Boxer, Dalmatian, Husky and other canines in Fancy Dog Collar with Blue Stones

This Amazing Decorated Leather Dog Collar is very popular for a good reason. It is designed to make your dog look gorgeous! Silver-plated vintage circles with blue stones will add elegance and refinement to the appearance of your pet. The Designer Leather Dog Collar is perfect for various canine activities. You can use it for everyday walking, training, playing and having fun with your pet. Thanks to quality materials it is made of, the collar will not tear or wear out for many years! The leather is soft to touch and gentle to your pet’s skin. It is also very strong and durable. The nickel plated fittings are ressistant to corrosion. The large circles are securely attached to the collar with rivets to hold forever. This splendid dog accessory will bring out the beauty of your pet and show him only in love and

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