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Biscuit the French Bulldog mix is on his
way to San Diego to meet his new family and Taylor, the Blunt’s eight-year-old
daughter, has been busy making preparations. I always wanted to be a vet
and I made Biscuit his own special little place. She even wrote him his own
song. Every morning when I open my eyes, I always wonder when you’re coming home. When I go to bed I think about you and when I smile I miss you. Guess who’s home? Biscuit! Kid’s come here. The minute I walked in the house, the entire family surrounded Biscuit, for
the kids it was an especially exciting moment in their lives because it’s their
first dog, we all remember our first dog. Everybody was so excited to see him
finally and he was so cute Taylor is especially smitten. Look he’s smiling! I think he’s a sweetie pie and the best dog I’ve ever seen. So what’s your plans with him?
What’s the first thing you’re gonna do with him? Go swimming. You want to go swimming with your dog? Yay! All right you lead the way, come on. The work for me wasn’t done yet, Biscuit still had one more thing to prove and that’s locating the pool exits.
If he can’t, I’m either not leaving or he’s leaving with me. This right here
is my target area that is the exit because you look around that’s the only
way he can get out he can’t get out over there, can’t get out over there. All right now watch, find the steps. All the way out, all the way out, good boy. Come here. Biscuit shakes off his nerves and no
matter where Brandon releases him he finds his way out. There we go good boy. To him, it’s all gravy. Once I saw he could swim it was one of
the most amazing things that I’d ever seen. I was like I get him now he’s my baby.
What do you think, Taylor? You think he’s graduated? Yes. What do they get when they graduate? Green collar. Put that on him, make it official. Congratulations, your dog has graduated. I think that it meant a lot to Taylor to put on the green collar. He’s
all yours. You gonna take care of him? Mhm, thank you. I know you will, you’re welcome. Bye Biscuit. Thank you. You’re welcome.

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  1. Patrick Haggerty says:

    Touching episode but then again I am touched by every episode. Thanks Brandon and Lucky Dog!

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