Brooklyn Cat Cafe Employs Rats To Care For Kittens | CUTE AS FLUFF

ANNE LEVIN: Everyone always likes to see some kind
of cross-species relationship, I think it gives all of us hope that, you know, we can
all get along and peace is a possibility. COMM: Wander in to the Brooklyn Cat Café
on Atlantic Avenue and you could end up leaving with more than just a coffee. ANNE LEVIN: Started Brooklyn Cat Café as
a way to have an adoption space, allows us to have anywhere from 20 to 25 cats fostering
in this location. So, the Cat Cafe has been very successful in terms of getting cats adopted.
We started in May 2016 and we had almost 300 adoptions our first year. COMM: Cat Café started in China and Japan.
But this is the first of its kind in Brooklyn. Manager Anne Levin sees it as a place for
customers to relax but also as a haven for vulnerable cats. ANNE LEVIN: We have a kitten terrarium is
what we call it, which always has, you know, a nursing mom and some kittens that have been
found and rescued. This kitten, her name is Anastasia and she was actually an orphan.
She has a little bit of a deformity with her legs. If you see, her legs are kind of, off
to the side. So, we do little strengthening exercises like this. The great opportunity
for us to talk to individuals about community cat issues and things that they can do in
their neighbourhood to help the local cat and dog population. COMM: And there is a twist in the tale. When
Ebony, one of the café’s kittens got sick, it led to the most unlikely of friendships. ANNE LEVIN: One of the kittens we had about
two years ago was tested positive for feline leukaemia. She couldn’t be exposed to other
cats but she was desperately lonely. And, so we were looking for a small animal that
could be a companion. And, so we found a rat that needed rescue. He ended up being a white
rat. So, of course we called him Ivory. ANNE LEVIN: And Ebony and Ivory quickly became
great friends. Ebony did end up having leukaemia. So, she had a very short life, only 5 months.
But her life was immeasurably enriched by having a friend and companion to have play
with and snuggle up with. So, once Ebony died, Ivory was used to cats. We put him in the
terrarium and the mother cats seemed to be pretty happy to have someone to play with
their kittens and take the pressure off. Ivory was about, well, over 2 years old but in February
and he passed away and we missed him a lot. And, so we reached out to HALT (Help All Little
Things). It’s a New Jersey rescue that does essentially what we do for cats,
for small mammals and they had two rats. ANNE LEVIN: That had been raised around cats
and weren’t scared of them. So, we adopted them for our new Café Cats. And Remy and
Emile have been here ever since. They have a great time hanging out with the kittens.
It turns out that Emile especially has become very paternal and he likes to groom and, you
know, kind of comfort the kittens. Remy just likes to play with them and share their food.
People who have individual rats find that they are really great companions with their
cats. LUCIA: I love it. I love cats. I love rats.
Rats get the stereotype that they are super dirty, like subway rats. And they are actually
so smart and they are so social and so are cats. BOY: Do they bite? ANNE LEVIN: No, these guys don’t. They are
very friendly. BOY: Wow, their tail! ANNE LEVIN: Yeah. ANNE LEVIN: We do hope that, you know, Remy
and Emile can act as ambassadors to people who don’t have any experience with rats
outside of the subway. You know, turn that bad reputation into something more positive. LUCIA: I think it’s awesome. If rats and
cats can get along then so can the rest of us.

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100 Responses

  1. SEA TEZ says:

    i absolutely adore rats, i have two baby girls and they are the sweetest babies i have ever met, they're just as clean as your cats people, they're domesticated not feral

  2. RtyFox says:

    Rats, Cats..

  3. Daiana Ghisio says:

    Rats are so lovelyy!!!!!!!! I will loveee this cafe

  4. Mella's Viee says:

    What kind of stupidness,

  5. Magical Mess Our magical mess. says:

    This cafe is so cool! We need one of these in Cairns.

  6. Mrpuffertails says:

    Why the rats look so cute for me :3

  7. Ryan Ortega says:

    I am sad that I have a hatred I cannot seem to get past…

  8. Aesthetic Editer says:

    To have a pet rat they can’t have diseases or u can die

  9. TripleOG says:

    nm the animals; Lucia is a stunner.


    Ratatouille. REMY AND EMILE.

  11. bla 187 says:

    Cats, rats what's next.. Bats?

  12. John Burton says:

    This is awsome. My cat acts very similar towards my guinea pigs (2) as well as my hamster. My cat doesn't do much chasing and play fighting with them tho… I think that was really kool to see ! Cuddling, grooming and sleeping next to each other is mainly how my animals spend their time with each other 😉 … it's a pretty strange yet awsome thing to see especially for people who come over that have never seen them interact.

  13. Lady snake84 says:

    Master splinter, If I can get along with turtles, I can get along with cats!

  14. EAT OR STARVE lover Lover says:

    i clicked the like button three times and it don’t work ;-; i think i broke it ;-;

  15. Frank Costello says:


  16. RawrUnicorn says:

    "Remy" and "Emile"

    I'm getting Re: Zero flashbacks here

  17. Chicken Flower says:

    0:49 it has blue eyes? I love it <3

  18. D. Robinson says:

    "it gives us hope that we can all get along"…yeah well "hope" can only go so far and as long as humans remain the same foul bastards they've ALWAYS been, we'll all NEVER TRULY "get along".

  19. Uncle Merlin says:


  20. dancepiglover says:

    Rat: Oh my, let me clean that face. Look at all these babies! Honestly, a rat's job is never done.

  21. SIA_ROG says:

    Lucia has a nice pair of tits.

  22. JaySnowLeopardWolf Boi says:

    Rip Ivory

  23. JohntechFL says:

    How is this a legit biz?

  24. Mira Dermishkova says:

    I personally believe that were all the same no matter what we are we are still living (we are not rocks I repeat we are not rocks)

  25. Jillian Angel says:

    Wow, what a wonderful idea!!! I love this!!! I would love to visit soon 💞

  26. AWNye says:

    i have rats 🙂

  27. xyoopridex says:

    tom and jerry in a nutshell 😡

  28. Ratboy 69 says:


  29. dimitris pashalis says:

    Seriously? Rats can get a job and i cant even get 2 dollars from my mum

  30. MKN says:

    Tom and Jerry : The Truce movie

  31. Hermes TheFlyer says:

    Rats clean themselves more than the average cat which is crazily clean.

  32. baribarium says:

    You are angels in this bad world.

  33. Ouaychai Pomling says:


  34. Joanna Joanna says:

    My mom also has a 🐀 Rat

    That rat was me.

  35. William Bruce Wilhite says:

    I wonder if rats and snakes get along?

  36. SaintRuderic says:

    Rats really do get a bad rap. They seem like such sweet and fun little animals. My lady won't let us get one though lol

  37. Melek Abbasova says:

    Emil is my brothers name I’m his sister

  38. Alecksa Playz says:

    Love it

  39. Amanda Miale says:

    I have 2 rats and 1 mouse also 1 lizard and 3 dogs

  40. luna says:

    I love love rats, I had 8 rats, but they have such a short life span and have a lot of respiratorie problems and often get tumors that I stopped getting new ones
    one of my cats and my white shepard loved the rats to, my other cats were afraid of them or stayed out of there way.
    sometimes I miss having rats

  41. Doug Grinbergs says:

    1:40 lonely kitten w/feline leukemia > rat friend

  42. Doug Grinbergs says:

    "Cats and rats…" as in The Unicorn Song (;-)

  43. nianaavy says:

    ive always wanted to go here 😭

  44. Dumat says:

    That Lucia at 3:30 is possibly one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. She looks so cute.

  45. Trempled says:

    I thought cats would have eaten the rats by now!

  46. Ana the Acorn andrews says:

    I have a kitten named after me omg

  47. Shalinado :D says:

    The white rat looked exactly as my dead rat, I miss him, his name was Eddie, he had a brother named Darwin, they were both albino. May you rest in heaven and peace Eddie and Darwin.

  48. costernocht says:

    I suppose it sounds ridiculous, but anyone who's been lucky enough to have a pet rat knows how caring they are.

  49. Salto Del Puma says:

    Just as long as they keep those rats well fed those kittens won't end up in those rats menu…🤔

  50. daggger8000 says:

    nice, big rats goes well with tiny cats, around the same size. Surprisingly won't try to eat each other.

  51. harismaya anisa says:


  52. Lori 777 says:

    I am no longer afraid of rats!

  53. Margaret Edwards says:

    Great work!! Bless you for your kindness towards these animals!!

  54. Moon Unit says:

    Rats should be famous for friendships, they are like clean, tiny dogs, or loyal cats.

  55. Ashley Mayfield says:

    Tom and jerry have had their differences, but the past is behind them

  56. lucycat667 :3 says:

    cool cute! my mom what a rat!

  57. NoRainNoFlowers says:

    This title was a riot and I was NOT disappointed with the video XD

  58. NoRainNoFlowers says:

    Me at 0:49: OoO T^T impersonates BobbyDukeArts

    I wawnt DAAT

  59. Guinea Pigs says:

    Who loves rats?😁

  60. A Green Koala says:

    The worst thing about rats is how short their lifespans are…

    If scientists constantly use them as experiment animals, why can't they do something nicer, like finding some way to make them live longer 😭

  61. 縦線 says:


  62. KimNyz Channel says:
    please like and subscribe😊

  63. forcommenting says:

    Truly disgusting. So, we ignore the fact that rats have eaten human babies' toes off their bodies, and worse?? Oh, those are "different" rats?? Rats are rats… are rats are RATS. I hate NY.

  64. Animation creation says:

    Packing my stuff now…. headed to New York to get a job, where even rats are employed 😒😑😑

  65. Shaikh Kaif says:

    So Tom and Jerry declared truce ?

  66. Kimberly RAMIREZ says:

    I want to buy every kittens ther and rat so they can have fun where I! Ive

  67. Rasha Atta says:

    Not rat stays with cat .who agrees with that 😞👍

  68. Емил Николчев says:

    If the rats was around 30 kg we would not be at the top of the food chain

  69. Lavender_ Luv says:

    I actually went to the cat cafe, my favorite is the one with the blue collar and brownish

  70. Flybynight 3 says:

    I have a bobcat (where I live it's legal), but after 4 years I noticed strange differences in him that most bobcats don't have not to mention bobcats live around 7 years mine lived to be 22 years old he was around 4 ft long and weighed 31 pounds he preyed on earbuds, insects ,and a fish stick once

  71. Eunae Kim says:

    A lesson in not judging a book by its cover.

  72. Grace Moreno says:

    Tom and Jerry are shook

  73. Itzel Ortiz says:


  74. J O says:

    omg i just threw up in my mouth!

  75. L u n a T i c says:

    Most wholesome thing I've seen <3

  76. yosselyn riquelme says:

    Wait…so you sacrifice a totally healthy rat and reduce her life span to only a few months for a cat, not saying I don't like the kitty but that such a horrible thing to do, the life of the rat also matters why do people believe it ok to sacrifice it because of the kitty?

  77. mimi says:

    That’s honestly pretty cute.

  78. Peter Wickendon says:

    Theres rat in mi kitchen. Lol

  79. Jonathan Vadencourt says:

    Cat-Mouse relationship

  80. Zeitlose Hundetherapie says:

    ohhh sweet

  81. teresa jeffery says:

    I absolutely adore rats!! And I can't begin to tell you how many times I have ended up in conversations (debates) with countless people about that exact same thing.
    And every time I endlessly try to get it through people's heads that (literally, the same words come out of my mouth also) rats have simply and unfortunately adopted the crappy title of "being diseased, dirty and it goes on and on…
    I always do my best to tryn' explain rats in a different light to those people by bringing to their attention that these days I'm easily convinced that the average human population more than likely carries the majority of all the contagious, dangerous viruses and diseases. Unlike rats who are actually quite clean and I personally would also vote on any day that on top of that, they're also likely to provide better companionship, general company and the list goes….

    Since I was young and throughout my life (being 40yrs old now) have and do still often keep pet rats. Its, right now been almost a year since my last furry friend who passed on. I have always become so bonded and attached to each and every animal ive ever had that it's just so upsetting to lose them. Especially with rats having such a short life and more often than not I've found over the last several years they are so prone to cancerous tumors etc which makes the loss so much more painful to deal with.
    Overall though, they're worth the short time spent with them .

  82. shook says:

    I swear to god rats are like the aunties of the family gatherings

  83. brookies pets says:


  84. brookies pets says:

    HEY MY NAME brooklynn

  85. Lavenderflowers Fall says:

    Ratatouille. Lol

  86. Holly Mules says:

    I had rats in my teenage years. Would take them to school everyday and they would hang out in my arm sleeves or around my neck. They never went to the toilet on me. Super friendly, fun little pets to have.

  87. Christopher Samuel says:

    Rats and mice are distusting creatures there's no way in hell I would ever pet a rat or a mouse they carry rabbis so no I pass I grew up with rats in the project's I hated them then and I hated them now so no ill pass on that

  88. Jojo Franklin says:

    I love 🐈🐈🐆🐅

  89. Michael Scottland says:

    I am watching this today on December 18, 2019 at 9:40 AM while on the TV the House impeachment vote is going on.

  90. Emperor Louis The Retard says:

    If those kittens grew up they will eat those rats

  91. V Gil says:

    I had an exceptional rattie. He was gentle, and loved all animals and people. Wish they lived longer.

  92. john white says:

    0:55 sexy.

  93. Schultz Benz says:

    Such lies…
    Rats are evil disgusting pest… cats need to eat them alive

  94. Mike Brown (Bassist) says:

    I had pet rats as a kid. They were super sweet and snuggly.

  95. That Sci Fi life says:

    0:34 that cat is messed up it slapped the other cat for no reason 😂

  96. Rodrigo Cordeiro says:

    I loved the vídeo and I'm sorry but that costumer was so hot

  97. yoy toy says:

    This not what Megan meant when she said “ let’s get wretched “🤦🏽‍♂️

  98. Ae sthetic says:

    I hope all rats are like that

  99. Pete Blue says:

    0:37 "My name is Sweat Pea."

  100. Man Man says:


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