Best GUARD Dogs To PROTECT Your Home!

Hi everyone, it’s Chris! Welcome to World List. For people who want a dog who can provide
loving companionship and protect their home and family: Here are 8 of the best guard dog breeds in
the world! 8. BANDOG
The bandog is also known as the American Bandog Mastiff and has unknown origins, but is thought
to have emerged as a breed sometime between 1250 and 1300 and to derive from other types
of mastiffs. It’s not the type of dog that is typically
leashed or chained, but instead prefers to roam freely around the house and yard as it
goes about its duties protecting a property and its inhabitants. The bandog has a powerful and stocky build,
as well as strong limbs, a broad skull and muzzle, and upright ears. Like many dog breeds, the bandog has received
a bad reputation due to its imposing build, and is banned in certain places throughout
the world. Due to their large and imposing build, some
people find the bandog intimidating or misinterpret them as dangerous, despite their tendency
to be friendly to anyone who isn’t trying to harm their guardian or family. When it comes to most breeds of dog, no matter
how large or small, the most important thing for ensuring they’re not unnecessarily aggressive
is to raise them properly. A good guard dog is protective, but not vicious,
and understands when it’s appropriate to attack. Generally speaking, different breeds need
varying amounts of guidance. The bandog requires attentive and consistent
leadership and obedience training. 7. NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF
There are several mastiffs that could make this list, but when you see the Neapolitan
Mastiff, you’ll understand why this one made the cut. They’re experienced guard dogs that have been
a protectors of homes and of countries for a long time. In fact, Neapolitan mastiffs were used as
“war dogs” during the days of the Roman Empire, which is indicative of how far back the breed’s
history goes. Like most guard dogs, they’re independent
and loyal, with large builds. While they look intimidating, Neapolitan mastiffs
are known to be very kind to children, and have very sociable natures. With this breed, you’ll get the best of
both worlds in terms of a tough but friendly guard dog, as long as they’re trained properly
from a young age. Oh, and did you know? Fang from the Harry Potter films was a Neapolitan
Mastiff. No wonder Hagrid liked him so much. 6. BOERBOEL
The Boerboel is a very special guard dog that was bred in South Africa as the only dogs
to protect the homestead. Its origins are unknown, but it’s evident
that the Boerboel was bred to be lean, muscular, and strong. These dogs are known to be one of the most
powerful breeds in the world, and their “no-nonsense” personality has led them to do good jobs both
protecting people and places. When the owners of a South African diamond
mine realized they could use some extra protection, they bought and imported Boerboels to fill
the role. An adult Boerboel typically weighs between
150 and 200 pounds. The average height of an adult male is 24
to 27 inches, while females usually range between 22 and 25 inches. Despite its strength and large build, the
Boerboel is known for its gentle demeanor and makes a loving and attentive companion
that wants to spend time with its owner and to know it’s doing a good job. Furthermore, it loves being exercised, which
is a perfect bonding activity and demonstrates the breed’s physical capacity to fulfill
their guard dog duties. 5. ROTTWEILER
Based on its popularity, the Rottweiler is one of the best breeds of dog to have as both
a guard dog and a friend. Some people fear adult Rottweilers because
of their large size or because of their misconstrued reputation as aggressive. However, if you ask anyone who’s had a Rottweiler,
chances are, they’ll vouch for the breed’s likable nature. Rottweilers were originally bred as herding
dogs and to protect livestock from predators. Farmers noticed their loyalty and protective
nature, and eventually, the Rottweiler’s role transitioned to the home, and they’ve
been excellent guard dogs ever since. The Rottweiler’s physical appearance comes
in handy when it comes to discouraging potential home invaders or anyone else who may be thinking
about harming their family. Because of their usefulness as protectors,
law enforcement agencies often use Rottweiler’s in their K-9 task forces. Don’t the breed’s toughness dissuade you
from considering one as a pet, however, even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a
guard dog. Rottweilers are known for being loving, loyal,
and wanting to please their owner. If you give them the chance to adore you,
they will do so – you just have to let them be themselves and raise them the right way. These dogs are highly intelligent and trainable,
as long as you’re willing to make the investment of time and effort! As far as their protection skills go, the
American Kennel Club labeled them “World-Class Guardians”, which is high praise indeed. 4. TIBETAN MASTIFF
During its early days the Tibetan Mastiff was born and bred by Tibetan tribes, as well
as tribes in Nepal, Mongolia, China and India. The tribes wanted and needed a dog that would
look out for them in the harsh conditions of the Himalayan Mountains, and the Tibetan
Mastiff has fulfilled this role for millennia. It was actually their success in doing their
job that led to the Tibetan Mastiff being spread all over the world. They’ve even been used to protect royal palaces
from intruders – and to great effect. The loyalty of this breed is so absolute that
they have been documented taking on terrifying animals such as wolves, bears, and leopards
to keep their masters safe. The size of the Tibetan Mastiff fluctuates
depending on its fur and gender, but they typically grow to be, at minimum, 26 inches
tall, and have been known to reach a height of up to 3 feet at times. An average adult weighs up to 160 pounds. While the Tibetan Mastiff is big and heavy,
it’s also impressively agile, most likely because it was originally bred in the mountains
and had to move well through the snow. These dogs can be a bit stubborn and don’t
do well with traditional training, but if you play your cards right, the Tibetan Mastiff
will respect you, and protect you. Before adopting any dog, it’s a good idea
to research their training requirements, and this is especially important when it comes
to breeds known to have tricky temperaments. 3. GERMAN SHEPHERD
When it comes to famous dog breeds, the German Shepherd ranks near or at the top of the list,
and is not just known as a popular guard dog, but as a well-favored pet in general. German Shepherds are known for their undivided
loyalty to their master and family. They’re smart, courageous, and easy to train,
and are also known for their willingness to lay their life down for their owner if and
when that time comes. These traits have understandably earned the
German Shepherd a great deal of respect and praise. If you welcome a German Shepherd into your
home, it’s beneficial to get one while they’re young to ensure a strong connection. However, as many adopted shelter dogs have
proven, dogs of all ages can make great companions, and it’s never too late to develop a bond
with a canine. German Shepherds are intelligent dogs but
require a lot of guidance as puppies. They also need a lot of exercise in order
to keep them at their peak physical condition and in top-notch mental health. On average, the German Shepherd can be around
2 feet tall, and males can weigh up to 90 pounds. And with a potential 10 year life span, this
dog will keep you safe for a while. As always, it’s important to consider how
long your new friend is likely to live before you commit to dog ownership, so you’re prepared
to provide for them for as long as possible – ideally, for their entire life. 2. DOBERMAN PINSCHER
At first, you might think that the Doberman Pinscher is a dog type you might want to stay
away from, even if you’re looking for a good guard dog. This is because the Doberman Pinscher, much
like the Rottweiler and several other large dog breeds, has had its unfair turn in the
spotlight as an alleged “aggressive” breed. But the Doberman Pinscher is an ideal breed
for many and is known as a great guard dog. One of the biggest reasons Doberman Pinschers
are reliable guard dogs is their fearlessness nature. They know how to stand their ground and protect
their owners. And it’s not just bravado – their bodies are
made for this kind of work. Doberman Pinschers are sleek yet muscular,
making them fast, agile, and strong. Their body type and shape allows them to move
easily, whether walking or running. Despite their reputation as aggressive dogs,
Doberman Pinschers are quite intelligent and are known to learn quickly and respond to
commands, and can form loving and affectionate relationships with their masters and family
members. They need a lot of exercise and are better
off when kept indoors with their owners, rather than left outside to their own devices. If you’re thinking about getting a Doberman
Pinscher, make sure you’re prepared to put the necessary effort into raising it to be
the great guard dog and companion it has the potential to be! 1. GREAT PYRENEES
The Great Pyrenees was bred specifically for protection. They have an inherent determination to ensure
the safety of their families and property. They were originally bred in Europe to protect
livestock – a task that reportedly requires little to no training and simply comes naturally
to the breed. The Great Pyrenees is highly intelligent. They can remember exactly how big their “home”
is, for example, and patrol it without command or instruction, ensuring that no unwelcome
invaders cross the perimeter. If you have two or more Pyrenees on a single
plot of land, they’ll work together like a security squad by branching off in different
directions and patroling separate parts of the land so that nothing gets by them. At a height of 32 inches and an average weight
around 120 pounds, this is one dog you’ll want in your pack. They also have great personalities and double
as faithful companions. They’re very calm and gentle to non-threatening
individuals, especially those they’ve formed connections with. Thanks for watching! If you have any stories about your beloved
guard dog, be sure to share it in the comments below! While you’re at it, don’t forget to subscribe
to World List. I’ll see you next time!

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57 Responses

  1. Gina Always a VIP! says:

    If you're a home owner check with your Insurance policy and check the list because, owning most listed here will increase the cost.

  2. Tiffany Clark says:

    You have some good choices on here, but, you missed the pit bull. My Dad has a red-nosed female, and she is the best protector (outside of the German Shepard). I had to keep her at my house while my Dad was in the hospital, and my brother came over. She knows him, but here at my house, he reached out like he was going to touch me, and she went crazy. I also have two young boys here, and she would attack a fly if it tried to touch one of my boys. She is a beautiful and loving dog. Pits are only aggressive if they are trained that way or if they feel threatened. People have such a bad outlook on them, but they really are not that bad. I love all dogs (especially mutts), but my favorites are German Shepards, Pit Bulls, and Chows.

  3. dawunuwant vids says:


  4. Angela Mayberry says:

    My dog is a pitbull she is the best

  5. Lizzy Peer says:

    I totally agree with the Rottie. My brother in law's Rottie, Storm, was such a protector. He was half Rottie and half German Shepherd, which made him such a perfect dog, despite having to use jumpy cords to make sure he couldn't houdini himself out of the backyard. He was so intelligent. If anyone broke in, we know that Storm would be on them in seconds. Yet, when the first pit bull was brought him when he was abandoned at 5 weeks, Storm was gentle and caring like I was told that he was the same when my sister's black lab cross Destiny was a puppy.

  6. SamuelPlayz says:

    haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii xD

  7. bud jordan says:

    I had a pitbull one time i raised with my kids and he was really protecting of them and nobody could get into my yard without me there if i wasnt he would keep them outside..and like you said if you raise them right they will always be a good dog

  8. shaunha gaming says:


  9. Maggie P says:

    I got a little dog

  10. just A says:

    your will need another dog to protect from your main dog dawg!!!!!!

  11. Mr Bandog says:

    Neo x ?

  12. lazy miraculous girl says:

    I had a dog named baby she was so sweet and kind but wasn't a good guard dog lol. She loved to play she acted aggressive but she was really a scaredy cat. On the other hand I had a dog he was a husky I had two huskys one was a boy and one a girl but the boy he was protective but I don't have any dogs but I had a dog named bone and he was a guard dog he was REALLY protective but my other dog named Cleo she was aggressive but wasn't a guard dog I had a dog named peanut and Mira those to girls I didn't really know them so idk about Them I had a dog named Luna she was a puppy so she wasn't a guare dog anyway that's all the dogs a had

  13. ward mccarty says:

    We have two pitbulls

  14. Ambitious Doll says:

    I want a german shepherd and a doberman pinscher

  15. Troy Scott says:

    Truly, i think the Russian Bear dog is probably the most fierce. I was hoping to see that one. Mostly because i really want one.

  16. Annalea Henuset says:

    I'm thinking about getting a Doberman Pinscher I already have a miniature wiener dog but I've been doing some research and I like the idea

  17. Brandon Can says:

    I now one more breed a Pitbull people say this dog is really actually scary because they actually attack when you were here looking like if you're not even hurting no one or you are you doing nothing bad they'll try to it to attack you. And if you know what I'm talking about I know because people are very aggressive I actually have a new Moon and she actually build a hole into in a beagles neck that's how my dog is she hates females and barely hate males

  18. Gustavo Arias says:

    Doberman and Rottweiler are the best ones in this list in my opinion

  19. Slithering Decks says:

    I have 3 German Shepard’s

  20. Slithering Decks says:

    My oldest is 12

  21. Monica Solano says:

    I had 3 of these guess plz and I had a Jeramy Shepherd also plz leave a like

  22. Kitty the Kitten says:

    I have a dog and it's a pitbull.. idk why everybody hates pitbulls… it's just on how you train them… ❤pitbull support❤

  23. Taylor Heinbaugh says:

    I don't have a guard dog but she thinks she is, she's a Cocker spaniel, and she thinks she's tough! ? I love her though

  24. Lara B says:

    Make that nine because the border collie

  25. The Fastest Aiden Alive says:

    My dogs are terrible guard dogs

  26. Gacha life With Mia says:

    I have 2 Chihuahuas and 1 English bulldog

  27. Omar Aldana says:

    This guy clearly doesn't know his dog breeds #7 is a French Mastiff.Dogue de Beaudroux. HIS info on ban dogs is way off.At the end of #7 Neopolitan Mastiff week examples of a true breed.Number1 is a herding breed for livestock. PEOPLE please this is bullshit.Dogo Argentino .Presa Canario.Fila Brasileno.Bully Kuta.Just saying at the end of the day u gun will b best .But this list I would slap some of these dogs .I can say if u ever get bitten and a dog wont release pull its ear and b the alpha.

  28. Omar Aldana says:

    He even left out the Mastiff and Bull Mastiff

  29. ania frania says:

    Dumb, dumb….they show the wrong breeds as a breed that they are talking about….

  30. Kids Account says:

    Iv got a bull mastiff and one day we we're at a park and domestic dog came up to us and she defended us

  31. Bobby Boy says:

    Hi I know what you mean about rottieweir I had one she's great protection

  32. Bobby Boy says:

    I was pushing my son who was 2 at the time in his stroller and a pitbull got lose and came after me and my son my rottieweir jump through the window and fight the pitbull and the pitbull did not make it and my dog never got a Mark on her.

  33. Blades 22 says:

    Half your list are mastiffs, which one would if been enough. I'm a gsd owner and lover, and as a overall guard dog family and extremely smart dog , the German shepherd is 2nd to none. That's obvious if you open your eyes. You left out many great dogs, especially the pit bull. These were the golden retrievers of there day. Amazing family dogs and highly protective of there families. IF YOU CANT KEEP YOUR DOG IN YOUR HOME. DON'T GET ONE!

  34. Alexander Goodwin says:

    Dude 5 ads in one video is not okay

  35. Rowan Hockney says:

    i have a great dane called titian
    hes really big and friendly

  36. willie jay says:

    I've had numerous breeds of guard dogs through the years. My best by far was my Giant Schnauzer.

  37. Cameron Powell says:

    I have a guard dog but she's little, she's a miniature pincher her name is honey shes a great gaurd dog but very intelligent and loyal she knows exactly what time I wake up and come back. And she barks and shows her teeth at strangers arriving, she sleeps by my own head! She even knows her manner she crosses her legs like a lady does. And she loves to play with stuffed racoons and squirrels! She stays up all night and barks at anyone who comes in the door. Even my mom! But sometimes, if shes grumpy enough, she'll growl at me to stop petting her. But I still love her no matter what!

  38. Corey Ayers says:

    I've been thumbs downing all your videos they suck i never subscribed yet somehow your crappy channel ended up in that list. I'll be very happey when I dont see your ridiculous shit on my screen anymore.

  39. Alexa Daly says:

    I have a gril Rottweiler and she the best…

  40. Joanne Smith says:

    I have a cross breed dog, she's a rescue dog we've had her for 6 years, we have a 10 month old boy who my dog adores and protects she let's him climb on her and gives him lots of kisses, she has never shown any aggression towards him but if someone shows aggression to my son she will attack you to keep him safe. Love my dog she's called Bunny due to her crazy nature, she runs around so fast makes my son laugh all the time xx

  41. Isabel Tavill says:

    All dogs are sweeties with the right care… All dogs can be the best peta with good training and a good family.

  42. Craig Martin says:

    I had a dog named Maggie that killed a snake in are yard

  43. Cutepanda Let’splay says:

    Ihave a Doberman and then she is really cute

  44. moriah fokumlah says:

    I have two dogs both r German Shepherd+bolmastiff girls
    One time a thief Broke my into house and they chased he off

  45. moriah fokumlah says:

    Their names are Moana and lokilani

  46. This Is A Good Name says:

    I have 3 chow chows and they kinda look like Tibetan Mastiffs.

  47. Frisky says:

    I used to have a German Shepard (Will my aunt & uncle did) But he died like 2 or 1 year/years ago 🙁

  48. Phillip Trevino says:

    I got three dogs and one is a Chihuahua one is a Doberman Pinscher and one is a German Shepherd mix

  49. Colin Gantiglew says:

    Hey Bruno, is this how you talk to your family and friends? What a put-off.

  50. Kayla M says:

    Dobies are amazing

  51. Tammie Mcintyre says:

    I have a girl Rottweiler and one day I was taking her out for a walk and a big group of boys came up to me and started to throw stuff at me then my Rottweiler Keira she was going mad then one of the guys grabbed me and my dog went mental she jumped up and gave him one bit then let go and they all ran away thanks to my girl so I think Rottweilers are the best at protecting there owners and she is really good with kids even my annoying little brother ?

  52. Samantha Conaway says:

    I have the bandog

  53. Maribeth Terhune says:

    I had a greatdane that saved my life I owned two taverns and one night I had thirty thousand on my desk and a waitress came to the door she went back and told her husband who was a meth addict I had brought my Dane with me we got in my suv and I noticed a car that seemed to be following me then a big van got in front of me my hair stood up I I r started racing through town hoping to get pulled over I drove back to tavern parked max jumped out ran up to car that followed me. Man got out with gun and max grabbed his arm so brave I cried going home

  54. JacksVlog says:

    Kangal number 1. Big American farmers use this breed cuz its the best option against wolfs, cayotes, bears, cheetahs, pumas. W/e. Super intellegent dogs, and these are natural sherpard dogs.

  55. Brooke Renee says:

    Yeah can you help me with Emmett he’s Hey wiener dog mixed with beagle Docksin beagle is what we call him yet he’s not very good at not protecting house so if you have any advice I’ll be nice

  56. KarmaGunz says:

    What the fuck do you mean by Tibetan tribes ? Bloody fucking ignorant.

  57. Gifty Appiah says:

    Hi there, love to be a bog owner which will be my first time , any recommendations ?

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