Black labrador broke into studio LIVE

Realization of renovation program in Moscow must work for the greater good of muscovites – said president Vladimir Putin after Council of State meeting. Vote for demolishing of buildings… look, I have a dog here *Woaaah!* y-you can through internet or in district office of “My documents” system Artyom Vasnyov will continue the topic WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE DOG IN STUDIO? GUYS! I’m catlady by the way. I’m catlady, I love cats. So, let’s continue our newscast. The results of presidential election in France Today is the last day of TV-debates. On this Sunday France…

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83 Responses

  1. Matt Ellis says:

    News dog is best dog

  2. it's 'your majesty' cat says:

    what a good doggo

  3. Zlatan Pavlovic says:

    stay cool, dont be afraid, just do the news and stay cool = RUSSIAN

  4. Alienrookie says:

    Every other reporter (except russians) would have freaked out completely!

  5. TheNokturnalTimes says:

    the dog is the new anchorman

  6. Fortnite Gamer says:


  7. Fortnite Gamer says:


  8. RS says:

    he just wanted to know who's a good boy

  9. HowNow says:

    i would say this was intention to get fame

  10. Swagpatriot 69 says:

    Take the dog and put him away

  11. cele brity says:


  12. John says:

    in the us a op would come and kill the dog

  13. Max B.oost says:

    Doggo just wanted to be the news. Let everyone know how the good boy is.

  14. Wassertrinkender beach Boy says:

    doggy stile

  15. Kizizub Kizizubov says:

    Отсоси у собой сука и глотай сперму

  16. Inu Palu says:

    the dog wanted to do the news

  17. Philm says:

    I fucking love the internet!

  18. Martin Awad says:

    i like how everything is still chill and she can talk ,,off skript"

  19. Die Google says:

    doggy style …

  20. biele feld says:

    He has breaking news😂

  21. Black Goku says:

    Name of her please😍

  22. Magic Maker 557 says:

    He wanted to be on live tv #Dogs on news

  23. T McDonald says:

    Omg I accidentally read the title wrong. I thought it said said "Black Labourer". I was gonna type in some "this is racist" type of shit 😂😂

  24. Someone says:

    Typical black dog breaking and entering.

  25. Vehi says:

    that dog was following the smell of some pedigree biscuits…

  26. Luka says:

    She probably had her days and he smelled it

  27. Tommy Tucker says:

    Lady: oh hello little guy!


  28. Lavin Fernando says:

    The dog is so FUCKING CUTE.

  29. bene ebos says:

    0:39 dieser Moment ,wenn alles cool ist

  30. Alex Bainbridge says:


  31. Technophiliac says:

    Russians getting into the act too….

  32. Flotter Otter says:


  33. Purple Alpha says:

    why do you have to mention that he's black fucking racist

  34. Send me Location says:

    Uuuuhhh 00:42 😍

  35. Neymars Stunt Double says:

    We now know their weakness must infom sir Donald Trump immediately

  36. Finn Barrett says:

    news doggo

  37. Game Factory says:

    fake af

  38. rowsdower says:

    This looks like the start of a bad brazzers movie.

  39. Bruce Wayne says:

    Ozzyman sends his regards!!!!!!!!!

  40. Kino says:

    Dog wants pussy

  41. Draco The Lord says:

    Well, she doesn't like doggy-style, does she? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. Mega Dooche says:

    LOL cute

  43. Tyler Durden says:

    It's a lab, no need to be alarmed cat lady..

  44. chandana thilakarathna says:

    it is very beautiful incident

  45. SBS 13 says:

    he just wanted to sniff your panties

  46. Vazgen Khachaturian says:

    came to tell some barking news

  47. AbsoluteMadDog™ says:

    for a minute there I thought this was Brazzers…

  48. Hypastpist says:

    turn on the closed captions

    she really handled the situation REALLY well despite the freakout

  49. Pac Tu says:

    0:20 waving my cock to her…. Not dogs tail

  50. noah says:

    break in news

  51. StuffandThings85 says:

    How do you say 'doggo' in Russian?

  52. Erin Miller says:

    Where did the dog come from???

  53. Spookyscaryblackbat834 says:

    The black labrador just wants to be the news dogs studio k9

  54. p marquand says:

    Fake af

  55. luvzlara says:

    They should have “paws” for a commercial break!

  56. Tim Danby says:

    Who let the dog in,who,who,who?

  57. Tim Danby says:

    Hey,MA,what ya doin'? Where's dinner,? I'm starvin' down here!

  58. odp 777 says:

    I would smash her too

  59. Rainblaze says:

    every dog has its day and i guess he was determined to have his . never trust a chick that doent like dogs … dogs are the best

  60. Stacco bilanciere GATTO says:

    58 odiano gli animali e sono bucaioli.

  61. Diane Berg says:

    Dog: “I’m here live with a news update.”

  62. Ric Sargent says:

    Producers in her earpiece while she's freaking out: "Hey stupid, it's a lab. Now pet him and make good TV"

  63. Thefunmuffin says:

    Breaking news: Doggo is revealed to be a good boy.

  64. djnico17 says:

    in soviet russia dog gives news

  65. Rupaal Singh says:

    Yeah that's it!!!! Pet the fella

  66. Arun Anilkumar says:

    She brilliantly managed the show…😀

  67. Vivek Saji says:

    Doggo was like, "Hey., look at me..I'm the news anchor now".

  68. Nick Lastnamelol says:

    The weather forecast days there's sign of a good boi coming

  69. Amarendra Nath says:

    True meaning of Breaking News

  70. Lisa vlogs says:


  71. Becky Crabtree says:

    Omg what a good boy ♡

  72. MrItaly92ful says:

    Bella gnocca

  73. Drowned Sword says:

    In Soviet Russia, the news channels don't report on dogs, the dogs report on news channels.

  74. rackinfrackin says:

    I'd like to cuddle up to her, too.

  75. Philippe Carriere says:

    and then macron won 🤤

  76. toddsmitts says:

    Why do I feel like this would only happen in Russia?

  77. SPIDER - EMMAN says:

    Hey Ladies and Gentlemen I'm in TV

  78. Mohan Raaj says:

    I need her name…… For research purpose.

  79. Siddharth Bhatia says:

    She handled that really well

  80. Metro metheus says:

    He just wanted to bring a special report.

  81. Alex Decker says:

    She's a woman, why does she not like the dog? This literally doesn't make any sense at all

  82. BASED POPPA PUMP says:

    This just in: we have a good boye.

  83. The Dude Abides says:

    0:19 Lightning speed tail wag

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