Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retriever play and train with Solid Rubber Ball

This Rubber Ball with a Bell inside is probably the best training toy for your dog. It doesn’t matter if your canine is still a puppy, or if he is an adult dog, we are sure he will joyfully participate in any activity, that involves the use of this toy. The ball has a bell inside, so you will always know if the dog is playing with it and where exactly. It’s very convenient and even indispensable if you have a blind or visually impaired dog. The ball is made of high quality non­-toxic rubber. It has rubber bumps, that help to clean your dog’s teeth and massage his gums. However, this Ball is not meant for chewing, so please don’t let your dog masticate it! This item has a wide range of use. You can use it to play with your pet, train him, improve his obedience or just to have fun together.

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4 Responses

  1. Cassie Clark says:

    Very interesting review, thank you. I liked the pieces with Malinois' obedience training sessions, would love to watch more of that kind.

  2. Олена Корінєва says:

    My dog adores playing with balls! Think, he would like to get this amazing toy!

  3. Irina Braunshtein says:

    I adore watching videos with dogs, especially training ones. This ball seems to me a nice tool for having a good time with my doggy, isn't it? 

  4. Екатерина Федякина says:

    The dog is really busy with this ball). Exciting gear!

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