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Memphis! There’s some
measuring tape in front of you? Want to tell everybody
what we’re doing today? Yeah? Today… Shelby’s like, “No! I know”
“what’s going on! I’m out!” We are going to show you guys, not only the
harnesses that we use, but how to properly measure your dog to wear and get fitted with the harnesses,
so you can order one online on your own. Before we get too far into this, there is a link down in the video description below
with a coupon code for You can get a discount on your harness.
Also will let you guys know, the harnesses can take up to six (6) weeks
to come, because it’s peak season. They can actually take six (6) to ten (10)
weeks, but normally won’t take that long. If you are planning on getting one, you definitively
want to get one (1) ordered. Today, we’re going to show you how to measure
a cross back harness. which is the harnesses that we use for the dogs
when sledding and the urban trail harnesses. These are the harnesses that you guys see
in pretty much all our adventure videos. Any of our hiking videos,
these are the harnesses that you guys see. That’s the harness we use to walk the dogs. Pretty much, this is the everyday use harness. Memphis is like, “Hey! Does this means”
“we’re going somewhere?” Before you want to get started, you are going to need
a tape measure like this. One long and bendable tape measure.
You are going to need a piece of paper and something to write with it,
so you can keep track of measurements. If you don’t want to get them confused. Another good thing to have, is a second person.
(laughter) It is much easier to measure a dog for harness,
if you have two (2) people. One person that keeps the dogs distracted
and the other person will do measurements. The first harness we are going to measure for,
is the urban trail harness. As I said, this is pretty much our
‘All the time use harness.’ Shelby is like, “Forget it! I’m out!”
(laughter) – You’ll see her over there?
She knows is a harness… You don’t want the harness on?
– “Nope!” (laughter) The first thing we’re going to do,
is… to measure the neck. You’ll actually need this measurement
for both harnesses. What we need to do is to, measure from the top
of the breast bone, in the front of the dog. To the point of the withers at the base of the neck.
We’re only measuring for the one side. Then, we’re going to double it
to get our full measurements. I’m coming over here and to make sure,
the dog is squared and treats will definitively help. – Head up and a little loose, right between
the withers is about fourteen (14). Alright! Then, you will double that number. Remember! When you are doing this,
don’t pull the tape super tight. You want to make sure is semi-loosen as you
are doing it. Would you like another cookie? You are getting lots of cookies for this process. Alright! Now that we have Shelby’s attention, we are going
to measure for the number two (2) measurement. Which is the mid rib. We are going to measure
from the top of her breast bone, down between her front legs,
to the mid point of her rib cage. Which is kind of the belly of the dog,
where the sternum ends. Basically, were measuring
the length of the dog’s sternum. Shelby’s like, “No! Were not!”
(laughter) This is why, is easier with two (2) people. – We’re going from the middle, underneath.
– Yep! – To the middle of her belly underneath.
– From her breastbone to her sternum. – Okay! – Let me come and help you! Shelby is like, “Are you putting a harness on me?” Okay… – I’ll say that’s the length of her ribs. – You kind of want to make sure that their bodies
are squared, so I’m holding Shelby’s head up. – So the tape, as you see my hand right here.
We’re going to stop it just in front, of her front legs. – I’ll bring this over here, so you can see it. Breast bone
and then, under here is the base of the sternum. – Right under her ribs.
– We’re going to get that measurement. – I think, I got it!
– You are so good! – I think, you are pretty squared. Looks like 14 again.
– Alright! The next part that we’re going to measure,
is the mid section. We are going to measure the widest
part of the center body, of Shelby. – Which is going to be pretty much,
right behind her back legs. Her front, right behind her back, right there. – Right here.
– Behind her front legs – Hi Shelby!
– That’s a pretty wide section and we’re going to see how many different ones… I got thirty two (32).
Let’s see, if I can get… – You don’t want to pull out the tape too tight.
Make sure it’s semi loose. – That’s about 32. I would say, 32
is the biggest, right there. (kiss)
That’s 32 right there! – Alright! I think, we have all the measurements.
– That’s the Urban Harness. – Once you get the Urban Trail Harness,
they will kind of, look like this. Shelby is sporting her Urban Trail Harness.
You can see this one, like we said is adjustable. You always want to make sure, there’s a little space.
You don’t want to make the harness too tight when you put it on.
Fit the finger or two, underneath there. I bought the ones with the reflectors on,
because we walk the dogs at night. I also wanted to point out, I do get the 3D rings. Why do, I do this? When I bike with the dogs,
I use these and depending on what side they’re on because I use a springer, when I bike with them.
If I bike with the dogs in front of me, I use this. I also use this when I’m walking the dogs.
You don’t necesarily have to get all 3D rings. I do like having the option. Since it’s not something
you want to wish to had… I would just get it. You look pretty cute! – If you have a springer, would be ideal to get the 3D.
– Yeah! If at any point, the dogs want to pull to your side you want to get the side D rings as well. Next, we are going to show you guys,
how to measure for a Cross Back Harness. This is the harness that we use when going
dog sledding with them. Jamie is holding Memphis harness, right now. Shelby’s more interested in Memphis’es harness,
than of her own! We’re showing you how to properly measure
for a Cross Back Harness. Basically, we want to do a lot of the same things
we did when measuring the other harness. Make sure, your dog stands in straight level
and use the measuring tape, but don’t pull it too tight. There’s different points that
we need to measure for this harness. The points we are going to need for this one,
are the neck, the last rib and then, the length. Like I said, we want to make sure,
write those down to make it a little easier. The first thing we’re going to do is measure the neck.
Actually, we already measured her neck, in the other part of this video. Is exactly
the same. Measure the neck and double the number. Just like we did in the beginning part of this video.
Now, we’re showing you guys how to measure for the ‘Last Rib’ which is actually
point A to point C. We’re going to measure from the top of the
breast bone, down between the front legs, up the side of the dog diagonally,
towards the base of the tail. Take the measurement, just behild the last rib.
That’s what we’re going to do now. She’s like, “Oh! Cookies?” “I like cookies!” So, we got to get the breast bone
and Jamie’s going to find it first. Then, all the way back and you come up like
you are going towards her tail. To the last rib. That’s going to angle out. – Her last rib is actually way back here. It comes curved, so you don’t want to stop right here,
at the last rib. You want to stop here, at the last rib. As you rub the belly, you can feel
the ribs starting. Go straight down from there. – You like to pull up here, a little. – Oh yeah! Up on at the rib. – Make sure you are measuring at the rib.
– Because it is going up and around. – Yep! What’s that one.
– I get seventeen (17). – Okay. – Seventeen!
– Seventeen. Alright, write that down. The last thing we are going to measure is,
the measurement number three (3). Is called ‘The length’ on the web site. Is point C
to point D. We’re holding the tape at the last rib. Continue along the same line as we did
when we measured for the last rib. We are going to go from the last rib,
to the base of the tail. You got to be really careful that you
don’t measure this, too long. Because the harness will come down
over the hips and restrict their movements. (laughter) We need more cookies!
Shelby’s figured it out. She’s like “Cookies! Then, I’ll do this!”
“No cookies? Not doing it!” “Cookies?”
– Tricked you! (laughter) – We need one more measurement!
– Come Shelby! We’re going to go from the same
rib, right there… Hold it! You got to stand normal. – Let’s bring her this way. She won’t get scared… – Pretty much… Thanks for holding her! the base of her tail…
– Yep! – I would say that is ten (10) and they said,
“Don’t make it too long.” – If you make it too long, the harness
will pull down on the rear end. – Because it’s going to point from right here. That’s what
we’re trying to figure out as, where the pull is gonna be. If it’s way out here, is going to come way down
and is going to push her butt down. You want to make sure that it ends right,
at the base of the tail. I would actually say that’s probably
and to be loose, will go ten (10). – The other thing you guys, we didn’t do this on video
because we already done this before. Measured twice. – Yeah! – Do the whole thing and let the dog relax
for a few minutes. Then, do it again. That way you are getting a better measurement. This is what we did as we measured Shelby. We made
sure to write what we needed in measurements. When I order from the web site, we have all the information we need. Memphis is wearing her cross back harness. From the measurements, you can see the neck
measurements. You can fit your fingers in there. You don’t want it to be super tight. Here’s what we have to come up in measuring
to the base of her ribs and then, here was the length. You want to make sure that when this is hooked to the sled, is not pulling down and restricting their hips. Memphis has been properly fitted for a cross back harness. Come on Memphis! Hike! Hike! Hike! Wanna go “Hike, Hike, Hike?” She’s like,
“I”m a puppy model! Can I just be a puppy model?” Sure, you can be puppy model as well. Don’t think Miss Oakley is left out, she has
harnesses as well. That’s her urban trail harness. This is her’s sled harness.
It is brown, but is not blue. This is Oakley’s harness. You guys may had noted that
unlike Memphis’es green and Shelby’s purple harness, Oakley’s is brown and black. The reason behind this, is that I actually ordered
Oakley’s harnesses as a quick ship harness. The one’s Shelby and Memphis have, are custom fitted.
They also have quick ship harnesses. You can measure the dog and get a harness
pretty close to what you need. We did this for Oakley, when we first got her harness.
Because we needed to get hers because, of winter time. If you want to get one faster, they do offer
a lot of quick ship harnesses. They are limited in color. Or, you can order a fully custom one,
in the color you want. There you go guys!
A video you had been asking for a long time. If you have more questions about how to measure
your dog for harnesses, leave a comment below. I will try to answer as many as I can. You can also reach out to the people at
‘Alpine Outfitters’ when you order your harness. They are super awesome people. Again, as I said… If you’re ordering custom harnesses,
remember that it can take four (4) to six (6) weeks. During peak times, can take six (6) to ten (10) weeks. Normally, it doesn’t take that long, but you may have
to expect it could take that long, during racing season. The girls are like, “We can smell the snow!” Yeah! Again, link to the web site is
down in the video description below, along with a coupon code so you guys, can get a
discount for anything on the site: This is the site where we get our walking belt
which I use as skijoring belt for walking. Also for the collars that
the dogs wear when we are camping. I can do more videos on those
in the future, if you guys want me to. Let me know down in the comments below.
That’s all we have for today If you are new to this channel
and you liked what you saw, don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button. Like this video and share it with friends,
to help us grown ‘The Pawdience!” Thanks for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Hopefully in the next couple of days, will have more snow and we can go sledding. Shelby may have her stitches out. Alright you guys!
See you later! Bye! Memphis? Go Hike! Hike! Hike! Hike! Let’s go! Let’s go! She’s like, “There’s no sled behind me!”

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