Best Family Guard Dog Breeds – Protecting Yet Loving

For as long as humans and dogs have lived
together, humans have depended on dogs for protection, whether that be livestock, land,
or the family. Many breeds will protect their families, but
not all are exceptionally good at it while still maintaining the role of a dedicated
family companion. We’ve singled out 10 Family Guard Dog Breeds. Let’s see who they are. You’re Watching Animal Facts! 10. Rhodesian Ridgeback Before I get too far into this video, I’d
like to note that most of the breeds on this list are not for timid dog owners. All dogs need training, and that’s especially
true with the dogs on this list. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is certainly no exception. The distinctive Rhodesian Ridgeback was created
in South Africa as a versatile hunter and guardian dog. It’s a smart but sometimes stubborn dog,
who’s less likely today to hunt a lion as it is to hunt a soft spot on your sofa. Affectionate with family, yet mostly aloof
toward strangers the Rhodie isn’t going to
welcome an intruder into your house, but will most likely just be wary of visitors. The Rhodesian is a high energy dog, with high
intensity and needs lots of exercise. It’s not very well suited for apartment
living. It also needs lots of mental stimulation,
a bored Rhodesian Ridgeback is not an easy dog to live with. We suggest lots of obedience training. 9. Komondor The Komondor, also known as the Hungarian
sheepdog, is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long,
corded coat. Sometimes referred to as ‘mop dogs’, the Komondor
is a powerful dog that has a natural guardian instinct to guard livestock and other property. Komondors are large dogs. A big male can stand over 27 inches at the
shoulder and weigh in excess of 100 pounds. While the Komondor is affectionate toward
family, even children, this dog does not welcome strangers fondly. Being intelligent and easy to train, along
with a low intensity level makes the breed a better choice for those not highly skilled
in dog training. Obviously, this dog comes with responsibilities
though. You need to be a confident leader to win the
respect of your Komondor. The meek, and the inexperienced dog owner,
need not apply. 8. Bullmastiff Affectionate, loyal and brave, the Bullmastiff
is yet another large breed at between 100 and 130 pounds. Fearless at work, docile at home, the Bullmastiff
is a natural guard dog, bred to protect poachers in jolly ol’ England. Large and powerful, the Bullmastiff has a
formidable appearance that’s a wonderful deterrent to would-be intruders. But it’s not all about looking the part. It’s also a determined protector when needed
and a loving family companion for the rest of the time. This fearless family protector has a soft
spot for its loved ones, especially the kids, but is usually standoffish toward strangers. Despite its size, the Bullmastiff isn’t a
high-energy dog. A couple of short walks a day will meet its
needs. They are mellow enough to live comfortably
in an apartment or condo, as long as they get their daily outings. These are reliable dogs, but as with any large
guarding dog, owners must begin training and socialization early, while the puppy is still
small enough to control. If you let your Bullmastiff get its way, it’ll
soon be running the show. 7. American Pit Bull Terrier Lumped in with the other “Pit Bull” breeds,
the American Pit Bull Terrier has surely gotten more than its fair share of bad publicity. But the American Pit Bull Terrier, often just
called Pit Bull is affectionate toward family, good with kids and even friendly with strangers
if properly socialized. The Pitty is easy to train, intelligent, for
the most part, although often derpy, and a people pleaser. I’ll go out on a limb and say that most
of the fear of this breed is created by negligent owners. However, the breed is not for everyone. You must invest time in training and socialization,
as we’d hope you’d do with any breed, especially the large ones. When raised with the proper training and socialization,
the American Pit Bull Terrier makes an excellent companion for children. It’s loving and gentle with people and often
makes a lousy guard dog because of its tail-wagging eagerness to greet the person at the door. But, the bad reputation can definitely work
in your favor. 6. Rottweiler Speaking of dogs with less than perfect reputations,
the Rottie definitely has its share of bad press, as well. But Rottie lovers know them as loyal, affectionate
and confident guardians. A Rottweiler is a gentle playmate, and a powerful
protector within its family circle. And no one has ever told the Rottie that it’s
not a toy breed. It’s not uncommon for a 95-130 pound Rottie
to try to crawl into your lap for a cuddle. A well-bred and properly trained Rott should
not be aggressive without cause and should be aloof toward strangers. Inside the home expect playfulness and downright
silliness. But, the Rott needs a confident and stronger
leader, or else it will take that role for you. You don’t want that. 5. Great Pyrenees The Great Pyrenees is a large, powerful protector,
but likely one of the calmest and patient dogs on this list. They may have once guarded their flocks from
wolves and other predators in harsh mountain terrains, but today the GP is much more content
to be a mellow companion and courageous home guardian. Don’t let the zen-like calm fool you, however,
the Great Pyrenees is capable of jumping into action if it perceives a threat. Although affectionate with family, and good
with kids, this is not a breed for novice owners. The Pyrenees is not one of the easiet dogs
to train and its size, energy, and intelligence can cause trouble for timid owners. Let’s just say you don’t need an uncontrollable
160 pound dog. 4. Boxer Bright, fun-loving and active, the Boxer might
not be as large as the breeds so far at 65-80 pounds, but it’s the whole doggy package. This intelligent, yet goofy dog, with the
work ethic of a pro has been among the most popular dog breeds for a very long time. Boxers are upbeat and playful and their patience
and protective nature have earned them a reputation as a great dog with children. But, they take the job of watchdog and family
guardian seriously and will meet threats fearlessly. Boxers, originally bred to be medium sized
guard dogs, are one of the easier breeds on this list to train. They are both intelligent and malleable. But, they also tend to retain many puppy-like
personality traits until about 3 years of age. It’s a friendly dog, even toward strangers. And this is a good thing, because you’re
going to need to be out exercising your Boxer quite a bit. They also do well in apartments, as long as
they get that daily workout. 3. Great Dane When a dog can flat-footed stair you in the
face, it definitely gets the attention of both friend and foe. Standing on its hind legs, the Great Dane
is taller than most people. But the Great Dane is friendly, patient and
as dependable as any dog breed. This easy-going giant is a joy to live with. Because, despite its imposing size, the Great
Dane is truly one of the most well-mannered dogs around- a sweet, playful, affectionate
dog that adores children. Because of its size and high need for exercise,
it might not be the best choice for any apartment though. Don’t let the friendliness fool you. This is an effective guardian, because if
the size doesn’t ward off an intruder, the fearlessness of this breed will. 2. Puli You might need something a bit more compact
in your home. At 22-33 pounds, the Puli is certainly no
giant. But, don’t mistake the small size as being
a weakness. Best known for its long, corded coat resembling
dreadlocks,like the Komondor, the Puli is a hardworking herding dog and family companion. Energetic and lively, this moplike dog appears
much larger than it is due to that distinctive coat. And, thanks to its self-confidence and intelligence,
the Puli will have no problem being the center of attention in your home. With family, this small guard dog is friendly
and affectionate. With strangers not so much. They’re also quite sensitive to the needs
of the elderly and sick making them great therapy dogs. The Puli is a highly intelligent and independent
dog, which is common among herding breeds. Which also means that training is a must to
have a pleasant family member. 1. German Shepherd Dog Although not for the timid dog owner, the
German Shepherd Dog is considered dogdoms finest all-purpose working dog. And the breed definitely finds its way into
a lot of homes all around the world. This obviously German breed is a large, agile,
muscular dog of noble character and high intelligence. Loyal, confident, courageous, and steady,
the German Shepherd is truly a dog lover’s delight. There are many reasons why German Shepherds
remain so highly adored, but their defining attribute is character: loyalty, courage,
confidence, the ability to learn commands for many tasks, and the willingness to put
their lives on the line in defense of loved ones. German Shepherds will be gentle family pets
and steadfast guardians, but there’s a “certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate
and indiscriminate friendships.” Like every dog on this list, the GSD needs
exercise and training. Lots of it. These versatile dogs need a job to do. Give it that and you will have a family friend
that will do anything to keep you safe. There’s another thing most of these breeds
have in common. They are power chewers. My German Shepherd and my American Pit Bull
Terrier Mix destroy any toy you give them. That’s what prompted me to get them BullyMake. I’m tired of buying toys from the pet store
that only last a few days if not only a few minutes. Bullymake offers a subscription box service
that sends tough dog toys for power chewers, along with treats and other fun stuff to your
door every month, each month with its own fun theme. These toys are tough. My dogs haven’t managed to destroy them
yet. I’ll leave an affiliate link in the description
that you can check out. Hey thanks for getting to this part of the
video. I think you’ll like these other videos as
well. If you’re a subscriber, thank you. IF not, what are you waiting for? And as always, catch ya next time.

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90 Responses

  1. Dog Tube says:

    First!! love ur channel.

  2. Joseph Jolly says:

    Great video, I have a 4 year old Boston terrier, she is an awesome dog.?

  3. Eccentric Nature says:

    Howdy Neighbor! Another great doggy video. 🙂

  4. Isaac Braxton says:

    Doberman should have been #2. Puli need to be off the list.

  5. Animal Facts says:

    Do you have a dog that's a power chewer? Check out Bullymake. You're doggo will love it! (affiliate link)

  6. Laura Thunder says:

    Another great video! I've never seen you mention Anatolian Shepherds in any of your videos. My dad had one and it was a great family pet and guard dog. If you weren't family, it didn't matter how many times you been to the house oh, he wouldn't let you in the fence once a family member let the person inside defense the dog was extremely friendly. However he did take a very long time to train.

    Another dog I have not seen you mention, which is loyal and very protective however small, is the Schipperke.

    Hope you and yours have a great weekend!

  7. Jon Astrope says:

    Any guard dog list without the Cane Corso has 0 credibility!

  8. KevinxRox 246 says:

    Nice vid I loved it keep up the good work

  9. Ron Moak says:

    i wopuld have not put komondor and pulli in there- maybe its because of where i live but i don't see those as common dogs- belgian malinois and doberman would have made my list.

  10. Alejandro Gonzalez says:

    A list without doberman, very wrong

  11. Kristenn Dawn says:

    Great video!!! Number 6 in the video doesn’t match #6 in the description.. just wanted to let you know!!!

  12. Zazu4life says:

    The Doberman Pinscher isn’t even on this list? That’s crazy lmao. I have a Rhodesian and a Dobie and the Doberman is the most naturally protective yet family-oriented/Velcro dog I’ve ever met. Even more so than my friends German Shepherd! Lmao

  13. Maranda Vasquez says:

    I’m obviously biased, but my blue heeler is very protective. Very sweet, but also very alert.

  14. kirby vanduzer says:

    My dog izzy is definitely no chewer shes a German shepherd mix shes not full blooded but she's very lovable and she loves to cuddle and she just loves kids and she never chews her toys she might squeak them but she doesn't chew she is extremely smart and well behaved but she is a bit spoiled as of late hard to believe our vet rescued her from a neglectful home she knows how to give you her paw and knows what paw to give you we absolutely adore her she definitely gets a bunch of hugs and kisses from me and I love to get her belly she gets a lot of belly rubs from me too and shes strong I'm over 200lbs and she can drag me around the yard with hardly any of her strength so no criminals would want to try to hurt us or rob us unless they want to be dismembered dogs are important to our lives and we just love to love them

  15. rubystaf says:

    No Dobermann? Crazy. Born and bred as personal protection dogs

  16. Melvin Chavers says:

    Doberman Pinscher
    South African Boerboel
    Brazilian Mastiff

  17. Lily Seven says:

    My mother thought you couldn't raise kids without a German Shepherd, so we always had one growing up. I loved them of course.

  18. Carl Hicks Jr says:

    The problem with guard dogs is socialization. You have to be very careful in training your dog as to who is in his pack and who is not.
    And let's get into the thing about guard dogs that nobody wants to talk about: Trained guard dogs are exactly like guns. The only conscience a dog or a bullet has is YOU. And just as with being a gun owner, you bear the absolute, final responsibility should anything untoward happen with your dog. If you accidentally shoot someone, you are responsible. If you hit someone with your car, you are responsible. If your guard dog goes off on someone, YOU are responsible. YOU trained the dog or had the dog trained. YOU placed the dog in a situation where its go /no-go training took effect. YOU are responsible if your trained guard dog bites the neighbor kid.
    Last thing: carefully consider if you really want a guard dog. If you do really want one, DON'T buy more dog than you can handle. Bigger, heavier and more ferocious does not automatically equal a better guard dog. And we all know that one guy who bought a dog while thinking with his 'little head'.

  19. Chris Nunya says:

    Rottweiler and Dobermans are excellent guardians in my opinion.

  20. Robert Forester says:

    Ridgeback #1 ?? ??
    Great video thanks!

  21. Derrell Thompson says:

    Not a bad list. My only opinion would be that APBT can be animal aggressive if not trained properly, but they’re real sweethearts. They’re likely to stay in the couch while a burglar raids the house. Hell, they’ll probably offer the person a drink or two. And then also, the Puli and Komondor are VERY rare in the states. I would have considered the Doberman to be on the list. Never the less, very good video. I just love your content

  22. V R says:

    My little Pekingese is the most vicious guard dog ever.

  23. Jobelle Collie says:

    I agree these are GUARD dogs, none suited for family life. Especially with small children. My heart belongs to Rough Coated Collies.

  24. Mary Ellen Cook says:

    My wire haired dachshund does a pretty good job as a watchdog. He sounds very serious with his bark and then he sits there and he watches everybody come in wags his tail and goes up and licks them. 8-/

  25. Scrim FPV says:

    This video is very misleading very few dogs actually are "guard" dogs they are trained to be. Very misleading because people thing guard dog and assume personal protection dog its all trained very few do it naturally. And the apbt isnt a guard dog they have no agrrssion towards humans and if they do than they are not to breed standards thay should be people friendly with a strong drive to fight other animals its what they were bred for bull baiting then when banned they used to them to fight so they took them now they use them as bite and hold dogs when hog hunting so please learn more about the breeds and dont spreadfalse facts about them

  26. chris031671 says:

    I agree with most of what you said, but would like to say that regardless of their size Great Danes make good apartment dog's. A few good walks a day too keep them from being overweight is all that they need. The rest of the time they are couch potatoes. Although I can tell you from experience that they often believe that they are lap dogs.

  27. Janus Loggins says:

    Great dogs all when properly trained. Thank you for another great video!

  28. Ugly Mike says:

    Komondor <3

  29. holle abee says:

    Our Great Danes know friends from foes, and they're very effective as watchdogs. Of course, they'd probably just lick an intruder to death, but they put on a really good show – loud, deep bark; a showing of long canine teeth; and hairs bristling on their backs. They look and sound ferocious!

  30. Truth Breaks the Left says:

    Dachshunds are Great at letting you know somethings Not right…I just need a dog to bark and Dachshunds have a big dog bark…once the dog barks its the Humans job to deal with the Problem.
    So any dog that can bark can be a guard dog

  31. Red Schafer says:

    Rottweiler, Bullmastiffs and Boxers are all really good family dogs that i wish i could have one of each

  32. Michael Weber says:

    No Akita ? one of the best guardian dogs ever even sleep in front of the door to make sure everything is good all night.

  33. Eddy Key says:

    i hate the way you pronunce rottweiler, act like it is written rottveiler , maybe you can pronunce it correctly

  34. Art Shahnazarian, Esq. says:

    Owner of a boxer since he was 13 months. Their love and loyalty is unmatched. Fearless but never aggressive, super athletic breed. Will die protecting their family without hesitation. One catch: they need meaningful love and affection from their master on a daily basis. A must with this breed.

  35. J J Sloan says:

    No Akita?

  36. CarlytheWolf23 says:

    I used to have a sweet 100lb German Shepherd named Pain, yeah that was his name lol, he'd chew up anything he could get his maw on, there was this eggplant squeaky toy that he had when he was around 2 or 3 and he literally devoured it, squeaker and all, we eventually found the squeaker and pieces of purple fabric around in our yard sometime later lol, now I've got 3 coonhounds who are also power chewers, Boomer and Star, who are littermates, and Bo, their father. They're all sweet hearts that all love to get into mischief and wouldn't mind stealing your food at any given moment, we used to get them bully sticks but then they started going through them quickly, so now we've got them hooves and bones, which last a heck of a lot longer than bully sticks. I'll have to tell my parents about Bullymake as we're low on toy supplies for them as they'll go through them like no tomorrow. Thx for the nice vid!

  37. Simon Preston says:

    Leaving out Staffies came as the big surprise, especially as they used to be known as nanny dogs.

  38. Andralyn Simmons says:

    Loved the end when the cat poked his head in the box❤

  39. 67 cuda says:

    With half a century of dog training, I can truly recommend the Bullmastiff, as it is the most well rounded breed as a family guardian. Bred not to bite as it’s go-to move, but knock down and detain, yet has a devastating bite force if need be. It is a deep thinker breed. Though it may seem as if it’s not paying attention, this breed is also bred to notice the smallest changes in its environment. It also is a breed that once it knows it boundaries, it’s very good at staying within them. Great senses. Very pain tolerant, which makes it very good with small children who love to climb, and pull, even pinch. Silent, then booming ! If this breed barks, there’s definitely a reason for it ! If it does alert to danger, this is a booming hound type bark. This breed does not mature until it is two years old, so be prepared for a giant puppy behavior for two years. You must be a strong alpha to train this breed, because it will push its strong will constantly. If this breed hits you at full speed, be prepared to grow wings, lol ! It’s like getting hit by a car ! If another dog were to threaten you, or it, this breed will quickly destroy, and pin it ! No question about this ! Most breeds will be in shock over its devastating bite force alone. In training this breed, absolute patients, and repetition is necessary ! However, do not scold this breed, because it gets its feelings hurt easily by its owner. This can be detrimental to your dogs state of being. It’s the best giant breed for insurance reasons, as it’s not a biter. Several breeds look like the Bullmastiff, but absolutely do not possess all of these qualities ! Most are biters. Good luck in choosing the correct breed for you, and your situation.

  40. Randall Reno says:

    Bull Mastiff ?

  41. Ghost Shepherd says:

    Great vid and subbed. One of my dogs is a mix of 3 on this list along with lab. the 3 he is mixed with are GSD, Boxer, and Pit. Great dog with loving and playful personality but serious when it comes to guarding and protecting. loved this vid. 😀

  42. Brandon Gray says:

    Thank you for your great representation of the Boxer!!

  43. Peter Cobalt says:

    Don't forget Jack Russell's I have 4 they are piranhas on legs yet they are very happy running round with the kids and super Protective

  44. Leeanne Hicks says:

    Once you go German you never go back! Love my shepherds!???

  45. Roger gr says:

    I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback fan, should be higher on the list to my opinion. They wont bark unless there is really something going on. Males can be big, really big: my 1 year old male is 48kg now and has still some growing to do.. I dare to say that they are the most athletic dog on this list, expecially when it comes to running no dog on this list will keep up. Their bark is really low and impressive. A german sheppard will bark to every fart it hears and thats just annoyng. I wonder why a american pitbull is higher on the list…..they are not guard dogs but fighting dogs. ANd you should place the Cane Corso on your list….it belongs in the top 3.

  46. grumpy old fart says:

    I have a funny looking little mutt, someone dumped off on me. Now he think he owns the place. He looks exactly like a beagle, but weighs over 120 pounds. Maybe a beagle inflated or on steroids. He's become a house dog, but I wouldn't want to cross him.

  47. Shar Roon says:

    Bullmastiffs can be extremely dangerous around kids especially in pairs. There have been deaths. I am sure there are safe ones but I wouldn't take a chance on that one.

  48. Milo and Olli Dog Channel says:

    Woof woof!! ??
    Psst!! I make funny cute doggo vids ?❤️?

  49. Joe Widau says:

    You guys didn't get into the most fearless, protective dogs. Any cowdog , I have a hanigin tree , yeah you need to look that one up, will be the most protective. Doesn't matter which cowdog. They take on animals that weigh up to 2500 pounds fearlessly. And will always have your back. Most are under 40 lbs. But you will never have a dog protect you more and watch out for your kids. They will actually herd them back where they are supposed to be. I trust my dog with my life every day. She works her butt off to keep animals that may hurt me off my back. They do need a job but are probably the most loyal dogs in the world. Sorry but that's the truth

  50. Crystal Barney says:

    I have a boxer

  51. Peter Mcintosh says:

    A dog that,s rare for you lot but is one of the worlds oldest breads . Thai Ridgeback, mr Muscles of the Dog world. very protective of the home ,. IF you can train them from a puppy they are great , but they are very obstinate but highly intelligent , I have one in Thailand, other dogs know to stay clear !

  52. AkatsukiAnimeFreak says:

    Don't forget the Chinese Shar Pei. They were literally bred to be guard dogs. Their wrinkles are meant to protect vital organs from predators with large teeth or intruders

  53. J.R. Hinaut says:

    No belgian malinois?

  54. flukeman022 says:

    Don't think puli should be in the list and what about belgian malinois, doberman, Chinese Shar pei, Chow chow and akita?

  55. ac tive says:

    The little girl's voice is verrrry annoying!

  56. Dillon Klasse says:

    Airedale terrier, theirs a reason why they’re known as the king of terriers. Seriously the bull terrier doesn’t come close.

  57. EMdemo says:

    So… Where's the Chow? From current experience, they are certainly good at guarding their humans.

  58. Rita Phillips says:

    No Husky or American Eskimo? Best protectors I have ever owned.

  59. Walter Haines says:

    what about the doberman

  60. rebekah copenhaver says:

    Black Mouth Cur. Protective of their family and very territorial. No one would walk safely into my home without an invitation. I've never felt safer.

  61. Catherine Fraser says:

    I would add Doberman and Giant Schnauzer.

  62. Over Under Sideways Down says:

    The absence of the Belgian Malinois renders your list worthless and unworthy.

  63. Peggy Little Dragon says:

    Go German Shepherd! I have a 100 pound male German Shepherd that is voiced trained and hand signal trained! Very protective and very loyal!

  64. Gene Hicks says:

    We have GSD and when we have company we have to warn them that they can't spank their children, the dogs will not allow it, if someone shows up on our ranch they will stay between my wife and them, they will not even let someone shake her hand until she says it is ok. I find it hard to understand why dobies are not on the list as we had them for a number or years. 1 GSD 2 dobies.

  65. Sharon Hendry says:

    My German shepherd loves us all even our hamster. But intruders be ware. Amazing dogs

  66. Who am i says:


  67. asprauer83 says:

    I have a corgi mix and he’ll chew up any toy I give him within minutes! I recently bought 3 dog tennis balls and they all were destroyed the same day.


    Brilliant video thank you very much ?

  69. 3Hmoob 1Tsob says:

    Pittbull???? Not​ so​ sure

  70. Tracy Frederick says:

    Pitties are sugar babies ! Derps for sure !

    The most aggressive and fearless dogs I've had were Jack Russell Terriers. They're nuts !

  71. qm says:

    Pit bulls are the worst guard dogs. They are so easy to fool. They’ve got teeth but no brains. No intelligence or instinct whatsoever compared to German Shepherds

  72. foilist1 says:

    Giant Schnauzer?

  73. Amy Shakalis says:

    I love Great Danes but you better love vet bills. They have a ton of issues and they don't live very long. ?

  74. Suzanne The Patriot says:

    Dobermans are one of the best protection dogs. Plus, they don’t get the name Velcro dog for no reason. They are so very loving to all members of the family. SociAlization is key for all breeds and a well socialized Doberman can’t be beat. Our Dobe is a celebrity wherever he goes. Shame it is not on this list.

  75. Find My Own Style says:

    Before running out and getting any dog, make sure your homeowners insurance will still cover you. For those living in the US anyway. Many breeds will void it.

  76. Aces & eights AZ HV/AC,Sparky and guns says:

    I grew up with german shepherds and their great dogs. Had a very large whit one as a young kid that stayed with me almost 24/7 . But was sweet with friends and family. And gurddog when he need to be . I own 2 now same thing.

  77. Connie Cooley says:

    You forgot the domerman pincher

  78. omer kishanov says:

    I love my boxer

  79. Big Tim says:

    I’m prob missing something since it’s not in the vid nor the comments but I’m surprised the Dogo Argentino is omitted. IMO they top many lists. Family oriented. Excellent w kids. Low maintenance. Good health. Minimal shedding. Lovable yet fearless. Protects both family & property. Boars, cougars & even bears won’t intimidate the DA. And yes, I am biased a bit. I admit it lol

  80. Holly Smith says:

    I thought staffies were one of the best. I have to admit Im a cat owner. My aunty breed english cocker spaniels. My grandfather raised and trained all kinds of dogs Shepards, bull terriers, and labbies ect. I want to get a dog soon.

  81. Marina Reese says:

    For all the people saying we’re is the Doberman the dog breed isn’t the best family dog

  82. Huggybear says:


  83. IceeCream 215 says:

    Man I love pit bulls so much it's so sad they have such a bad rep because of stupid owners

  84. J Martinez says:

    Yes there are a few breeds missing but I love my German Shepherd dog the most and always will!!!

  85. Kellis Flair says:

    Take off Boxer add Doberman my Boxer will not guard anyone

  86. David Brown says:

    Chihuahuas make a good guard dog too.

  87. Mari D says:

    [email protected] … needs a haircut if he wants to see anything! Lol

  88. ricecakes42 says:

    Love my boxers. They are a great family dog, the clown of the family, and they are very protective. Mine are not over aggressive but they keep their eyes on strangers. My male has placed himself between a stranger and myself while watching the “visitor”. The female has charged and stood her ground when her warning wasn’t taken to heart. When they feel comfortable with visitors, they will gladly take the petting and the lap, as well as the attention being offered. Children are their faves.

  89. Roberta Lee says:

    Agreed the Dane is a gentle giant.

  90. FoxMD says:

    Without watching the full video, Who else know that gsd will be no.1 on this list ?

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