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I’m Wendy I’m a puppy parent for Canine Partners and have been for the past 11 years I’ve loved every second of it Innes is my eleventh puppy The shop I used to work in I used to watch this lady come in and in the end my boss persuaded me to speak to her She was the satellite trainer of Southampton I went to watch for a few weeks and I got my first puppy Innes My voluntary role involves getting a puppy at seven or eight weeks old doing what every other puppy has to do toilet training, learning to go to sleep and being just a lovely little puppy After we’ve had them for three four days we start to take them out into society carrying them We go to class twice a month and the other two weeks we go out and about doing either a free run or a walk or shopping centres, train stations, anywhere that a disabled person would need to go that’s where we take our puppies The thing I find most rewarding is seeing the partner with the dog and you’ve absolutely transformed their life If you have a love of dogs like I do I don’t have my own dogs anymore I just have a canine partner I get to have the most wonderful puppy for about 14 months and then they go off to big school and then as I’ve said before they transform somebody’s life and I find that the most rewarding thing For more information about volunteering for Canine Partners visit

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