BOX FORT SONG!! ?? BOX FORT BOUJEE (Official Music Video)

Yeah its papa jake Box God Now Ready to build a box fort Up in Here Raintop Box Drop Just made a fort with a boxtop whiping up tape with the cardboard even up on the roof top Refer to me as the nerf god We like our Rations like real hot. Powdered Egg all up in my pot Papa o mama and kid rock Box fort Boujee cook the rations like Jacuzzi Logan my savage roomie and he edits all of my movies Box fort Boujee Cook the Rations like Jacuzzi And listen this army we rollin Owe it to we as my duty Logan wo wo wo wo Took my boxes to the view Riding around with my crew me and the okie we cool notice im not seeing you see and see me were true and me in the booth swear i said it all before Tell the haters to relax Need some time in my fort Time to unpack Got some seam still Need some tape on that Boxes on Boxes yah Now it is time to relax Raintop Boxdrop Just made a fort with the boxtop Whippin up tape with the carboard Even been up on the rooftop Refer to me As The Nerf god We like our rations like real hot powered eggs all up in my pop pop a rel mommy as true Box fort Bougie Cook the rice just like Jacuzzi Logan my savage Rommie And he edit all of my movies Box fort Bougie Cook the rice just like Jacuzzi And listen this army we rollin Owe it to you as my duty Said oh Papas on a roll! Haters got to go Papas never slows Ive been on the road Said just play your roll All these Boxes though where my fort at though Said papa why you do that All these channels copy me they know they shouldn’t do that Box fort god putting All you down in this raft Ill be on the Mic Got my lyrics on the Ipad Box fort Bougie Cook the rations like Jacuzzi Logan my savage roomie and he had it all in my movies Box Fort bougie Cook the rations like Jacuzzi Logan my savage roomie Drone on him its a movie Yah! Just finished building this box fort You know who it is Papa Jake Box life aint for you Jake what are you doing? ive been driving around in my Lamborghini all day Logan its just a box fort Logan its not just a box fort its a Lamborghini Box forts can be whatever you want them to be

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100 Responses

  1. Papa Jake says:

    Shoutout to @Olivia Robertson for getting first comment! Be sure to turn on notifications and subscribe so you can win next!!! Also let's try and get to 100,000 LIKES TONIGHT!!! ?✌??

  2. Epic Gamer 29 says:

    Don’t curs I am only 9

  3. corey one says:

    I hate your music and videos because you curse pice of crap Kids are watching ?????????? lock the curses up please papa jake!???????

  4. Sam Bell says:

    You are so cool Papa Jake

  5. woft god 0564 says:

    I love your song I'm a big fan.

  6. Jennifer Miller says:

    He Is So Cute ?

  7. Team Boundless Assasins says:

    hi papa jake

  8. Aisiang Aisiang says:

    Hey papa jake yo awesome????

  9. Aisiang Aisiang says:

    Hey papa jake can you build a floating box fort oilrig pls pls pls ????

  10. Gabriella Louise says:


  11. Keegan woods Woods says:

    Wonder why I want to listen to bad and bujee

  12. multi gamer says:

    Who misses good papa jake

  13. kwade04ify says:

    Who wants to do this

  14. michelle t says:

    do the water park box fort

  15. Elisa De los santos says:

    I love this song

  16. KillrUndead says:

    You are so bad I want to DIE!!!!!!

  17. Erica Marquez says:


  18. dj manawa says:

    at the start the cake that said Papa Jake i thought it said pancake

  19. Nerf guns for kids to watch Nerf guns for days says:

    Love it

  20. Lah Fookies says:

    Papa jake make some more rap songs!

  21. Brett Williams says:

    Papa jake more like pajama pantes

  22. Playlist Creations says:

    Me just realizing this song is based off of bad and boujee, dam im dum

  23. Chelsea Gardner says:

    you got it bro

  24. Arash mehmi says:

    Your so ugly that your mom almost threw you in the trash when she first saw you ugly

  25. Damiem Nelson says:


  26. Chandler hawkins says:

    I Watch Papa Jake

  27. Marvinthe1_17 says:

    How many times papa jake got money

  28. Painted And loaded says:

    Better than most rappers

  29. jennifer mabry says:

    Papa jake

  30. MAXCool1 ! says:


  31. Malania Harmon says:

    At is the best Malania Harmon

  32. Jean Carlos says:

    Lisen pleit

  33. Angie Williams says:

    Box car

  34. dave cass says:

    I hate Tish song make me feel better please

  35. Connor Huderle says:

    This song is horrible

  36. Connor Huderle says:

    Papa jake you are horrible you are stuped

  37. AsianOOF Playz says:

    Why does this sound so familiar

  38. Tiffany Elizondo says:

    I love the song

  39. drew anderson says:


  40. drew anderson says:


  41. RRRPolarBear hockey says:

    #box squad

  42. Tanya Allfree says:

    please make a box fort on top of your house also i'm your number one fan you inspire me

  43. Mikael Granberg says:


  44. PupuGu gaming says:

    bro its okey dokey music

  45. TaGunn says:

    I Love your song

  46. Battle Mations says:

    ohh man that rented. that leased lambo tho

  47. Tarecuato Michoacan says:


  48. Bailey Jones says:

    I like it

  49. Chris Aaron says:

    Hi papajak

  50. Carol Davis says:

    Notice I'm not seeing you Papa Jake is savege

  51. Auria Chester says:

    You are trying to do the real remit oh rank up and drop pop but you cannot wrap

  52. I hate Jake Paul says:

    And the lambo is probably a rental for the songs

  53. Zand3r says:

    ????????? ? ????

  54. Masa Lekaba says:

    ? cool man ???

  55. Ray Mitchell says:

    The dislikes are jealous of the Lamborghini

  56. ITSME says:

    Copyright raindrop droptop

  57. Ashley Colburn says:

    Love your songs

  58. noob gaming says:


  59. Jess Lafever says:

    Team sqoooood Jake your the YouTuber

  60. Afrodude Games says:

    Know this the lyrics like the back of my hand sick song

  61. Chris Griffin says:

    When you get the Lambo like

  62. Son Garku says:

    I do not know why 5.5k? but you have 67k?

  63. blue demonz says:

    Can we appreciate the fact Logan and papa Jake
    Make lots of subs and money for making box forts with cardboard

  64. Lynne Hammond says:

    Box fort

  65. Lynne Hammond says:

    Box for

  66. Jason Blair says:

    This is the dobre Brothers song

  67. Nawadeep Gurung says:

    Please make card board car

  68. Chris Delaney says:


  69. Chris Delaney says:


  70. Rasna Begum says:


  71. Cringydude Aj says:

    Gwk didn’t copy u stop capping and forget yo box forts sorry for being a hater

  72. Erik Gamervoff says:

    Cool lambo bro ?

  73. Richie Seltzer II says:

    Oh really did make a box Fort as a box tops

  74. HyperLazer says:

    call 0800 543 354 for chance to win a xbox

  75. Lilly Fontenot says:


  76. Levi Meikle says:

    Sorry this trash

  77. sharon mcmanus says:

    Your better them 6ix9ine

  78. Kyreece King says:

    ) S=4=7%77=4))44=5)5=5)5)5)55)5)5)5)5)5)8:8%=6=8)8=8)5)5)56)6)6)6)ⁿ)(7&4+-77jehrgevdgfhdjejrufydggegegrhf8vhcbdyg8eu sorry for the= nonsense that you guys is my8year old brother (acts1) d_+)885==4#6Jychdvtbfhchdi#7(7=7;=¹=7=7=7:8:7(5)5'5znsjrgrhefhdhdgbdnrjejfjdnfbrbejfjjxjsiejgj3hrbhbhhshJBvfhdnHhGGFFFFFFFGHJJJhsGGFGhzjsJHHJrhjefh+

  79. Xavier Wesolowski says:

    Bootifull i love your song and videos

  80. Steve Brookshire says:

    #sqauddddddddddddddddd love your guys's videos

  81. Steve Brookshire says:

    Papa Jake is the best YouTuber #Squaddddddd

  82. Gab Perez says:

    Cool car

  83. Alex Paluku says:

    I like papa

  84. Lynn Leonard says:


  85. Nasreen Hendricks says:

    Are you copying the dobre brothers on YouTube that is a very very very similar music video in so please don't copy them my second YouTube channel

  86. Nasser Najjari says:


    He rented the Lamborghini

  88. Stacey Salley Wagner says:

    Who else is listening to this at 2019

  89. Song Vang says:


  90. Alvin Olsen says:

    I have watched you sense

  91. myrna dewi karina says:


  92. Rebecca Zemlock says:

    Papa Jake I think you should put a cardboard roof on your Lamborghini

  93. Aliya Yasir - 75486/TCHR/BLGTC says:

    I m you bullforft
    Fan in world

  94. Aliya Yasir - 75486/TCHR/BLGTC says:

    I.from bts

  95. Muddy Hands says:

    how i get box fort kit!

  96. GUGGI MAIN54 says:

    I have to say that this song was somewhat dope

  97. Ricky Rod says:

    Did you rent that lambo

  98. zasto neznas moje ime says:

    Flexing is wierd

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