this is acceptable

  82. KCs Funhouse says:

    I just want to love Echo! Sweet girl!

  83. Trina Feliciano says:

    Great story and what a beautiful voice…well the woman’s of course but Echo’s too!

  84. Jon Vancil says:

    Ok little invisible ninjas chopping onions you can knock it off…

  85. orlybabe says:

    So heart wrenching. There should be laws that ban using animals for testing and use of animals for entertainment like zoos, sea worlds, circuses. Sometimes people don’t realize both are equally horrible. There will be in the not too far off future climate change events that will wipe out most of everything on this planet, but in our last hours as a species, let us go in dignity and release these animals to be loved and live free.

  86. Martin Rigggs says:

    I just love the fact that people devote themselves to the release of the pain of these animals. It brings tears to my eyes

  87. Karen Fairholm says:

    If you buy from companies that use animal testing than you are paying for animals to be treated this way.

  88. Anton Chigurh says:

    Industry says experiments save human lifes and in the end all they were doing is to test just another shampoo :'(

  89. Steph says:


  90. MahmoodTasneem says:


  91. adayinthelife54 says:

    ❤️So glad for Echo☺️

  92. Betty Cupcake says:

    Why test on innocent animals when there are plenty of disgusting criminals just waiting to be tortured and tested on

  93. Sean Phetchanpheng says:

    I like that she was rescued, that’s great. But she doesn’t scarf food down because she wasn’t fed a lot, it’s because she’s a Beagle lol

  94. RD PH Movie's says:

    China – Sick Country👎

  95. aisha shisha says:

    Uh that’s good music to be raised with. My mom played the Eminem show. I curse quite a bit. Echo and baby lucked the f out!

  96. Bruceann Yellowega says:

    Please don’t eat animal products either, those animals suffer just like this dog has. 😊

  97. ResiWorld says:

    Which…….. disliked that?????

  98. Silvana Sanjines says:

    Ushhh Laboratory Cage, I hope they dessapear for ever! Hapopy for the dogs, they are really free! 💜💜💜💜💜💜🌻🌻🌻🌻🧚‍♀️

  99. John Doe says:

    Good to see love for those most in need

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