Best Guard Dog Breeds – 10 Dogs That Will Protect You

You’re Watching Animal Facts! Throughout human history, one of the main
jobs of domesticated dogs has been to protect their owners and guard against unwanted people
or animals. Last time, we looked at ten small guard dogs,
which were nothing more than furry burglar alarms really. Today, let’s look at some dog breeds that
actually have the heft to do something about unwanted guests. Let’s get started, but before we start,
make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to become part of our
notification squad. 10. Akita Inu The Akita is one of the most loyal dogs you
can find. The Akita Inu has been described as powerful,
dignified and alert. Bred in Japan for hunting and protection,
this distinguished breed will not hesitate to take down anyone who poses a threat to
its territory. Akitas are not normally aggressive toward
people but do have a very well-developed protective instinct. Akitas are natural guardians of the home and
don’t require guard-dog training. And, they’re very quiet dogs and don’t
bark unless there is a good reason. When your Akita starts barking, you should
pay attention. 9. Great Pyrenees The Great Pyrenees was once known as the royal
dog of France and, with its stunning white coat and imposing presence. The Great Pyrenees began as a flock-guarding
dog, not herding flocks, but protecting them from predators such as wolves and coyotes. This job called for a large, powerful, brave,
and wary dog. They’ll patrol the borders of your yard
or house the way they would patrol the edges of their flock. It’s just their nature. And, the dog’s size alone is enough to discourage
any would-be intruders. Or those with severe phobias of dog hair. 8. Rhodesian Ridgeback The Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally bred
to hunt lions. That in itself attests to the prowess of this
dog in terms of providing security. The Ridgeback is strong and highly independent. It’s also loyal and makes a great guard
dog. They’re not known to bark a lot, so if a
Rhodesian barks, he needs to be taken seriously. 7. German Shepherd Dog Of course, the number one police and military
dog was going to end up on this list. Described as approachable, direct and fearless,
the German Shepherd has grown in popularity for its intelligence and family loyalty. Law enforcement officers prefer this breed
for its easy trainability. Intruders, however, don’t like them for
their defensive tendencies. Their confidence is a natural trait, and they
will stand next to or in front of their owners against any foe. They are very protective of their homes and
will be wary of intruders. They’re also sizable and can take down any
sized human without much trouble. 6. Giant Schnauzer Giant Schnauzers are generally loyal and loving
companions who bring joy and laughter to the home. But, guarding is in its genes. Historically it has been used for a variety
of functions. Their ancestors herded cattle, guarded brewers,
hauled carts, and also served as police dogs, which some still do today. The Schnauzer is intelligent and able to pick
up new commands easily. Giant Schnauzers are proud, territorial dogs,
whose size helps make up for their refined appearance. They are quite powerful dogs, capable of effectively
defending their family. 5. Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Mastiffs are some of the most reliable
guard dogs around. They were developed in Tibet, as their name
suggests, centuries ago, primarily as guard dogs for both property and livestock. As the breed developed and became larger and
more reliable, one dog would often act as a guard over an entire village. Modern Tibetan Mastiffs that are bred in the
West are still very alert, protective watchdogs but they are no longer aggressive. One of the largest dog breeds, growing to
a height of 30 inches, these dogs can weigh as much as 250 pounds. An intruder would be facing a sizable obstacle. 4. Komondor Since about the 9th century, the Komondor
has been the king of Hungarian flock dogs, guarding sheep at pasture. They’re confident and tough enough to run
off wolves and other ferocious beasts of prey. The dreadlocks give the dog a cool, funky
look, but they aren’t for show. They provide protection from extreme weather
and sharp-toothed predators. The Komondor is characterized by imposing
strength, dignity, and courageous demeanor. This is a large, muscular dog with plenty
of bone and substance. The Komondor is wary of strangers and fiercely
protective. In households today, the Komondor serves as
a dutiful guard dog for its human “flock” as well as a devoted companion. 3. Rottweiler With its strength and protective nature, the
Rottweiler was originally bred to herd cows. Its intimidating size is usually enough to
ward off any trespasser, but if they feel their area or their family is in danger, the
Rottie will take an offensive stance towards an invader. Rottweilers are on the shorter side by guard
dog standards, but their physical power is both impressive and immediately obvious. 2. Doberman Pinscher Dobermans excel in most protection-oriented
applications. They were after all bred to protect “tax-collectors”. Dobermans are very loving, sensitive dogs,
who also possess the bravery, size and imposing appearance to make them one of the best guard
dogs available, who are instinctively compelled to protect their homes and families Dobermans are in the same size class with
Rotties and German Shepherds, but Dobermans are a bit lighter on their feet than these
other breeds. Dobermans – like shepherds and Rotties – are
sensitive, loving, loyal, intelligent and brave dogs. Before we get to number one, make sure to
come back next week as we check out some cute small dog breeds that look like teddy bears. 1. Bullmastiff Originally bred to deter poachers, bull mastiffs
have provided protective services to their humans since their beginning. Bullmastiffs exhibit most of the same traits
of a great guard dog: They’re loving, affectionate and unquestionably protective. Bullmastiffs are very large, powerful dogs,
who often exceed 110 pounds in weight. The large size of this breed is intimidating
to intruders. However, the breed is naturally affectionate
towards its family, making this an excellent companion. The Bullmastiff is a natural protector that
simply needs training in order to provide structure and reinforce its natural guarding
instincts. I know, I know … we didn’t include the
Belgian Malinois. Why not? Well, the Belgian Malinois is an intense dog. While the breed could have easily made the
number one spot on this list, this breed needs to always have a job to do and really needs
specialized training to keep its natural abilities in check. Do you rely on a dog to help protect your
family? If so, which breed helps you sleep securely
at night? Let us know in the comments below. All of the dogs in this list are large, powerful
dogs. Many of which have willful personalities. If you’re considering getting a large dog
for protection, we highly encourage you to do a lot of research on them. While most of the dogs can be loyal family
pets, most breeds of dogs have some must-know caveats. Just know what you’re getting into before
running out to buy a dog of any size. If you like this video, you can check out
some of our other videos here. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
bell for more big, hefty canines. And as always, catch ya next time.

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100 Responses

  1. Animal Facts says:

    Do you have a dog guarding your house, what kind?

  2. LightningPup Kens says:

    i do not have a guard dog but i have a yorkie poo that always barks

  3. HealthyAsAHorse! says:

    Doberman! He is actually very sweet but just recently, we were walking a trail in the woods. . . It's about an eight ish mile trail and we were in about 3.5 miles or so when he became very intense and started growling. A couple of guys walked around the bend in front of us walking the opposite direction (towards us) so I took my dog to the side and held on to him. It was the first time I've heard him sound viscous and I was shocked. The guys walked passed us giving us as much space as they could. Well, when my dog and I got back to my truck… There was a note on it asking for me to call him to go out sometime or whatever… Soo my dog could clearly sense that guys intentions. When I showed/told my husband, he REALLY appreciates our four legged son now! ♥️?

  4. Darwan Mustafa says:

    Can you do a video about the staffordshire bull terrier please?

  5. Kamora Warner says:

    Why not a kangal on first? That dog has the bite force of 725 psi it's true search it up

  6. Patricia bernreuter says:

    My family has a Doberman, a line of the European, he is exceptionally large and therefor very intimidating. However, is amazing with all children, no matter how tiny. He will allow the cats to interrupt his eating, and yet he does not allow any child on our block to be unprotected while walking from the school bus to their front door. Best indoor dog ever!!! He loves his walks, we trained him so easily! He LOVED his training!! I had to keep doing new things. Socialized well, trained well from three months on, and you can’t get a better dog for family or protection!

  7. Anita Gamble says:

    I would not want to train and handle a large dog. However, I think that they are the right dogs for some people and some families.

  8. Swapnesh Daryani says:

    doberman for me….becoz i own one…lol

  9. Melvin Chavers says:

    Doberman Pinscher
    South African Boerboel
    Brazilian Mastiff

  10. Jaber Jaber says:

    I don't understand why people would describe a particular breed as a loyal dog when in reality all dogs are equally loyal to their people , some breeds may be slightly stubborn , but that's not disloyalty , it's intelligence and independent thinking , a person who does not understand that will have a difficult time owning such dogs . You placed the most proven guard dog worldwide the gsd at number 7 , your list is too short and out of proper order , lacking several great breeds , no disrespect , but You should be the one to do more research

  11. Johan Verbruggen says:

    American Akita is the best!!!

    No fear, Loyal, amazing strenght, will kill Any dog because he is defending you!

  12. BluffMaster84 says:

    Komodor = Bob marley of dog world ?

  13. Suzett Z Perto says:

    I got a Dogo Canario <3

  14. van phong do says:

    I am Vietnamese can tell me why is there 1 cane corso

  15. james cady says:

    You also left out the boxer

  16. Miki Haas says:

    I love all large and giant breeds; however, my heart will always belong to magnificent Rottweilers. Rottweilers are intelligent, loving, loyal, and gentle sweethearts among a number of other attributes. A house is not a home without a Rottweiler.

  17. james cady says:

    I have a great guard dog he is my 5 year old boxer and strangers take notice when goes into guard dog mode.

  18. narasimha Jogi says:

    I think gremen shaprad is top 3

  19. helene rooney says:

    Mastiff, Saluki cross, 2 Chihuahuas and a Tibetan MastiffxAmbull, guess which will bite, without hesitation lol…

  20. Justin Perryman says:

    my pitbull mix

  21. Emily Ruhl says:

    I have a German shepherd

  22. Slimer1 1 says:

    Where’s the pitbull? Your list is not right edit (thanks for the heart)

  23. Judith Ree Jones says:

    Great Pyrenee/standard poodle mix. Fine dog!

  24. Geetha Potheri Potheri says:

    German shepherd is very stronger dog than Doberman and rottweiler how come they r in 7position

  25. Patricia Fletcher says:

    A boxer mix

  26. Rajasekharan Vichattu says:

    I have a corgi/ spitz mix inside home that just wont allow any strangers inside and barks if anyone approaches the gate … And a lab that just chills outside and sleeps and does nothing but sleep , knowing very well the corgi will alert everyone.

  27. Tena Fistonić says:

    Bullmastiff ♡

  28. Nightcore Kaleb says:

    I have a dachshund a very alarmful dog lol

  29. Mary Wylde says:

    Dont expect a Husky to do much lol

  30. Joey McClure says:

    I own 2 Great Pyrenees.

  31. omer kishanov says:

    Oorang airedale

  32. sonya stambaugh says:

    mistaking put German shepherd NO 7

  33. Shana McHenry says:

    I can honestly say my boxer makes a better guard than my german shepherd/lab mix does, but each dog is an individual so you'll never truly know what any dog will do. I have a girl at work with a german shepherd that guards her and her young son fiercely. It truly does depend on the dog and how they're trained in how protective and willing to guard their families they will be. Video was very informative though so nicely done!

  34. April T. says:

    Rottweiler's are the best guard dogs in my opinion. I have been around them since I was 13yrs old. I'm now 44yrs old and looking for another german rottweiler now, already have a named pick out.

  35. Jørgen Ingebrigtsen says:

    great swiss mountain dog

  36. David Hernandez says:

    Always been intrigued with #8 Rhodesian Rigeback.

  37. David Hernandez says:

    Forgot 1 The Turkish Kangal.

  38. Robin hood says:

    Germern dog breeds are best guard dogs.

  39. Sean Dunn says:

    Siberian Husky

  40. Lamar G. says:

    Wheres my caucasian
    But good vid

  41. Yves Joseph says:

    Which one shed less?

  42. Mary Cacia Masser says:

    Your #10 dog you called an Akita Inu. The dog you showed was a Shiba Inu. I believe you misspoke. I believe you were talking about the Shiba Inu because what you described is not true of the Akita I know for a fact, not to mention you listed the Akita as on of the top dog breeds not to have as a family dog if not familiar with them. PS- NO ONE should own a Komondor as a family dog. They should only be owned to live outside to guard herds from large predators.

  43. marilyn denler says:

    Dogue De Bordeaux.… great family dogs and protectors ????

  44. Shubhu Sonawane says:

    I have Doberman, But he get aggressive very quickly and start barking on family member.
    You have any suggestions about this issue ?

  45. Spencer Moran says:

    I have a Cane Corso who is just fantastic.

  46. only doberman says:

    I have a doberman sir…:))

  47. TomJeffersonWasRight says:

    For ease of living, I prefer a ShihTzu and a 6 tool. The dog tells me when an intruder is near, and I use the 6 tool to protect doggy and me from the intruders (up to 6 of them). Benefits include low food budget, almost no shedding, the dog is a chick magnet, doggy is excellent company, and my security system can go almost anywhere with me.

  48. Dante Davis says:

    My pitbull goes crazy sometimes, likely barking and snarling at some animal I can't see in the dark. Or just a passing car xD he's easily distracted like his owner.

  49. loooolmum says:

    Doberman he is always listening out barks at any noise near our garden sometimes it's heckles up low growls quick prancing and barking at a bag or something that's blown into our garden

  50. rasoul spraggins says:

    I have a American bull dog

  51. patty Tanco says:

    I've a lways had German Shepherds from a breeder

  52. Beverly Lyle says:

    Great video,but couldn't stand that music!

  53. Katelynn Vincent says:

    bull mastiff German sheperd mix

  54. Vanity VonLights says:

    Belgian T wolf dog

  55. EvilGirl PL says:

    I have akita inu x bernese mountain dog mix. When I walk with him there are a lot of people and especially childs (since they see a dog almost bigger than them :3) that wants to pet him and he always accepts it so I thought he has more like a labrador personality than his parents. But I started to notice that he is very likely to look closely at everything, when someone moves too quickly he's coming as close to me as he can and makes his fur stand (dunno how to call it, I'm not good at English) and tries to make himself bigger even tho he already is (70cm high), he starts to bark at the possible danger until it goes away. Also lately he stopped to let just anyone to pet him, childs – of course, he loves them, adults – if they move too quickly then it's over, if they stink of alcohol he will show his teeths, if they seem suspicious or I'm scared then he will protect me. He's also extremly smart tho when it comes to tricks he do them only if he feels like it, and he doesn't like to run after sticks. He is very affectionate and loyal, when I'm not beside him for more than 5 minutes he greets me like he didn't saw me for 5 years.
    I love him the most in the world <3

    Sorry for my English again

  56. EvilGirl PL says:

    My top 7 guard dogs:
    1. Alabai/Central Asian Shepherd (I am actually suprised it wasn't mentioned, they're natural guard dogs)
    2. Kangal (the same as above, they're amazing guards, they seem calm but when there's danger they can give their lives away just to defeat an enemy)
    3. Czechoslovakian wolfdog (they're naturally wary of strangers)
    4. Great Pyrenees
    5. Owczarek podhalański (don't know how is it in English, Podhalan shepherd? It's a Polish livestock breed)
    6. Border collie (really smart breed, it would be easy to train them as guards tho I think that they are also natural protectors if they sense a danger)
    7. Alaskan malamute (naturally wary of strangers)

  57. Lisa K says:

    Yorkie…looks like I need to upgrade my dog!

  58. Scrim FPV says:

    No dutch shepherd what and the malinois and dutch shepherd are the most used in police and military

  59. carlosmagno says:

    where are pitbull breeds? they are reportedly violent and aggressive just because of the level of their protection to their owners, and its not what they thought,

  60. ed low says:

    Here'e what actually happens. People who are insecure or sociopathic get these dogs and don't control them, either because they haven't a clue of how to do that, or they do so deliberately.

  61. Randy S says:

    We have a bull mastiff x Great Pyrenees. 7 mo old and 80 lbs. he’s awesome and has a huge deep bark. Next week his little brother is arriving so we’ll have two.

  62. Sheriff's office says:

    Hunt lions? 20 hyena's didn't manage to defeat pair of male lion brothers a dog will hunt lions? Lmao

  63. Jeni Hansen says:

    I have Dobermans.  I love them.  However, they do need to be trained as soon as possible, otherwise they can be very mean, destructive and dangerous.  Mine have all been trained by professionals and they work great.  Very sensitive dogs also.   Never hit or yell at your Dobies.  A sufficient look you give them or the word NO, and they are great.

  64. M Lizardi says:

    Chow chows should have been in the top 5 in my opinion. 🙂

  65. Miriam L. says:

    That !!!!! MUSIC !!!! NO!! Your subject is very interesting but I couldn't stand the sudden jolts of loud music. It didn't add a thing. Sorry.

  66. Kevin Jones says:

    No Malinois? I'm a Dobie lover and owner but a Malinois should be at the top of this list

  67. Christopher says:

    BullMastiffs for 30 years!!!!

  68. Layla Bono says:


  69. Vanessa Finney says:

    Own Dobermans!!!

  70. I'm the alpha says:

    This channel owner is a big time newbie to not put the Belgian malinois in this list or the other liat about dogs that shouldn't be owned by newbie but he turned out to ne the biggest newbie

  71. grumpy old fart says:

    I had a Pyrenees / arctic wolf cross. Snow white, 175 pound and not a mean bone in his body. He'd help the thieves carry my stuff to the car. Only thing he ever chased was women. He loved the babes, and they all loved him. He lived 19 years, and was my best friend. I only wish I'd had him 50 years earlier. I'd have had all the girls I could handle.

  72. Tracy Frederick says:

    Pyrneese are lovely. I love a house pony ?

  73. Victor K says:

    Cane corso

  74. David Greenfield says:

    Dobermann is the breed for me.

  75. I. Wynn Wynn says:

    Wow ? hunted lions ?!


    Here's a novel idea… Stop putting Rotty's, Dobies, Shepherds, and Bull Mastiffs on ALL your lists and try focusing on OTHER great guard dogs that match and in some cases exceed those breeds. EVERY list has these breeds on them, WE GET IT! THEY ARE GREAT GUARD DOGS! But according to all your "Lists" these are apparently the ONLY guard dogs out there? Broaden your view on guard dogs and you'll see there ARE other breeds out there…

  77. Faye Stewart says:

    I totally agree with the Rottie lovers. They are truly a girls best friend, forget the diamonds. My grandfather (rip) was a K9 police officer who had several German shepherds and I thought they were amazing guard dogs until at the age of 25 I was introduced to my first rottweiler pup. We had her professionally trained and she was like a Malanois on steroids, that knew how to think. One day were out walking, minding our business, and out of nowhere a Doberman came charging. Well I didn't have to think. I did what my trainer said to do (drop the leash) and my female did the rest. Fortunately, no one/or pet was hurt because my girl ran that Doberman back to its home. Check out the movie "Don't Breathe". Well trained Rotties are top dogs. BUT truly not for first timers, or folks who don't have time to train. They also are very adaptable to an apartment as well as a house.

  78. Savingwithshep says:

    No American Bulldog?

  79. 67 cuda says:

    Out of the videos on YouTube of this nature, this is the more accurate one. After much research, and almost half a century of animal training, I chose the Bullmastiff for every reason. Put on paper against all other breeds, it is the best home guardian, and family pet, unless you’re super active.

  80. anita tichacek says:

    Right now 3 German Shepherds but I also sure do miss my Big Red Dob baby

  81. Vengance Gaming says:

    Doberman because they are just as strong as a german shepard but they have a slightly stronger bite force and they are way faster

  82. sagar nanaware says:

    Bullmastiffs are loyal protective and Teddy bear kind off. Lovely breed, well other breeds are also great indeed but they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. But with bullmastiff guarding instinct is natural you train them are not they are lovely couch potatoes despite their size very affectionate and tolerant with children.

  83. Diego Latorre says:

    Wough, wough. Kiss hug hug. Wough wough

  84. Full-time Vegan in Ohio says:

    Two large Rotties. Drax and Chopper.

  85. clifford benet says:

    My Shar-Pei mix is a good guard dog listen to a video on Shar-Pei mix

  86. Bear Gonzales says:

    Don't laugh but I have a 22 pound Pithuahua. She's half pit half chihuahua. She is small but she kicks arse. One day a dog that weighed over 100 lbs came at me and my dog literally had that dog crying like it was begging for mercy. Another time a drunk and drugged up guy with a stick started to follow my wife when my dog who was off leash chased that guy away. We live in an upstairs condo and when she has to go to the bathroom we just open the door. She goes out most of the time by herself. There's no fence and we have a busy street. She knows her boundaries and never crosses them. People walk by and she barks at them with her tail wagging 100 mph. Her bark is loud and for most people very scary but everyone knows that she is an attention whore LOL. She just wants to be petted but they also know that she will protect us with a purpose. Several people have offered a lot of money for her but our baby isn't for sale. I wish I could show you a picture of her. Usually I have pitbulls though. I have never gone wrong with a pitbull.

  87. TIKI TIKI says:

    would like to have a dobie

  88. Roberta Lee says:


  89. Lian Derey says:

    My favourite breeds are Rottweilers and German Shepherds! I knew they would be on the list

  90. Sandra Routos says:

    German Shepherd ?

  91. Bogi Simonsen says:

    Nice vid. But if I had to choose to come up against a Greman S or a 220lbs english mastiff, as me own dog, there realy is no contest. Anyone that has seen an english mastiff garding will know what I meen

  92. Levente AS says:

    Good video but where's the Bully Kutta, Tosa, and the Great Dane?

  93. Renee Brown says:

    I'm rather surprised that the American pitbull didn't hit the list. Or an American bulldog. They are naturally very protective.

  94. Renee Brown says:

    I've usually had American bulldogs. Not really for security but because they are so wonderful with kids. They will not only be gentle with them but guide them away from areas or things they deem as dangerous. And yes. Lord help the person who picked their hand up to me or my kids or grandkids.

  95. Maddie Sewell says:

    Love Great Pyrenees like if agree or comment

  96. Pvt. Parts says:

    Coyotes ha…American problems.
    In the rest of the world we mostly deal in foxes wolves and wild dogs.

  97. Selina Graydon says:

    Ummm I think you mean Shiba Inu not Akita Inu

  98. Shavauna Ronan says:

    I have 2 Rescued GSD's. The large black male is from a European working line, I feel like I won the Dog lottery when he came into my life. He is quite intimidating in appearance and very protective. He fears nothing.

  99. Kiva Wyandotte says:

    pitbull is peerless. Mine is 35lbs and all muscle.

  100. Aldonza DellaCallabazza says:

    I own a Chabrador haha (chow chow and labrador mix) he was a rescued dog, at first the rescuers told me he would be a medium size dog, and bam! He grew insanely haha, he is so protective of me and our house, he' s got the lab virtues, loves the water, he' s so playful and sweet but on the other hand he also has the independence and the seriousness of chow chows; and i share the opinion of many people no matter the breed any dog will be happier and fit it in better when is properly trained, and remember look for the love not the breed :3

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