Blue Cat’s true form

Give it up anyway! I won’t give up! I’ll protect both Fuwa and the pens! Star! No-fuwa! Everyone get along-fuwa! Fuwa is right! We don’t know what reason you have, but… you shouldn’t go so far as to make someone cry to steal them! For God’s sake, stop it. Easy to say! You and I are the same! As much as you want to save Fuwa, I want to save everyone of this planet, too! No! Let go! You. Right. This is me. It’s my… true form.

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76 Responses

  1. Maria Fernanda Flores says:

    Que impresión

  2. Maria Fernanda Flores says:


  3. TV Cutie says:

    Blue cat true form is…


  4. Jessica hotaling says:

    this is awesome but I’m going to call her uni for now on

  5. Cheezcake Memories says:

    She's cute

  6. Usagi _thesquid says:

    F u r r y

  7. Endeinta Mystic says:

    Well…she's a cat. An alien cat.
    She's cute though.

  8. Gabriel Toppen says:

    So that’s her true form

  9. King Infergus Valnid Haberstis says:

    Reference List:

    0:04 Terminator Genisys (Sarah shoot his legs to real John connor and back in T-1000)
    1:09 Kira Kira Precure A la Mode (Since 2017 after Elisio will complete at kirakiraru's gone disappearing us)
    1:25 Dragon Ball Z (Changed with Lord Bills) and Pretty Guardian Sailor moon (Sailor Luna with transforming)

  10. Lunartic Skele-bone says:

    Actual Furry Precure

    Also, the soundtrack is so intense yet atmospheric it doesn't sound like it's from Precure….(no shit)

  11. Yasu Starflower彡 says:


  12. Gabriel Toppen says:

    I didn’t know how is it possible

  13. Ultascer Renzo says:

    Oh. Two weeks ago, I ask why Blue Cat is different from her people. Turns out Blue Cat isn't her true form.

  14. Lunacute Games says:

    Blue cat. What Happened to you?!!!

  15. Genesis Hicks says:

    😲 oh wow she looks amazing so this is her true form💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱💙🐱

  16. Juanito Rosales says:

    1:02 it was this moment this Blue Cat knew…

    She messed up

  17. Sapphire says:

    I have mixed feelings about the cat form

  18. Bianca Kelina says:

    Cure Star’s voice is so ANNOYING

  19. Meme ~♡ says:

    OH NO!!!!!!

  20. 西村康平 says:


  21. Luis Morales says:

    Female creatures can be Precures too. Look at Siren.

  22. darkness juan the darkness Lyoko warrior says:

    She a cat.
    Oh blue cat I'm sorry.

  23. IamTheWarriorGirl says:

    No Way! Blue Cat's True Form

  24. Angel Wolf draws says:

    She looks like one of the characters from Pop'n Music! O_O

  25. Crush Gandra says:

    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Precure who uses a fan as their Precure weapon like Yumi Ishiyama (Code Lyoko), Theo, Master Swoop and Bat Ranger (Power Rangers Jungle Fury) and Mia Watanabe/Pink Samurai Ranger (Power Rangers Samurai)?

  26. 梁龙喆 says:

    There are two Cure Stars, one is blue cat 💙🐱🚺🚺😲

  27. Muna Igboekwu says:

    I was wondering why she didnt look furry like her people.

  28. Ichigo Doriya says:

    Ooh, she's a furry, hopefully get to see some furry fanart soon

  29. Swanette Gonzalez says:

    Looks like she really was a cat like alien after all.

  30. Waveshocker Sigma says:

    I love how Blue Cat as Cure Star looks, sounds and feels like a significantly improved and superior version of the actual Cure Star. Makes me wish we could swap them, if only cause Star is still the only thing about this show I outright dislike.

  31. Let's Go! Spirit In Motion Studio says:

    As I look at Blue Cat's true form, I wonder what her "human" form is…

  32. Vegadra says:

    Technically the second Cat being Precure.

  33. Caitlyn Sedlisky says:

    How dare you make Fuwa cry 🤬 my cinnamon roll Fuwa must be protected!!!!!!

  34. 渋谷崇 says:


  35. OathkeeperRoxas99 says:


    I wonder what happened

  36. Alex Ky Nguyen says:

    Well she's looks amazing on true form. But I'm wondering that, I think it's a good ideas to add One of Cure from Star Twinkle Precure to the biggest crossover games of all time, that's right: Super Smash Bros Ultimate as DLC Fighters. #SuperSmashBros #Ultimate #CureStar #CureCosmo #StarTwinklePrecure #DLCFighter #NintendoSwitch #PlayAnytimeAnywhere ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Kelly Johana says:

    Now that I see how she actually is…I wish Cure Cosmo looked less human and more like this. She'll actually be alieny as Milky not a freaking KiraKira Cure.

  38. ラッキークローバー says:


  39. Jerome Clarke says:

    gasps I-Is that… Blue Cat's true form?!!?

  40. Cure Panda says:

    Precure ruined moment time =w=

    Star: u shouldnt go so far as to make someone cry—

    Triggered, I hit her head

    Star: Ouch! Hey what was THAT for?! TT^TT

    Episode…f**ing…3. And same with u *hits Milky =___=

    Milky: ouch…lun… =^=;;

  41. Jonathan Hsu says:

    That’s Blue Cat’s true form 1:42 😲
    Remember Ruru/Cure Amour?
    She was an Android.
    And Cure Parfait and Milky Rose
    They really are fairies.

  42. אליאור לוי says:

    @toeiprettyguardians please upload a clip of blue cat telling what happened to planet rainbow in this episode

  43. Cure Panda says:

    looks at Blue Cat's true form O////O?!

    Blue Cat: what? Ó^Ò

    Y…youre so…

    Blue Cat: come on. Say it. U already got m—

    Cuuuuuute~~ >//w//< hugs her

    Blue Cat: wha—?!


    Blue Cat: =//^//= … … …

    Fuwa: O//w//O being hugged too

  44. Happy Ball says:

    Interesting, but, her head looks kinda blocky XD

  45. hoshi zora says:

    only thing star manage to grab fast…mao's hand

  46. Cure Panda says:



  47. Starie Tiger says:

    She'd be perfect for Show By Rock!.
    Wonder what her instrument would be..

  48. Sayahasesse hillhill says:

    She's a furry omg

  49. DJ SONIC says:

    Why don't u give us full episodes english dubbed

  50. Anthony Thomas Jr. says:

    Blue Cat's real name is Yuni/Umi

  51. Anthony Thomas Jr. says:

    Cure Star vs Blue Cat(Cure Star)

  52. Deputy_ Commander says:

    Ah. Nevermind…..

  53. Kenta Wong94 says:

    0:54 That moment when u accidentally threw an egg on moms face

  54. metaal boekee says:

    Well that explains why she wasnt turned to stone

  55. elusixXrelix says:

    yaaaaas I'm getting Ni No Kuni vibes but I don't care!!!. I love this season!!!

  56. Zoffy-San says:

    Warhammer 40k intensifies

  57. Malick 2014 says:

    "I want to save everyone of this planet, too!"
    Me: I don't believe you!

  58. StrongLight 2 says:

    I always wonder only she is more human-looking Rainbow seijin then other Rainbow seijins. But now, she also looks just like other Rainbow seijins. Surely she have a many forms…(First cure have a many forms)

  59. Aurascent Storm says:

    I find it cute and funny that she still has her furry ears

  60. Caitlyn Green says:

    Holy space cats meow is beautiful and cute.

  61. Caitlyn Green says:

    And specially purrfecto.

  62. Rina Aria says:

    Star Twinkle Pretty Cure is like Dense Pretty Cure. Like…… haven't they kinda realized about Blue Cat reasoning since last episode? Like, damn, we get a whole episode of exposition on Rainbow Planet then how Blue Cat is from this very planet and yet they act like the last episode doesn't exist.

  63. eulexie2010 says:


  64. jacalynne puder says:

    God God she's adorable

  65. konan kihara says:


  66. Debbie Bell says:

    Cure Star meets Cure Star! Get it?

  67. 박찬혁 says:

    この 真実るわ なに?

  68. Middle Of Heartia says:

    Cure Star: I found you, FAKER!
    Blue Cat: Me, faker? You're the fake Precure around here. You're comparing yourself to me? You're not good enough to even be my fake!
    Cure Star: I'll make you eat those words!

  69. 阿部謙太郎 says:


  70. イマデンジョニ男 says:


  71. больше клиентами says:

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  72. ゆうくん says:


  73. 羽衣ララ says:


  74. Anime 21 says:

    Hm…I have a question: if she can transform to anyone like now to Cure Star, does she have then also her powers? No, right? Because it just gives the looking not also the ability, right?

  75. Faz Gaming says:


  76. ايمي45_emy45 says:

    The real blue cat shape is very crazy for a new participant

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