Boppi the Dancing Llama ZURU Pets Alive I Adopting Boppi and Dance Off I Rodeo dancing llama

Today we have someone new. Guess who it is? Hey Moonies welcome back to the channel. Today we have someone new so she’s a very special guest and she Loves to dance guess who it is Boppi the booty-shakin llama Boppi is a very funny llama She likes to dance and you will find nobody else like her First thank you Zuru for sending not one, two llamas. Yep They sent us two llamas, but where’s the other one? If you follow us on Instagram, you might already know that we had to find somebody to take care of the second llama so we met Riley and her mom and she Said that she’ll take very good care of Our second Boppi and this is where I met Riley at Smyths toys superstores. Have a look What did we find? The dancing booty shakin llama It’s says I shake and dance to three epic songs We know they are in store so now we have to find someone we need to go around and find someone Thanks.
You are welcome She goes around Ready? So that’s how I met Riley and I hope she’s having lots of fun with the shaking booty llama Thank you so much Serenity for giving me Boppi, he’s so fun Boppi is from Zuru Pets Alive It says I shake my booty and dance to three epic songs. How cool is that? And it says I shake my head And spin 360 degrees. Wow, you know what we have to do next? Do it with my sister. We need to unbox, you’re gonna get Elena ready and then you’re gonna go and have a party It’s party time so I’m gonna shake with the music with the shaking booty llama so first we are gonna try the TRY ME mode which is 10 seconds dance are you girls ready for the 30 second dance challenge? Get ready then That’s cool I like that one That’s the third song, so there’s three songs I wanna try then one again. Go on then That’s song number three We have our Monkeycorn dancing with Elena and look What is it Elena? Banana And we have our Kittycorn. It’s a Diamond Okay, dance number one 3, 2, 1 go Okay, last song She’s perfect for dance parties Boppi is ready to bop As you see she’s a very good party dancer she’s really fun. Isn’t she even the third song Best so then people just can replay replay replay when it’s finished. So do you love Bobby? do you love Boppi? Okay Moonies that was it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed it And don’t forget to Subscribe, hit that bell icon and give us a big thumbs up And we will see you in the next video Bye Moonies

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