Border Collie Facts

Collies are bred for intelligence, not looks,
so their coats come in many colors Collies are so smart they can: understand
math, understand advanced vocabulary, and perform elaborate tricks
They are built like cats! Their shoulder blades allow them to move swiftly when crouched
A collie uses an intense stare to control herds
Collies are workaholics and can be destructive if not kept busy
“Are Border Collies for me? – They can be aggressive if they don’t have
an outlet for their energy – They do shed but are easy to care for
– They are medium-sized – They are best suited to a rural environment”
“Are Border Collies for me? – They are good with families if trained and
exercised – They can be hyper with lots of energy
– They live to be 10-14 years old”

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100 Responses

  1. INFO INFO says:

    smart best and bless life, my have 17 have go on if a life good and full of love border live ……I wish like people but …..blessed be ……

  2. Will Marsden says:

    Ours has a tendency to go into the Collie stalk walk and tries to "hypnotise" small fluffy breeds of dog (the little ones that look like little sheep), it's quite amusing. 😀

  3. clair says:

    i have a tri color border collie!

  4. 1bigrod1 says:

    Collie is not the Scottish Gaelic word for useful and furthermore the breed is from the anglo-scottish borderlands where Gaelic has never been spoken.

  5. Questionable Asian says:

    Man's Best Friend

  6. elisabet J says:

    In my opinion Border Collies are the best family dogs

  7. Robert Clolery says:

    I wish my bosses were as smart.

  8. Delilah says:

    I have a border-Aussie girl who is tiny – 20lbs and 16” high, the runt of the litter. We got her from a rural farmer and moved her to NYC. She has the border collie brains. We only need to show her a trick once or twice and its done! She is perfectly happy to sit under my feet for half the day, chew bones and play fetch. She attempted to herd our daughter and her friends while she was a puppy but that was easy to break. She is very sensitive and emotional and can tell what you’re thinking by looking at you. I personally dont think she us part Aussie, but probably some type of greyhound. She is literally the greatest dog I’ve ever had. So easy to housebreak, train, crate train and very quiet and sweet.

  9. Beatrice Peter says:

    I STARE at this wonder breed! Someone told me long ago,my active lifestyle met the border collie temper.I have stayed loyal to my German Shepherds as they have to me.If I ever get a country house,I'll certainly get one Border Collie on my side!

  10. Neshe Sunguri says:

    english bulldog please

  11. thekeyboard warrior says:

    i have a collie he is so smart, never pottie trained him but he goes to our neighbor's front yard to take a shit. smart breed

  12. this bitch loves twenty one pilots says:

    i have a mixed dog. her dad is border collie and her mom is labrador i think idk

  13. paul cheevers says:

  14. Avators says:

    Can this dog help me with my math homework?

  15. Kevin Furey says:

    I have one

  16. Husky Lives Matter says:

    I used to have a border. But he died on Halloween bc we had to put him down that day😥

  17. KUSHAL JOSHI says:

    i need dog which is best Collie or German shephard

  18. ani max says:

    my cousin's border collie is mixed with papillion but it's smart and small it's 1 year old

  19. Grace Ison says:

    That life expectancy range given in this video is rather short. 15 – 18 years is more the norm unless you are adding into consideration bad breeding, a lifetime of a poor diet, diseases, and accidents. I’ve owned 8 Border Collies and have 2 with me now. Only one died young at the age of 13 due to cancer. I have also fostered and rehomed 67 Border Collies.

  20. Larry Jerry says:

    My border collie is a 60 pound lover. He’s mixed with Australian Shepherd and is a very energetic young pup.

  21. Vancer cinzah says:

    They are so cute when they are a child like 1yrs old

  22. Rebecca Ferren says:


  23. DemonDomo360 Official says:

    Rough collie

  24. Izabel Rodrigues says:

    i have a border collie and oh gawd, so much of energy

  25. Ganya Khanna says:

    poodles, please

  26. Rolly polly says:

    I have a 15wk old Border Collie named Finn and he is honestly the smartest thing ever. He knows sit, lay down, paw, highfive, roll over & stay. He also loves his squeaky ball, he crouches and sneaks up on it all the time! Only problem is that he scratches a lot lol

  27. kora xD says:

    My great dane went in to heat and a collie came my dog is pregnant.

  28. Црни Хумор says:

    I can proudly say they are the smartest dogs on planet Earth.

  29. Dora The Explorer says:

    I have a border collie called Bonnie. One of the sweetest dogs I've ever met! 😘💕💖

  30. Richard Short says:

    My Border Collie beat me in Scrabble.
    Who knew PYX was a word?
    (Last time I challenge.)

  31. John Boyle says:

    just want to point that the word Collie in Gaelic does not mean useful , even though my Collie "Sasha" is useful, clever(too much sometimes) , and means the world to me 🙂

  32. Jc C says:

    my Border Collie is very smart she can sehse when its bath time and go under the bed so I can't get her..

  33. huajie666 liu says:

    They are hyper. They need more exercise everyday. They are cute and intelligent.

  34. EBRGamer 1675 says:

    I LOVE BORDER COLLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍

  35. EBRGamer 1675 says:

    border collies actually understands like 200 words

  36. S Z A Abidi says:


  37. Roman Hua says:

    border collies are my favrot dogs

  38. Stephen Bennett says:

    Best life form ever, better evan than humans. Their is a plaet in space. Rulled by these bad boys

  39. omkr 01 says:

    Mr. Piccccckles!!

  40. Gary Button says:

    Yes! All of this is true – We are on our 2nd Border Collie and they can be trained to do almost anything. However, THEY are not a good dog for couch potatoes – Activity is what they live!

  41. Sebo Animations says:

    I have an 8 month old border collie

  42. Ameisha Lose says:

    Yay coz i got 4 Border collies they r great for my sheep gypsy is the mum dose is the dad then we have 2 babies gypsy likes me to give her piggy backs and chase cars

  43. Ameisha Lose says:

    Wut bout shitzus i got 2

  44. Shape up with Scooby says:

    Thanks for this my Collie was a rescue dog and he has done remarkably well with us over the 6 or 7 years we have had him

  45. darinmalone says:

    My parents have a border collie, american pit bull terrier cross. GREAT DOG. He looks like a border collie who lifts weights. (Long hair) Very smart, loving and obedient dog.

  46. Ryan Lam says:

    do yorkie

  47. That Gamer Jada Sky says:

    They ARE Really Smarr

  48. Izzy and Grace says:

    Haha SMART?! My border collie doesn’t even know how to the lie down trick

  49. Roshan Tamang says:

    in love with this dog 🙂

  50. Rainbo says:

    I love my Billie Jo. Best doggie ever…oh, and a Border Collie!

  51. robparkerw123 says:

    My beautiful b/c zena lived until she was 16. She was the best dog and friend I ever had

  52. Damien Lim says:

    Don't get this fucking breed if you want to have a life. These dogs are selfish as fuck

  53. Michael Garforth says:

    I have a 5 yr old Border Collie / German Shepherd X 95% Border Collie though very good at back chatting when Naughty but an Awesome Woof.

  54. phil chappell says:

    I have an 11 year old bitch collie, ive got 3 grand children aged 3 years & never tease or hit my dog yet the dog constantly barks when the grand children are here from the minute they come to the minute they go, the dog never stops barking like a high pitch screech regardless if you lock her outside or in a room, the neighbours complain eitherside & its at the point where the dog is on her last chance or gets rehomed, im scared incase she bites the kids or worse, any ideas why she does this, normaly shes so quiet when no grand kids here, anybody help or have the answer ?

  55. Gina L.F. says:

    Well, I had no choice on getting my border collie. She was a homeless abandoned pup when I found her on the streets. She is now 7 years old and often times still plays like she did when she was a pup. I love her so much. She is my world and my joy in life 💗

  56. Xiaowen Ling says:

    so cute!!!

  57. Basic Hope says:

    Mini schnauzer facts!!! Please!!!

  58. Wild horses 937 says:

    My collie just turned one a day ago, they’re amazing dogs! So friendly, affectionate and always happy to see you.

  59. Beni the Champion says:


  60. Tiffany McCarty says:

    Best dog ever for me is my border collie blue heeler named Bevin. 💞💞💞🐶🐕

  61. Kawhi legoat says:

    I love border collies

  62. Pewds sporalegnia says:

    I'm so sad. I had a dog like this. His name is Gogon. He always helped me to take care goats and chickens but someone killed him

  63. EvieGamingTube Vlogs says:

    My border collie is 14..

  64. Jack Ahah says:

    I have one and a terrier Dotson mix the luv playing together but when I join I'm dead

  65. Katrina Morales says:

    JHope and Nuri bring me here

  66. K G says:

    i have a border collie mix but we don't know whats it mixed with and its a puppy :3

  67. Hatate Souta says:

    I have that dog too and i named him timmy he's so adorable!

  68. Urte Trimonyte says:

    Border collies is the best

  69. bonita16effy says:

    We have a mixed breed of border collie and labrador which makes him a borador and his name is dodong 😂

  70. 山之辺一人 says:

    この犬種は、見た目を綺麗にするというよりは、ひたすらその機能性を高める、というふうに品種改良されてきたんでしょうねぇ^ ^

  71. Mr Jeon says:

    Man, my border collie is dumb as fuck

  72. alien guy from space I'm actually not from space says:

    I have border collie

  73. Sayan Das says:


  74. SCOTTI BOY says:

    There probably the smartest SCOTTISH DOG, but my Favourite is still the Westie.

  75. Pikiuia says:

    I have a cute border collie

  76. Shira Navon says:

    I want a border collie so bad😭😭😭

  77. Those Border Collies says:

    I have 6 and we just lost one there a great breed we dont do herding i train 3 of the young ones in agility the older 2 cant from painful joints and the other young one has health problems nd the one we lost did agility there honestly amazing

  78. Patti Perry says:

    I went a border collie I had a dog that just died and was a border collie and a basset hound mix when he died it was my baby I miss him alot

  79. All over again says:

    Greek kokoni, an ancient breed. Search it. They are so look alike. Kokoni also energetic, smart and very friendly with people, but I think they are smaller.

  80. Benjamin Jeep says:

    I have a border collie. His name is Benji. This is my best friend, my brother, my son, my love. I don't have some any words for tell you how i love it…sorry for my dad english….♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  81. Ranger Puppr says:

    I luv border collies, there my fav, I own one whos over a year now and so cute!

  82. Al Cook says:

    12 week male .the best little buddy ever had .his name is pete

  83. MIYAMO says:

    Do poodle!!!

  84. Ned Bellamy says:

    Do a Irish terrier

  85. sakurasoh says:


  86. Yuriy Umanskiy says:

    The Border collie breed of dog is very good for those who understand them, but not for old people over 70. My wife and I cannot satisfy Oliver’s instincts (10 months) and provide the necessary level of energy, therefore sometimes he becomes aggressive, barks a lot, not seeing proper response to his demands and energy. In addition, we cannot quickly follow him, although he is really a very smart dog, he understands commands in English and Russian, he can distinguish the shapes of objects, and even colors. Now, he is super hyper ( I don’t know how about future). My dog sometimes can jump, try knock people over or bark. I agree that Border Collies are great family pets to have but you will have to keep up with their energy levels for a long time.

    But still, we want to re-home the place of residence for him in order to meet the necessary requirements that this breed of dog makes and agree to consider any offers.

  87. Sang Lee says:

    I don't know if it's just me but border collies life spans are 10 to 17 or 15 to 17

  88. Sang Lee says:

    I have a question are border collies good for first time dog owners?

  89. Melayna Hardin says:

    We have a 3 legged border collie and she is AMAZING! A donkey kicked her, if you’re wondering why she has three legs.

  90. Fr3sh Drag0n says:

    Ihave a border collie and im only 12 shes been with me all my life im scared she might die

  91. Susie Goodman says:

    I have rescued ill treated Border collies for over 30 years & would never get another breed – since my partner died in 2002 my life has revolved around my dogs & with Border Collies you have to give them your complete devotion & training so that has been my salvation & the rewards are too numerous to mention – we go on long walks & have a great time & first thing in the morning we have a great cuddle – brilliant !!!!

  92. LionheartNh says:

    I own a Border Collie called Fred. No strike that. I am owned by a Border Collie called Fred and he is amazing.

  93. Matt Connors says:

    Jockamo! 10 yr old tri-color…he's my son

  94. Haani Kasmaei says:

    من عاشق پرنده ها و سگهام خیلی بامزه هستن.

  95. Grant Bratrud says:

    My Border Collie, Caleb, of blessed memory, when the Soviet Union fell, saw an opportunity. I'd told him, in breaks from working our Clun Forest sheep, about the NaZis (National Socialists) stealing works of art in the lands they'd conquered in WW II, and, when FDR let Soviet troops into Europe by stalling the Allied advance (can you say 'Alger Hiss'?), The Soviets (International Socialists) stole the art from the NaZi thieves. Caleb must've seen this coming, the way a star goalie sees the streaming of the puck coming at the net off the blade of the stick, b/c he'd been pressuring me to teach him Russian since the modern advent of гла́сность. I'd taught him what I could, but I'm not an art historian, so I bought him a Russian grammar in English, and a good Russian-English dictionary, a compendious one, and he did the rest. With the Fall of the Wall (the Berlin Wall kept people enslaved. It did not, keep out a Free People from a Free People), I managed to get him a passport, and then a VISA. I won't tell you how, but, yes, it did involve sexual favors on my part, and some of it was, frankly, unpleasant. (The costs we bear for scholarship.) Caleb wanted that M.F.A. degree, and not a Ph.D., and he'd found the right program (hint: it wasn't at Wesleyan nor Occidental), and he earned it. His dissertation did a sort of "Gravity's Rainbow" treatment of which masterwerks wound up in captivity, and which didn't, and suggested a unifying quality, and moreover a means of discovery a priori. Read it. Srsly one of the best treatments of the Philosophy of Aesthetics, and very understanding of how we humans (and this is the dog talking now) make critical choices despite the inevitable dearth of diagnostic evidence.
    Dog is our copilot.

  96. Arunas Kristapavicius says:

    I also have a dog named Jile.

  97. Hr Svelstad says:

    Norway mose dog next plese

  98. Ken Clarke says:

    Our collie died a year and a half ago and we miss him so much you wouldnt belive it .

  99. Crypto Fiend says:







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