My name is Danny Craig my Kennel is temple of the tree [malawach] The Belgian Malinois at his core is a farm dog a dog that should be able to work all day long [should] be brave should be healthy and have a lot of endurance and I have a high activity level a dog that like the belgian say just has a high drive for work. They want to work Belgian Malinois started as a herding [dog] working sheep in Belgium Northern Europe and and that’s uh in the late 1800s and That’s essentially a farm dog that they started in those areas a shepherd I suspect that the malinois still to this day. So healthy is that it had and still to this day has an open pedigree that is a Lot of the dogs that are coming over to work for the police or work for the military? are from the KMTV Lines which They will mix a pitbull into the lines They will mix a great dane into the lines that they want to get some size They will put reits in there as opposed to keeping the gene pool closed. They will open it up I wasn’t there but I know for [instance] Some of the really important dogs like Oscar lowen [fills] in the pedigree The story is as peter engels really it oscar who you’ll see in so many pedigrees was really three different KFPb Dogs I come with his camp even KPV is a Dutch Sport you’ll see it with the guy that the long stick and the big suit walking away And the dogs flying and biting the back of them It’s and most of those guys they raised the dogs and they sell them to the states and other places For police military work I have heard I’ve heard of pit bulls. They put and I’ve heard of great Danes being put in to [lock] into the lines to get size because the Malinois if you’re not careful It’s going to get small It’s going to get down to 40 pounds and so you always got every breeding for to make sure you keep them and I want Personally I want my boys to be 65 [to] 75 pounds Probably the standard is 55 to 65 and with the females. I’d like them in the fifty to sixty sixty-five rage some bigger But you need that size And so I know they probably slipped that in we don’t I don’t see much of that at all happening in this country this happens over in Europe. They are not [FCI] recognized So they’ve [gone] they have no papers, but if you if I have a female, that’s awesome and I think cheese worth breeding, and I see this this wonderful Specimen, but he doesn’t have a casein paper papers I know breeders will figure out a way, and it’s not to sort of pat their Pocketbook It’s to improve the breed to get good genes into the breed Why exclude a really amazing dog simply because he doesn’t have a piece of paper from the AKC of the FCI Well the idea of having these pedigrees papers [what] it does you can see any pure breed? dogs that you exclude dogs From the gene pool. [I] know this is so a political politically incorrect, but the ultimate the idea of pure breed ultimate list Destroys every pure-breed in terms of the working capacity they don’t care they want a dog that could work That’s all they care about a dog that can jump high Run fast be healthy and work all day long and be brave and so if it looks like a goat they don’t care They want the work ethic and that’s what you get in good mountain ones and also you know [breeding] for the way a dog looks form follows function right and But when people take into consideration the way the dog looks I want to breed this dog to this not because I like the way this dog looks That is the opposite of form follows function their function is following form and you see You see the ultimate destruction of every breed when you start worrying about conformation the malla [wah] is There are eight. There are show Malinois there are completely different type of dog. They’re more narrow. They’re not as masculine They’re not as front-loaded. They’re not as tough. They’re more sensitive they’re you know they’re just a completely different breed, but dogs that are just bred for their work a dog that can run fast and his Courageous is a beautiful dog, but I aesthetically you know I come out of rottweilers, and I love a beautiful dog I do So top line bottom line. I want the chest Sprung, [I] don’t like a narrow dog and what a dog a masculine dog that it can be proud [of] when I walk out there That that is [a] nice-looking [dog] however that takes a backseat to Whether they have that as we talked about earlier that bottom that that extra dimension of drive that [when] the going gets tough they can reach down and Pull something up to continue to fight and the sport that has kept the malinois The the healthy dog is not ipo shuts in’ for sure. That’s a sport designed for German Shepherds and The sport that has kept them are the ring sports Belgian ring Mondeo Ring French ring those are the sports lots of jumping that have maintained the health of This breed [I] got into the sport as a competitor. I wanted to compete with my best friends in a sport I’ve always played sports and I’d always been with rottweilers, but I every sit and I always started with puppies and Every rottweiler I’ve ever had has had one Kind of physical problem or another that would disqualify me [to] work I had hip dysplasia elbow dysplasia missing teeth problems [with] their eyes. You know [you] name it and one day, I was at training with and one of the dog vendors brought in six Mountain was back in the early 90s to sell them to the police and I saw these dogs and they were so emotional and sensitive like a rottweiler is but there’s incredible athletes and I started to study their health profiles because I didn’t want to switch to a german shepherd because they had just as many problems as The rottweiler did and since I start with a puppy. [I] don’t know it’s a crapshoot so I needed to get myself the best chance possible of having a healthy dog that I could compete with and That’s where I went with my first [Mallon] one that I imported from Denmark one of the things that motivated me in the sport was I saw You know I grown up with dogs, and I’d never had to [use] punishment as a way to teach my dogs anything and when I came into the sport the amount of You know Harsh training? Methods that were employed in the early 90s was kind of blew my mind and I and you know naturally you go in and you Think [oh], this is what you have to do, but one day I asked myself and my grandma was here and she saw me doing this to my dog that I supposedly loved she could disown me and [so] I thought you know what I can do if I can use positive Mostly positive training methods to teach my dogs [then] maybe it’ll help other people’s dogs because they see I can I’m having success with my dogs And they will gradually move and then a big proponent early proponent and influence of mine was Ivan Bala Bono’s Because he was already having a great deal of success using You know what I would consider to be intelligent dog training and Michael Ellis as well was another in case early on where you have to have obedience and stop biting the man and Then bite the man and be controllable. [I] think there’s only It two breeds that that are going to be able to do this routinely the German Shepherd is a mallomar now if you could get up train a massive [to] out add to a Heel and be obedient and then switch on to be an aggressive. I have yet to see that now Maybe they’re just a guard dog at the end of a chain But what you see with the dogs and the iPo sports is You are taking away so much of the dog by making him insisting that they be obedient You’re taking a lot and then the question is how much is left of the dog is there enough left to actually fight a guy? On a strange field in a dark place on a big decoy fast strong young that The dog has never seen before and it’s never [been] on that field are they going to be brave enough to do that And I think the German shepherd is a mallomar the two that I see we used to see more [jure] rottweilers more bulldogs were Dobermans Maybe even the giant schnauzer here there but boy. Oh boy. [there] are a few and far apart these days well I think there are only really two breeds of dogs as a breed that have a significant number of their members that are brave enough to fight a man I think the malinois and the German Shepherd probe out in there are jerk there are rottweilers There are two over men. There. Are you know? [Bulldogs], but not in the numbers that you [see] and I think that’s why the police in the military use Malinois [the] German Shepherd I got the mel watt because they’re healthy and they can work all day They’re intelligent and they have high high drive and the more dried They have the more motivation they have and you enter into a quid pro. Quo Relationship with the animal that is you do this for me? and I will give you this object that you desire and they will work for whether it’s as drug Detection or A suspect apprehension or whatever you got they’re going to get after it, and they’re going to work a long long time And they’re a little smaller than the german shepherd a little less expensive than I so I think that’s why they’re the premier of working dog these days You know thinking about it there are exceptions in every breed, but the malinois I would say that the thing [that] they probably would not be that great at would be being at least when they’re young would be Therapy dogs where you got to be calm, and you’ve got a you know jump on Somebody in a nursing home in their bed and stuff like that my rottweilers are perfect for that these guys but any job It whether it is Detection whether it is a airport security guard dog [birdie] any capacity where you need a dog with energy [the] [dog] is going to excel they’re intelligent and Intelligence is partly due to motivation right when you’re highly motivated You’re you’re going to be you’re [going] to try really hard to figure out how to get what it is that you want and the Trainer’s goal is ultimately to make that process clearer to the dog. This is how you get what you want so if they’re [looking] for drugs They find the drugs and they get a tug they get their touch so they’re searching for the tub Actually, but the tug has been associated with a particular scent and they find that scent they get their tug And they’re going to work hard the malinois You know I have some that are they can be nervy but those are the ones that should be being bred You [know] you should have sound [nerve] and so you see and I that’s something that’s very important to me [that] my dog is not nervy Derby is a huge [flaw] for me, and you can see it in the Malinois some nala’s and And so that would be a criticism of the breed I think most people would let is let summer to nervy and [too] little [to] driving so that they can’t think and that’s that’s Genetic and environment my dogs are all they run in a pack. I don’t I keep my boys on girls all Running the pack together. I don’t separate them. They’re all can come in the house and sleep on the bed [they] I You know the sport that we compete in the chosen sport that I play in is iPo which involves tracking it involves obedience, and then it involves protection work, and there are those three phases and each one is worth [100] points and 200 300 points total and Whoever has the most points wins a particular competition. That’s that’s the sport they [play], but we go to the beach we they go [swimming] I take my surfboard out and they Paddle after me and They do everything that that any normal dog would do to have the fun happening out for like my dogs and not [Kendall] dogs a lot of people say I’m Alan was not a good dog or the normal families not a labrador and things like that And I have some of my pups that I produce are living in families With smaller dogs with children they aren’t met neil at dogs If they’d stayed with me they could have been a sport dog the home they went to They’re just model citizens, but generally speaking they’re going to be a high-energy so and they can be problematic because if you don’t have a clue and you’re you’re kind of a novice they could be a Handful because they are so high energy and they do want to do stuff and so they need to Generally, speak it yeah, and so having something to produce, so I would say an active family Is what’s most important to me is somebody that wants to go running with their dog? Wants to take their dog places wants to socialize them. I think it’s really important to get to fight a litter that has to normal healthy Non nervy parents that you can see that are good and then raise the puppy in a healthy way and you’ll have a good dog that can run and play frisbee and You know do everything that a normal healthy dog, but they’re not going to lay around all day typically until they’re older for me I’m proud to say that I if you go and look there in the AKC Or the Ofa website you’ll see temple the tree you’ll see Virtually all of our puppies [gets] surf. That is they get the malinois to get its Certificate of health they need their elbows their hips and their eyes done And that’s one of the things that I insist So I know as a breeder that the dogs that I’m producing have good hips elbows and ice and so they all have their surf well, it going forward if there’s anything that I would like to see with the Belgian Malinois is that Breeders [think] about the nerve base of their dogs that they want to breed Try not to have it’s hard try not to have Kennel blindness and to ensure that The athleticism [the] health of the breed is matched by the psyche of the breed that they have good solid Temperaments that that’s what we need in the breed Going forward they are now the premier working dog. I think I’ve lately have seen really Great improvements in the German Shepherds, which is really nice to see As I love all dogs, I’m not particularly loyal to the Belgian Malinois I just chose them because they did they were a superior working dog. That’s the reason I my Loyalty typically is the rottweiler. That’s who I’ve always loved But going forward that’s what I’d like to see with the mountain wise to ensure that temperament that the nerve base of the dogs that [we’re] producing are nice and healthy that they Are clear-headed if you do run into a nervy dog those dogs are real candidates for being put to sleep to being Put into a shelter because they’re hard to live with then they can be dangerous they’ll bite people when they have they they have that nerve so as custodians of the Breed I’d really like to see us producing healthy dogs that are smart intelligent and In every social situation you know there are important breeders Ivan bala bought off in Florida as Aqua Tasha he has been one of the important Breeders Michael Ellis up in Santa Rosa with Lucas La Debbie skinner out in Temecula with her kennel these are really important traders my Kennel is [temple] of the tree I’m a small breeder compared to those guys and And I think those guys are producing a healthy good dogs you

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  1. Dogumentary TV says:


  2. Olivia Pangrace says:

    I love the quote "if my grandma saw how I was treating this dog who I loved she would disown me' – wish all trainers had this approach it IS possible to train these dogs without brutality

  3. F. Mazz. says:

    Hmm interesting interview…very informative and I liked what he had to say. However, I think there are a lot of other breeds that are brave enough to face a man in a real life situation – not just the Malinois and G. Shep. That's the only thing I disagreed with. His Malinois are fairly large tho than what I'm used to…looks like some German Shepard outcrossing took place at some point. But for man-stopping power that's what you need! I'm sorry but a lot of the Mali's you see today are great for agility, but a wee too small for protection work FOR REAL LIFE SCENARIOS. They'll find the quarry, sure, sink it's teeth into him, no problem, but will they be able to hold on and not get it's neck broken by a large man ? I'm not so sure.

  4. Charlotte Mangan says:

    50-60? My mal is like 85 pounds at TWO years old!

  5. Flip Flop says:

    The title is how I feel myself

  6. Mad Meddling Maddow says:

    My grandfather was a Malinois breeder here in Belgium and we had Malinois all our life. I NEVER heard of pit bulls or Great Danes being bred in the Malinois…Jesus Christ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    The only blood that is, rarely, brought in is that of a German Shepherd working line/Czech Shepherd.
    No doubt that some people do it…but they’re no longer breeding Malinois.

  7. Rob Gurule says:

    He just ended racism through dogs

  8. Bonnie Hundley says:

    They're amazing. They're workaholics. DO NOT GET ONE!!!!! That's not a breed for anyone but the dedicated. Very intense.

  9. Akki Contigo says:

    I completely agree with what you think is a healthy dog. Dogs with papers are always inbreeded and people does not notice that. They want to get a Prozac cause they are nothing

  10. Rigo Hook says:

    Form follows function, we should make them bigger…. would be funny if it was'nt that sad. Malinois are competition winning dogs since decades BECAUSE they are'nt rottweilers and german shepherds. Thei fact they are'nt so huge is was makes them so incredibly fast and agile and endurant.
    The hardest hitting dog ever i experienced when i was a schutzhund decoy was a 22kilos Mali bitch, gave me a wiplash effect and several black and blue bruises through the full guard suit. Dont make them bigger, please, you gonna ruin an excellent breed, as you have done so many times before. This is more a case of form follows desire

  11. matthew marquez says:

    What about the Dutch shepherd?

  12. Persida Peric says:

    Mic suck πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘

  13. Rod Yoakum says:

    Great Video Thanks

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