Borrow a Dog | Casual Outdoors Weekly #10

[whispering] Okay so I’m in Illinois and this house right next to me has a good beagle I think we could borrow for the day. Let’s do it! [bird squawking] [upbeat vibe music] ♪ [whispering] Hi beautiful. Hi! So this is Daisy. And we’re going to ‘borrow’ her for the day and get some outdoors fun. You wanna do that? [theme music] [upbeat vibe music] Oh hell yeah I stole a dog to take with me on an outdoors adventure! I mean…I borrowed a dog…I borrowed a dog. And I hope you try this too! And if you’re a cat person… Good luck trying to get your cat outdoors on a walk ‘cause you know your cat is just going to look at you and be like, “I walk on my terms and my terms only.” I am Koaw. This is Casual Outdoors Weekly where we go over an outdoors activity for you to do for the benefit of your health and happiness. We also knock up our nature-smarts just a little bit all under six minutes. And for this week’s outdoors activity, if you don’t have a dog you gotta go borrow one. And if you have a dog let someone else borrow ‘em or just borrow your own dog ‘cause this week’s Casual Outdoors Activity is to borrow a dog for an outdoors adventure. Daisy is a rescue beagle. Many years ago she was adopted from an abusive home. And she had received a nasty crack in her skull during that time of her life. It took some time, lots of TLC from her new family, and many outdoors adventures before she found herself and learned to trust that not all people were going to be mean to her. Though she still has beef with fake deer— [Daisy howling] You think that’s real? [Daisy barking] Do you think that’s real? [Daisy barking] or should I say, ‘She still has venison with fake deer.’ [comedy rimshot drums] Koaw: “You ready?” She’s been living the good life for a handful of years now and gets to go on fun outdoors excursions! [happy music] ♪ Alright! So Daisy and I are at the Des Plaines Prairie Lands and Water Reserve. We’re going to enjoy what E.O. Wilson described as ‘biophilia’, the enjoyment of life all around us. Let’s go! ♪ As much as I love trekking through the outdoors alone, I also enjoy companionship. A dog is a great buddy to have along with you. ♪ It’s all about keeping it simple while seeing and smelling new things and enjoying all the animals and plants existing all around you. ♪ It’s about taking in those moments to get away from traffic and urbanization to replenish the mind and work the body in a healthy way. Daisy and I have a similarity in that we both had real rough patches in our past, though for myself it was my addictions and my mind causing my chaos where she had the abusive family. We’ve both found our better days and that makes her a kindred spirit and a great companion to spend time with. ♪ Getting outdoors remains an essential medicine for my health and well-being as well as for her. A beagle’s nose is quite impressive— but sometimes the scents of other animals are way too intoxicating. Sometimes it’s hard taking a beagle on a walk. While she enjoys the new smells, I can enjoy taking a few shots of the cool animals around us. ♪ We’re getting good exercise, fresh air, and feeling great. It’s been a great day but Daisy isn’t as young as she used to be. She’s a bit tired and I need to get her back to her people who are probably missing her. Koaw: “You want to go home?” ♪ So I’m going to rate this activity at Easy Breezy. It’s not that hard to do. All you have to do is first steal… I mean borrow a dog. And it’s an absolutely free activity so I hope you find someone to let you borrow their dog for a day. Just get outside to a park or wherever. And when we got back I also found a tick right under Daisy’s eye. So always keep in mind to check for ticks. Your dogs are probably medicated so the ticks will die but dogs will transport them in. So be on the lookout. Nature is Nifty: So there’s a plethora of studies showing that owning a cat or dog is keeping you healthier! Pets prolong the lives of the elderly, improve anxiety levels in heart patients, and keep us fitter and sleeping better. And it all begins with a chemical we all produce: oxytocin. Just seeing your pet can release this chemical within you, relaxing you and reducing stress. And petting your animal releases even more oxytocin— not just in you, but also in your pet. And I will be making a bigger video on this. And I know my Jaguar Patron, Natalie, of whom I promised this video to would destroy me if I just said, “This was it.” So expect that in the future. Just know that your pets are keeping you healthier and happier. Dealer’s Choice: So this video is probably being released while I’m off grid on a lake or in a forest somewhere getting great footage for you. So I’m just going to remind you that butterfly photos are still open for submission until the end of August. I want to see those. I’ll feature ‘em. Spread some knowledge. Be Nature-heroic. I’ll see you next week.

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