Bill Nye Talks Dogs and Explores the Lessons of Canine Evolution

I love dogs as much as the next guy. I talk
to dogs. In preparing this book I spoke with dogs at length. Maybe I spoke more to dogs
than with them. But they’re all dogs, that’s the thing. I know we all love our kennel club
show we all go there. We obsess about whether our dog is a pug, Jack Russell terrier mix
with corgi overtones and an oaky finish. An approachable little dog, whatever. They’re
all dogs, okay. And so the idea of a purebred is just a human construct. There’s no such
thing – in a sense there’s no such thing as a purebred dog. And that’s – I don’t
have a problem with that. That’s the way it is. By the way you talk to any veterinarian
and they’ll tell you that a mutt is a much healthier dog generally because they have
this mix of genes, they’re not inbred, they haven’t made the same gene repeat too many
times. And so it’s funny, it’s charming to me but there’s a great lesson to be learned.
Dogs are a descendent either from wolves or from one ancestor before wolves. But what
you and I think of as a modern wolf may or may not be the direct – what led to a modern
dog. People talk about this as I’m writing the
book. In the next five years it will probably be resolved. Somebody will come up with a
definitive answer to that. But anyway, apparently these experiments were done with foxes which
are just the coolest thing where the foxes that were friendlier, that they were more
comfortable around people, they were allowed to approach, they were allowed to use human
food. After just three generations they had floppy scritchable ears and they were much
more like dogs. And it just shows you that dogs are almost certainly a result of a human
wolf ancestor interaction. As we became friends with them they became friends with us and
we have a dependency that’s charming. It’s enriched both the dog lives and the human
lives. It’s really quite an insight and it’s a result of evolution. The other lesson
to be learned from dogs for me is since they’re all dogs it’s just – if you have a dachshund
and a Great Dane and they interact, can we say interact on Big Think? If they interact
all you get is a dog. You don’t get any new thing, new species, you just get a dog.
In the same way if a Papua New Guinean hooks up with a Swedish person all you get is a
human. There’s no new thing you’re going to get. You just get a human. Japanese woman
jumping the African guy, all you get is a human. They’re all humans. So this is a
lesson to be learned. There really is, for humankind there’s really no such thing as
race. There’s different tribes but not different races. We’re all one species.

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100 Responses

  1. enginowich says:

    This guy is trying to spread ignorance amongst people by disabling terminology?

  2. Ancor3 says:

    Can someone do me a favor and tell the user Tyrion (the racist with over 40 likes) that he is a coward for deleting my comments and blocking me?

    To be frank, I called him out on his false claims and refuted them, then after my second comment he started to delete all but one of my comments and finally blocked me to save face. I know I shouldn't have expected a racist to be intellectually honest, but this was unexpectedly disingenuous even for a racist.

  3. VLPR says:

    My great great…….great parent was the first living thing on earth.
    I am famous.

  4. OnyxIdol says:

    I'm not even going to scroll down to read the other comments because this video has "evolution" in the title.

  5. permafry247 says:

    its been a bit since ive heard about that experiment.  i thought inbreeding in the fox population produced or exacerbated  the dog like features like floppy ears, spots. if i remember right, barking was observed in the offspring as the older generations did not bark.  i think it was in russia or around their.  bill called it, a very interesting bit of research.

  6. everves says:

    Purebred dogs suck in general, now they are bred to be pretty and cute witch makes them mutate problems with breathing, skin problems, Susceptibility to parasites. Pugs and pitbulls have problems with breathing through nose, German shepherds now are more massive and slower and the list goes on. Dog lovers are killing trully ingenious breeds. grabs popcorn P.S. definition of purebred is pretty lame for example when talking about humans it is like saying he/she is worse because his mom is black and father Asian.

  7. aikifox85 says:

    It's cute how he double checks to use "interact" but is just out with it saying "hooks up" and "jumps" lol!

  8. Machine Red Gaming says:

    I freaking love Bill Nye!

  9. thomas parisi says:

    Stereotypes will ebb and flow along with the traits that are carried via genetics.  Great message Bill. We can contemplate data endlessly, but the immutable truths as to what it means to be human provides the undercurrent in this sea of reasoning.  I believe the truth is here among us..8)

  10. letsomethingshine says:

    The idea of skin color making races or breeds is ridiculous. Breeds can only work through breeding (specifically: inbreeding). This was well explained by Bill Nye, the Science Guy, but apparently overlooked by the racists that still believe that the Imperial Darwinian models of the competition and segregation of breeds is anything meaningful for humanity beyond the desire to inbreed certain qualities into certain groups of people. The barberic word "race" says it all, that we as "breeds" are somehow in some "competition" of species, although we are all the same species. I understand culture is very dear to a lot of people, but that is all it is, minor inbreeding inspired by culture, aka xenophobia. 

  11. Zac6230 says:

    race exists, its not the same as species, humans many races and one species

  12. nenafan1 says:

    Man crush on Bill Nye here.  Loved his show as a kid, love the planetary society, love the bowties….. Keep going Bill, you rock!

  13. Riki says:

    I love it when two of my favorite things come together. 

  14. TheSwamper says:

    I think Bill makes a lot of good points here, but I'm curious to know what the dogs thought.   If any dogs are reading this, please post your comments.

  15. John Reid says:

    "We're all one species."
    In what sense can we be called one "Species"?
    There's something like 20 odd possible definitions for this word in biology, (including "What the scientist says is a species" would you believe.)

    To name just a few…
    1. We can have a genetically/physiologically distinct population as a species, regardless of if they breed with other groups or not.

    2. Said population can not easily breed with other groups.
     A. Cross-breeding impossible.
     B. Cross-breeds possible but are infertile.
     C. Some cross-breeds are fertile but are less likely to do well.

    3.Two or more populations can look and act like each other and even live in the same area, but don't breed together (ever).

    I think scientists tend to use what I've labled meaning 2, but this has not been proven. No one has even attempted to prove (or disprove) this "axiom" as it is seen as "obviously" true, much as the sun "obviously" revolved around the earth 500 years ago.

    I'm not say that Science has failed us, I'm saying that Science simply hasn't thought about this problem yet.

    By the way, the word "Human" seems to have almost as many meanings.

  16. Robert Waltz says:

    Bill is an American Super Hero.
    Before I knew of his love for dogs, he was merely an American Hero.

  17. punkybrewstar83 says:

    There has been debate in my country(NZ) about banning pitbull terriers. They are dogs that you need to train, mainly because they grow large and muscular. I always associate this sort of attitude to racism. Racism, rather than assessing the environment and facts leading to this sort of behavior. People should need a license in order to get a pet- they should have to prove suitability and pass a training and care course, they should be prosecuted for failing to have a license and failing to register any pets in their possession. There should also be higher standards of training and monitoring on farms, both owners and workers.

  18. Reality Check says:

    Ah yes, selective breeding. Aren't dominionists a whole lot of fun? Especially when they deny evolutionary biology and primatology? How about speciesists who believe it is okay to selectively breed other species for consumption while backing it up with pseudoscience?

  19. Scott Justice says:

    I would have hoped that the "the science guy" would know the difference between species and subspecies, breed or race.

  20. Bruce Liu says:

    my hypothesis is,  the floppy ears of foxes and dogs is due to temperature increases to their environment. because the ears is used for ventilation for a lot of animals as well as hearing. 

  21. Alan S says:

    I wish Great Danes lived longer. They have a bunch of inherited health problems.

  22. Martin Willett says:

    This is anti-science and anti-reason. It is a complete strawman that he doesn't even do a good job of demolishing. Race is not species, breed is not species. We know this! Why would anybody expect animals of a different breed of the same species to produce animals of a different species? It is absurd!
    If you take dogs of a different breed and cross them the results will be dogs of neither breed with mixed characteristics. Some characteristics will blend, some will be discrete and either the gene will be present or it won't. Pups from the same litter will have different mixtures. [insert hilarious Fat Freddy's Cat cartoon of the chihuahua and Great Dane cross here] The same happens when people of different races have children, some characteristics blend and some show signs of being there or not there. Typically skin colour is determined by several genes so that skin colour in children is usually intermediate between the two parents, the two families, the two races. Things such as intelligence and temperament are most likely determined (to the extent that such traits are genetically determined) by multiple genes so the results are likely to be intermediate, but only on the average, and no child is average. Every child is a single individual, a single point on a distribution curve. 
    This does nothing to destroy the concept of breed, race or subspecies at all. All it does it damage the reputation of an icon of the public misunderstanding of science. And bowties.

  23. This Account Has Been Closed says:

    Conclusion: Dogs aren't racist.

  24. Arlene Tognetti says:

    Bill Nye is good  ..clear and consise  the BIG THINK is a great series!  thanks!!

  25. Walkertongdee says:

    wtf much about nothing, is this guys 15 minutes up yet?

  26. Leonidas GGG says:

    He fundle up a bit at the end. We are one specie with different races, just like dogs. And just like dogs, races can "interact" with each other cuz the end result will always be the same specie.
    One definition of specie is in fact the ability to "interact". For example: if we find an alien race an can "interact" with them. Then we would have discovered (not only new life) but a new race of human.

  27. Lucus Kane says:

    I hope one day we overcome the obstacles of racism and discrimination, it will be a giant step forward for all.

  28. Nestor Gonzalez says:

    Bill nye, is my hero. I'M glad you have a scientist is talking about this subject. People are beyond stupid and yes many people think because they look different they are different species. Don't believe me look at history and look at your neighbors. They identify themselves as different people [race] as you would identify a different species. This is common upon all cultures and nationality. It's the tribalism ingrained in us I suppose.

  29. Planeswalker123 says:


  30. power status says:

    -for humankind there's really no such thing as race..we are all one species-

  31. KOSAMA GAMES says:

    Yay I'm white now

  32. Temperance Raziel says:

    Bill Nye, stop running from the GMO debate.

  33. anything70sfan says:

    Bill Nye The Humanist Guy has said something I have agreed with! A dog will produce a dog. A human will produce a human. No new creature will ever be made. Thank you Bill Nye for sharing some great stuff.

  34. John Smith says:

    so many comments from people still in denial. if there are races, are you going to make up a new race to describe an "interracial" offspring? what if 2 interracial offspring of 4 different races mated? are you going to make 3 new names for 3 new races? or are you going to call the 3rd generation offspring as 25% of each of the 4 original races? what about the 4th generation from 8 races, 12.5% of each? how do you even know what race or % of races the 1st generation individuals had? what if 1 of them started off with 6.25% race A and 93.75% race B? or will you give up on creating names for the infinite combinations of genes and lump everyone who doesn't fit in your pigeonholes as interracial? and which alleles are you assigning to which race, and how many genes are you going to do this for? and how are you going to handle that the spectra of genotypes and phenotypes overlap in all possible imaginary or physical divisions of human populations? it's completely absurd. to give you another silly, real-world example, one person's definition of a race can be widely divergent from another's. they are all labels of convenience. in apartheid south africa, japanese immigrants were "honorary whites" and chinese immigrants were not. some time later the government said immigrants from several asian countries can be white.

    how hard is it to understand that there are no such things as biologically/scientifically based dog breeds. dog breeds begin when a man or woman decides 1 dog has a desirable appearance. then he/she goes to the local or national kennel club (with measurements of the fur, snout, head height, back height, front leg height, tail length, color pattern ect.) and asks permission to call this appearance a "breed." so they find another dog that looks like it and inbreed the offspring over and over again. the 1st 2 dogs were just normals dogs, normal variation of a single species. all of the "pure" offspring are also just dogs. why wouldn't they be? the most significant effects of the in breeding is just that the offspring now have more recessive genetic diseases. the breed was completely made up, an arbitrarily ideal appearance, similar to some people's desire for an aryan race. there was no biological basis for the breed. some guy just chose a few dozen measurements on superficial phenotypes and called it a breed. he didn't make any special determinations with the 20,000 genes in the canine genome, much less any experiments on the dog's physiology, anatomy, or cell biology. he just eyeballed it and followed it up with a measuring tape. it was just 1 dog that someone wanted more of. imagine if we decided to clone a male and female version of angelina jolie and have their offspring always mate with each other over several hundred years. you can make up a new name for their appearance but they would not  be a new biological or breed. they would simply be human beings who looked alike with each other and their progenitor.

  35. hartmana100 says:

    Your the best bill, just FYI your the best part of my education childhood.

  36. College Atheist says:

    The argument he is trying to address is fundamentally a political one; the use of genealogy to justify apartheid in classes of people. Species may be the same, but the genealogical code allows for very different kinds (or breeds) of organisms that may or may not be beneficial to its ultimate goal of surviving and thriving to repopulate (or  "cuteness" as they co-evolve with our selective preferences in the case of dogs). Our inherit qualities are not under attack by "equality", however, and I think he is right on how we should treat our classification of organisms as just that; classifications. The notion that genealogy can justify use of individual power over other humans is a undemocratic idea, and Platonism (and Nazism) is a lesser philosophy because of it. 

  37. Sean Last says:

    Nye's comments suggest that he isn't familiar with what biologists have written about race. Yes, we are all members of the same species. But at least since Darwin wrote The Decent of Man most biologists have held that human races are subspecies. So us all being members of the same species does not show that human races don't exist. 

  38. MrMegaPussyPlayer says:

    Every time I see this guy I always expect that he is jumping in his Tardis at the end of the video.

  39. Brad Parent says:


  40. Adrian Glass says:

    But cats will inherit the world.

  41. Matt Harden says:

    "Bill Nye argues in favor of Creationists", should be the title.

  42. Creationcreed says:

    Nye explanation is more of a Creationist View?…Yeeeahbut, creationist do not believe that the first friendlier dog ancester and a human interacted(intercourse) to create a new species(yes he said that, rewind the tape). Evolution is was already ridiculous, but this, even more crazy. A Real empiricist who seeks evidence of evolution will never find it, only what the creationist say are a reflection of reality. There hasn't been one piece of evidence for evolution, I mean concrete evidence, not the speculations-stuff "might have" "could have", and there are no intermediates between one kind of animal to a completely different animal. I spoken to countless evolution supports and seen so many evolution biologist explain how evolution works(it is only a explanation of a mechanism, but not proof), books as well. Nothing.

  43. Mrb Welch says:

    Bill Nye didn't discuss evolution.  He just just used the word evolution.  He gave zero evidence of anything evolutionary.  He just assumed from the beginning that dogs evolved from some wolf or other critter because it neatly fit into his pre-conceived notion.  The foxes he referred to were were all bred with foxes of similar traits (calm disposition) and they got ones with more of that trait. ..again not evolution of the species but encouraging a trait that was already there.  The foxes are still foxes.  Dogs are still dogs and wolves still wolves.  That's what the evidence shows…real science. Their genes have not changes  As soon as someone starts talking about evolution they inevitablly go right away from the facts that Greggor Mendell's work showed…that traits are passed on from parents, not made up because of the will. Nye did not explain how dogs evolved from early human-wolf interactions anymore than he showed that there aren't different races of people and breeds of dogs.  Of course all dogs are the same species but you're trying to tell me that there is no difference between a poodle and a wolfhound? They are not different breeds?

  44. Al Senior says:

    Bill, I patiently listened to your speech to the very end, hopeful in hearing of something I had not heard before or of which I was not aware.  But, to my disappointment, there was no message of substance.  What are you trying to say that is not common knowledge?

  45. Seb Rozo says:

    bill nye knows the truth

  46. Max says:

    Evolution is a hoax people, wake up!

  47. Protector of the Republic says:

    Nobody said different races are different species, but merely different types of variations of a species, exactly like the variation of dog breeds. Bie Nye you are a dumbass. Stop pushing onto us the moronic PC agenda that there's no such thing as races.

  48. Protector of the Republic says:

    Yeah right, races don't exist. We're all just the same, no different types of genetic differences. Just look at a Norwegian and a Pygmy. How much dumb do you need to be to say they're exactly the same. They aren't. Saying someone is of a different race never meant that you're saying that person isn't human. Just that they're of a different type of genetic variation. Saying mixing races makes for healthier people is moronic because we look the way we do because we adapted to our environment. A black man living in Scandinavia will have a serious vitamin D deficiency, whereas a white man living in Africa will be more in danger of skin cancer. The examples our countless. We adapted to our environment, which led to different sets of variations.Stop spreading the PC bullshit Bill. 

  49. AnytimeMinutes says:

    Another lesson to be learned. Cats suck

  50. JonBall44 says:

    Here's a question.  

    How have humans changed since becoming masters of dogs?  Or have we changed at all?

  51. SuperMegaUltraPigeon says:

    I'm quite liberal but this video is too liberal, Bill, your a scientist who is denying actual genetic differences?

  52. D3VIL504 says:

    I like when he says "it is the coolest thing "

  53. Animurh says:

    If we're all humans than why don't we all look the same and speak the same languages? Oh right that's the goal for the New World Order. Bill Nye the fake science guy can go shill for oil corps some more, fuck off.

  54. Firstutubewatcher says:

    There truly is no such thing as a biological racial class.  If you can't understand what Bill Nye is talking about then read these two article because they do indeed discuss the matter clearly. and

  55. a a says:

    I came here to learn about dogs, but all I got was racemixing propaganda. He's also being disingenuous about mutts. Sometimes there are health risks when you mix breeds, go ahead and "ask any veterinarian".

  56. Graham O'Shaughnessy says: got it solved for ya Bill! We now know with sufficient DNA evidence that dogs are descended from not modern wolves but a predecessor in the Canis family before wolves that went extinct (For whatever reasons) . For a time there was a debate because there is genetic evidence for wolves in all dogs, this is probably due to heavy inbreeding of wolves and dogs thanks to a common ancestor that they share. In fact, dogs closest relatives are in fact, other dogs, thanks to the idea of the so called 'pure blood' ideology.Dogs are dogs and when specific genes are kept within a genetic pool those dogs share a lot in common. It also can be shown with sufficient evidence that mongrel dogs fair better because of the diversity to the gene pool. It's amazing to see what DNA evidence is pulling up! Stay curious.

  57. ChampionGold says:

    "And so, man created dog, and they were the perfect pairing"-canis lupus, 1:27

  58. howard lanphier says:

    Wow I didn't realize how old he has gotten…..

  59. xander mills says:

    There is only one race, humans, we all derived from one common ancestor just like dogs, we are different looking in some places because we adapted to our environment, the word race didn't exist until 18 hundreds by people who wanted a word that could back up slavery, different race was a exude for slavery saying " we'll African Americans are a different race so we don't have to treat them equally" you see, saying the word racist is dumb because you don't know where it derived from. I say the word race used as describing humans shouldn't exist, because we are all the same.

  60. Row Deo says:

    I love Bill. I was studying his bone structure just now and wondered if he could play Abe Lincoln if he decided to act.

  61. Asrat Mengesha says:

    Wolves should not give birth to dogs because the dogs have to do that.
    No. they just could not become that weird descendant? Why? because the wolves have to exist as wolves, wolves should not convert to dogs or wolves should not give birth to dogs, because dogs have to do that?
    So, from this example we can see that all kinds of animal species are unconnected to the other species ( example: elephants are elephants and Camels are Camels and the two have no common ancestor.)
    What is the problem if one is evolving from the other????- they become the same, indistinguishable.

  62. andrew peters says:

    Why did he jump from dogs to humans like that though lol I thought that was pretty funny..  foxes "interacting with" wolves = Japanese woman jumping the afican guy…    hahaha

  63. Adam Hollis says:

    So the way we domesticated foxes does this indicate how wolves became dogs.

  64. William dabill says:

    how many generaations does it take to domesticate a fox

  65. Laura Robinson says:

    Boring Monotone. I love dogs and hoped to learn something, but he's putting me to sleep instead.

  66. Which Way Western Man says:

    I think you're right Bill. I know you got a degree in Mechanical Engineering so that makes you a great source on evolution/biology despite not studying it so that's the first thing. Secondly, I too think it is a horrible policy our police and firefighters have of only using dogs that can actually save us from a burning building or have the mental capacity to do work for us is RACISM. Chihuahuas should be fire rescue dogs too! Let's support quotas to make this happen.

  67. Trevor Miranda says:

    "Japanese woman jumping the African guy." Bill, you've killed me.

  68. Mastodon says:

    You can't deny the Nye!!!

  69. SamSung says:

    What a charlatan…

  70. Eli Malinsky says:

    The idea of race is a social construct, it does not exist in the real world.
    When biologists talk about race they talk about genetic variations within a population group and inter-population groups. In humans, genetic variation within a single population group (who live in the same geographic area) is very very small, and in inter-population groups (the global human population) is only "very" small.

    When the general population talk about race, they usually take common appearance traits such as facial features, skin tone and hair texture. The genes that govern external appearance are far smaller in number than the genes that govern lactose tolerance, metabolism of certain foods, immunity to certain disease, blood oxydation level etc.
    Genes governing "invisible" traits overlap between populations that look different to us in appearance.
    There is a thing called "gene flow" and what it means is that humans migrate from place to place all the time and mix their genes with other populations. Unless you're from the North Sentinel islands or some uncontacted tribe in the mountains of New Guinea, chances are you harbor genes mixed from other population groups in the last 10,000 years.

    Skin tone is governed by a single gene that instructs how much melanin the skin must produce. This gene is easily prone to mutation and the natural selection for skin tone is tied to the amount of vitamin D to be synthesized from UV radiation versus the protection needed for UV radiation

  71. BARBATVS 89 says:

    It's Bill Nye, the sci-fi guy. Dogs are still dogs. "But wait a million years." If evolution had no limits, then a race would be potentially a step to an intellectually superiour species, which of course is what racist Darwin and company believed. Wishful thinking isn't science.

  72. Edward M Tirone says:

    Bill Nye the Fudge Pack Guy is a puppet of the New World Order.

  73. Eric W says:

    Bill just lost a ton of credibility with this video. Dumbing down the difference between breeds of dogs and equating that to races of human is one of the most wrong suggestions I've head ever.

    Nice try Bill, not sure how much you got paid to do this but it won't fool many. Any dog owner knows of the differences in intelligence, hearing, scent tracking, and size that makes them far from the same thing. Humans are the same way with easily demonstrable statistics showing differences between the races in a wide range of measurements.

  74. FlowB3ats says:

    Im doing this at school _,

  75. Phronesis89 says:

    His logic is not sound

  76. Javax3000 says:

    @2:18 is the key

  77. TheMasterSlasher says:

    Wow, I am glad Bill Nye was here to extinguish all doubt; we're all human so therefore we are all the same, just as all dogs are the same, despite different breeds varying greatly in size, intelligence, and temperament. Who the hell is claiming that "races" are a different species? His "thought-provoking" insight is one that everyone already knows: we are all human and we can all produce offspring. Riveting.

  78. Jeremy Lynes says:

    RE the domesticated foxes that became dog like due to genetic expression of altered consciousness (kindness over apathy) I have a question regarding evolution….. How does consciousness effect this necessary mutation in Darwinian terms?

  79. Joshua Eckhardt says:

    Great Danes can mate with Daschunds?!? Prove it "Science" guy.

  80. copudesado says:

    A third lesson from dogs:

    It is beyond any type of dispute that dog breeds have VASTLY different capacities. Some dogs are clearly more intelligent. Some are clearly more capable of training. Some are clearly more violent.

    I find it almost impressive that this comment section manages not to get it.

  81. P33G33B33D33 says:



  82. PeeGee BeeDee says:

    2:39 No, Bill, You Get Something Unlike Either Of Its Parents And If That Something Reproduced With Another Animal Unlike Either Of Its Parents And This Continues On Generation After Generation They Might Be On Their Way To Becoming A New Species!

  83. Shxxk says:

    My version of his theme song " Bill Nye the SAVAGE guy!"

  84. Brass 'n Barrels Firearms Channel says:

    no bill we can tell by skeleton, what race people are. Human DNA also shows us different. And hybrid humans are LESS HEALTHY

  85. PeeGee BeeDee says:

    I'm Not A Dog. I'm A Dinosaur.

  86. PeeGee BeeDee says:

    I Like You're Dry Humor, Bill, But You're Sadly Mistaken About Dog Breeds And Human Races.

  87. Raik0Ame says:

    Well I love you Bill Nye

  88. dfdfdgg gjhjjh says:

    Because Europe and America are the same as Africa. Look a list of inventions by race. Bill Nye is a straight up cultural marxist. If the frankfurt school jews could create a human in a test tube it would be Bill Nye.

  89. dfdfdgg gjhjjh says:

    You have Charles Barkely and a dolphin interacting and jumping each other, you get a mammal. Its no new thing its just a mammal. A mammal is a mammal is a mammal. A squirrel impregnates a victoria secret model. Its just another mammal.

  90. D31MOS says:


  91. Tom Mathew says:

    I like how you started with "all types of dogs are dogs" and ended with all human beings are the same. Yet we look at each other the way we do dogs.

  92. Yeimy Caballero says:

    I have a canine

  93. Jacob Spoloshion says:


  94. puffykilled2pac says:

    This is such an idiotic argument. Might as well say there's no difference between plant types. So damn dumb.

  95. Catherine Callahan says:

    Yeah, it's true, there's no such thing as race. But, the effects of racism are very real.

  96. Patrick Henry says:

    A dog is just a dog.

    But if you race a greyhound vs any other dog, 1000000 times out of 1000000, the greyhound wins the race.

    You fight a pit bull vs a corgi, 1000000 times out of 1000000, the pit bull wins the fight.

    Chihuahuas can't pull an Iditarod sled, let alone in snow and ice.

    Breed, race, subspecies, all the same. And different subspecies have different specialties. To say otherwise is to ignore reality for political correctness and protecting other's feelings.

  97. Jody Sams says:

    My favourite dog it the gray wolf

  98. Doug H. in VA says:

    He is no science guy… he is a TV announcer with a bowtie and manufactured persona and a liberal agenda. He is not a scientist of any sort… he's just another TV talker. Listen to top-level rehabbers of dangerous dogs to learn how dogs and people with dogs REALLY are. Start with Larry Krohn or Tyler Muto.

  99. Stefan Armas says:

    Can we say ''interact'' on Big Think – and the hooked up and jumping on bombs were released 😀

  100. Adam Everett says:

    This guys a real cheese dick

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