Boxer Dogs Love To Play!

Bird bird, let’s go get ’em. You ready? You go get ’em? Let’s go. *bark* Come on let’s go get ’em, get those babies. Come on. You get those babies. Get those silly babies. Ready we’re going to get ’em here we go. I’m going to get ’em bird. Close it Gunnar, close it, close it, close it. Space is getting smaller. Uhhh. Ahhhhh. Noooo. I think you scared ’em bird. Should we get ’em again? No. Do it again we’re leavin’. Let’s get ’em bird, don’t lick the camera bird. Do you want to get ’em. Ohh. He got you. You better go get ’em. Ow, haha. You better get ’em bird. Ahh. Give ’em kisses. Eww get your tounge outta here. Haha. Gun get outta here. Gunnar protect us. You get ’em birds, you give ’em kisses. Oh ow she bit me. You scared ’em off with your boxer kisses. *barking* *barking* Oh you say buh bye huh.

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