Blind Cat Wants To See A Rescuer’s Eyes To Say Thanks For Taking Her Home | Animal in Crisis EP125

Hello A kitten was crying alone, without a mother around her So I took her to the office The kitten is this one I named her ‘Yang’ Full of charms, Kitten ‘Yang’ I was planning to send her away after feeding her if she was normal Since she doesn’t have eyes.. I couldn’t let her go So I’m raising her instead No matter how much he shakes his hand in her face The kitten has no clue where the hand goes The eye holes are empty She cries when there’s no sound, looking for me PD : Looking for you? / Yes The kitten relies on a sound and a smell If the mister doesn’t make a sound The kitten sets out to look for him The mister became the eyes for the kitten Wife : He’s been feeding her milk for a month in the office He couldn’t come home as he had to feed her once in 2-3 hours I was a bit upset about it But now I understand because she would’ve starved if he didn’t Thanks to the mister’s affection, The kitten has grown lovely But While playing joyfully, The kitten suddenly becomes anxious Thumping into things, the kitten goes to.. ..the mister! As if she recognized the mister’s kind heart of raising her, the kitten follows the mister all day And the mister always have her by his side Since she’s been tagged along with me, only looks for me Seeing her following him so well, I feel like fate has brought them together From A to Z.. The mister nurses him ardently.. PD : Do you put eye drops into her eyes every day? / Yes The doctor said that she needs to be examined for an exact result But she’s still too young for anesthesia It’s not easy to nurse a blind kitten.. I found her underneath here, on the grass Three months ago, in the corner of a parking lot The kitten was found alone When I saw her in the office with a bright light Found that her pupils were strange I thought she won’t survive outside alone So I decided to raise her The mister couldn’t ignore the kitten’s misery Yang, who has become a family now is in charge of being cute in the office Yang~ She grew so much She was really tiny She wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for him The mister wants to send time with her But he has to work now During working hours, he put her to sleep and has to sneak out secretly Yang fell into a sleep so deeply to the point where she doesn’t recognize that he left for work A few hours later The kitten who was sleeping silently is awake As soon as she wakes up Looks for the mister first Daddy, where are you? Don’t worry, daddy will come soon Wait for a bit Instead of the mister The wife goes to her The kitten rejects the others’ touch From the moment she realized that the mister is gone As if a child who missed a mother’s hand The kitten became so anxious Decides to look fro the mister alone But she keeps bumping into things.. As she couldn’t see Being unable to go outside of the office Sitting in the entrance of the office and waiting for the mister After a while Perhaps she heard something The kitten runs to where the sound came from The kitten heads to the place where the mister is Though she’s blind She can hear the mister’s footsteps faster than anyone else He has no choice but to proceed his work with the kitten next to him Is there any way to fix her eyes? Before it’s too late, visit the hospital Hope she’s able to see Hope she can see through one eye if possible, but she’s completely blind.. Only if she could see enough to perceive the obstacles.. How’s the result? Vet : Her eyeballs fell out in a serious degree and are covered with an eyelid She completely lost sights in both eyes She’s not able to see with her both eyes She was born with an end-stage eye which is genetic There’s no way to fix it since it’s a birth defect An end-eye stage keeps causing stimuli on her eys Eye droppers won’t help Her eyes need to be extracted Is it impossible for her to see? She’s highly likely to develop infections if this condition continues The eyeballs are harmful to her So it’s better to remove anything that would harm her Since infections could spread inside the eyeballs Her eyes should be removed.. In general, a mother cat abandons its kitten who’s born with such condition She might have been alone because her mom abandoned her She was lucky enough to be rescued and be able to live so far To the kitten who was abandoned by her mom and left alone The mister came to her like a miracle Now They can’t live without each other anymore Vet : The surgery is over PD : Did it go well? / Yes She’ll feel at ease more She had so much pus inside her eyes and infections as well Fortunately, those are all removed Now that she won’t be sick anymore The mister is relieved Does it hurt? All he can do is wait for the wounds to be healed.. A few days later Despite the pain from the surgery that still remains Yang is bubbly as always She never whins or scratches the part where she had surgery She’s doing so well Until she’s healed for the kitten to rest in a safe spot the mister gave her a space in the office Hope she grows healthily without getting sick The mister has become sunshine to this little creature who was left alone Hope they rely on each other and be happy on every path they take 🙂

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100 Responses

  1. NORD FALK says:

    🐾🐾 🖐

  2. queenofbeauty says:

    Beautiful human being

  3. Chi-sa Lin says:

    (Watching this channel for a long time…簡體自動翻譯還是沒有改善ㄝ ~.~* I thought the AI could deep learning itself 😯 …) Lucky kitten got a Good 👤 ~~Young 🐱

  4. Lisa Dee says:

    oh i've cried

  5. Tata says:

    I would advise not to move stuff too much, so the kitten can get used to the position of everything, and soon enough, run around without worries

  6. Sylvia Ernst says:

    Sooo sweet

  7. Uganda Cumhurbaşbakanı says:

    😞😞😞❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹💐🌹🌹🌹💐 I wish God bless yoı thank you so sweet kittyyy

  8. I Am Spartacus says:


  9. Hector Rodriguez says:

    Dios bendiga a esa mascota y Dios le de más a ese señor felicitaciones.Dios los bendiga a ambos.

  10. muimui b says:


  11. Shabana Mahmood says:

    Hope that there are some angels out there ❤️

  12. Yenni AV says:

    Good man God bless him. The kitten as he wants it.😍🤗🐈

  13. Ana Paula Morena says:

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Cyrille Labilloy says:

    Je suis triste pour cette puce. J'espère qu'elle va guérir.

  15. Jorge T says:

    The world should be full of wonderful people like his man. What a great kitty!

  16. esyaa__ts_ says:

    Русские вы где???мне страшно тут одной быть

  17. Lisa M says:

    She's a Daddy's girl!😺❤

  18. Douglas Morais says:

    how beautiful

  19. Maggie Posch says:

    this man is very nice. He is the perfect Papa (daddy) for the cat, isn't he

  20. Gökhan Demirbaş says:

    Harika . İyi insanlar iyiki varsınız.

  21. Mili says:

    Entenderia mas si ponen los subtitulos en español :v

  22. geleceğe dair says:

    Ulan birde bu Çinlilere kedi yiyor diyorlar.Bu nasıl.kocaman bir yürek👏

  23. Jovana Popović says:


  24. Love Animal says:

    So kind man

  25. geleceğe dair says:

    Késke bir gözü görebilseydi🥺😢

  26. Faby Sanchez says:

    Hermoso gatito dios lo bendiga

  27. Brian steff magnussen says:

    Cats are good at helping each other, The kitty need a friend to guide him/her and make it feel safe. God bless this man.

  28. El pro x x says:

    Ojala este bien preciosa

  29. kuro kuroko says:


  30. Mưa hạ says:


  31. Janet Deloach says:

    What a special man to take care of. Yang. She truly love's this Man. Wonderful story.

  32. annie tardeglio says:

    Histoire très touchante. Longue vie heureuse à tous les deux 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  33. Flavia Magalhaes Bonifacio says:

    Deus te abencoe te quarde nao tem palavras

  34. Shelly Blanchard says:

    I wished so bad that there could have been a cure. 😓

  35. Flavia Magalhaes Bonifacio says:

    Que vcs sejam feliz to cm o coracao na boca de emoção amo gato bicho tenho um como se fosse meu filho

  36. Андрей says:

    These videos make us kinder. It is very important in our often brutal life.

  37. Bast says:


  38. Anselmo Labres Nunes says:

    Humano Especial 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍 in Brasil.

  39. Josmara Fittpaldi says:


  40. astraphel says:

    I never got to see the full episode of this I am so happy you uploaded this one thank you Kritter Club and for the eng subs too!

  41. Joe Cruz says:

    poor kitten😥

  42. Joze Butinar says:

    Well instead that you remove the ayes you should seak the cure for this situation it is easy said we cant cure it did you even try it ? No gou didn't.

  43. Jae Bei says:

    Such a beautiful Seoul. She will thrive. I think it would help for her to have a furry companion to help her navigate & not depend so much on her human.

  44. Hùng Trần says:

    Dịch có tâm tí. Toàn dịch theo google thì làm sao sang tiếng việt đúng đc.

  45. Sarah holland says:

    Aww. How scary to be so little & not be able to see. She needs noisy toys, a buddy & a smaller space with less hazards.

  46. Just Mona says:

    What a lovely man😻

  47. Bebezinha Tatoo fernanda says:


  48. Omnia Farouk says:

    Oh my Hart

  49. Humaira Rafique says:

    I like you because you love animals
    Please give me updates about this cat

  50. Ramadhan Morsani says:


  51. Google UserX says:

    Is the cat aware that she is blind or different than others.

  52. Jane Parker says:

    Bless its heart ❤️🤓🤗🙏🏻

  53. Ayde Aponte says:

    My douther have two 🐈.I loved so much!! They're my grandkids.

  54. Sofía Esther Lucero Sánchez says:

    Bendiciones ❤️

  55. من كل فن طرب says:

    حتى انا عندي قط فاقد البصر منذ صغرلقيتو بالشارع والان عمره سنتين ونصف

  56. 0x01 0x01 says:

    Im crying right now, this is the type of human we need more of.

  57. Flip Flop says:

    THANK YOU ❤️🤗😍😘❤️

  58. Eunice Ramirez says:

    Amigos en Korea hay posibilidad de hacer un trasplante de córneas y ojos ?……

  59. erkek adam says:


  60. C Dykhuizen says:

    The Mister is a nice man.

  61. Dea Ydk says:

    iiii loveee youuuu ! meow

  62. Mella Anggaruni says:


  63. Rachel Kawati says:


  64. Elle says:

    I'm so glad kitty got rescued.

  65. Musique31 says:

    Thank you, d'avoir sauvé ce Joli Chaton🐱🐱🐱🐱et Adorable🐈🐈🐈🐈🐂🐂💝💝💝💝💝💝

  66. jacqueline palmeira says:

    Y Love cats

  67. Гульнара Эмиргамзаева says:

    Весь дагестан благодарит вас за котенка! Он очень милый поверте

  68. Mia Hart says:

    The cat is so cute and pretty and I also have one

  69. Mia Hart says:

    My cat likes to lay on me too

  70. Mia Hart says:

    How did the cat come blind


    Hermosa historia. Que bueno que ese hombre la rescato y pudo hacer algo por ella, ojala existieran mucho héroes como él. Dios le bendiga.

  72. Lora Lora says:

    Аж душа заболела за котенка! Низкии поклон человеку,который спас котенка и дал шанс на жизнь. Не бросайте котенка и будьте до конца ее жизни,котенок будет вас оберегать от беды и горе,это ваш талисман. Да благославит вас Аллах. Привет из Казахстана.Ждем дальше от вас видео о жизни котенка. Котенок счастлив,что есть с ним такой ангел хранитель.Удачи.

  73. kholbrook203 says:

    Thank you sir for taking this helpless kitten into your life. You are very special. I hope she goes home with you at night. Real men love cats❤️

  74. Azliana Lyana says:

    Faith : Restored.
    He's an angel, a saviour, true hero. Thank you. Yang really lucky to have you. Hugs.

  75. Less Than Laughing says:

    The Mister is a lovely human being. I have five cats, two of which were plucked out of my parking lot. Hey, here is some advice. FIVE IS TOO MANY!!!! But I truly love my Momo, Tequila, Fooby, Bootsie, and Scruffy. Well, I kinda love Scruffy. He is a trouble maker, but I know he loves me. He follows me around like the Mister's cat does.

  76. Along Danica says:

    I once had the same kitten as above unfortunately he had to leave

  77. Ron H says:

    I have had dogs all my life…then I ended-up with a newborn kitten….I had her for 19 years….she loved me …and the feeling was mutual….she was my favorite pet….she passed away in 2015…..and part of me passed away also…………..

  78. Lina123 Luna says:

    C’est beaucoup de mignon!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

  79. juan enrique garcia says:

    Stupid blind cat 😂😂

  80. Найман кызы says:


  81. Raven Dark says:

    What an awesome man!!!!

  82. Advertise Play says:


  83. Dxxb Bxdd says:

    شكرا جزيلا🙏🙏🙏🙏😻
    Think you so much
    I'm from morocco🙌

  84. Samantha Sánchez says:

    Mi gato tiene la misma condición y raramente es del mismo color, también le pongo gotitas en los ojos
    Sólo que mi gato no es viral, es uno como todos, juega y hace de todo, al principio de rescatarlo chocaba mucho, pero se adaptó muy rápido 😀
    Tengo 1 año y medio con él

  85. Irene Olek says:

    Je suis trop triste pour ce petit être mais heureuse de voir cette belle personne lui donner tant d'amour 😘🗼😘🗼😘🗼😘🗼

  86. dunia sunyi says:


  87. Urbane Soul says:

    How can over a hundred people dislike a video about a dude who saves a blind kitten from starvation on the streets?
    I found my kitten Gob (she sometimes drooled, lol) in an alley as a kitten, smaller than this one. She was just ready for solid(ish) food & followed me everywhere just like this little guy follows his owner. It's been over 20 years since I had Gob but she made an impression by showing me cats can be loyal & eager to be trained just like dogs are. I still consider myself mostly a dog person tho; my last dog was a husky shepherd cross I had from puppyhood to senior (& still miss her even 10 years after she passed)
    All living beings deserve a chance at life, with 2nd & 3rd chances also (bc bad things happen to us all sometimes) and the loyalty & love you'll receive from an animal you take into your life is like nothing else…total unconditional love.

  88. lelikdf lelik says:

    дай здоровья этому ЧЕЛОВЕКУ! И КОТИКУ

  89. Ginny kitty Lovett says:

    This man is a cute ángel. Thanks him for loving this cute cat. Made me cry of joy. I hope more kindly hooman like him. GOD GIVES LONG LIFE FOR THIS MAN. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏😢😢 😢 😢 😢Her meowing made me cry more and thinking. Life of this xute cat gire around with that good man. 😢♥️

  90. เรียม ภรวรรณ says:



    You can tell he's a naughty kitty too 🐱

  92. Bananacone3000 says:

    God bless mister

  93. Keri F. says:

    Awww, I love the kitten so much!
    She has a great owner 🙂

  94. Metal SpitFire says:

    so sad :(…i hope shes doing ok? ,be good to animals people you get lots of love in return!

  95. TyMi Mimo says:

    حبيبة قلبي💔💔

  96. павел никифоров says:


  97. جود املي says:


  98. ahmed said says:

    God bless you sir !

  99. Lucky Fauzan says:

    baik bgt bapak satu ini, semoga murah rezeki pak,
    maaf g lancar b.inggrisnya hehe

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