OMG it’s a squishy iv’e been waiting several years for this this monkey has been waiting for for you ready yeah she know you’re going to do a Q&A on out you’re wrong bye-bye oh well I really have to get off not anyway I knew it I don’t know that all i need to someone ok I don’t want to see it I knew what you’re thinking feeling the best for them and I knew exactly what you got you got ok you can still looking for rising carrots carrier shopping can be sort of knew everybody dangling what it comes up thanks good daaang he oh he got have thanked that comes right she’s gonna nail that before the commercial you this is ok you understand school shoes mister monkey not one day ok but you do yes you are to be my life always about like 15-20 pain that enough cushion here and sold your item list three help guys did know okay look up ok so first thing that’s a lot of bags near way I’m gonna if he’s not really going at it mmm a plain donuts for the sound very special teams but it’s bangles gonna have to be pretty good kind of soon ok ok so first thing I put up with it going nuts she’s like us here where iron package shown that I gotta knock down that so yeah looks like yeah I’m going to take it out of the packaging gonna do you guys hate hearing that like the ruffles down the package basically my funky house together he threw for english cuts off that is I don’t care my squishy defective the fact that even have her she’s just excuse my eyes that squishy you see you see that is with you aight dep that i have it i think that’s your friend it’s not just anything which is not checking sanic do you do it not all people i don’t want to look that community at did you seriously to spend like six minutes on one schools you know because that’s talking it’s like a chicken burger with leg so it’s left to right that’s like really been with more baggage which is going to hardware store on poverty because you don’t get a confession you’re sitting next to that okay you know what I’m saying i started on my nails look like two big RBI enough to bail Thank You friends teachers getting far in life that leg so that’s four years let you know it’s not very surprising but good care and spot looks like a pancake pretty lucky to have you in here yeah yeah anyway I got it so he I gotta make a burger I’m happy you know oh yeah excuse because of the sugar just love you tried to help maybe steps to prevent 25 how could i forget that beautiful woman especially kathy s okay but you’re not turning off the music always looking to replace like yeah I potter well i’m doing the freaky kinky getting out you know I could have been squishies right that is over the Calton kinda non-playing rising no beautiful twisty bags i didn’t have been designing and go lock me up mass and muscle rising every for writing that are you gonna cut me with online texting now that’s really moving but the next thing is all about is something that I really really like you can actually see it but little banana house I think she has a bigger version of paint mixing smaller version and it’s green oh wow they must really like this stuff because it’s a fact inside of the package if we get so i have to repack you think that’s that’s really that small writing that just peachy anyways i’m pretty sure but i find look whatever because hard know by you so far okay dice oh all your man city began working on the neck anyways this looks like the idea of bottled like the bank versions and it comes to be keeping oh you’re all DC so people see I mega week it seems like the most lighting i have that exact that’s what i call slow right everybody I mean less sorry ok so this is like really soft and like fishing like literally I love how much the bank because she can find like pretty surviving the next thing is one of us is a strawberry see I can’t get some scale of one even a canyon fast-rising and skill writing strawberries and extolled off look things I definitely feel like it was with someone of murder and quite slow rising a few things berber ok ok this burger is probably my favorite till five look at the writing if you have who is this more like apples it’s no human nice oh my i’m still trying to you got any bank its next thing that I pull out a big beautiful like the characters yellow cake and now but it’s like me up with Greg’s we go and stuff with sex again after this video I’m going to join the butter and some hair cuts off what this is all look at this I got a flipping cat haha because you would be put this isn’t be put this is good to put on my desk is looks like a walk you right here thank ya thank you very much pinky purple version of the milk bottle house we detect that’s very nice let’s have a quickie competition which one is more still rising we need to milk bottles work for anyone you know by five the purple one is much like you think this trouble was definitely more school rising find a way once you’re free so close because I know excited already we need that is love it love it love it love it love toast you thought the cave or cold one would they put covert people a little low blow anybody factory you first thing I so loud that is a carrot guides to care so very carrot it’s really surprising beyond stuff like mega off and then i’ll have like those carrot like inventing things to make it look like a carrot you know Oh sauce nice and nice looking carrot you got there bang good and here we have that’s why song there that exactly what governments just request yak-52 jumbled I seen it is double ice cream look at how jumbled that it’s bigger than my head guys bar look that is what the rising looks like going to give up please not run with scissors and I was holding it the other way is to let you parents no food here and let’s cut my Karen half kidding guys so we saw looking back that’s freaking slow rising ok ok so the next thing he ain’t nowhere oh love the way your modeling well friendly welfare we always know well the second is that ok so it’s like you’re really really small oh that’s like no that’s not that’s not a quickie act that might just get into school she was technically the squishy it’s really catchy I’m gonna give this to my brother you can’t appreciate it thanks for watching please like two strikes cream comes down below if you really liked this video and water other do great on the battle to get notified that video that we published a protective if you get this big enough if you like I’ll do another video like to be to life right now they only can you put that something where was the other one pack skin by one but not obviously i won’t i promise out cut i want to go promise okay I’m not to your squishy squishy the floor overnight she said I couldn’t trust them yeah y’all thanks for watching everybody please let me go ahead and leave a comment down below if you haven’t subscribed yet please click on the icon on the left hand a little things will pop up and begin to describe if you already have subscribed please forget everything that I have just said my radio boy that

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