BILLIONAIRE SNOW FORT IGLOO! 24 Hour Challenge – Secret Tunnels & Underground 📦⛄️

all right go do the entrance here we go
check it out yeah it’s like a whole new world what’s going on everyone its Papa
Jake and we are back with a brand new video and we are outside in the freezing
cold snow except there’s actually kind of beautiful out it’s a snow day Logan
who’s been canceled and if you’re watching this no matter where you live
it is a snow day for you so tell your mom and dad you’re not going to school
today or tomorrow because it’s a snow day Jake what if they live in a sunny
place like Arizona well then you tell them it’s still a snow day cuz snow is
on the way because guys we are outside in front of our billionaires snow for
which you guys may have seen before in our videos it’s Logan is smacking
Logan the snow didn’t do anything to you that snow has done nothing to you why
you got to be mean to the snow this is a solid sheet of ice that is an ice sheet
of ice if I’ve ever seen a sheet of ice oh that’s pretty cool
do that this is for hockey Alton making song okay Logan’s making snow angels
what a beautiful snow angel Logan alright so guys as of right now the fort
has been well not touched in a while and if you guys have seen our last videos
you know that this thing is fully decked out it has so much potential I mean we
have running water we have electricity all of which we can hook up outside here
and if you go in the front door here it’s like an old rustic cabin that no
one’s been in this is uh this is the inside right now so it’s uh it’s not
looking too amazing I’m gonna admit it’s definitely not a billionaire for that I
want and the floor has ice on it literally ice so what we decided is we
are going to today be upgrading this fort and making it a true billionaire
fort we’re gonna redo the I are carpet and make sure it’s
waterproof so it can’t get wet at all we’re also going to increase our seating
so we’re gonna have three new heaters in here to make it toasty warm and most
importantly and probably be coolest addition we’re gonna be making to the
fort we are going to be making a secret ice tunnel through this door here which
you can’t really see because it’s full of snow but we are going to be making a
secret ice tunnel out of a massive pile of snow that we piled up that guy’s last
night it snowed a bunch and we piled all of this snow so we could make an amazing
igloo tunnel mother nature came she said Papa Jake I got you here’s some building
materials so we’re gonna hollow this out I’m thinking we start here and have a
tunnel that goes all the way over there I don’t know if you guys can see this on
the camera but over here is the biggest area it’s extremely wide so I’m thinking
about hollowing out this entire thing and turning it into like a really super
awesome chill area we can also keep like our food and drinks in there so it stays
cold and you’ll make it like a nice hotel or something like that want to
play hockey broke our neighbors fence alright well the two main things on the
list today guys are we’re gonna completely redo the flooring in the main
part of the four and make it toasty warm and then we have to do the extreme job
of tunneling out this entire thing and hollowing it into an epic egg glue new shoots he’s gone and of course guys
if you are brand new to the channel and you never want to miss an epic video
like this be sure to scroll down below smack that Bell butt and hit that
subscribe button and comment hashtag and you guys will be in the squad it will be
picking a member at the end of the video to give a massive shout-out to and of
course guys don’t forget to smack that like button if he wants to keep
expanding this fort we still want to do it we still have the capabilities we
still have a ton of winter left I think a two-story snow fort would be insane
so if we crush him you know if we crush 40,000 likes so we will turn this into a
two-story snow for it but for right now we need to start
getting working on this tunnel here and we also need to start working on the
main fort so it can be toasty warm because Suns going down and it’s getting
cold I cannot get over this look we have one massive sheet of ice two massive
sheets of ice no one can get into our tunnel it is fully protected windows we
hollow out to these you can see through the light will come in hashtag
ice windows snow could be dangerous we can use this for support I’m thinking
the entrance to our epic tunnel starts here and we just keep digging all the
way so we hit the four oh yeah guys do not try do not try and build a snow
tunnel what am I trying to say Jake to build a snow tunnel it is very dangerous
to do what we’re about to do so do not try it at home we’ll grab a shovel
we got digging to do and the snow tunnel has begun whoo it’s
looking good so far this is looking at fit we’re gonna build the tunnel all the
way inside the warm cozy for hey how’s it going in there the mole of mine
shafts hope you dig it snow lots of it in there if we were looking for snow
Logan well we’re rich guys I cannot wait to start adding lights this tunnel may
be putting like a little refrigerator in there store some drinks and some candy
it’s gonna be like a nice hotel because we just added some wooden panels
to the door to make it look like a proper entrance to a snow fort pretty
awesome patching it in right now and Jake’s can fully into that tunnel alright guys so check this out I’ve been
working on the entrance for quite some time now Logan is currently working on
the main Ford getting the roof ready guys check this out so you come in here
it’s nowhere near done I did not realize how long and how hard it would be to
actually dig out all the snow the biggest problem is the fact that once
you dig the snow you got to back out and get all of it out but just take a look
at this I got my little trusty light here which is freezing everything is
freezing it’s getting really cold but we got a lot of space in here
it’s looking pretty good and I’ve also found the fort over there you can kind
of see a little bit of wood so I still got a ton of shoveling to do but just a
quick update for you guys check out the inside of our fort we have officially
tarped the floor and it is looking very sweet but guys this has an important
purpose in our last attempt to do this for it we just put a carpet down but so
much water got in from the ground and it soaked the carpet and then it froze so
now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put a tarp down so no water gets through
and then put another carpet on top of this so we can come in with our shoes
off have a nice warm space with our heaters and this will actually become a
liveable winter shelter so now all we got to do is clear the space roll out
our carpets and we’re good to go so I just kind of realized I’m probably gonna
need Jake’s help to do the carpet so let’s go check on what he’s doing
Jake Jake how’s the tunnel coming nice turn down we’ve been going far and deep
having left hearing Oh Jake we’ve been out here for quite some time
even though then I just digging digging digging there’s more snow more snow come
check this out dude this is insanely large and we’re not even complete yet
I’ve been doing a little bit of work on kind of you know smoothing it out
Linnet and stuff like that isn’t a glue it is literally an egg dude look how far
the entrances for when we started that is not so we still have a lot of room
that we can dig this way and we can still dig up a little bit and get a
little bit more height in here but guys we can put drinks in there we could put
food in here anything we want and we can store it in here and with Logan’s new
system we have a super warm comfy place and then a cold chill place so we had a
little bit of an issue here Hayek cave did your boy Papa Jake almost got
covered in snow which is why we said do not try this at home because exactly
what we said happened although I was able to get out and I patched it with
some wood so now it is a comfy sitting area it’s really just gonna sit here and
chill now we still have lights in here we still don’t have LEDs or anything
like that and we still have not made obviously like drink shells or food
shelves go right into the eglee now you can go out of course the main entrance
or you can go back into the cozy for come out the front here you just gotta
kind of shimmy your way out it’s a really small entrance huh the entrance
to the cave okay dude it’s so sick technically speaking as we get more snow
guys and of course if you guys liked this video and you want us to keep
making these and keep expanding the fort we could cover the entire fort in snow
imagine an entrance like this and only having that little secret door to get
into the main area and then the second story with a gaming room all Logan I’m
getting I’m getting ahead of myself here I wanted to keep building the whole
night it’s a real-life Minecraft this is probably the coolest thing i’ve ever
been in here so we can definitely still go
another foot and then I’m thinking we had to use the ice window yeah
massive ice windows here so we turn these into Windows cuz we have it on
both sides as we get more snow we just keep piling on Logan we keep building we
make a snow fortress we do still have a lot to do I got to keep digging in the
mind and Logan you need to put the carpet down take I’m gonna need your
health for the car okay well let’s go get the fuzzy wuzzy carpet and put it in
there and maybe I could use a little bit of time outside of the mine it’s kind of
getting cold ah it’s freezing out freezing got our brand new carpet the
number one new rule with the carpet is shoes off before you get in the fourth
so there’s no my hand is freezing that’s going oh it’s so much warmer in here well guys we did it we have our carpet
and now I can put my feet up against the heater and be toasty warm for an outside
winter for it this is so cozy there we go now you wouldn’t even know if I’m
outside finally we can make sure that this thing stays dry and does not get
wet because we’ve got our insulation and technically guys we didn’t remove the
other carpet or the wood that’s underneath us so below us right now is
carpet installation carpet would Brown well I think it looks amazing it does
look great and guys of course we do make a second story the upstairs can have its
own place and not only do we have a sick carpet but if you don’t you know like
the fuzzy wuzzy stuff you can go through here okay and we actually left this
place for a week it got really really cold in here so all of my running water
I don’t notice this the pipes froze really bad so we’re gonna need to reheat
up the entire fort in order to get those working again but before we couldn’t get
it warm enough I think right now with the installation we have the new carpet
and the new heater this thing is gonna be like as warm as inside a house it’s
not even better next day and we thought we would go ahead and check out what the
snow fort looks like in the bright beautiful Sun it’s really bright it’s
extremely bright outside but luckily we’ve got our own little shelter over
there the only thing is it’s across this mass of ice palm which we thought Winnie you only start at nighttime and it was
plain emergency last night and I’m really excited to see how it held up so
let’s have the car go first Oh the car made it in still have not hollowed it
out completely there’s still a lot more to do and if we get worse no okay we can
still expand on it but why don’t we get inside and see what it looks like and
there goes Jake into the fort all right go do the engines here we go
you know it’s like a whole new world inside this snow is actually insane you
can see like kind of outside to the light it’s like we’re leaving need
lights in here it’s not even like this is like thin either it’s actually really
thick like this is like a foot maybe two feet
no but the light is still getting through guys let us know in the comments
what you guys think we should do with this awesome
ice igloo I don’t know yeah guys you wants to expand this maybe turn into
like a gaming area I mean technically it’s warm we could even put down like a
like a carpet or something so the grounds lot cold I mean we could expand
it obviously if we got more snow but I’m also thinking we could turn this entire
fort into a billionaire for it and actually survive out here for twenty
five ninety so tell I’m ICEHOTEL Jay you said guys let us know down below and be
sure to smack that like button let’s try and crush 20,000 likes to continue this
and keep adding on to our epic Ford and guys remember do not try this at home
course guys do not forget to join the squad
hit the subscribe button and hit the bell bow button comment hat so you never
miss a brand new epic video like this but of course this has been Papa Jake
has it been Papa Jake though husband Bob Jake and I guess it’s also been Logan
we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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