Best PTSD Service Dog Breeds – How Can Dogs Help You With Anxiety and Depression?

– Hi, it’s Ryan from Rocadog. Today’s topic will be more serious. I’ll be answering question from Malone, what are good PTSD service dogs, and is maltipoo a good choice for it? PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder, and I’ll be talking about why dogs are good at treating PTSD. I will show you the list of
the best PTSD service dogs, and after that, I’ll
be talking of Maltipoo, and if he’s a good choice for it. (ambient music) Dogs are not only great protectors, but dogs are family pets. They’re also great at
reducing stress levels, and relieving from anxiety. PTSD dogs are dogs that are helping to cure post traumatic stress disorder. It is an anxiety disorder, which occur after traumatic event. The most common victims
of PTSD are soldiers, but it can appear after
any life threatening event, like big car accident. PTSD service dog’s work is to maintain their owner’s emotional state, and to help them to perform tasks the person is unable to do. The size of this dog does not matter, as you will see on our list, they will include small or large, and medium sized dog breeds. But what matters, is their
personality and temperament. They have to be keen to please, reliable, and not easily distracted,
highly intelligent, and they should be just
generally good with people. Those dogs can calm their
handler, provide companionship, lower blood pressure,
help with depression, and adjust serotonin level. To be clear, almost all
dog breeds can help you to fight depression,
anxiety, or PTSD in general. And that’s because most of them are affectionate and active companions. But some specific breeds can
help you with mental illnesses better than others. There is Rocadog list of eight best PTSD service dog breeds. Number eight, German Shepherds, I was mentioning GSD
in my previous videos, as great therapy dogs. They are highly intelligent, obedient, gentle, and loyal. And some people say they have
a human-like personality, which is a great thing to help people suffering from mental illnesses. Number seven, Pugs, those little dogs are one of the most naturally
positive dogs around, even though they look like
one of the most grumpy ones. Pugs are positive, charismatic, playful, and loving dogs. They just live to please their people. Number six, Doberman, Doberman Pinschers are mostly
known as military dogs, protectors, or guardians,
but the truth is, they’re trustworthy, affectionate, and friendly breed. And they are great with dealing with PTSD, and the specialty of Doberman, is that they bring back a sense of safety to person’s life. I mean, if the person is
dealing with some insecurities, or they’re just afraid
to leave their home, they will feel more safe and confident with Doberman by their sides. Number five, Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel, this is one of the cutest dogs of all, and it is also a great
choice for PTSD service dog. This dog just loves cuddling, and you can cuddle with them all day long. And it is proven that cuddling, petting, or just being in touch with your dog, will help anxiety and depressions. In addition to that,
these dogs are gentle, loving, affectionate, and friendly. Number four, Golden Retriever, Goldens are one of the
most eager to please dogs. They’re also highly
intelligent, well-behaved, easy to train, playful dogs. Golden Retrievers possess
capacity for love, that almost no other breeds can provide. This is one of the best breeds for person dealing with depression. Number three, Border Collie, one of the most intelligent dogs of all. This breed is extremely good for a person dealing with panic attacks. They can ground their
owner during panic attacks, just by providing physical comfort. But this breed is better
for active person, because it requires plenty of exercise. Number two, Poodle, Poodles
love to be around their owner. They’re real eager to please, and they are highly intelligent dogs. Those qualities make them a great dog for dealing with PTSD syndromes. In addition to this,
they are great with kids, they are hypoallergenic,
and they are social dogs, which makes them even great family pets. Number one, Labrador Retriever, once again, Labs are on top of our list. You will see Labrador Retriever
walking down the street as a service dog, more
often than any other breed. They’re always in great
mood, and they share the same people-pleasing personality with Poodles. Combine that with their high intelligence, no wonder that they are
used for any kind of work as a service dog. These dogs are just great for people dealing with any kind of mental illness. They’re sweet, and you
can cuddle with them all day long, but they’re also big, so they give person sense of safety. For me, this is perfect PTSD service dog. As I said earlier in the video, almost any dog breed is good
for dealing with depression and anxiety, Maltipoo is no different. Maltipoo is half Poodle, and
Poodle was second on our list, and even a second half Maltese dog is used as a therapy dog. Maltipoos are highly
intelligent, and they are cuddly, and sweet. That makes them great emotional support for people that needs it. I would say that Maltipoo is
great as PTSD service dogs, and it’s natural for them to
provide affection and comfort. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you have any other question about dogs, I will be happy to answer them, or make a new video about it. If you liked this video,
subscribe to our channel, and definitely check
our social media links, Facebook and Instagram, in description. See you in the next video. (ambient music)

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32 Responses

  1. david miller says:

    What about Staffordshire bull terriers they are very loving affectionate love people

  2. Georgia says:

    Great video, very helpful !

  3. Box says:

    i am looking at getting a service dog for my ptsd and this video was very helpful.

  4. Mackenzie Bruce says:

    this is a very helpful video since i am trying my dog up to my my ptsd dog

  5. Ted C says:

    Rocadog – Thank you for making this video. I am writing you today, because I was so thrilled to see that you had recommended the Doberman Pinscher as an excellent candidate for being trained as a Service Dog. I will offer more details with regard to why I am so interested in this breed as a Service Dog, within an email or phone call, which is away from public scrutiny. You'll note my fondness for the breed by perusing my public playlist here, I respectfully request you reply to this message, so that I may determine how you came to decide upon the breeds listed. Do you have any authorities/certifications as a Canine Trainer or Breeder? I'm asking because, I'd like to integrate some of your arguments into my own, in order better substantiate my advocacy with regional organizations who train Service Dogs in support of the wonderful, highly trainable, highly intelligent, and incredibly loyal Doberman Pinscher. IMHO, the only canine more with more naturally occurring intelligence on your list is the Border Collie.

  6. Adrienne Foote says:

    u need to add closed captioning

  7. Shannon Marguerite says:

    This is a really good video. I have a cavalier King Charles as my ptsd service dog and he's amazing

  8. Lovely Little Bird says:

    Thank you so much for making this video. I was wondering what your opinion of a terrier would be for a PTSD/anxiety dog, specifically a carin terrier. I have grown up with them and am incredibly fond of them, and would really love your thoughts on whether this breed would be a wise choice or if I should try to find another small breed.

  9. Nancy Doyle says:

    Thank you for this video, my dog is always there for me and help me reduce stress level

  10. Laura C says:

    Abuse is the most common cause of ptsd.

  11. Ambivalent Disaster says:

    Which dog barks the least? My PTSD can’t handle that which is why I don’t have a dog, but I have heard that not all dogs are “barkers.”

  12. Jebediah Dewmist says:

    The ONLY dog for PTSD and I mean, PTSD, is a German Shepherd because they provide protection. Any other breed is an ESA.
    Please don't get the two confused. Your typical dog (any other breed), that is considered to be used for anxiety or depression is measly a an ESA. ESA's DO NOT have public access and are not trained. They are merely there for support. Buy a teddy bear.

  13. sesshomarusgirl1 says:

    loved this video I have a labby as my PTSD SDIT. I chose a larger dog mainly cause a huge trigger is people comming up from behind or getting to close so a larger dog that could do a stand stay and circling space buffer was a nessesity for me.

  14. Eunae Kim says:

    I don't need a service dog or anything like that, but I am fascinated with people who do need them.

  15. Koda says:

    This video helps a lot and I will defiantly reference it when discussing and thinking about a breed

  16. Dan and Lilly’s Beard Product Reviews says:

    I highly disagree with this.
    It’s not at all about the breed.
    It’s all about the dog as an individual and the person training that dog.
    As well as the size of the dog specifically for the job

    If we want to associate best breed for psych work than I’d say a chihuahua because of their ears and their size they are more aware of their surroundings than most dogs and are known for their hearing

    With mental illness comes paranoia and if you’re paranoid if someone’s in a room or outside your door…..if you have a chihuahua it’ll tell you if someone’s there or not whether it’s a trained task or not

  17. Featured Pitbull says:

    You forgot apbt? Most ptsd sds are apbt

  18. Rocadog says:

    Tell me how did your dog helped you in your life?

  19. Alli - Crombie says:

    The problem with using Shepards for anxiety or PTSD is that they are more protective and can even become aggressive towards things or people that make you anxious because of how loyal they are.

  20. King's Way says:

    I have seizures and my service dog alerts me before i feel it happen. It's pretty amazing because they either they sense it or maybe smell something emitted during seizure activity. 10 yrs. ago I had a service dog for M.S. and she alerted me 3 times before I became paralyzed. I was burning leaves in the yard feeling great but my dog kept falling down 3 times her legs went out I bent down to see what was the matter when I tried to get up my legs wouldn't work. I was paralyzed with paraparisis for 4 yrs I was confined to wheelchair lost my athletic career and my software engineering career. 8yrs ago I was hospitalized with severe seizures. While in the hospital I asked the neurologist to help me walk again. I told him "I'm to cute to be in a wheelchair ".LOL. He laughed and said ok but it's gonna be hard work. I have been walking unassisted for 4 yes. now …Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ! I have a new service dog now that helps with the seizures….The Drs. say my brain shows no signs of active M.S. I believe God performed a miracle in me! I still have seizures but with my dogs help and by the Grace of God I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…and a little help from a very special Pooch! Thx for reading T-

  21. Sadaf Ali says:

    Eight Best PTSD Service Dog Breeds:
    1. German Shepard (2:07).
    2. Pugs (2:27).
    3. Doberman (2:47).
    4. King Charles Spaniel (3:19).
    5. Golden Retriever (3:49).
    6. Border Collie (4:14).
    7. Poodle (4:38).
    8. Labrador Retriever (5:05).

  22. Its LuiGacha says:

    My brother screamed and came into my room i had to sit and cry from the startle…

  23. angelyna brooks says:

    I'm getting a border collie for my PTSD and I'm so excited, thanks

  24. Will Johnson says:

    I'm looking at getting a service dog because I have PTSD I was wondering what is your opinion about pit bulls for PTSD

  25. Carolyn Defilippo says:

    Correction: Domestic abuse is the leading cause of PTSD, Child abuse is the second leading cause, combat is actually third.

    Be aware of non-combat PTSD!

  26. rebecca lankford says:

    Wonderful information, all the emotional needs not met by humans.

  27. Danielle Johnson says:

    My PTSD is due to child abuse and neglect

  28. justotto says:

    German shepherd aren't the best for psychiatric disorders, yes they're loyal and tend to have a good temperament but they're velcro dogs and tend to feed of their handlers anxiety so they are more likely to be washed (early retirement )

  29. Sherrie Kling says:

    Service Dogs are the best, especially Susquehanna Service Dogs! See how #DogsChangeLives at

  30. power to the plurals says:

    Sorry but there are 4 times as more people with PTSD then military with PTSD.

  31. jaroufa1 says:

    My ptsd service dog is a basenji.My dog Diva is a life saver,she keeps me grounded and without her I just couldn't function in this world.

  32. Irish Hearts says:

    My son has autism, and suffered sexual abuse and developed ptsd. His service dog was a life saver. Angel. She was a mini poodle, and so tuned into him and so keen on keeping him safe and well. She sadly passed away last year 🙁

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