Billy the Beagle – Why Ex-Lab Animals Need a Second Chance

Meet Billy the Beagle. Billy was rescued
from the Valley Animal Research Center when it closed down in 2011 he was used
as a breeding dog whose puppies were used for research in New Zealand
thousands of animals are used in New Zealand every year for research testing
or teaching a large portion of these don’t ever get a life out of the lab
these animals are euthanized once they’re seen as no longer useful by
schools universities companies or researchers lucky for Billy he is one of
the rare few who were given a second chance His favorite thing to do this to get the
empty toilet roll off the toilet roll holder if he sees one sitting there he
will sit by it and cry and cry until somebody gets it if he can’t get to it
himself and then with great excitement he runs off with it and has a good chew. He love’s a
bit of rough-and-tumble with a toy especially with his dad when he gets
home and he’s just the most affectionate loving do. He just loves to sit and have
a cuddle. Billy now lives with a loving family who couldn’t imagine their lives
without him now. We want to give more animals in Aotearoa
a life like Billy, a life outside of a laboratory. We have asked our government
to create a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals. This would mean
that places using animals for animal experimentation would have to at least
try and rehome animals before euthanizing them. This would create a
much needed incentive for these facilities to give animals like Billy a
second chance. MPs in the primary production select committee will be
deciding on whether or not to make this change, we hope they make the right
decision and let more animals experience the type of love and kindness that Billy
has. Do the right thing New Zealand give more animals like Billy Hope, say yes to
a mandatory retirement policy and let them live out of the labs.

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