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i’ve got 1007, 1007 pages. 1006… 1007… 1006… 1007… i looked into it today. look. i’m looking. faggots, they cut down. 6? fuck. why was it 7 last time? there is …ummm in one thousand pages; faggot, son of a bitch, incredible man, son of a bitch, faggot, we grew up with him, extraordinary, faggot, son of a bitch, damn it, incredible man, may he always be with us, son of a bitch, it keeps going like this. looking at this does not mean anything after a while. but when you do something, the input that you get from there becomes a valuable one. so are we good? how much can we reach? blah blah blah. actually it may be considered as communication reference, as a feedback. you know those types; they come, and they complain about everything at the table. they say this is bad. you ask them where to go, they say i don’t know. this is what pops up in people mind when you say ekşi people. but i mean when you look at them, they are just normal people. i mean the stereotype of ekşi people, they like to share the negative sides of the things they see in the life. ekşifest from 2014, it was ekşifest i guess the organization group wants selda bağcan on stage a few people, including me, objected, whats selda bağcan anyway? people from sözlük don’t like selda bağcan and stuff. when they disclosed that selda bağcan will be on stage it is written in the sözlük, the writers were like, whats that? are you high on acid? who is selda bağcan? are you nuts? what does her to do with ekşifest? they whipped a lot. so they did it that year and next year selda bağca was at primavera, in barcelona. this is the real artist. we could not appreciate her. she is not known in turkey but she’s kind of something in europe blah blah. she is perfect, amazing etc etc they are brutally praising her. dude, you had her last year at ekşi sözlük festival dragged her over the coals. you needed to see her in barcelona to understand her value? indeed, this is the description of sözlük people for me. is not coincidentally actually, 1999s the years when ekşi sözlük was launched. generally talking it was a peace, a softening, a pacification period in the world. knowledge was flooding. meanwhile people were not so sure about their knowledge they were questioning everything, even themselves. in order to catch öcalan 6.7 earthquake on marmara obviously, we didn’t have internet access like now. it was totally limited. you connect from 145 by keeping busy the land line. so using the land line like 15-20 minutes per day this is how we used to get access to internet. that’s why when i was about to post my first entries i didn’t do them at computer. firstly i write down everything i edited them nicely, i organized myself like which of them i was going to post and then i finally posted them. i mean it was not like i could spend a lot of time online i don’t have the chance to post and delete them directly this is how i start to post my first entries and i became a writer. and after that, after it happened that world directly absorbed me. there wasn’t any turkish content at that time. even english content was limited especially on the popular culture, there was nothing online, so i guess that ekşi sözlük filled a lot that gap at the time. i mean you can’t find such a dictionary (sözlük) on a guitar, photo, camera, pipe brand, tobacco, a condition, a thought. for example, one time i got happy on this one i don’t even know why i did something like this but one day i just found this book with all of these vodka cocktails. and for an entire week i posted all the cocktails from that book. after years, i guess 6 years later or something like that this guy became a bartender so when he first started he searched my entries he took the prints out or something like that or he saw them he prepared something and thanked. so i quite remember this one i mean it’s so silly, in my world there were not much alike people. metal lovers, rejecting certain standards with different world concepts different perspectives, like minded people. honestly, you could not pick up one of them on the street. you would say that the nice thing about ekşi sözlük is not about looking and having knowledge about something. and i am quoting you wanna find a buddy on something someone with similar knowledge and experience or you want somebody who wants to get to know or to experience. when i go to ekşi sözlük i see that these people they are talking my language. i can even say that i idolized them a bit. you get pieces from everyone you learn about music from someone some movies from some other one you learn and got something from everybody. and you have minds alike shared curiosity and even many other new things you got speeded access to these things. i mean on something on a condition, they are posting a lot. the posters are rattled. if there will be no grumble if someone is not going to lynch me if there is no opposition, no interest so this means that you have to be clever there are some posts about this if that entry is not true in the following entry it will be impugned or corrected. now, this is very important this is actually a nice outcome of being a platform. the topics discussed in there i mean because the hot topics were on mostly on negative things, because the culture at that times was a more criticism based one, in some aspects. the talks made in that commune interaction created in there was an opponent one. there is no praise at ekşi sözlük it is, if you really deserve it. therefore having this true feedback from sözlük platform, it was very valuable to me and i like that a lot, some didn’t. i didn’t ask for removing of any of entries, instead i received a lot of proposal to have the entries removed, from people you would never guess and i like that these dudes don’t go by their real names they are trying to explain me something, to give a message by that name to give a message. my thoughts on anonymity, i want to express them anonymously. they say that behind that nickname you are swearing yes, that’s right too. there is something like this but even if you use your real identity, even if it is not anonym, your persona in there is already different. there is this ekşi sözlük persona you created in there, who get applauses or hate of the people, whatever. it is already a different persona from you. people from ekşi sözlük they thought they are in a place where they really can say what they want speak freely as long as they are not committing a crime. they thought they are in a simulation. it was like 2008, 2009 when the reality of turkey blow up in ekşi sözlük’s face. the reaction ekşi sözlük got from the people, and to me is not directly to ekşi sözlük itself, the confrontation with reality of turkey the reaction, everyone knows, they were picking on everyone. they are picking on me, on mehmet ali, on ajda güliz, everyone. sneaky, ratty children… night rats, snakes, if you are talking about ekşi sözlük this is a serious disrespect judge ekşi sözlük the valley of bulldogs there are insult like things in these dictionaries, insults, defamations yeah… but when this happens, i will be on you, with laws i won’t laugh away, why should i do that if they insult i will call out interventions are needed against these things why can’t anything be done to that website i don’t get this. on 40 posters of that website 6 months to 1 year imprisonment was asked remember, there was this thing about to shutdown ekşi sözlük. lets say that they look on twitter, or instagram, or on some other place, whatever. facebook something. and there is something on them they say the post on them immediately after that you are blocking, deleting blah blah but hey you can’t do that on ekşi sözlük. weird, right? you read in there it calls you stupid beep do it. beep remove it. beep block it. nope, it stays there so they get angry they say they wrote this and that, asking who is posting like that in ekşi sözlük something, so and so, something. they are like let’s say that, lets remove that something… they went to faith altaylı, they took on a lot with ekşi and continuously requested the identity disclosure. because their identities were not disclosed, because they didn’t disclose the identities the ekşi people were again called (in quotes) cowardice they were blamed for hiding behind those masks. the obsession about knowing the real name, the rulership wanting to make you to talk… therefore, it is related to them wanting to make you intervenable. in this sense anonymity is also something politic. adnan oktar is the most taker on dictionary (sözlük) because he could not pass himself on it this is how adnan oktar works he follows the entries on himself he scares you with lawsuits and tries to squeeze money he wanted one thousand lira something from my friends. secondly, adnan oktar is wonderful, is extraordinary this kind of entries. praising adnan oktar this is what they wanted. they turned it into an income channel. meanwhile they are removing the negative entries on them long years of suing the sözlük. all the lawsuits were turned down but the mobbing finally, they realized that they wont get any results like this they can’t do it over the sözlük, they contrived to sue the sözlük writers. in 2011, 41 or what? maybe even more writers were sued one of them is me the sözlük was shutdown, some people because of what they wrote were referred to court. some people removed the headers, the entries… in this sense ekşi sözlük, in terms of internet censorship and at the point of having original content online was in the middle of many events. someone was disturbed, they reported you the government the judicial authorities may request an answer to this they ask you to say who is that and you stand before them full dressed and explain yourself to prosecutor i was trying to say this actually i was trying to say that actually now, if only everything would work ideally and if only the illegal things would be reported it can be understandable to a point, you don’t have to blank one someone mother, sister. you told something that the guy doesn’t like and that guy will do everything possible to put you in trouble. because you irritated someone, although you didn’t commit a crime and in an environment where you are trying not to annoy people of course, the freedom of though is not on the table. this is not about censorship, there is censorship everywhere in this world. the this is that with censorship you develop an extraordinary creativity. living along with censorship the ekşi sözlük people do the most of it already. firstly everyone gets the insult i mean it’s the easiest thing to get. if it is discussed they swear to us, hiding behind the “nickname” etc then while these discussions go one the people really gradually understand that the ones speaking on this platform are different. both people and the legists, as far as i see recently understood it, due to ekşi i mean an important function of ekli sözlük; was the training of internet law and legists in turkey. now we have this surveillance law in addition to censorship. this means that new laws to monitor and look into things that users do to develop adequate technologies to that end were enforced. especially those who organized the activities on law no 5661 were people with very different views it was a quite colorful march i never see such a colorful march in turkey other than the legbt pride marches. it was really beautiful. indeed, one of the most beautiful things i remember in the history one of the organizations in turkey. there was a section of ekşi sözlük called “sub-etha”. it still is there, it can be accessed from here too things like “ekşibition” and such. people are sharing their own photos or the photos that they take. i guess that people are learning things from these and they think that ekşi sözlük do good for them because they feel urged to do something for that place without income expectation. for example what do we have to follow these summits there was this module. a community called soursummitz the summits were organized there. when soursummits was somehow closed a gap occurred it was like people wanted to have summits, but they could not do it. talking on it 6degreesunder and me took initiative. initially he came up with this. let’s do an initiative called limon it is called zirve takip (summit following) and it organized 90s turkish pop parties currently. it came out from sözlük actually, for years there is this beer and mussel summit movie exhibitions, there were more back in time but now … when you go turkish cinema lovers will play turkish cinema movies. there was a team playing festival movies, you go with them, talk about that. there are photography gatherings, the attendees are taking photos it was more like there is this summit, lets go to this one etc rather than lets do this, lets go to cinema, lets go to theater this is how we used to see each other back than how we used to meet people. sub communities among the sub cultures of ekşi sözlük came out some are still active today. ekşi teker is one of these for example, it is very popular. ekşi teker is a place where only the ekşi sözlük writers can entry. since 2012 on each thursday they meet on european side and asian side alternately. a family like environment we became people who on holidays come together and go on vacations. there are people who get married, had children supporting each other on business matters, it is an extraordinary place if you know how to make use of it. for approximately ten years i spent my sundays in moda, in the sunday league of ekşi sözlük. for example, this is one of my biggest fears when i am thinking about moving abroad and stuff. i won’t be able to play in the sunday league. “what i am gonna do then” because it is really nice no arbiters can enter into the field here. the arbiter is the inside players… this develops the auto control mechanism. this is behind what got this league to almost its 20th year. therefore there is no problem when you pledge the people’s sundays. everyone is quite content of spending the entire day here and we also see each other outside the field too… there are 3 weeks between our kids we meet with families we had children by 3 weeks apart. we will make our children to meet each other too. lets put it like this: my friend from whom i buy my weekend coffee is from this league, my sport coach is from this league, my financial consultant is from this league all my friends from whom i receive legal consultancy are from this league. everything we are looking for, everything we need to live our lives we found it in here. it a materially and morally fulfilling environment. the culture presented by ekşi sözlük is again behind of this. it has a huge advantage in establishing the internet culture in turkey. it provided for an internet slang to be born, the research culture, how to research where to find things people learnt these through ekşi sözlük. in changing the media in understanding the digital world ekşisözlük was in a critical place. last days when i was looking on my telephone book i saw more than 300 numbers of ekşi sözlük writers. this is how many people i have in my life i contacted them somehow when i needed. this is very valuable when i joined to the sözlük i was more introvert i was a youngster coming from anatolia up to this point i turned in some one who is more relaxed, appreciates the freedom of speech more and criticizes the people less. everything happened because of ekşi sözlük. thanks to an advertiser i knew from the sözlük family i became an advertiser. i was introduced to coffee thanks to the sözlük. then i came and became a coffee shop owner all of this happened because of the sözlük i did organizations. this happened thanks to the experiences i gained from the sözlük writers and the organizations i did at the sözlük. i mean if ekşi sözlük would not exist many of my friends would be different i would not have read many books back in time. i would have discovered many of the songs at all. i mean it s like tiny bits of pieces of my life would have be gone. i guess i would have a totally different character. for example i can see that things you learn in your life information, random stuff i learnt ninety nine percent of them from ekşi sözlük. all of our writers, all of foresighted, visionary opinion leaders people, all of our artists and good politicians… what is their contribution to us? sad… why? because knowing that there is something better… what if it would not be? the i would not be too. for one thing, expressing my thoughts through writing ensured a huge contribution to me. why am i thinking this? why i am believing to this on this matter? it helped me to look inside of me instead of convincing you. it helped me to shine the light on my inner self and question my beliefs rather than blaze you and say you that you shall believe in that and agree with me. actually when we talk about ekşi sözlük we are talking about a tradition. turkish temperament, this is what i am calling these lands it is a very beautiful reflection of this temperament. there can’t be another ekşi sözlük in the world . there can’t be the eşki sözlük of another country. there are similar platforms but they cant become an ekşi sözlük because… cut, dude are you crying? “kutsal bilgi kaynağı” ekşi sözlük, which had 359 writers back in 1999, has 157.154 writers today. ekşi sözlük has become a cult in turkish internet with its 102.050.521 entries and subcommunities. february 15, 2020.
ekşi sözlük is 21 years old.

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    Haa, yine de bir şey aradığımda ekşi'ye bakıyor muyum, evet. Ama eskiden saatlerce entry okuyordum. O çoktan bitti maalesef.

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    Eskiden güzel bir siteydi ama artık zaman kaybı, gerizekalı yuvası…

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