Best Leash for Dog – 2016 Review Roundup

Looking for the perfect leash to walk
your dog with? Well today I’m going to rate and review my top three
recommendations, plus one honorable mention, plus one budget badass. Hey everyone, Ian here with Simpawtico Dog
Training and before we get to the leashes, please make sure you are subscribed so
you get to see every new video we release. Also don’t forget to check the
description for notes, links and resources about the stuff we talked
about. Now it’s worth mentioning beforehand
that one of my biggest beliefs is that technique is always more important than
hardware. None of these leashes I recommend here
are going to make your dog walk politely. They’ll give you an edge and some
versatility, but in the end the ultimate responsibility of training your
dog to walk nicely lies squarely with you. Don’t rely on the hardware to do it for
you. Also, just a quick disclaimer: I am not being
paid or endorsed by any of the manufacturers of the following
recommendations. Everything I talk about today is stuff I
personally use and recommend to my training students. All right! Now, when I’m selecting leashes I look for four things. First I want a
loop handle on one end. That’s an easy one because just about
every leash in the world has one of those. Second, I want a traffic handle. That’s a second loop by the clip that
keeps the dog close for heeling and keeps them from accelerating.
Acceleration is one of the biggest problems with the dog that’s easily
distracted. Third, I want it to be well made. I do not have time or crap. I want my
dollar to stretch as long as it can and I want gear that will stand up to the
wear and tear of daily use. And fourth, I want comfort. I’m not ashamed of that. With that in mind here are my top three
picks! Number three: the Kong Traffic Handle
Quick Control leash. This is a great all-around leash. I’ve
been using these for years. Durable, versatile and they feature
comfy neoprene padded handles. The Kong Quick Control comes in two sizes. The
larger version is 1 inch wide and about four feet long; the small dog version is thinner at just
over one half inch wide and is about six feet long. However the one complaint I have with
this is that if your dog is extra short or you are tall you’ll need to throw some kind of
extension on it so you can use the traffic loop without choking out your little dog. I just bought a clip at Lowe’s and used
it as an extender, like so. Otherwise this leash is a champ. I keep a
couple of each size at the training facility and my wife actually prefers
this one when she’s walking one of our dogs. The Kong Quick Control Traffic Handle
retails for about 25 to 30 bucks and comes in four different colors. Number two the EzyDog Vario 6. This is
a European-style 6-in-1 leash and i’m a big fan of 6-in-1s. I keep two in my
car load out plus one at home for unusual circumstances. Basically, it’s a transformer! It’s a
standard five foot leash, a shorter three foot leash, a traffic leash (there’s the traffic loop), a double leash,
a short or long tether, and a hands-free messenger-style jogging leash. I love that it’s a multi tasker and it’s
great to take to the park, hiking, camping, or just out and about
running errands together. theEzyDog Vario 6 retails for around thirty
five to forty bucks and is available in 8 colors. Like the Kong leash it comes in
two different sizes for small and large dogs. It’s also available with a carabiner
instead of the clip for just over 50, although I personally don’t think the
carabiner justifies the added cost. That is up to you though. the EzyDog Vario 6
is my favorite 6-in-1 leash but there are several good ones out there
and I will link to some other recommendations in the description as
well. Number one: the Rok Strap leash. The body of this leash is a great big, industrial strength strip of polyester
covered, solid core rubber. The whole length of it is stretchy which helps
reduce or even eliminate most of the shock when stopping. The end loop and the
traffic handle are non-stretch and they’re both beefy and padded. Let me
tell you this leash is made to last. I carry one in my dog training load out
that I take on every single consultation, group more private. I’ve used this to work with dogs of all
sizes, running the gamut from shy dogs to dog that think that they’re torpedoes. This
leash has been dragged through the mud, around trees, and up and down the country
side and after cleaning it up and washing it, it still looks practically
new. I love this leash. Rok Strap leashes
come in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and big and tall. They are also available in an impressive
assortment of 12 colors. Depending on the size, the Rok Strap retails between 25
and 35 dollars. Now, for our honorable mention: the EzyDog Zero Shock Leash. It’s similar to the Rok Strap in that
it’s springy and built like a tank. This features EzyDOg’s patented zero-shock
technology, and the handle has a neoprene outer. However the traffic loop has no padding
on it and is just nylon webbing which could be uncomfortable in early training
stages. On the other hand the accessory D-ring
is a pretty cool feature to clip keys or poo bags onto. Very well built and it
might be a better fit for some of you then the top 3. The Zero Shock sells for
around thirty dollars and is available in 8 colors. Finally we get to the budget badass, a
good, inexpensive alternative to the other ones that I mentioned. If you’re in
a bind and can’t find or afford some of the others on this list then this is the
one for you: the Sporn Training Leash. It’s got the
loop, the traffic handle, padding, and sturdy
construction. It also features a good claw clamp. It’s
a little small so even though it says it’ll work for large dogs I wouldn’t recommend this for a very large dog or a
strong puller. For mid to small sized dogs however it’s great. And are you ready for
this? It’s only about 10 bucks at Walmart.
seriously I can’t even find this on Amazon. One of my students clued me into
this little gem and I picked it up to take a look. If you need a great leash in
a pinch, that is ten dollars very well spent. Let’s recap guys. The Kong Quick Control
Traffic Handle – two sizes, four colors, about thirty dollars. The EzyDog Vario 6 – 2 sizes, 8 colors, 35 to 50 bucks. The Rok Strap Leash – 4 different sizes, up
to 12 different colors, and runs 25 to 35 bucks. Definitely my favorite leash ever. Don’t
forget the EzyDog Zero Shock as an honorable mention, and the Sporn Training Leash as our ten
dollar budget badass. So there you have it guys, my leash
recommendations. If you have a favorite that you use or recommend that I didn’t
mention, tell me about it in the comments. Don’t forget to check that description
for links to all the stuff we talked about, and give this video a thumbs up if
you got some good info. Until next time keep learning, keep
practicing and I’ll see you soon. Thanks for watching.

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40 Responses

  1. Anna Wollin says:

    Love the GOT t-shirt

  2. Tyler Spellman says:

    I picked up a large Rok strap leash for my dog and love it, very well made a tough as you mentioned, highly recommend these leashes.

  3. b0nes says:

    CPDT – Certified Pet Detective

  4. The Service Goldy says:

    I use a leather leash it works great. My puppy at first would chew on the leash and it would fall apart but the leather leash can't fall apart. And I like the brown color. It's comfortable for me but not everyone. My dog doesn't bite it anymore but I still use it because I love it. He also has a leather collar which goes with it. I got them both on Etsy for about 30 dollars each. So it's quite pricey but it's nice

  5. Darya says:

    Can you make a video about dog socialization? Especially for puppies, especially for one who is under 12 weeks and without rabies shot yet:) By the way, you are doing a great job! This is the best canal about dog training!

  6. Rosario Valladares says:

    The kurgo quantom leash is the best leash i have ever used. Honestly so much versatility. You should really try it.

  7. ActiveAnimals says:

    I've never had a leash with a traffic handle, but they look super annoying (adding extra weight that will slap your dog in the face).

  8. Chelsea Allen says:

    I keep watching these videos and most of them about the stuff you can get but he never gets into the details of HOW to do the training.

  9. Pat Best says:

    Hi Ian, I have tried to find the Kong leash mentioned but It doesnt seem to be available at present at least not on the Amazon site in the U.K. or in the States – has it been discontinued? Just interested to know. The Rok one is available here in the U.K. so I will probably give that a go I think. Pat

  10. AlterEagleProduction says:

    Dude I been watching a lot of your videos. Are you a prepper? You should do a prepping channel.

  11. Victoria Chapman says:

    Hi! The link for the Kong Quick Control… ends up out of stock, but Kong has put their own on Amazon, but for $50.00 instead of $30.00! Petco and PetSmart both do not carry that particular version. I love what it looks like, but…. Any other locations? Do you sell it?

  12. Mickey says:

    I just have to say, I've watched several other dog-trainer videos on YouTube (preparing, researching, etc. for my Akita Inu that I will have in the future) and NONE of them are as pleasant as you. You seem so easygoing and kind, I would not hesitate to call you up if I needed a trainer.

  13. C Tran says:

    So I hate to say this but WARNING on the ROK leashes, the clip broke off when I was walking my husky, as she got excited seeing another dog and ran across traffic. I was using a large size so it should have held the weight as she is 50lbs, especially for running or active use. Luckily no one was hurt and I was able to call her bk to me. I emailed and called and left a message with the manufacturer but no response.

    Additionally my local pet store in Sweden told me that they had gotten rid of these leashes from the store because there were several complaints of the same thing happening other customers. It's unfortunate because really liked the durability and elasticity of the leash material but the clip and spring part is terrible.

  14. christine colmer says:

    Hello Ian. I'm binge watching your videos! I have a lovely 11 week old Cockapoo puppy, Alfy. Alfy seems to be very trainable intelligent and eager to please but, he nips and Ouch… it hurts. Have you done a vid to help with this?

    Christine and Alf.

  15. infernal 216 says:

    i got the budget badass!!!

  16. Albert Budi says:

    as much as i love my dog i wouldn't spend $50 for a leash. just look for choke leash, it is cheap (mostly under 10 dollar) and it discourages pulling and other unwanted behavior.

  17. Ashley Abasta says:

    Hello, I have a new puppy so I have been watching all of your videos. They are the most informative I've come across on YouTube. Suggestions for collars? Also I noticed you said you plan to do an updated version of this video. When do you plan to upload it?

  18. Death and destruction says:

    im definitely getting the #1 on your list.
    Ive never tryed a traffic loop and eith thr leash i have its uncomfortable to hold farther down. My dog is a very strong puller so i need to know how long it will last with a pitador (american pit/lab retriever) puppy. Will it last till adulthood. She is about 4 3/4 months and a very very strong puller and i want one with a sturdy body and strong hold. Shes already gotten off her clip a few times with gettibg stuck in the door so is the clip held w
    together well.
    These are just some concerns i had before buying a relatively expensive leash.

  19. Dave Reiner says:

    I have used that Sporn Training leash leash for several years. GREAT INEXPENSIVE Leash. The only problem I have had is it occasionally unclips itself. I am not sure how, but it happened several times. I want to try the Ruffwear Quickdraw Leash soon, it looks like a great idea.

  20. Bill Bonnefil says:

    I have the Rok leash, but have had my dog accidentally bungee himself when he was tied up for a minute to a post. He lunged to meet a dog going by and flew back about 3 feet from the rebound (poor guy) He was fine, but its probably not a good leash for even short tie ups, or use a carabiner and the traffic loop if you need to tie up in a pinch.

  21. shane butler says:

    thanks for the review, are you doing the updated review soon. i’m looking to get a 6 in one or multi purpose leash if you have any suggestions. thanks, look forward to more great videos!

  22. Donald Duck says:

    I have bought the Rok Straps leash for my very energetic and very impulsive border terrier puppy after I had watched your video, and I'm very happy with it! Most of the time he is walking at a leash very well, but he's still a puppy, and when he bolts, this leash definitely takes the impact away from both of us. Great recommendation, thanks!

  23. moirhann says:

    Great video:) The claw clip is extremely dangerous…. it has been the reason for several accidents lately… it is supereasy to release it by accident πŸ™

  24. Peter K says:

    I've been training dogs & owners for 50+ yrs and find a 6' lattigo leather to be the best. Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1", they can't be beat for controlling dog & teaching owner. Everything else…just a gimmick.

  25. Peter K says:

    By the way, all my dogs are trained to a loose leash, with the idea of eventually going off leash.

  26. Dimitry Khouri says:

    Hi there.. First of all, thank you for the great videos. What do you think about the retrieval leashes.. I am currently using one, and it's satisfying me! Should i change to the cord leashes?

  27. karma SJ says:

    a rope and a well trained dog is enough for me πŸ™‚

  28. Hidealittle says:

    What happened to K.I.S.S in this video? haha

  29. Lynda Olney says:

    Can you put a top 3/5 hands free dog walking lesh recommendation

  30. D Leal says:

    Any recommendation videos on collars vs harness?

  31. Kenzie Alejos says:

    I have a dog that bites the leash he’s a pit bulldog leash

  32. Dozer says:

    Hello, tour videos are very helpfull, but in a few weeks i will pick up a doberman and i have no idea what a dog line that is capable of, van you give me some help/advice/ sujections

    (Sorry for the bad english im from Portugal)


  33. Nathalie Grieves says:

    Plastic clip is not strong . Like brass

  34. Rachel M says:

    We don't have a dog yet!! We're just doing our research first! Now, I notice you also use those extendable leads. Here in the UK, EVERYONE uses them, and – I'm sorry – I hate them! I used to be dog-phobic, so you can imagine what I went through. I've beaten it now, but I still think they're a poor tool unless you have a well-trained dog that walks nicely. How about harnesses? Do you have a video on those? Thanks! ☺

  35. Heejin Kim says:

    Can you make videos about harness as well please if not already ? There are too many kinds out there including halti but in your videos, I mostly see harness or a collar.

  36. Rachel Jullyan says:

    I so wish you had a book! Your videos are FANTASTIC. So much knowledge – thank you for what you do!

  37. Luminous CoD says:

    1 k like ?

  38. Ian Young says:

    What is the organizer @ 3:15 ?

  39. Monique Shorten says:

    Ian is one of the most likable YouTubers ever! His videos are so pleasant to watch! And his information is golden!

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