Best of Bloopers from Sam & Cat, iCarly & Victorious! 不 NickRewind

Wait, wait, wait.
I’m sorry. Say what you said again.
Say it one more time. Go. I said I’m– Dice! [mumbling] So why– [laughing] I’m gonna throw up. [laughing] [groaning] What? [screaming] That was solid.
That was a winner. That’s not a real trash can, Jennette.
Things are fake here. [blabbering] [laughing] We got the plant job. [laughing] [screaming] [shattering] Back to one! Try again. [laughing] Hold! Don’t cut, don’t cut, don’t cut. Oh my gosh! Oh… A game I learned at
Camp Wiggle Wally. That’s not my line. – Where?
– That’s my line. – What? I’m not talking.
– Hold! Say you, sorry. Sorry! Sorry. Oh, shoot! What is it? What do I say? [laughing] You know what?
Wasn’t usable anyway. Sorry. Always the last scene of the day. We won’t let it happen.
Let’s get over it. In here, Mrs. Benson. I’m not your mother! – I’m her mother!
– That’s right. – Mrs. Puckett.
– Sorry. – Hey, Mom.
– Way to blow it! Jeeze! That’s like… [laughing] [laughing] I’m sorry. Five, four, three, two… How did this happen? – You guys have– Sorry.
– Cut! Happen, ’cause I’m crazy. Happen! Oh, what do they put in
this lasagna to make it so– [laughing] What? Well, uh… I don’t wish to overstay my welcome. – Goodnight.
– My hand’s stuck. [laughing] I can’t get my hand loose.
Someone help me. What is going on? Let’s really try to impress
the big cheese on this take. [moaning] [laughing] Oh, you’re doing a great job, Jerry! I literally can’t see anything
in these goggles. No, my quesadillas! [laughing] You know how the show goes.
We say stupid stuff and do– What? What did I just say?
Stupped stuff. I’m just, Sam and Freddie have been
calling me like 10 times a day– Sorry, that was weird. OK. I don’t know what I just did. [moaning] [yawning] So, what’s the stunt
you’re supposed to be doing– – OK.
– Fall off a chair. Y’all couldn’t get the heated water? [laughing] Y’all gonna get the coldest
water you can find. [laughing] What’s happening? An ice cube got stuck on your head. [laughing] Stay right there. Bye! [screaming] This might be more fun
with some tunes. Woo! Hey, Doreen. Yeah. – What are you doing!
– Oh! [laughing] Hey! Will you forget about the stupid kite– I’m sorry, I don’t know
what to do, it’s stuck to me. It’s stuck to me. On sale! – Ah!
– Whoa! Sorry. I mean,
I’m not gonna stop. Ooh, one more time. Whoa, one more time. I wasn’t even ready for it. [laughing] [screaming] [laughing] Only the people! Thanks, they’ve lost their sizz! [laughing] Oh, my God! You really caught that.
That’s why I was like… I didn’t know! What happened? [laughing] ♪ Victorious is fun, Victorious is fun ♪ ♪ We work on it all the time ♪ ♪ Victorious is fun, Victorious is fun ♪ ♪ Come on inside, we’re all here
You wanna see it? I am here ♪ ♪ You wanna see it?
‘Cause we’re real good ♪ ♪ We’re a good show
And this is a good cast ♪ ♪ Come and see the show
Come and see the show ♪ ♪ Do you wanna see the show? ♪ ♪ Show ♪ ♪ Show ♪ You guys, welcome to the show.

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65 Responses

  1. Trap Town says:

    lovely video

  2. Ari Alorf says:

    Miss Sam and cat

  3. Planet51AndRobloxTheMovieYes PlayMobilTheMovieNo says:

    The Best Channel Around The World Is This Channel

  4. hi919 says:

    the video wouldve been better without the generic music

  5. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    These bloopers are hilarious

  6. Sercan Ergul says:

    Ariana Grande Cat Valentines Never Blowing Bubblegum

  7. hannen says:

    wow i missed these shows

  8. Kris162 says:

    hmm tons of sorrys for dan

  9. Daisy Ontiveros says:

    Wow 0 dislikes for now

  10. Random girl says:

    Whenever Nathan's yawning behind the scenes that me during a maths lesson or any other lesson

  11. Ania Lace says:

    No dislikes

  12. Ludwig Von aids says:

    Pineapple on pizza is the devils work

  13. Aminaxj ari says:

    I miss that time …

  14. someone :p says:

    Wow ariana and cats voice are so different

  15. AwAllBro says:

    I miss icarly so much I hope to see a icarly reunion this year

  16. Rhiannon Edwards says:

    Jerry Trainor is a national treasure.

  17. Delfina Alvarado says:

    Te amo Miranda cosgrove

  18. ThunderKatz says:

    Why do they always forget drake and josh

  19. Ryleigh Wheeler says:

    0:05 that will be forever iconic

  20. Your Friendly Neighborhood Headass says:

    Yall couldnt get the heated water?

  21. Ratzinger Monteiro says:

    And Sam and cat just lasted 1 season

  22. Javierjr TV says:

    I miss watching this show I wish it was on Netflix.

  23. Justine Villareal says:

    Ariana seems a bit mean and too serious

  24. Chloe Houghton says:

    Spancer is so funny

  25. Chloe Houghton says:

    And I Carly and Victoria

  26. W x B says:

    I wish the Nickelodeon channel would put the comments back on

  27. Fox Cartoon says:

    Man, iCarly was the best I wish it was on netflix

  28. Riat2000 says:

    Can't believe it's been 8 years since iCarly finished

  29. Killer Style Queen says:

    Bloopers are SUPER funny 不.

  30. poker8100 says:

    Sam and cat bloopers would be great if Ariana and Jeanette didnt hate each other

  31. Ryan Echeverria says:

    We need more Victorious Bloopers.

  32. Darriell perry says:

    The dislikes are from the new generation of kids

  33. Ashton Ulbrich says:

    4:02 thats literally the scene THEY USED in the ACTUAL EPISODE

  34. Kween P says:

    Okay but Sam and Jade were the definition of ICONIC

  35. MDC Clark says:

    Sam and and Victorious are on Netflix.

    For now….

  36. Ki'Aaron Temple says:

    Matt Bennet is too cute!

  37. Tina Mccabe says:

    I love your videos i always like and subscribers

  38. Grace Deakin says:

    Dan gets so angry..yikes

  39. Catherine Lukaya says:

    the funny person in iCarly is Spencer… Sam and Cat is Goomer and Victorious is Andre

  40. Lucareys Targaryen says:

    Im not your mother

  41. Leah Torzilli says:

    aww I loved these shows when I was younger I still love them to this day! these characters are all timeless

  42. Salfa M says:

    icarly should be on netflix

  43. n2 Universe says:

    ICarly, Victorious and Sam & Cat made my childhood, without forgot about Drake e Josh and Zoey101

  44. Dror Leeda says:

    One big reunion? Nickelodeon I begg you, plz make a reunion…

  45. Naureen Husain says:

    all of these comments r so recent, im like, when was this released?

  46. Emma Burnett says:

    OMG Liz is so sweet she kills me

  47. Jose Alba says:

    Victorious icarly > Sam and cat

  48. Lucy 'Ruby Donut' Brown says:


    Sam: No my QUESADILLAS! 3:06

  49. Tigerlily and the Sunflower s says:

    That's not a real trash can jennette things are fake here

  50. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    Blue Dog Soda, so iconic

  51. Rav FLEX says:

    So was 4:02 not intentional? It was in the episode…

  52. Thomas Bourne says:

    Does that mean the audience laughing you hear in the back ground is fake?

  53. noshdosh says:

    the 3 best shows on nickelodeon of all time

  54. The Global Network says:

    0:34 不

  55. Elle M says:

    I miss these shows

  56. User I'm so hot says:

    Nickelodeon posts Victorious, drake and josh, icarly, sam and cat

    Fans, why did you cancel these shows?

  57. Cheyenergy says:

    Yo I forgot all about Nathans constant yawning

  58. ItsCrystal UwU says:

    We got the plant- job

  59. Noami Wayrefel says:

    Ugh, I want iCarly back on Netflix

  60. Romaldo Madrid says:


  61. Quitting AJ says:

    I mean, was we suppose too laugh? or.?'

  62. ahceda09 says:

    I thought at 1:27 sam almost said, u know what!!!

  63. Aquarium Starters says:

    Imagine ur in a fight:
    Who do you choose to help you out Sam or jade

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