British Bulldog & Owen Hart vs. The Smoking Gunns – World Tag Team Championship Match

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33 Responses

  1. Jyoti sharma says:


  2. benficamad says:


  3. Shania Gracia says:


  4. benficamad says:


  5. mertcan kılıç says:

    bndfbad xv

  6. The Shield TV RDS says:

    Anyone know that wrestlemania 36 is going to be cancle or it's going to be in empty arena????

  7. Fenil LLB says:

    Second this is a amezing

  8. kamala kannan says:

    First dislike

  9. C.A.M says:

    Hold up, the WWE posting Owen Hart content? 🤔

  10. Donny Lane says:

    I love British Bulldog & Owen Hart to watch classic t.v.

  11. Crepazillaux ASMR says:

    zen zen zen

  12. Haast Eagle says:

    Legends! British Bulldog and Owen King of Harts.

  13. Máté Hun says:

    early asf

  14. steve blum says:

    Still waiting for wwe to induct Late Owen Hart in the wwe hall of fame here Still Waiting…

  15. Hope 231 says:

    After British Bulldog, who will be 6th Hall of Famer 2020? Here are a few predictions:
    Crash Holly

  16. Hope 231 says:

    I guess his children, David Hart Smith and Georgia Smith to represent for him as Hall of Fame class 2020 in Wrestlemania 36.

  17. Tamzid Mohsin Khan says:

    RIP to British Bulldog and Owen Hart

  18. Anxo Fernandez says:

    I guess it's official. The British Bulldog is finally being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  19. Igor180 says:

    The heck was that all about?😂🤣

  20. Michael Burns pubg mobile says:

    Both legends are not with us today ☹️

  21. Crusty Juggler says:

    Greatest theme tune of all time

  22. khaleb Pranks says:

    Ye Ye and christian 😒

  23. Bruh says:

    0:40 That Kick was smooth

  24. Ian Liew says:

    this is my childhood!!

  25. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    wow i love wwe

  26. David Emanuel Rosini says:


  27. DEEPAK KUMAR says:

    Kindly mention date also

  28. Broken Gamer says:

    i think next hall of fame inductee is THE BRITISH BULLDOG.

  29. Justin Sharpe says:

    Bart Gunn for the hall of fame after 1998 brawl for all

  30. Mike H. says:


  31. Jonathan Coleman says:

    Speaking of Owen Hart I'm looking forward to his dark side of the Ring episode.

  32. Dark Hollywood Dark Hollywood says:

    Wow I thought you guys weren't able to show owen hart content for anything. But I am glad you are for bulldog after all of course owen was a huge part of his career lol.

  33. Mr.kevin not home says:

    So stupid Billy could've broken up the pin

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