Best Family Dogs Small to Medium

Want a family dog, but size is a concern? Here are 10 fun-sized dogs that can fit easily
into your heart. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Havanese The Havanese is a born companion dog. This intelligent, outgoing and funny little
dog is the only native breed of Cuba. With a gleam in their big, brown eyes, these
vivacious and sociable companions are becoming especially popular with American city dwellers. Their small but sturdy bodies of only 10-16
pounds, adaptable nature, and social skills make the Havanese an ideal city dweller, but
they are content to be anywhere that they can command the attention of admirers. Havanese are smart and trainable extroverts
with the comic instincts of a born clown, and are natural trick dogs, making them fun
for the whole family. 9. Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniels are dogs belonging to two
different breeds of the spaniel dog type: the American Cocker Spaniel and the English
Cocker Spaniel, both of which are commonly called simply, Cocker Spaniel. Both make great family pets. Today, the Cocker Spaniel is primarily a loving
companion dog breed, though it remains a capable bird dog at heart. The Cocker Spaniel is a people pleaser and
is never happier than when it is with it is with its favorite people. It’s happy to snuggle on the couch or a
romp in the yard with the kids. The Cocker Spaniel has a sweet temperament. It is affectionate and cuddly and loves to
participate in family activities. The Cocker is a playful, high energy dog and
needs a good amount of exercise, but its willingness to play makes getting that exercise in rather
easy and at 24-28 pounds it doesn’t require a lot of space to do it. 8. Whippet Some caveats with the former breeds is that
they require a lot of grooming and brushing. That’s not so much the case with the Whippet. The Whippet, a Greyhound in miniature, is
a playful and affectionate and calm family companion. Sometimes called the “Poor man’s race
horse” the Whippet is lightning quick! But it’s more than happy to spend most of
the day lounging on the sofa, enjoying the role of a loving and loved companion. Whippets rarely bark. And, despite the Whippet’s elegant looks,
the breed is a robust, low-maintenance dog perfect for a home of almost any size. 7. Pug Charming, loving and a bit mischievous, it’s
hard not to love the adorable Pug. Once the companion of Chinese emperors, and
later the mascot of Holland’s royal elite, the small but solid Pug is today adored by
millions of adoring fans around the world. Pugs live to love and to be loved in return. The Pug packs a lot of personality into a
compact package. Its large round head, its big, sparkling eyes,
and its wrinkled brow give the Pug a range of human-like expressions—surprise, happiness,
curiosity—that have delighted owners for centuries. The ideal house dog, Pugs are happy in the
city or country, with kids or old folks, as an only pet or in a pack. And packs of Pugs well, there are not adequate
words to describe the cuteness. 6. Beagle What is it about the Beagle that constantly
has it ranking among the top family dogs? Is it the cute pleading expressions or its
happy-go-lucky personality. No matter the reason, this friendly, curious
and merry little dog fills the hearts of millions. A breed described as “merry” by its fanciers,
Beagles are loving and lovable, happy, and companionable—all qualities that make them
excellent family dogs. Beagles are active companions for kids and
adults alike. They do require a significant amount to playtime,
which can be a plus at keeping both kids and dog occupied. 5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel As the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s name
implies, this dog spawns from royalty. But despite the royal roots, Cavaliers gladly
descend from their royal throne for a backyard frolic. The smallest of the Spaniel breeds, the sweet,
gentle, melting expression emanating from large, round eyes is a breed hallmark as is
being gentle, affectionate and graceful. Adaptable and sociable Cavaliers do equally
well with active owners and homebodies—they can be upbeat athletes or shameless couch
potatoes, depending on the owner’s lifestyle. 4. Basset Hound Among the most appealing of breeds, the endearing
and instantly recognizable Basset Hound is a perennial favorite of dog lovers all over
the world. Although they may not be wildly giving with
their affections, they are a steadfastly, loyal breed. Charming, patient, and lowkey, the Basset
doesn’t have the in your face presence of many other breeds, but they love everyone
from strangers to children. Its exercise needs are low and the Basset
is happy just lying around most ot the day, which makes the Basset a good choice for not
so active families. 3. Boston Terrier The Boston Terrier is a born companion dog. And as the city name suggests, this breed
is ideal for city living. Bostons are sturdy but portable, people-oriented,
and always up for a brisk walk to the park or to the outdoor cafe. The dapper Boston Terrier wears a tuxedo coat
and a stylin’ attitude. It is friendly, portable and enthusiastic
in everything it does. Bostons get along well with kids, other pets
and pretty much everyone they meet. All in all, they are fantastic little companion
dogs and willing to grace your living room with their love. 2. Poodle With an Einstein brain mixed with a Three
Stooges sense of humor, the Poodle keeps its family entertained. With boundless energy and a sunny disposition,
the Poodle makes an excellent family dog,. Standard, Miniature, or Toy? Take your pick, Poodles come in all sizes
from 5 to 55 pounds. You can fit a Poodle into any household. Poodles tick all the boxes when it comes to
choosing a family pet. They are kid friendly, dog friendly, stranger
friendly, apartment friendly… they’re just friendly, although they can be a bit
territorial. Many a family has overlooked the intelligent,
funny Poodle, thinking it’s prissy. Still, the Poodle is one of the more popular
breeds in the world. Poodle lovers know the dogs for their intelligence,
ease of training, low-shedding curly coat, and love of family. Before I get to number one, what are your
favorite family pets? Let us know in the comments. 1. Mutts Let’s not forget the humble mutt. In fact, we’re giving the mutt the number
one spot. The common definition of mutt is a dog of
unknown ancestry. Available in all sizes, shapes, colors, and
patterns, a mutt can be and more often than not is a loving, family companion. And as the ultimate family dog, the mutt often
excels where the purebred sometimes fail. Drawing from a broader, more diverse gene
pool, the mix breed’s intensity is softer than its pedigreed counterparts The Mutt’s loyalty, warmth, and deep desire
to please, however, remain as fiercely intact as any dog. The truth is, heritage matters very little
when choosing a dog. You’ll get along well with your dog because
you love dogs, not because a piece of paper says it comes from a long line of dogs originating
on the coast of France. And your kids won’t care, they just want
a loyal friend, not a Certificate certifying that their dog is registered with a Kennel
Club. In the end, it’s the love that you get from
your dog, and the love that you give it that matter and what makes a dog a great family
pet. This has been my TED Talks. Hey, thanks for hanging with me. Take some time to check out these videos about
some other fine dogs. If you’re a subscriber, thank you. If not, what are you waiting for? Click it. Ya know ya wanna. And as always, catch ya next time.

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