Behavior Modification with a fearful Aggressive German Shepherd Part 1

– Hello, everybody, and welcome back to the coolest dog training
channel right here on YouTube. I’m Tom Davis, America’s canine educator. If you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve been here for a while, thank you so much for your loyalty. Today, I’m gonna give
you the first episode of a dog that we trained
after my all-day seminar in O’Neill, Nebraska, last week. Now, this particular dog is
a younger German shepherd with a bite case, and in the
city that the dog lives in, there are laws to muzzle
the dog for a year if a bite case has happened
and then reassessed at the end. Now, that’s a little bit
strict for my personal taste because if a dog makes a mistake, or a person makes a mistake
and the dog actually clips their tooth on another person
that law’s pretty unfair. If a dog attacks somebody, I
completely agree with that. So, this particular dog owner
had driven three-plus hours to work with me after the seminar. It was late, it was nine o’clock. We had an entire building to ourselves. So, this dog is very reactive and very fear-based aggression, and I’m gonna walk you
through exactly what to do. This is a full tutorial with
information bars on the bottom to tell you exactly what I’m
doing and when I’m doing it because I think that it’s really important for everyone to know exactly
what I’m doing when I do it. (dog barking)
(ominous music) – [Dog Owner] Shh. (dog barking) Okay. – Okay, his name is Max again, right? So, why don’t you just walk
towards me a little bit? Okay. Do you have the e-collar? Hi, Mom. Can I have you put this on? Taylor, I’m gonna take a, probably a 2.25. (collar jingling) Thanks. I’m gonna have you put this on, too. It’s a prong collar. Just walk towards me. (dog barking) Good, just keep coming, just keep coming. He’s got a muzzle so he can’t (background noise drowns out other sounds) (dog barking) Good, good, so just walk
up to me a little bit more. Good, and I’ll have you put this leash on his prong collar, okay? Good. I know, you’re tough. Taylor, give me my long line please. It’s right here. Sorry, I’m making you do lots of work. – It’s okay. – I’m going to have you put
this on him, just on his harness so I corrected him there for
doing that crap to me, okay? That’s why he stopped. Okay, so you, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. (dog barking) So, see how, here, walk
towards me a little bit. See what he’s doing when he’s reacting? He’s coming back to you. He’s not coming towards
me, so that’s reaction. So, I want you to unclip
your leash for me. Good. How old is he, he’s two? – He was two on February second. – Okay, just grab that
chair and just go ahead. I got him. (dog barking) Max, anxious, just ignore him okay? (whistling) If I at any time to tell you to call him, I want you to call him. The only time I’m going to do that is if he slips his muzzle
off for whatever reason. Oh, he’s a strong boy. (dog barking)
Shhhhh, that was my fault, I wasn’t prepared for him to pull me across the room. Although, I should have
been, because I scared him. He went running away,
and I kinda followed him. Oh, he’s so strong. Max, come here! It’s okay. Shh, shh, shh, goosfraba. Max, Max, come. Does he know come? [Dog Owner] Yeah. Okay, come. Max, come! Good boy. Max, good. Sit, good, good boy. I’m going to give him his space, so I’m kind of like bluffing, okay? So, I’m like get your butt over here, and he’s like no, and I’m like now, and he’s like oh shit, and he came right? So, that’s kinda what I did. He could have completely lost it, and just went crazy, and I would
have just had to back down. Max, come! Good boy. Sit, does he know down? Okay, stay. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Okay, good boy. So, all fear based, you
probably knew that though. He’s pretty nasty, but it’s
not a, he doesn’t mean it. Max, good boy, sit, nice job buddy. Is he food motivated? – [Dog Owner] Yes. We brought hot dogs. – Okay, Max, here’s your food, good. So, no eye contact, no frontal pressure. Good boy, let’s go, good boy. Sit, ah, good boy. Down, good boy, stay. Come, good boy, good job big man. Good boy, good boy, come here. (tongue clicking) Shhh, shh, it’s okay,
it’s okay buddy, good job. Max, come here, good boy. Come, come, good boy, good boy, good boy. (whistling) Just ignore him if he, okay, good. Good boy, good boy, that’s a good boy. Max, let’s go, come on buddy, good boy! Come here, good boy, good, good job, good. Okay, come on, let’s go, come on, good boy, let’s go, good boy. Sit, ah, sit, ah, sit good boy. Down, down, good, good job! Questions, concerns, comments? (dog barks) Leave it, down. Use the prong, good job, good job! That’s a big man, that’s a big man, come here, come here, good man. (excited music) Well, it’s hard to say. He’s, I can do this, this may be a surprise to you to see him do this with someone he doesn’t know. I’m not touching the remote yet. Now, I will. – [Dog Owner] Oh, so like after- – Just to pop on the lease,
no, no, no, I do that. – [Dog Owner] So like, what about when he goes to like you- – When he came up to me, yeah, definitely correct him there. – [Dog Owner] Was that on the high shock? – Probably on the 30, 35ish out of 100, so no, but it shut it off right? So, what you need to do
is like enter somebody neutral who he doesn’t know, heel. (upbeat music) Like kids, the moment you let him come in and (mimics
dog barking) it’s over. Unless you control it, so you have to immediately be on top of that, nope, you’re my dog, I control you, don’t do this, don’t do that crap, heel. Good, good, sit. He’s curious, sit. Okay, so, I’m not going to ask him to do a lot and this is where, good boy, lots of positive reinforcement, because he’s super nervous, he thinks he’s a bad guy and all these things, down, and he’s checking him out. He’s a shepherd, he’s a German shepherd with fear based reactivity,
that may never go away. All I really care about is the amount of time that he spends doing it. Bark, react, alert that
there is a strange man, but when I say knock it off, it’s over. Does that make sense? – [Dog Owner] So he’s never going to be a dog that’s comfortable with strangers? – Nope, that’s not what I’m saying because he’s comfortable with me, he laid down and let me scratch his belly. It’s just when you’re out, if he doesn’t have to meet that person, then yeah, no, he’s not going to be the dog that’s gonna run- ah, ah, down, good boy. He’s not going to be the dog that’s going to run around and
be everyone’s buddy. He’s not, and he doesn’t need to, he’s got enough buddies, he’s got you and your boyfriend and that’s
it, that’s cool, he’s good. Good boy, that was a good boy. Right, so, I could give him food but I’m not gonna have food a lot of times. (background noise drowns out other sounds) So, if a behaviorist tells you to use things like hot dogs and things like that, and they stay at the other end of the room and don’t actually touch the dog,
it’s just, it’s safe, okay? But I’m a practitioner, I want to fix it, I want to go in and fix the dog. The only time I wouldn’t do that is if the dog was actually aggressive, I would never do that. If I thought that this dog actually wanted to hurt me, I
wouldn’t be as like invasive. I’m like hey, quit the shit, let’s get some work done, stop being
a jerk dude, like relax, like chill out, and I saw all of that because I have experience with
it, it’s my bread and butter. Here Taylor, why won’t you come closer. (clears throat)
Excuse me. Good boy, that was a very good boy. Just give him positive
reinforcement over somebody new. Good, Taylor why don’t you come over here, just so I can see what you’re doing, good. I want you to just kneel down
a little bit, no eye contact. Ah, ah, ah, ah, down. Good job! He’s curious, why would I ever be upset about a dog being curious about a human? I’m okay with all of that. I might even going to
slam him when he gets up, because this is such a good thing for him. Two people, three people
he’s never met, right, and he’s like, ahh not so bad. I’m okay with hey, who are you? But, I’m not okay with
(mimics barking) right? Not okay, not okay. (background noise drowns out other sounds) Not right now I’m not,
I’m not doing anything. Okay, do one of you guys
just want to come out? Hey, leave it, no! (upbeat music)

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84 Responses

  1. mattystewart8 says:

    I havent skipped the intro because i appreciate the fact you gave me an option 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Kimberly Fuentes says:

    So glad I now know I'm doing the right thing when my German shepherd acts like this. I let him do his bark thing to let me know, but when I tell him to knock it off he stops. I only muzzle him when i think it will be to stressful for him. Rather be safe than sorry. Nice video Tom!!

  3. Mcauley man8 says:

    I think a lot of the issues with german shepherds are the owners. People getting dogs like that and got no clue how to trian it and correct that kind of behavior. It's not the dogs fault he looks scary and has a mean bite.

  4. Jenny Kinee says:


  5. Adriane C says:

    As always very well done.

  6. JM Marshall says:

    Are you using vibrate or a 'sting' from the e-collar?

  7. tami davis says:

    Once again, love the video.
    I am working with am working with that I have a lot of questions about that acts similar to this German Shepherd… putting the muzzle on takes him from a 10 to a 3 when he has his moments. There can be many days in a row that all is good then it is almost like starting from day 1 again. I have so many questions about his behavior and would love to hear your thoughts on why he has sudden changes in his behavior without a clear trigger. You are absolutely amazing and I have a lot of respect for what you do.

  8. Bryce Steggall says:

    This is great! i think half the problem is finding out is making the dog act this way. once thats found out your plan of attack is alot simpler. but executing is a different story. im glad your helping dogs like this.

  9. Michelle Anderson says:

    I was raised with gsd's…one of my fav dogs breeds. Even that poor scared boy is a gorgeous dog. Now he just needs a gorgeous, calm, mannerly disposition to match it. Not a single doubt you can help him get there Tom!

  10. Evonne Steele says:

    My pit has a less severe kind of reaction…I think. When we go to vet he absolutely flips the ef out. I usually have to wait with him in my truck. When he is feeling better I am going to start the approach you showed. I love that you are so real life and don’t coddle the owners.

  11. ManiacalSmiles says:

    Spent my whole life around big dogs, from Akita's to shepards. I've always felt a bond for all dogs, always felt i understand them. But you sir, blows me away how in sync you are with them! Admire you so much man, i take my hat off to you! ❤

  12. Hailey Gray says:

    Can’t wait for the next one!! 😀😀

  13. Trina Schmidt says:

    Here to say how amazing this was and glad you’ve been able to help this dog and owners. Thank you for your content! Even when I don’t think it’s a relevant video for me and my mal, it always ends up opening my mind and helping me understand what’s going on from their perspective.

  14. Lisa Hopkins says:

    I just viewed your new video. You are on special person with dogs. I’m amazed every time I see you demonstrate the Tom magic you perform on these strange dogs right before our eyes. You are truly special Tom Davis

  15. Adam Davis says:

    Great content! Can this way also be used if the owner is a trigger (ie the dog is resource guarding /protecting)

  16. Soul Kramkimel says:

    Your awesome man, been watching alot, I had a so called behaviourist out call specialist to work with my Ridgeback X amftaff who is a huge boy at over 110 pounds and 27 + inch at shoulders. She said food food food don't tell him no, don't tell him leave it if he grabs something, just distract, wouldn't handle him, worsened his hyperarousal, started getting agressive and said it was a negative association with a person, said me and my girl would be alright alone without the other person, he snapped at my girl when she reached over him at the table, got a pro in following similar methods who has made worlds of difference. He's 18 months and trying to control his environment with biting aswell. Would love to chat to you further. I'm out in australia

  17. Marniecooldog T says:

    Hi Tom. New to your channel. Binge watching. I love how you are straight forward and honest and I like how you teach the owner. Good job. Wish you great success

  18. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

    Well done Tom. I feel this dog feels it has to take the leadership position despite not being suited to it. This is why dogs must understand we will protect them and we are in charge. Beautiful work as always Tom. Thank you : ) Great stuff : )

  19. JY kayak fishing says:

    Awesome work, Thomas! I am learning a lot from you!

  20. Jonathan says:

    The videos you do have helped me a lot with my dog that is fear based reactive with strangers. He is a german shepard husky mix. I have been trying for a long time to get him to like new people, his reactivativeness to people have improved 90% but I can tell he doesn't like meeting new people. I really like what you said here in this one. "he's not going to be the dog that runs around being everyone's buddy. He doesn't need to, he's got enough buddies"

  21. Molson31 says:

    Great vid as always. I tried an ecollar on my dog, dig the training, etc. I tried max vibrate on my dog when she was being leash reactive. She basically didn't feel it. Are some dogs kind of immune to the collar? I've tried the stim up to 50 and she can't feel that either – I can feel it at 8. I don't want to go any higher.. Am I crazy?

  22. Jan Collins says:

    omg this is my dog he is scared and reacts the same way this dog did but he is a bull arab cross…… I so need you to come to Australia

  23. Diane M. says:

    Love your videos because you are clear on the point, and the dogs change immediately. Amazing!

  24. Nikki Aylen says:

    Where’s part 2?

  25. KP says:

    Incredible work !

  26. Dog Girl says:

    Hi, I have a 4 month GSD. She likes to play with other dogs but when on a lease she barks at other dogs. We have been using the slip collar with corrections when she barks at other dogs. She still barks and I don't want it to escalate into a big problem. Thanks!

  27. Michael Guadalupe says:

    Fantastic as always. It's great getting to see you make a positive impact on this dog and his owners lives.

  28. Paul Mazzei says:

    We all know what really changed his demeanor was the GOOOOOSSSFRRAAABBBAAAA.. the secret is out Tom!

  29. Vanessa 420 says:

    Amazing turnaround so quickly! 😍 Wonderland handling the problem so quickly! Really good information 👍 Thanks for Sharing this video! 🙏.

  30. Jen M. says:

    I caught the funky word too, lol
    Btw, if you wasn't using a e-collar, how would you handle this? What collar and method?

    Another awesome & emotional video…… ♡♡♡

    Thanks for sharing…….

  31. Dane Dahlberg says:

    Hey Thomas, huge fan of your videos here. I do a lot of volunteering at shelters exercising dogs for many years and I think your leash training videos have actually saved my shoulder from being torn out of its socket. Long story short, I was volunteering at a hell hole shelter and ended up adopting a very fearful last-chance 2 year old female shepherd cross who has nipped someone once in her past. We've had her for a few days now and have been very clear about boundaries which she seems to be understanding (not allowed on furniture at all, not allowed in the kitchen). she sometimes gets snappy when she realizes we're trying to discipline her. Since she is very fearful we are not raising our voices, just being firm, but even just an "out" when she is in the kitchen has caused her to growl and snap. She only displays this occassionally when asked to do something she doesn't want to do. She has also growled when we have asked her to drop something that is not hers, but she isn't food aggressive otherwise. Do you recommend an ecollar for a case like this? Should we give her a buzz when she growls/snaps or should we buzz her when she is doing the thing we don't want her to do? Seems like overkill to send her a vibration when she is just in the kitchen. We have hired a behaviourist to work with us but wont be meeting with her for a few weeks, so we wan't to be on the right track in the meantime. An article I read today suggested hand-feeding her all of her kibble for a few weeks, and only on commands, so she understands who controls the resources and will be less likely to lash out. Do you agree with this method? Sorry for the novel question.

  32. rjirbiable says:

    Thank you so much for doing these videos. I’m a first time dog owner and I have a German Shepard. And he has shown the exact same behaviors. Now with your videos I have confidence I can help correct these issues. You’re truly a life saver . Millions thanks from Texas.

  33. rey hernandez says:

    Sweet moves Tom. Thanks for posting. Curious about the dogs previous e collar training?

  34. LisaGH says:

    Ohh my this is my girl GSD that we rescued on 9 Jan. To a T. She is fearful and reactive. We want to be her last family. But we can’t walk her barely anymore, she barks at everything. Sometimes stops. She super freaking smart. We have taught her easily so many commands. So I know she’s trainable. She’s 2.5 years old. Fixed. Black and just absolutely stunning. We can’t take her to get her nails trimmed. She needs sedation. She’s a handful. Our neighbors are complaining at her barking and the other neighbor scared she’s gonna eat her 2 little boys. I really believe it fear and reactivity! We are in love with her and cry over the thought of having to give her up. Please help! We would come to you or you come to us. The reviews with trainers around here in northern Virginia are crappy. I don’t trust them and scared to waste money we don’t have. Love your methodical ways and your confidence as a practitioner. My hubby and I are retired Army Nurse and Infantry. We opened a gym to give back to veterans, combat injured tactical population. We were hoping we could take her to the gym with us. But it’s not working. She barks and with her curiosity she ended up nipping a few people. PLEASE HELP Us!!

  35. Cynthia Hawkins says:

    Any dog can be aggressive. My sister has a Cairn, much smaller than a Shepherd. But hey, I swear to God this is Joe Pesci on four legs..LOL.No really, with a small aggressive dog, if they bite someone, the consequences can be equally tragic. And with larger dogs, the owners may give up…the animal often surrendered – and euthanized, because of that behavior. If an animal can become loving, and positively reinforced, and obedient due to good training, owners can enjoy years with a wonderful pet. A much better option!! So, training like this is literally LIFE saving for the dog..Thank you..

  36. Isaac Burberry says:

    my GSD is 1 month please teach me on how to train him on those command like sit down and other more

  37. Isaac Burberry says:

    please help me out😥

  38. Inside The Dog-World says:

    Does anyone notice how he does not look this dog in the eyes? It's quiet crucial when it comes to a fearful / aggressive dog. They don't know you and we probably just make it worse watching them in their eyes, often dog's get just most uncomfortable and they feel something is fishy if you look them in the eyes with the slightest of insecurity etc.

  39. Barbara Gonzalez says:

    Hi again Thomas, I want to get this E-Collar you are using here but I am not sure which model and size should it be. My dog is similar to the dog in the video Max, of ca. 35kg.
    I would appreciate the help 🙂

    Keep up the education and love !

  40. Roldan Concepcion says:

    Wow this guy is amazing!

  41. Hadassah says:


  42. 69Fabulosity says:

    My shepard became reactive towards other dogs after neutering 🤦‍♀️❗He was the friendliest towards other dogs then after neutering it was hell with other dogs..somehow i wish i wouldn't have neutered him. My other dogs didn't change but he did..

  43. Deborah Blencowe says:

    There is nothing wrong with that dog.  The stress he is feeling is all to do with her and the way she handles him..he feels her anxiety.  She also needs a decent lead/slip collar on him, did I hear a spiked collar?  bloody awful!  If you have no idea how to deal with a large, thinking dog, do not have a German shepherd, it is not a toy that can be left for hours and you think it entertains itself…It does not do that!  The reason the handler was able to achieve so much, was because the dog could relax.

  44. Ronnyqt says:

    Questions, concerns, comments?
    Roof! hahaha

  45. Ronnyqt says:

    11:30 how come he started panting so fast? anxiety?

  46. Deborah Blencowe says:

    I have also just found out about prong collar ( they are indeed spiked) I couldn't believe it.  The Ecollar is an electric shock emitting collar.  Both of these are illegal in the UK. They are also rarely heard of in Europe. I have asked a friend who does a lot of training to Sieger standards, with the Germans.  She considers it 'lazy' backward, training standards and it wouldn't be allowed in Europe for their required high standards.  Like my colleague most of my training is off lead, so of no use.  Training a dog is a matter of trust, I fail to see how, using these items, that can occur.  So the dog, chooses to work with you, the reward for the dog, being with that human!  There are obviously standards some dog trainers achieve, whilst some trainers, will never be as good.  In the UK this would be viewed as cruelty.  This man would not be allowed to practice in Europe.   Please feel free to debate me… I hate cruelty to animals!

  47. Julia K says:

    Using punishment to train a dog is very cruel, and only used because the trainer wants instant results. There is no training involved- just punishment! The poor dog needs lots of time spent with it, including reassurance that nothing negative is going to happen. Discomfort and pain only makes the poor dog more fearful and submissive. Of course he is going to do what you want if the only option is pain. Proper dog training takes time, patience, consistency and love. The owner will never have a loving relationship with that dog! Good relationships with any dog or person, involves trust, time, genuine kindness and a selfless attitude.

  48. AlonaRoberta Manoharan says:

    Good boy keep it up

  49. Malique buckets says:

    You are officially a (Dog whisperer)

  50. Mike Deeg says:

    I'd love to see Zac George positive train this dog lol

  51. Hilary Petrella says:

    I liked how you used the word leave it. Something I found that actually works. When training a dog.

  52. David Pellerin says:

    less than 2 minutes, went right to the E-collar..Old school tyrant method! Why do you hide the remote? Shame maybe? Oh please. Anybody human or animal would obey the avoidance of shock collar. After all it is used as a death sentence. To extreme, A choke or a pinch would be lesser means of correction.. But you did ask in your video for any questions, comments or concerns. So, this is mine.

  53. CoreyGemme says:

    Please please please redo the audio. The volume of the dog barking is three times as loud as your voice. Even if you just turn the audio off and just narrated that would be great. I just can’t watch this video it’s too annoying but only because of the sound. you’re probably doing a great job please think about this when you edit your next video, or even go back and redo The audio if necessary, on prior videos. Thank you 🙂

  54. MaSe says:

    Just started watching your videos. They're good! I'm actually planning on getting a German Shepherd. I know pretty much about the breed, but not quite enough. It will be at least a few years until I get a dog, but I want to be as prepared as I can be. My goal is of course to never let my dog get like in these type of videos, but it's still great to see how other people handle this breed when issues do appear. I'm so excited to get a dog. 😀 I know it will be worth waiting for. I actually go to a school where we get to train dogs ourselves. My training dog is a German Shepherd. She's a very nervous individual, she barks a lot and she gets TOO excited when it's other people around. But when it's only her and I, she is the most wonderful dog I have ever met. We share a great bond! Sadly our lessons with the dogs are over now, but I'm still allowed to train her on my free time. I think it's clear to see that it is the owners fault why her dog isn't good at interacting, because it looked like the dog was the one who owned HER (I've met the owner once or twice). Anyways, I've loved this breed for a long time. <3 My sister used to train a German Shepherd for the military, and that's probably the first time that I actually got to interact with this breed.

  55. Isabel DeWitt says:

    My dog isn't aggressive. He hides behind me when a stranger moves towards him and tries to pet him. But if they offer their hand and let my dog come to them then he's ok. After a few more meetings he's totally fine with them. I'm not sure what's going on.

  56. Laura Burgess says:

    Have you worked with small dogs a friend of mine has a Yorkie that was abused in a previous home and then left at shelter,adopted then returned due to biting, then rescued by my friend. I adore the dog he loves me however he has quite the reputation around the elderly housing building where they live. He likes/ trust very few women there never men.he doesn’t like any of the dogs that live there and it is hard to keep him calm while entering and leaving building. He also is horrible when spotting ; canes, brooms, walkers, bicycles basically anything with wheels. The bigger the dog the more aggressive the little yorkie is, I know it’s common with small dogs however he takes to a new level. I adore him but I’m constantly afraid that he may get kicked out. He bite his own recently because she was restraining him from going after another dog, due to her age/ health her skin is thin and tore easy. He does have a couple dog friends and he visits at their house and has a blast they go to the park together and he acts different when he’s with them. He also is accepting of all people that he meets there. Sorry for the long story but I really could use some help with this precious angel.i am the main caregiver for his owner. Please tell us what we can do to help the situation.

  57. HDStreetbob79 says:

    Had several boxers and now we have multiple German Shepherds and have to say your videos and advice are outstanding, the best! Excellent stuff! Firm enough but very humane, thanks!

  58. Raccoon says:

    why is he still panting so much at the end

  59. Ashley Alva says:

    my dog is like this as well but he's a good dog

  60. Toni barlow Barlow says:

    You make it seem easy.

  61. Ms Magic says:

    Big dog outside little baby inside……i just wonder why the owner said or did nothing to signal the dog no more barks was needed in the situation like that

  62. Scott Newcomer says:

    alot of people should research certain dogs before they get them..every dog has a different personality..some need alot of work especially around people n some dont

  63. Steve Dingman says:

    I train all my dogs to be our family dog ! Like u said they have us they don’t need friends outside of us we live in a neighborhood that’s not bad persay but if you left you door open and no dogs you’d come home to a empty house … I have a French mastiff male 140 lbs and 8 years old a standard poodle male 60 pounds and now a female German shepherd 30 lbs 4 month old … our dogs have jobs the mastiff pulls things he loves to show off his strength like a side show muscleman the poodle he loves being handsome and his tricks to show off and Greta the German shepherd well she is figuring out her thing which is going to be complicated as she is very very smart and super active ! But I like barking when strangers come near I like they protect us and we can shut it off with a word but my dogs do keep a eye on the strangers everyone wants to pet or hug my dogs but I tell them they are protective dogs …and if they hold out a hand my dogs may or may not want to come say hi … the German Shepard’s biggest job will be running with my wife for my wife’s protection we do have muggers and rapists that haunt the running trails ! This is my first time building a protection dog … doing tons of research so I make a balanced dog not a super aggressive dog . I want a 25 foot circle around my wife that if someone steps into the dogs on alert . I’m doing the right thing , right ?

  64. Kayla says:

    What kind of muzzle is that being used on the dog? I would like to get one for my Rottweiler, however, I want to make sure I get one that is comfortable, effective, and won't cut the bridge of his nose as I have seen happen to other dogs.

  65. Glamazaurus Rex says:

    So is he going to be like that with every stranger???? Asks the owner…..uhhhh duh it’s a German Shepherd a protection and guard dog. If you want a friendly dog get a Labrador yikes the logic of people

  66. Alan Zhang says:

    I have a friend who’s dog is very cute, but will suddenly attack you no reason. By attack, I mean he will suddenly begin jumping on you and bitting, and running around. Once I was just walking up the stairs and he began to chase and bite me. What should I do?

  67. Josh Rodriguez says:

    You mean you got a one person breed who will tolerate people who live with you and him in his house. Lol. I'm on my third Shep and he's only 6 months old doesn't even wag his tail. They are protectors herders. If you want something that is 95 percent likely to like people get a lab or golden…. Worked at a boarding and training facility they are the sweetest in general

  68. Matthew clockworks says:

    I have a dog at my work who's just like this. She needs help

  69. BackToSchool says:

    and hes a gerson too

  70. Lincoln Gesicho says:

    I had a really bad experience with dogs when I was a kid. I got bit. Later in life. Adopted two pups that taught me to fear dogs less . Been learning how to train them and your videos have been a great help especially with understanding that. . . Chances are if my dog is agitated it is more likely because I am agitated and how to respond to that. Keeping calm and calming my dog and reassuring them that I am in control. Side note: your videos is helping a potential trainer from Kenya. 🙋🏿‍♂️

  71. G. H. says:

    "Do you have the e-collar? Hi Mom."

  72. dia mascui says:

    goosfraba haha <3

  73. EMZjester says:

    I hate to say it, but every video I watch that has a dog with aggression/fear issues the owner is a woman. Has this been your experience ?

  74. Layla Kintana says:


  75. Kristina Botoff says:

    Goosefrabaaa 😂😂 yesss.. I am an earlier on dog trainer getting more into behavior mods now I love all your vids you're awesome!!

  76. k9 aid says:

    harness, prong collar, ecollar, muzzle, lots of training tools for this dog and it should start and end with owner. All of the training tools used at once should tell you something

  77. Nelda J says:

    Really appreciate your knowledge, skill and ability to explain so well all that is going on! Thanks

  78. unimportant says:

    What a beautiful dog he is, stunning

  79. Alina Manns says:

    Wow I have a way smaller Schipperke Shepard Mix and I can't hold her when she's aggressive like that 😅😅😅 what does the e collar do?

  80. Juju F says:

    Incredible. Do you ever get scared?

  81. shapumawildcat says:

    WOW, soon as i saw you are actually using ecollars AND prong collars ive turned off, INHUMANE CRUEL AND CAUSE PAIN< WHY THE HELL CAUSE FEAR ND PAIN TO A DOG THAT IS ALREADY SUFFERING<<<< TRAINING USING CRUELTY IS A MASSIVE NO NO<<<DISGUSTING,,,,,,,,,,Many civilized countries have outlawed prong collars, recognizing the harm they can do,,,______________________________Cruel' electric shock pet training collars to be banned in England. … While they are designed to control and train dogs and cats, they have been attacked as cruel for giving animals an electric shock when they misbehave. The devices are usually controlled via a remote control

  82. shapumawildcat says:

    Cruel' electric shock pet training collars to be banned in England. … While they are designed to control and train dogs and cats, they have been attacked as cruel for giving animals an electric shock when they misbehave. The devices are usually controlled via a remote control

  83. sherry jarecki says:

    Our dog always wants to attack other dogs even when the other dog just wants to play.what are we doing wrong.i think it's because our dog is in charge.

  84. sherry jarecki says:

    Our dog isn't fear how do we change her behavior.she wants to attack other dogs even if the other dog wants to play.a lose dog running the neighborhood entered the yard wants to play our dog wanted to attack the friendly dog.please help

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