BECOME A SPY NINJA and Replace Vy Qwaint the Hacker with Project Zorgo!

– Hi, Spy Ninjas. I’m currently under a blanket right now. I’m in Project Zorgo headquarters. And guess what, I followed Vy here. Yes, it’s true, she’s
not a spy ninja anymore. Project Zorgo, they accepted
her into the organization. She’s a full-on hacker now. I’ve been in here this whole time because there’s a hacker inside this room and I can’t leave. I can’t believe Vy would
replace us like that, we were her friends, what?
(door slams) I think he left. I’m gonna make a run for it. I’m still gonna have this
blanket over me for protection. – Hey, Spy Ninjas. So Regina’s been missing
for like three days, we haven’t heard from her. – Yeah, last we heard, she
was gonna go follow Vy. You think VY did something bad to her? Since Vy’s with Project Zorgo now. – No, no, Vy wouldn’t have
done anything bad to Regina. – Let’s get out of here. I’ve gotta find the stairs,
or the elevator, or something. I’m up 20 stories high. – Where do you think Vy led Regina to? – Vy is working with Project Zorgo now, she’s a bad woman. Maybe she led her to like a
dark alleyway or something. – No, no, no, no, I don’t think so. But maybe she went to
Project Zorgo’s headquarters, that big huge black pyramid. – I’ve been running for so long now. I think I’m far enough from the
headquarters where I’m safe. Let’s sit down and take a peak. Let’s see, I don’t see anything. Do you guys see anything? I think the coast might be clear. I think I’m good to hop out of this. Let’s go. Where am I? I got to find Chad and Daniel. I can’t believe it, guys,
I saw with my own eyeballs. Vy is a part of Project Zorgo. I need to tell Chad and Daniel right now. Give them a call, give
them the bad news update. (screaming)
Oh God! Chad, Daniel, pick up, pick up. – Phone’s ringing. It’s Regina.
– Regina. – Regina, what’s up? – Chad, Daniel, there’s two
hackers chasing after me. They both have ninja gadgets
on them, come save me. – Okay, we’re coming, we’re coming. – We gotta go
– Let’s go, let’s go. – Hurry, Daniel, into the
hacker-proof Delorean. – [Daniel] Go, go, go, open it. – Let’s go, let’s go. Get in your side, let’s
get moving, Daniel. – Go.
– Here we go, here we go. – Floor it, Chad, go, go, go, go. – Yeah, yeah, I’m going
as fast as I can go, woo! – We gotta go to the Project
Zorgo headquarters area. – Yeah, she said she just left there so she’s gotta be right around this area. We’re pretty close now,
keep your eye out for her. – Okay, okay. – Go, go, go, go, go
– Go, Chad, go, yeah. – Gotta be right up here, somewhere. – All right, go, go, oh, Chad, Chad. – Oh shoot, brake. – Pull over, pull over. Are those hackers up there? Do you see those? – [Chad] Yes, two hackers, way up there. – [Daniel] Okay, but
they’re not the hackers that were chasing Regina, right, ’cause. – [Chad] I don’t see her anywhere. Let me put it in the first gear here, and I’ll creep up nice and quietly. Even though this car isn’t very quiet ever since Joseph Banks put
this really loud engine in it. He thought 1980s technology
would be better than brand new modern electric, I don’t know. But I guess you can’t hack this
car, so that’s a good thing. – Yeah, that’s all that matters. – ‘Cause every time hackers
get close to this car their mask just go
crazy, it’s hacker-proof. What’s that one hacker holding, Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, what is that?
– Is that a green, a green bag or something. They both have swords,
but then one of them has a green bag, I think. – Yeah, I don’t know if
those are the hackers, I’m getting a phone call. – It’s Regina.
– It’s Regina, Regina. All right, let’s answer. – Guys, where are you? – Regina, we’re in the Delorean on our way to rescue you right now. We see two hackers but we don’t see you anywhere.
– Yeah – If the hackers are
holding swords, that’s them, that’s them. – Two swords
– Yeah, yeah, that’s them. But where are you hiding, Regina? – We don’t see you anywhere. – I’m hiding behind a dumpster. – Yeah, right over there,
that blue dumpster. So you’re behind that dumpster, Regina? – Oh my gosh, Regina, that’s
not a very good hiding place. Why didn’t you go inside the dumpster? That would have been better. – No, Daniel, that’s a horrible idea. What are you thinking? – Because she might get
trapped inside the dumpster. They could close the lid on top of her. So yeah, don’t go in the dumpster, Regina. – They can call the
garbage man, and he comes, and then you get crushed. – It smells so gross here.
(coughs) – [Daniel] Regina, they heard you. – They’re coming towards
the dumpster, Regina. – Oh no, yeah, yeah. They’re drawing their swords. – Go around the corner. – They’re circling around,
just keep circling. – They’re coming up behind you. They see you, I think. – [Daniel] Oh no, oh no,
oh, just put us in gear. – Regina, we’re coming. – Floor it, Chad, floor it. Go, go, go, go. – Regina, we’re coming, hold on. – We got to get close
so their mask go crazy. Go, go, go, go, go. Their masks. – [Chad] Oh, you hear that? Yeah, hackers.
– It’s working. – Yes, they’re running away.
– Yes. It’s their ears.
– Yes. It’s working. – One guy’s coming back
with the green bag, what’s he doing? – How is he resisting the sound? – What’s this guy doing?
– What’s this guy doing? – [Chad] What’s he doing? (screaming) – [Daniel] My ears, ah, that is so loud. My ears.
– Ah, it’s piercing. We gotta turn on the windshield wipers. – Ah, get off my car. – [Daniel] Get off It’s so loud. Let me outta here. Oh gosh. Chad, Chad. Oh, geez. Are you okay? – Oh my gosh, oh, my ears. – [Daniel] Oh, yeah. – Oh my gosh, where did they go? Where’d the hackers go? – Are you saying anything right now? I can barely hear you. – What’s that? What did you say?
– Hello. – My ears are ringing. – Okay, let’s go – Where’d the hackers go? – Let’s check the dumpster. – She’ not here
– [Daniel] She’s not? – Regina’s gotta be around here somewhere. – [Daniel] Yeah.
– We just gotta keep looking. – Oh God.
– Did the hackers take her? – They must have, man. – You hear that, you hear that? – [Regina] Chad, Daniel, hey, hey. – She’s right there.
– Over here, over here. – Regina, are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine. I hid so the hackers couldn’t find me. But guys, you wouldn’t believe this. I was at the Project Zorgo headquarters, and guess who I saw there? – Dude, don’t tell me it was Vy. – It was Vy – What was she doing there? – I was really hoping it wasn’t true but that confirms it, guys. – I even saw them initiating
her into the group. They gave her like this
box and everything. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – She gave them our $10,000
from the unbreakable box. – [Chad] Why did she give them $10,000? – Apparently, the $10,000 was her way of ranking
up in Project Zorgo. – So there’s a higher
level in Project Zorgo. – Yeah
– [Daniel] Ranking up? – Why would she wanna. – [Daniel] Oh, guys, guys, hackers. – I don’t have any ninja gadgets, on me. – [Daniel] You don’t Chad? – This isn’t a fair fight, you
guys, you have katana swords. – Time for Spy Ninja sushi. (phone ringing) – [Chad] Phone call, buddy. Nice time to get a phone call, loser. – [Caller] Project Zorgo
members, abort mission. Report back to the headquarters right now. – We already have the
Spy Ninjas right here. – [Caller] Stop what you’re
doing and come back immediately. – You are very lucky
this time, Spy Ninjas. – No, you’re lucky ’cause I would have. Yeah, get out of here. – [Daniel] Yeah, that’s right. – Yeah, even if they won’t
have got the phone call, no problem, right, Regina. – Yeah
– Yeah, we would have taken them.
– We’re tough. – That was so weird, guys. – Who was that on the
phone, who called them? Was that the leader? – I don’t know, it was crazy timing. – What could possibly be
more important than us? Hopefully, they’re not
gonna do something to Vy. Home sweet home. I just can’t believe
that Vy would have given the $10,000 to Project Zorgo. Regina, are you sure about this? – I’m positive, I saw it
with my own eyes, Chad. – I don’t know. I just know Vy, she won’t do such a thing. It probably wasn’t Vy,
it was probably just like some small hacker that
looks like Vy or something. – No, Chad, they unmasked her. And they were really mad
when they unmasked her. They were about to like
do something really bad. Give her the exit ceremony. But then she gave them $10,000,
and then they were so happy. – And it was like a fake $10,000, maybe it wasn’t our $10,000. – Oh Chad, I don’t know, man – I need to talk to Daniel.
– Okay. – Just stay there, Chad. – What is it, Regina? – What is going on with Chad right now? – Everything we say, he
just refuses to believe it. – It’s like he’s in denial or something. – Yeah, what? – Denial, that’s one of
the five stages of grief. – Grief, oh. – He’s sad right now. – He’s grieving. – Okay, Daniel, what we need to do is we gotta be there for Chad. He’s gonna feel all these
emotions, there’s five stages. We just gotta let him feel the feels. The most important thing is
we’re there to support him. Hey, Chad, buddy. – [Daniel] Hey, man,
we’re all going through. – I’m so angry, too angry,
get out of my way, Mr Bear. I can’t believe Vy would
betray us like this. – [Daniel] I know, I can’t
believe either, man, but. – Makes me so angry, I just need to, – [Regina] Oh my!
– Break something. – [Daniel] I understand you’re
angry but we’re all angry. – It seems like he’s going through the anger stage right now. – Okay, okay, so this
stage will pass, right. – Yeah, I mean, it’s an
important part of him moving on. – All right, we’ll just
have to wait it out. – Where’s my board? I need to break something
– [Daniel] Break something? Whoa, whoa, calm down, Chad. – Follow me. – [Daniel] Oh, geez. (aggressive rock music) Chad. – Regina, come here. – [Daniel] Regina, maybe don’t. – Hold this.
– Okay, just. – You film this, Daniel.
– Okay. – Okay, I can’t look. – I gotta show you how angry I am. – Okay. – Give me a countdown, Regina. – Three, two, one. (aggressive rock music) – [Daniel] Oh! Oh Dang! Okay, do you feel better, Chad? – Yeah, I feel better now.
– [Daniel] Okay. – It’s good, he’s letting it out. – [Daniel] Okay.
– Thank you, guys. I’m much less angry
now, thank you for that. – [Daniel] Oh nice.
– Awesome. – I’ve got an idea, okay. How about I go to Project
Zorgo’s headquarters, I turn myself in. I say, hey, take me
instead of Vy, we’ll trade. Yeah, I’ll make a deal with
them, that’s what I’ll do. – No, no, no, Chad,
that’s a terrible idea. – Turn himself in at Project Zorgo. – It’s okay, Daniel, he’s going through the bargaining stage. – Bargaining, what do
you, what does that mean? – He’s just trying to come
up with an irrational way to fix everything. But, you know, it’s just not possible. – Okay, well, what’s the next stage? I’m kind of scared now. – Well, I think it’s almost over. – So he’ll be able to move on after this. – Yeah, yeah
– Okay. (somber music) – Are you okay there? It’s okay, there, there. You know what will help,
what always helps me. Where is that guy? – [Daniel] Regina.
– You just need a snuggle. What?
– Thank you. – See, it worked. – [Daniel] I don’t know, how do you – Even though his missing
a leg, I still love him. – [Regina] Aw. – I’m sorry I kicked you
earlier, I was really angry. – See, it’s okay. – Regina, what the heck
is going on right now? – Don’t worry, he’s going
through stage four, sadness. – Sadness. – Okay, I’m over it, I’ve accepted it. – [Daniel] What, you’re
good now, Chad, you’re good? – Thanks for sticking with me there, guys. Went through a whole range emotions. Vy, she did it, we just
have to be Spy Ninjas. And we have to get through this, you know. – [Daniel] You’re right, exactly – We have to figure out what’s the next best step we should do. You know what we need? We need a new Spy Ninja to replace Vy. It can’t just be the three of us, we need four Spy Ninjas. – Regina.
– Yes. – You know how to make a poster, right. – Yes.
– Get on your computer. – Okay – At the top of the
poster, red letters type, “Become a Spy Ninja.”
– [Regina] All right. – Then put a picture
of us, all four of us. – [Regina] Okay.
– And put like a, “This could be you,” instead of Vy. And then at the bottom, put,
“Call the number below.” And then, hit print. – And printing out. – And here, here it
comes out of the printer. That looks beautiful, check that out. How about we put my phone
number on the bottom. – [Daniel] Phone number Chad? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – Then the whole world’s
gonna know your phone number. Didn’t you wanna keep that private? – Yeah, but, well, this is
really important, Daniel. We need a new Spy Ninja. Should I use brown? – [Daniel] Brown is a lovely color. – A lot of people don’t know
this but the first three numbers of my phone number are S.P.Y. – A number that starts with letters, Chad. How does that work? – Well, haven’t you
ever looked at a phone, and the numbers, they
have letters on them. So if you look at the
number seven, it’s got like an S on it. – It does, I think. – Yeah Two, two, seven, one, two, five, six. All right, let’s go hang this up. Aren’t you excited we’re
gonna have a new Spy Ninja on the team?
– Yeah. – Should we get a guy or a girl? – A girl.
– [Daniel] Yeah. – Two guys, two girls. – How about anybody, anybody can call, boys or girls, whatever. Who’s ever the best? Okay, that will work,
let’s go hang this up. – [Daniel] Let’s go. – Follow me guys, jump on
the scooter, yeah, yeah. – [Daniel] I call this one. Yeah!!! – Here we go, follow me, Daniel. (upbeat music) Whoa, oh, almost wiped out. You got this, Daniel, come on. I got a good idea. We got to find a good spot
to hang this poster up. Right here. All right, this pole is
on a really busy street. Tons of people walk by here. Here, right in the middle. – [Regina] That looks great. – Tons of people are
gonna see this poster. They’re gonna call this number. They’re gonna wanna join
the Spy Ninjas, right. – Yeah, this face is gonna
be someone else pretty soon. – All right, so let’s head
back to the safe house. By the time we get there,
maybe some people will have walked by, and they will
have called this number, and left us a message. All right, let’s listen to,
we can listen on the phone or on the computer. Let’s listen to the
voicemails on the computer. Oh, There’s a bunch on here. – Oh! Already. – Tons of people called. Okay, let’s listen to this first one here. I’m gonna hit play. – [John] Hey, my name is John. My skills are, sleeping in
late, I like to lie down, I eat a lot, and I like to sleep. I can’t tie my shoes, I trip a lot. I can’t work computers really well. Okay, call me back, bye. – Oh my gosh, this
isn’t going well so far. – What kind of person
would think that’s a good application message? – I think people should
probably at least know how to tie their shoe, if they
want to join the Spy Ninjas. – But I trip a lot, and
somehow, I got accepted. – Yeah, but I mean, you
at least know how to tie your shoe though, Regina, right. – Oh yeah, I do, I do. – The baseline requirement is
to be able to tie your shoe. – That’s true. – What kind of person would
leave a message like that? – I don’t know, I hope
there’s some better ones. Let’s listen to the next one. – That’s a no. – [Caller] Aye yo, what up. I dunno what this Spy Ninja stuff’s about but I think it looks pretty cool. I saw your flyer but I wanna warn you, I smell really really really bad. And also, I don’t believe in toilets. So I hope that’s not a problem, peace. – [Regina] Oh no.
– You kidding me? – Are you kidding me too? Is this all we’re getting? I feel like we’re being
pranked or something. This can’t be the people
who wanna be Spy Ninjas. – There’s gotta be people
out there who are good. at like fighting or like hacking. – Yeah, any sort of skills
at all, even if it’s like jumping, or video-games, or something. – Yeah.
– Just some sort of skill that you’re good at, that
we could utilize here at the Spy Ninjas. Let’s listen to one more here. – [Caller 2] Hey, I saw your flyer today. And like, I know I have what
it takes to be a Spy Ninja. I have bravery, loyalty, and… (static) and honesty. So hit me back up with the addy, cool. – That voice sounds really
familiar, doesn’t it, Regina? – Yeah, like a surfer dude or something. – A surfer dude, yeah. That was the best voicemail
so far, it wasn’t great. Why don’t we call this one back
with a face-time interview. – Yeah, see what he looks
like, get the whole picture. All right, what’s the number right here? This could be the new
Spy Ninja on the team. – What’s up, Spy Ninjas, yeah. – Wait, Dax.
– Dax. – Did you call the wrong number. Sorry, Dax, I think we
called the wrong number. – No, Chad, that was Dax. He left the voicemail. – Dax, did you just call my phone number, and leave a voicemail? – Ah! You know I’m trying real
hard to be a Spy Ninja, bros. – I know, I know. We’re just a little bit
worried that you might hurt yourself, so, you know, we’re
trying to be careful here. – Yeah, you understand what
being a Spy Ninja takes, right, Dax?
– It’s dangerous. – Yeah, like, remember that
one time I helped you guys on that mission. I only got a small taste and
I’m ready for the big bite. – So, okay, Dax, we’re gonna
have some Spy Ninja training in two days here at the safe house. Are you available to come try out? – Of course, let me check
my schedule, I’m free. – Okay, that was quick. Did I say training? I meant try-outs, Spy Ninja try-outs. – Yeah
– Yes, you’re not guaranteed in yet. – Cool, I’ll do whatever it takes. – I’m sold, Daniel, I think
he should probably try out. – Oh snap.
– Really, Chad? – I don’t know, I mean, we don’t have very many other voicemails. This the best one so far. – Not as good as Vy, though. – Not as good as Vy, but. – He’s been wanting to be
a Spy Ninja for so long. – He has, I feel kind of bad for him. Just stop over in two
days, we’ll try you out, and we’ll see if you make the team. See you then. – Well. – That’s all the voicemail so far. Well hopefully, some
more Spy Ninjas call-in in the next couple of days
’cause we’re gonna have Spy Ninja tryouts here, two days from now. – Oh yeah, we’re gonna have
a new part of the family. – Woo!
– Woo! And Spy Ninjas, I need your help. You gotta keep on eye on
Vy for all of us, okay. If you go to her YouTube
channel, just like this on your phone, right here
is a little red button, hit subscribe. And then, this little bell right here, make sure to click all. Now you guys can spy on Vy for us. And we’ll know everything
that she’s up to, okay. We got to keep an eye on her. Shout out to all of
you notification Ninjas who get here in the first 60 minutes. I’m showing some of
your comments down here. Thank you for getting here so quickly. If you guys haven’t seen
either of these videos yet, make sure to click on those. Make sure you subscribe to all of us on all of of our channels. We’ll see you guys back here in two days for the Spy Ninja tryouts. Let’s do a kickbump, kickbump. – [All] Woo!

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  89. Sandra Ghawi says:

    The first person that called was Vy

  90. Lillybadgirl Nilsson says:

    I tried to call but it didint work

  91. Kim teyhyung Rap monster says:

    I saw a hacker in your house

  92. Kim teyhyung Rap monster says:

    I saw how can you house

  93. Kim teyhyung Rap monster says:


  94. zaid 's activity channel says:

    its vy she was snicking a wile ago she has a camera with here I so her video it’s vy quant hos sounding terrible

  95. Yabut King says:

    That Jon guy is vy ???

  96. Nicky Priatin says:


  97. Lisa Torres says:

    I want to be a spy Ninja

  98. Lisa Torres says:

    Because I'm fast and loyalty and honesty and I forgot the other one but up I told the truth

  99. REXI _gamer says:

    the phone kale was vy qwaint

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